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Fangasm is the brainchild of two university professors and unrepentant fangirls: Dr. Lynn Zubernis, a clinical psychologist and professor at West Chester University and Area Chair for Stardom and Fandom for the Southwest Popular Culture Association, and Dr. Katherine Larsen, who taught at George Washington University and was the Area Chair for Fan Theory and Culture for the Popular Culture Association for many years prior to her passing away in 2022. Lynn is on the editorial board of the Journal of Fandom Studies. which Kathy helped found and was the tireless and passionate editor of for many years. Lynn also writes for MovieTVTechGeeks and for Psychology Today .

Lynn’s newest book, There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, is a celebration of Supernatural’s legacy and a way to always remember how special the show is, written by its actors and fans. The book also explores the evolution of the show in terms of diversity and representation, through the diverse perspectives of its fans and cast.  Family Don’t End With Blood: Cast and Fans on How Supernatural Has Changed Lives, also written by the actors and fans of the show, is a love letter to Supernatural and the SPNFamily, with heartfelt, powerful and personal chapters written by Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Jim Beaver, Rob Benedict, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connell, Rachel Miner, Matt Cohen, Gil McKinney and Osric Chau. If Supernatural has changed your life, this book makes it clear that you’re not the only one! (PSA: Have tissues ready when you read)

Together Lynn and Kathy have also published four books on fandom – Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls, our uncensored (mis)adventures in online fandom, at conventions, and behind the scenes on the set of our favorite television show, Supernatural, to talk to the stars and find out their thoughts on fans, fame and the show. Fan Phenomena: Supernatural is our 360 degree look at the show, with chapters written by cast (Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr.), crew (brilliant director of photography Serge Ladouceur), academics and fans. Fandom At The Crossroads is our more academic look at the phenomenon that is fandom, using Supernatural as our focus, and Fan Culture: Theory/Practice takes a look at fans in general and how fandom has evolved. You can order all our books at the links on the home page. Note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Lynn is the voice of Fangasm’s social media and blogs here on a regular basis, with episode reviews of Jared Padalecki’s and Jensen Ackles’s projects, including ‘Walker’,  ‘The Boys’, ‘Big Sky’ and more, as well as rewatch episode reviews, interviews and behind the scenes articles, convention reports with lots of pretty pictures, and updates on book publications and events. You can follow Lynn at @FangasmSPN on your favorite social media platform so you don’t miss any news! Lynn frequently live-tweets from conventions and online events, and she also live-tweets during episodes; although she does try to keep those tweets spoiler free, she does not hold back from expressing her emotions during the eps! And of course you can read her published books on Supernatural, including  There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done and Family Don’t End With Blood (with chapters written by Supernatural’s actors and fans), Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls, and Fan Phenomena Supernatural, all available at the links on the home page – if you order through those links, it helps support this site without costing you anything more!

Kim Prior is the newest member of the Fangasm team. Kim has been a photographer for over 25 years, and she brings her unique way of seeing the world through a lens to Supernatural conventions. Lynn and Kathy first met Kim at the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago in 2014, and they quickly fell in love with her pictures! Kim started shooting for Fangasm at the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Las Vegas in 2015, and she has been shooting for us ever since. Kim also writes con reports from conventions she attends, edits Lynn’s photos and videos, manages the Fangasm Instagram, and monitors our social media while Lynn is live tweeting. Kim also wrote a powerful chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood, and several of her photos are featured throughout that book and in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done. Kim is, literally, the Best PA in the Whole History of PA’s. Ever. At least we think she is.

You can email Lynn at fangasmthebook@gmail.com. For interview requests, email Lynn at lzubernis@wcupa.edu.


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  • Why haven’t I heard about this before now? I am an academic and a self professed aca-fan. Like you, I fell hard for fandom. I was first intrigued by fan fiction – I’ve done several conference papers on fan fiction and even taught a course in writing fan fiction at the university where I teach writing. Fandom is a total obsession with me… to the point that at the Vancouver convention I gave Misha a copy of Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask him if he’d read it at Chicago… LOL! Fingers crossed! I’d love to know more about the book…. I also know some other wonderful diehard SPN aca-fans….

    • Hi Lisa,

      I love that you gave Misha that book! Are you thinking of doing any more papers on SPN or fanfiction? Email me! (klarsen@gwu.edu) Would love to chat more about the book(s) and fandom.


  • I’m a long-time SPN fan, but a newbie to fandom, and find myself fascinated with it. I’m not an academic, but a librarian, and I’ll be very interested in purchasing your book for our university library when it is published. Good luck with it!

  • Just dropping in to say hello and that I can’t wait for St. Louis! It’s been thrilling to find intersections between fandom and academia. I wish I had been more aggressive in pushing fandom studies as my dissertation topic. Oh well, there are always articles to be written! (But dissertation first, then employment…)

  • Hi!

