Something The Fans Could Enjoy: Steve Carlson on Making New Music (with Jensen Ackles)

Credit: Lizz Sisson

The first time we heard Steve Carlson’s music was as our ‘roadtrip through Supernatural fandom’ was just beginning. We were in Fort Worth, Texas, at a community theater production of A Few Good Men. A few days before, we had (with alarmingly little warning) left families and jobs behind to fly halfway across the country just to see One Good Man – the one who played Dean Winchester on the Show we’d fallen in love with. It was our first time meeting other Supernatural fans, and the first time we threw caution and briefcases to the wind and let our inner fangirls out to share the squee – though it wouldn’t be the last! We met a fellow fangirl named Amy in the Barnes and Noble, and bonded over our love of the Winchesters. That night, we crowded into her jeep and Amy put a song called “Wasted Jamie” on the CD player. “This is Steve Carlson,” she said, “And he’s amazing.” Oh, and that guy singing backup? Holy crap! Who knew Jensen could sing too? We drove around Fort Worth with the windows down singing “Wasted Jamie” at the top of our lungs over and over, probably much to the dismay of the local residents. Whenever we hear that song, it brings back memories of that wild and wonderful first trip, when fandom was brand new and we were head over heels in love with the Best Show on Earth.

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Bad Company: Ackles and Carlson Nashville Jam

Jensen – obviously – at the La Con (not Nashville!). Credit for photo to Oscar Benjamin

The first (and hopefully not the last) Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson jam session was a highlight of the Nashville con, for the chance to hear the way the two harmonize live, and to feel a bit like you’re sitting around their living room listening to their banter. Jensen was less nervous than he was playing with Jason a few months ago, though fans definitely didn’t mind his first time jitters that time anyway.
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