    First of all, I had to comment because I’m a junior at the George Washington University and I sometimes feel like I’m the only one on campus that is aware of the brilliance of Supernatural. . .glad to see I’m not alone! I also wanted to say that I’m really happy to see such intelligent discussions about one of my favorite TV Shows. It’s not often you see academics so involved in matters of scripted television. Plus, I don’t know how you guys manage to get such great interviews with the cast and crew but they really are excellent. I especially loved the one with Serge. Also, your book idea sounds great, I can’t wait to read it.

    Congrats on a great site! I look forward to reading the future interviews!


    • Hi Lauryn,

      I’ve actually met several SPN fans here at GW – though sadly many don’t like to actually admit it to others. Clearly more work needs to be done to get people to come out of the fan-closet.

      Thanks so much for commenting.


  • Hello Lynn and Katherine,

    I’m posting a comment here because I’m academic and I’ve been a fan of the series for 4 years now.
    I’m Indonesian, 28 years old, currently taking a graduate program in Development Sociology at a local university, so you can say that I study culture, too, but not so much as development, especially rural development. Which is too bad…

    My first acquaintance with Supernatural began when I watched the pilot episode around 2006 in a cable channel. Ever since then I became immersed in the story of these two unfortunate brothers (you may say that this show shoud’ve earned “A Series of Unfortunate Events” as its title).

    I must admit that I envy American fans for being able to come to conventions and gather. There’s not many of us fans in this town…but my brother and I are die-hard fans. Since local tv channels stopped broadcasting the series after season 3, we had to resort to illegal means…the dvd is too hard to obtain, and when they’re available, they’re too expensive for my student budget.

    My thesis topic is capitalism and mass consumption. And guess what, I got the idea from 5.14, “My Bloody Valentine”. I think Horseman Famine’s words (“Consume, consume, consume…”) don’t just apply to Americans, because we Indonesians are also infected with consumerism virus.

    Keep up the SPN pride.

    • Hi there, nice to ‘meet’ you! I love the way Supernatural inspires so many of us in so many ways, thesis topics included. And it really says something about a show when so many academics have been pulled into its orbit (happily).

      Best of luck with your project, sounds fascinating — and we will most definitely keep up the SPN pride 🙂

    • Will do! And we’ll definitely be talking about it here, as well as the academic books on fandom we’ll have coming out in the next year.

  • Just discovered you! I love your writing. I’ve always thought Supernatural fans were smart cookies. I’m obsessed and have a master’s degree. What can I say? I love the boys and their little show.

    • We’re right there with you – we thought Jensen could not have said it better! Supernatural fans are most definitely smart cookies — and the gang who makes the show are no slouches either 🙂

    • Thank you! We mostly chat with Mo through email, so we somehow missed this change. We’ll definitely be reading 🙂

  • I am so happy I found this site. I am a PhD student in Political Science, and a proud member of fandom (which often draws very strange looks from many of my colleagues as I am sure you are familiar with). Please put me on your notification list for when your book is published, I really can not wait to read it (because you know I have all this extra time and do not get to read nearly enough as it is…lol). This is a great site and will be returning often

    • Strange looks? Whatever do you mean?? *looks shifty* We will definitely keep you posted, in an attempt to fill up some of that yawning chasm of free time from which we’re certain you’re suffering 🙂 Nice to meet you!

    • Ms. Williams – are you the same Lethia Williams that did the study on the most dedicated fandom? If so, I’m a journalism student and I’d love to talk to you about that!

      I can be reached at caitlindavidson (at) hotmail.com … I’d love to hear from you.


  • Lynn and Katherine,

    And here I thought I was the only college professor to be completely bewitched by the charms and Sam and Dean. Thank you for letting me know I’m not insane (as my husband tells me). So yeah, I had to give a test on the night of season 6 opener. Did a tribute to SPN by writing a question using the names Sam and Dean. Wonder if any of my students caught it. Nice to meet you two 🙂

    • Definitely not insane (and yes, that is my professional opinion….says Lynn). Perhaps we’re not the best judges though – I’ve been known to write four page exams using only names of SPN characters or actors. And then to give extra credit to anyone who can figure it out 🙂

      Nice to meet you too!

      • Oh that is classic!!!! You just made my day – can’t stop laughing!!! Gotta try it out one day! So in class yesterday, I kept throwing out these Dean-esque one liners and grinning like monkey because the class has no idea that I’m lecturing on algebraic expressions and thinking about Dean Winchester…

  • I am so glad I wandered across your site. I am not nearly as “academic” as most of those who have posted before me as I am still wrestling with getting my bachelor’s degree (I recently decided to persue Chemistry). I am also a brand new fan. I discovered the show in syndication on TNT at the end of November and have been enthralled ever since. I have even managed to get my husband hooked and we bought Seasons 1 – 5 as our mutual Christmas present. LOL!

    It is so refreshing to have someone look at fandom from the perspective of academia. I have maintained for years that not all “super fans” live in their parents basements and are virgins. I have been involved in fandom for a long time (Bon Jovi, Star Wars and Star Trek: The Next Generation being the worst of them) and I have found most of the people that I encounter to be kind and considerate. As is the case when dealing with human nature, you have those who cannot separate fantasy from reality. The key, in my opinion, is to let yourself escape into the fantasy but when it’s time to, you have to come back to reality. I call SPN my “guilty pleasure” but I think I’m going to just start calling it my “pleasure”.

    Please keep posting as I will keep reading and I look very forward to the book. Maybe we’ll get to meet at a convention some day. 🙂

    • So agreed – get rid of the ‘guilty’ and just embrace the pleasure! We love how many people from different specialties and professions and walks of life come together to share this amazing Show and enjoy its awesome fandom. We hope to say hi in person one day!

  • I’ve left you a message here before, but that one was more of a thank god I found other academics as obsessed as me post :).

    Now I have a legitimate question, I am branching out of my normal field of study (Political Science) and am trying to do a study of fandom (it’s a complicated story but rather amusing). The study is an attempt to measure the level of passion fans feel for different shows. The two competing theories being that fans of shows with smaller fanbases are more passionate or that it is more dependent on the genre of the show.

    I am really at a loss as to where to start looking for academic articles. Searches through google scholar, and the scholarly journals at my university have not produced what I am looking for, so maybe you could recommend some articles/books? I would really appreciate it.

    First, has anyone else tried to conduct a study like this one. Second, do theories exist about the passion of fans for particular shows/movies/books ect? Has anyone posited theories about why some shows/movies/books (like Star Trek/Star Wars) develop such passionate fanbases while others that are wildly popular do not?

    Anything you think that might be useful would be a huge help…even if you could only point me a general direction to start looking.

    Please feel free to email me directly if you would prefer (williamslb2@email.appstate.edu


    • Forgive our tardiness, the semester and writing so many books is kicking our butts! Email on its way to you this weekend!

  • I just wanted to say how nice it is that academics are being open about their love! I’m working on something about the appropriation of biblical themes in transformative works. I’m a biblical scholar though and we/they are a somewhat conservative bunch! It isn’t something I can discuss with more than a handful of people. Such a shame.

    • That is a shame, since discussion in academic circles is half the pleasure — and more than half the point! I think we’ve all struggled with crossing those boundaries between academic researcher and fan, rationality and emotionality, analysis and passion. We’re enjoying the balance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a struggle 🙂

  • It is so refreshing to have someone look at fandom from the perspective of academia. I have maintained for years that not all “super fans” live in their parents basements and are virgins. I have been involved in fandom for a long time (Bon Jovi, Star Wars and Star Trek: The Next Generation being the worst of them) and I have found most of the people that I encounter to be kind and considerate. As is the case when dealing with human nature, you have those who cannot separate fantasy from reality. The key, in my opinion, is to let yourself escape into the fantasy but when it’s time to, you have to come back to reality. I call SPN my “guilty pleasure” but I think I’m going to just start calling it my “pleasure”.

    • Hi there! You left a lovely comment on our Fangasm blog last year, so we’re letting you know that our first book on Supernatural and fandom is now out on amazon — Fandom At The Crossroads: Celebration, Shame and Fan/Producer Relationships. If you decide to read, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Hello,

    I am very excited to see some serious academic work on this cultural phenomenon. Fandom, and fanfiction in general, seems to be a true convocation between fans and the franchises they support. I’m a law student in the process of writing an article about fanculture and the legal ramifications of it (and why franchise owners should hesitate to engage in litigation in regards to fandom activity). I can’t wait to read your book! Good luck!

    • Hi there,
      You left a comment on our Fangasm blog last fall expressing interest in our academic work on fandom — so just letting you know that our first book on Supernatural and its fans, Fandom At the Crossroads, is now available on amazon.com. If you decide to read, let us know what you think!

  • I can’t tell you how much I’m A) happy for you, and B) completely jealous! Being Australian, I really just have to accept that I can’t write the book on SPN canon/fandom/meta because I just don’t have enough access to the producers and creators of the show. It’s not terribly well known down here, and everything trickles down second-hand – it’s just inevitable. Well, If you are doing a compilation of essays I could always dig one up on what it’s like to be geographically removed but technologically in touch with the fandom. Heavy meta – peace out!

    • Hi Jayne,
      Just letting you know that our academic book on Supernatural and its fans — Fandom At The Crossroads — is now available on amazon.com. If you do read, let us know what you think of the heavy meta 🙂

  • Hi, I just stumbled across this site via Twitter. It is so refreshing to find other college professors who also enjoy the great fandom of SPN. I am still a little in the closet on my love for this beloved show which I began watching from first episode. I only started getting involved with the fandom about 2 months ago. I have been involved in the Twilight fandom because of the books, not movies and there are some on there who like the show but not with the same level that I do, so I began to seek out others with the same obsessive love. I really like the term “aca-fan” and the idea of looking at the ideas & methodology of the show in academic terms. I’m a Computer Applications Instructor at a community college but have my undergrad in Communication. I’m the SPN computer geek with a creative side. I am looking forward to reading you book and articles.

    • Hi Shannon,
      You left a comment on our Fangasm blog last fall expressing interest in our academic work on Supernatural and fandom — so just letting you know that our book on Supernatural and its fans, Fandom At The Crossroads, is now for sale at amazon.com. If you do read, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Thank you Lynn and Katherine. I totally understand Lethia’s meaning when she wrote ‘thank god!’ I’m just about to finish a Masters in International Law, also tutor a couple of undergrad classes. Not sure whether to move onto a phd or not at this stage. I came across SPN only a couple of months ago and am amazed at how addicted I quickly became…also interested to see if I stay this addicted. I don’t have time to watch much tv, probably why I had no idea SPN existed for 6 years! I discovered the SPN online community just in time to follow #vancon last weekend…what a mind blowing thing fan communities are, I had no idea! I very much enjoyed following the hashtag and laughed alot at everyone’s great comments and photos while at the same time attempting to finish writing an article about an international environmental case. It was a little surreal.

    The academic in me wants to question it all, my reaction, the fan base, the convention madness and mindset, maybe some of the legal issues connected with fandom. So coming across your page was definately serendiptious. If possible could I get the same links you emailed to Lethia (as above?) I’d like to read up, do some further research and see what happens, I have a few general ideas at the moment. I’m also going to use Dean, Sam, Castiel and Bobby in my next legal scenario for students, thanks for the idea!

    • Hi Trish,
      You left a message on our Fangasm blog last fall, so just letting you know that our academic book on Supernatural and its fans is now available on amazon.com — Fandom At The Crossroads includes a wealth of references you might find useful as well. If you do read, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Hello!
    Just wanted to say I love your articles for being obsessively fannish without crossing the line. And this is coming from someone who has had two vacations to Vancouver (from the Eastern US) solely to visit previously SPN filming locations and take pictures. Thanks for giving us an intelligent voice.
    K H Korossy

    • Hi there,
      You left a lovely comment about straddling boundaries on our Fangasm blog last fall, so we’re letting you know that our academic book on Supernatural and its fans — Fandom At The Crossroads — is now available on amazon.com. If you do read, we’d love to know your thoughts (especially because your name is familiar to us through fandom, yes?)

  • Lynn! I want to thank you so much again, and also your friend who couldn’t make it to TorontoCon and whose seat I stole for the weekend. It was so great having such a great spot…the closer I could be to Jensen the better!! 🙂 I just read the interview with Jensen, so good! I’ll definitely be keeping up with your work!
    See you at another Con I’m sure!

    Morgan Hill

    • Hey Morgan,
      It was lovely sitting with you at Toronto Con last fall — just letting you know that our book on Supernatural and its fans, Fandom At The Crossroads, is now available on amazon.com. Hope to see you at another con soon!

  • Hello! I just found your website for the first time through Twitter, and I’m shocked that I haven’t found it before. I’m a grad student (and a die-hard SPN fan). I have found myself sucked into one fandom after another for the past decade, and am very interested in the academic work surrounding subcultures, fandom, fanfiction, etc. I’m going to now ravenously read everything on your site, and look forward to reading Fangasm!

    • Hi Tammy,
      You left a comment on our Fangasm blog last fall, so we’re just letting you know that our academic book on Supernatural and its fans, Fandom at the Crossroads: Celebration, Shame and Fan/Producer Relationships, is now available on amazon.com. If you do read, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Hi,
    just wanted to say hi to fellow SPN fans (and academics). I’ve loved reading up on your interviews and con reports, and just a couple of days ago I started reading Fandom at the Crossroads. Brilliantly written and just so wonderfully helpful for my dissertation topic! (I immediately e-mailed our library staff to buy it and also the Fan Culture book you edited; looking forward to that one!)
    Please keep up the awesome work! I’m always happy when I seen new blog entries! 🙂

    • Hi Alex, nice to meet you! We’re thrilled that Crossroads is helping with your dissertation (brings back fond memories…okay, maybe not ALL fond….) — what’s your topic? Keep us posted on your progress! As an academic, you might be interested in the interview Henry Jenkins just did with us on his blog, Confessions of an Aca Fan — it’s all about Crossroads! It’s at http://www.henryjenkins.org. If you check out it, leave him a comment 🙂

  • Hello!
    My husband gave me your book, Fandom at the Crossroads, as a gift for Christmas and I just started reading it yesterday. I’ve only read the Introduction so far but I immediately knew I had to find you on the internet so I could connect with you. This is the first TV show that has reeled me in hook, line and sinker so this kind of fandom is all new to me. We went to the convention in Chicago, in fact that’s where I picked up the card about your book (were you there?) and now I have a VERY strong desire to go to Vancouver! My college degree is in sociology so I find all this very fascinating.

    Is there someplace I could read your previous articles written in Supernatural magazine? I am especially interested in any interviews with Serge Ladouceur. Thanks! 🙂

    ~ Karla
    P.S. I just followed you on Twitter

    • Hi Karla! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Crossroads once you’ve had a chance to read it all — and please thank your hubby for us, he clearly has good taste in gifts 🙂 This is the first time I’ve been reeled in to this extent too, so I can relate. And yes, we were in Chicago – I go to most of the cons, so if you’re in Vancouver, please tweet me and let me know so we can say hi in person!

      Our articles in Supernatural Magazine were all in 2009, in Issues 9, 10 and 11. We did a lengthy interview with Serge in 2009 also, part of which is on this blog. The rest will be in one of our books coming out in 2013 (Fan Phenomena: Supernatural). What an awesome, brilliant man he is! I think you’ll also relate to our other upcoming book, Fangasm, which is our personal story of “falling down the rabbit hole” of SPN fandom 🙂 Your background in sociology should come in handy there too.

      Let us know who you are on twitter!


      • Hi Lynn,
        On Twitter I am @vballKarla and at ChiCon’s karaoke party my husband and I were dressed as Detroit Tigers fans and sang Bob Seeger’s Old Time Rock and Roll. That was an amazing experience!! Matt Cohen also stood next to me in the audience (as a fine looking carrot!) and sang Wanted Dead or Alive with me. A bunch of people took pictures and I would love to see copies of them. Were you by chance one of those photographers? Or know someone who was?

        Since school has resumed my free time to read has been limited but I will gladly get back to you with feedback on the book and all the articles I have since found on this blog. Thanks for your reply!

        ~ Karla

      • We had a photographer at VanCon who shot karaoke, but not at ChiCon, unfortunately. (Neither of us can take a good photo to save our lives….) If I run across any, I’ll send them your way. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Crossroads when you have time to read (school and free time absolutely do not mix….)

        Hope to see you at an upcoming con!

  • I’m working on fall syllabi and lesson plans right now and totally trying to figure out how to incorporate fangasm and/or fan theory into my EH 101 and EH 102 classes =)

    • That’s awesome! I’d suggest Fandom At The Crossroads if you want a true academic take on fandom – many Supernatural fans have read and enjoyed it, so I think it’s enjoyable and accessible reading, but it also goes through the whole history of fan studies and tackles the psychological motivations behind fandom and fannish interaction. Fangasm does a bit of that, but it’s also a story of fun and adventure. And it’s funny. Very funny. Even when we didn’t mean to be…. Let us know how your class works out! (runs off to teach too…)

  • Your blog is so inspiring! My cohort and I have been working on our blog for only a few months now and it is challenging to balance academia with the obsessive fandom-ness we feel in our souls 🙂 Both of us are graduate degree holders, we work in higher education, but have a deep connection with the squee-ing fangirl within. It is refreshing to see that there are two college professors (besides us) who are paving the way for a collective experience. Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who–these are all intelligent shows that create an intellectual and emotional experience to television and it is so interesting to look at each of them from an academic perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on fandom and I look forward to future CFP’s (since I am not big on K-Pop) and reading your work. Check out our blog, although we are currently on summer break and therefore full of fluff pieces…

    • SuperWhoLock for the win 🙂 Have you read our more academic investigation of Supernatural and its fandom? If you do, please let us know what you think. (Fandom At The Crossroads is for sale in paperback on Amazon)

      Great to meet some fellow acafans — Off to check out your blog… 🙂

  • I am so thrilled I stumbled onto your site. I am an intellectual and fan girl. I am always interested in hearing fan stories, and the stories from the famous people they idolize. I will definitely buy your books and give them a good read.


  • I just stumbled across your twitter (I’m @northerlynia), and by extension this blog, you, and your books. It feels a bit like kismet and winning the lottery all at once. I’m a university prof in psychology and women’s studies and newish SPN fan (but oh, the intensity!), and as a direct result have recently jumped feet first into fandom research (specifically negotiations of self & identity in fanfiction). I recognize a fair about of judgment and/or reservation when I mention this to my colleagues and I’m so thrilled to find similar voices online; it’s validating and inspiring.

    And now I’m off to read the book!

    • Hi there! So nice to ‘meet’ you! I’m especially excited because you’re also coming at fandom from a psychological and women’s studies perspective, so I really can’t wait to hear what you think of ‘Fangasm’ and ‘Fandom At The Crossroads’ There’s so much about negotiation (and re-negotiation) of self and identity in Crossroads, pulled in part from my own experience as a clinician with narrative therapy.

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you once you’ve had a chance to read! And I’ll look for you on Twitter too 🙂


      • Color me excited! I’m not sure you could have sold “Fandom at the Crossroads” to be any better than you just did. I just ordered a copy, likely to arrive much more slowly than I’d wish since I’m in Canada (Eastern, to my chagrin, and so far from Vancouver).

  • I just finished Supernatural Fangirls. Love love loved it. I will probably be one of those who will never be able to go to a convention but will always love Supernatural. Being able to read about y’all’s experience was great. Being able to read not only’s y’all’s viewpoint but others and actors was fascinating. Thank you again

    • You’re very welcome! Your comment is the kind we absolutely love to hear – so thank YOU! And if you ever do come to a convention, please let us know so we can say hi!

  • I was wondering what the two of you think about the increasing monetization and co-opting of fandom? (fanfics published with names filed off, like Shades of Grey, Comic Con becoming an industry showcase – shows running contests for fans to create album covers (no prize money involved with that one) rather than being ashamed of being associated with fandom, these days people use it as an introduction, at least, my girl in HS and her friends do.

    • Totally missed your comment here, and it’s an intriguing question – better answer to follow 🙂

  • Read SPN Fangirls-loved it. Requested Fan Phenomena for my birthday, got it and finished it all in one read yesterday. Kept my interest, many funny items and new information to enjoy. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much – we’re thrilled you enjoyed both Fangasm and Fan Phenomena: Supernatural! And happy birthday 🙂

  • Hi! I’m an academic from Brazil and have been in love with the Supernatural fandom for about two years now. I love your page! Well, I am actually writing to ask for advice… I am spending a year in the USA (sabbatical year) and was then thinking to go to one of the Supernatural conventions (Houston, next year). I’ve never been to one and don’t know anyone going. Do you know where can I meet people going to that convention to try to “make friends” beforehand? Thanks a lot!

    PS. I still haven’t read your books as just arrived in the USA. But can’t wait to read them!

  • Hi.
    I recently joined the Supernatural fandom and I found out that a con is going to be held less than a block away from my dorm. So I had some questions about cons and what the experience is like. Also, is it only possible to buy a gold ticket, is that the only way to get into the con?
    I love your blog and your stories from meeting the cast.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Hannah! Welcome to the SPNFamily:)

      No, you can buy all levels of tickets for the cons, from General Admission one day through gold or even VIP for all the days. Cost is the discriminating factor, of course. Gold allows you to sit closer to the stage and be in the beginning of the line for autographs and gets you a special half hour panel with Jared and Jensen, and you get to keep your same seat throughout the con. GA gets you into the ballroom but not an assigned seat. Silver is reserved by farther back. Hope that helps!

      Thanks so much for letting us know you’re enjoying our blog and books – that makes our day!

  • I’m from Russia. And I’m also a fan of the cast of “Supernatural”. I translate stories in small pieces for our group in the social network “Vkontakte”. (I costeau as admin). I was at a recent Comic Con in Moscow and met with Misha Collins. I also have an interesting story (small but interesting) from this very Comic Con in Moscow. You have a very interesting history. Thank you, my dear friends! (may I call “friends”?). And I would be very happy if you are logged in “Vkontakte” and added to our group! By the way, Misha Collins less than a week ago was ALSO registered in “Vkontakte” at the request of Russian fans at Comic Con in Moscow. Please, answer me. My mail: maksina.net@mail.ru or https://vk.com/id_nadezhdamaksina . Misha Collins in Vkontakte: https://vk.com/themishacollins

  • I am currently working toward two bachelors degrees, one in Psychology and one in Creative Writing. I am quite obsessed with things myself, and one of those things is obsessed with how people are obsessed. There is a dark side and a light side to fandoms. I had no idea someone out there was in the same boat as me when it came to the Supernatural fandom. In the future, I will probably buy your books and academic journals. In the mean time, I will stalk this wordpress and possibly cite you guys the next time I have a rant pertaining to my television shows. Thank you for being amazing and showing I have potential thesis ideas for my master’s and Ph. D programs (probably just the masters.)

    • Looking forward to hearing your thoughts if you read any of our books – and hearing your ‘rants’ too! 🙂

  • It’s like a cozy blanket knowing that other fangirls exist out there. Even though I’m a newbie (my 28 y/o daughter talked me into watching SN on Netflix last year and now I’ve seen every episode at least once.), I’ve completely delved into every avenue I can find to inspect every grain of information about the show, and the Boys, out there that’s available on any social media available that I can find. I’m planning to take my daughter to the Pasadena Con in November if all goes as plans and I’m looking forward to meeting ‘people of my own kind’ there for the first time ever. If, that is we can make that happen. Huge expense and all but hey, I’m hopelessly obsessed and I really want to just be in their presence.
    I’m reading your Fangasm book now but in the early chapters but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far and I hope to see you two in Pasadena should we make it there!

    Thanks For Listening,

    • At least one of us will be in Pasadena and would love to say hi to you and your daughter! It is exactly like a cozy warm blanket, isn’t it? 🙂

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m a regular follower of your blog and articles. I’m from india. we LOVE supernatural here as well and we do have a good enough fanbase here.We are trying to get a Supernatural CON here, i was hoping if you guys have any pointers for it.

  • Hello Lynn and Katherine. I recently purchased Fangasm and found this blog today. I’ve been a Supernatural fan since day one but just recently joined the fandom. Or I should say jumped in with both feet, hands, an eye and an ear. I have an illness and I was drowning in it. Struggling and going down for the last time when like a drowning man I grabbed onto a lifeboat, the #SPNFamily. I’m going to my first con this July, #DCcon. Katherine imagine my surprise and delight to find out you’re in the metro area as well. Maybe we can get together for coffee sometime and talk Supernatural and fandom. I’m an “older” fan and my friends think I’ve lost my mind. I probably have. 🙂 My twitter ID is @JSH_SPN and my facebook page is my name: Jeri Hesson. Hope to see you at #DCcon. And Katherine, the drinks are on me. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies. You rock!

    • Hi there! This is Lynn — Kathy and I will both be at DC Con, so hope to see you there too. This fandom is like nothing else, and the relationship between the cast and crew and fandom are special. It sounds silly, but it’s very true. If you’re one of the lusty fangirls, you know just how awesome the SPN Family truly is 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed Fangasm – I’ll see you on twitter and look forward to meeting you at DCCon!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for this season, I just discovered it sometime this past fall, and now I’m immersed in reading your books. I’ve read “Fandom at the Crossroads” and am currently in the middle of “Fangasm.” I’ve got “Fan Phenomenon” some where in my apartment and I’m hoping to finish reading it too before DCCon at the end of the month. I don’t know how I missed that Lynn is at West Chester (my mom and oldest sister live near there and I work in DC so not too far from Kathy. (I’d wanted to go to DCCon last year but since I’m a Fed, I wasn’t sure how much money I’d have available with the impending furloughs so missed out on registration.) I’m so looking forward to going this year even though I’ll be flying solo. It will be an adventure.

    I’m so looking forward to meeting SPN fans and being able to squee with with fellow fans since none of my friends are fans. (I’ve tried to convert some but they remain resistant, silly people.) So frustrating! I hope I’ll get to meet your guys!

    • Hi Linda! Come find us in DC and say hi absolutely! We’re in C33 and 34. I think you’ll find that cons are amazing, and it’s so wonderful to be immersed in a throng of people who all love the same thing you do. Look forward to meeting you 🙂

  • I have subscribed to the email from Fangasm Daily- but i never get it daily- sometimes only 1 or 2 times a month- When I try to email about this- it tells me that I have subscribed- but I wondered if this Fangasm is daily- or is it just whenever- Either way I just need to know- I look forward to these fangasm emails and save every one to my favorites so I can re-read them- (they and you are fantastic- by the way- ) please let me know so that i can sleep without fretting that somehow I missed these missives in my email account- and GOD FORBID deleted them by mistake- love you all- andi

    • Hi there! We definitely don’t post daily (though I wish we had time to!) We always post a few times during cons or afterwards if we do interviews, and I do an episode review of just about every new airing of the Show. So it sounds like you’re getting most of the notifications, but maybe not all? You can also follow us on twitter, facebook or tumblr – we always post notifications there too. (The subscription from here is run by wordpress, so it happens — hopefully — automatically)

      Thanks for your kind words, they make our day!

  • So first there was Supernatural and I watched it, repeatedly. Then due to a shoulder surgery I couldn’t work or drive my stick shift and I started browsing the convention utube videos. I watched, and watched and before I knew it I was pulled into this whole crazy “fan” thing. I found Rob Benedict and Louden Swain, then R2M, Kings of Con, AlwaysKeepFighting, Travis Aaron Wade, Tread Darkly, Jim Beavers FB page (he’s interesting), and now Fangasm? Come on, my favorites bar is totally cluttered with SPN items and there seems to be no end to this. Maybe I need a Supernatural buddy? Is there a buddy system here?
    Honestly I love this page, the interviews especially. Now I’ll have to buy your damn books, I am sooo deep into the vortex here. Thanks

    • Being pulled down the vortex is an apt description for how many of us fell for Supernatural, isn’t it? We can relate! If there’s an end to it, I’m not sure we want to know 🙂 Everyone who hangs out here is awesome, so consider yourself buddied up and feel free to chime in with comments on posts, which sometimes end up in great discussions. And please come back and share your thoughts when you read the books!

      • I’ve browsed several sites, looking for a comfortable place. I think what I like here relates to how I process this whole experience. I by no means consider myself an “intellectual” but even in the frenzy of my feelings I want to break down this whole SPN thing, figure out why it works so crazy-well. I’m not a squee-on-the-outside person, but there’s a teenager on the inside, leaping up and down…..ahem. Still my little brain is always sifting around, poking at things and trying to figure them out.
        Also I have a soft spot for therapists, my family isn’t big on that sort of thing and when I finally reached out and tried it, I think my therapist saved my sanity. Maybe not my life, but close enough.
        Thanks again

    • Susan….I am “Polo” to your Marco outcry! I have been swept up in the vortex myself. Too bad I didn’t see your post BEFORE I emptied my guts in my own post. I love the page as well….though it tears at my heart with envy for the things Liz and Kathy have accomplished. Here’s hoping we can harness this tornado without finding ruby slippers under the house (or another Dark{er} Charlie!).

      • I feel better just having some response from people who seem to understand how I feel. It can be a dark and lonely place out here, watching the con videos from my little apartment in the wilds of the eastern Pacific NW.
        My Dr. says I can’t wear ruby slippers anymore, only in my imagination.
        Awaiting season 11……

      • Just finished “Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls”. Loved it! It was just what I wanted and I burned through it in 3 days. I will be re-reading it since this first time through was sort of one big gulp, next time I’ll sip more.
        Very interesting and just the right balance of breathless tale of fangirls in search of contact, and thoughtful contemplation. I did very much appreciate the honest admitting that not all your intellectual pursuits were driven only by your burning desire to find the truth of fandom. Speaking of “burning”, that Jensen Ackles is so hot I don’t know how they keep him clothed, seems like those jeans and flannels would just turn to ash…ahem.
        So thank you for the book and this site, and now I’ll be counting my pennies to buy the next book.

      • You’re so welcome, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! If you’re so inclined, we are forever grateful for amazon and goodreads reviews that say exactly that. A few commenters didn’t quite understand that we were totally fessing up to those ‘non-intellectual motivations’ and that was part of the story. Anyway, thanks again for commenting — and we agree with you on the mystery of Jensen Ackles’ non-combusting clothing 🙂

  • I just took the time to read the article about the SPN Parody. Those girls are simply amazing! I must say, I cried through most of it. Happy tears, mostly, but, also, some of deep regret that I have missed out on nearly 9 years of SPN fandom. I have dived, heart first, into the deep Supernatural pool, uncaring about the depth of the water, the obstacles that may be just below the surface and totally unaware of the impact it would have on the rest of my life…and my family…..still standing on the edge of said pool.
    As you noted, this supernatural (small ‘s’) phenomena is filled with people who have had epiphanies and life changing events centered around the show, its cast and crew….usually for the better. It seems that dark clouds of depression or anxiety have been lifted, or first steps of amazing journeys have been taken…all, wonderful stories and so worthy of being shared. But, what of those that, perhaps, are not sharing in that bright realization? Are there others whom feel overwhelmed by the emotions engendered by such a deep and varied story line, a cast that embraces the fans so passionately and sincerely, and a fandom that is a creature to be reckoned with?
    As was also noted in the article, cons are the place to find SPN soulmates. Perhaps that is the emptiness I feel, for there is no one in my REAL life that dares acknowledge, let alone support or understand, my intense emotions for two “pretty” boys that are the same ages as my own sons. I truly can feel an inkling of the unacceptance, bewilderment, seclusion and angst that teens must feel about most aspect of their lives. (It’s been a LONG time since I was a teen, but I don’t remember having such a hard time “back then”.)

    I apologize for this excrutiatingly long missive. There are plenty of on-line forums to share innumerable experiences and emotions about the SPN world. But few with such learned ears as this particular site. (Not that I am looking for validation, sympathy or resolution…just a safe place to share these intense emotions. My own fault….I should quit reading fandom articles!)

    BTW, I just finished the intro to your 1st book, and can’t wait until it arrives so I can read the rest.
    I am SO looking forward to your next book! (Just in case you ever thought about it….I record for audio books, if you are looking to offer your books in such a venue, I searched, but did not find them….) again…NOT the reason I started this hot mess. Thanks.

    • Ginger, I loved reading your post (I’m glad you spilled your guts) it really touched me, I feel the same way. I’ve never been a “fangirl” even though I’ve always been passionate about my books, my television and especially movies. I’ve been embarrassed, overwhelmed, shamefaced, knocked on my ass (sorry, I have a little bit of a sailor’s mouth) and completely devoted to these two “boys” and all their associates. They are about the same age as my own children would be, if I had any. I’ve loved the show for several years now, but I really fell hard after seeing the conventions and interviews. They seem to be truly good people, and they seem to draw that out of their fellow actors, and fans.
      Hot mess indeed……

      • What a beautiful way to begin a Monday morning! Thank YOU for replying…and for mirroring so many of the same emotions. I have “met” many, many intriguing and wonderful virtual “family members”, but few that are near my age and talk the same language….though “OMG” really does expedite communication sometimes.

        I am beginning to creep out of the fandom closet I locked myself into, mostly because I am amazed and awfully proud of the work that the cast and crew of SPN continue to be initiating and supporting in the real world. Plus, there is SOME vindication that, after 10 years, SPN is still news and award worthy (well…TEEN Choice award…but still).
        Thanks again for sharing…and giving me the opportunity to as well.

    • It’s such a pleasure to ‘meet’ you here! And honestly I think validation is really important – every time someone chimes in and tells us that what we said in our books resonates with them, *I* feel validated — we all have so much in common, not the least of which is the OMG what is happening to me, I’ve fallen head over heels for a television show/fictional character/amazing cast/whatever! We’re in all in it together, and that’s the most validating thing of all. If you do come to a con one day, make sure we get to say hello!

      • You can bet that I will be on the look out for you at the Denver Con! Thank you for this opportunity to lounge about in your sitting room! I’m watching recorded SPN at this moment. Stuff I’ve seen more than once, but seeing/hearing/feeling something new every single time I watch it. I’ve gotten to “know” the actors better from watching so many videos, etc….their acting impressed me the FIRST time I saw it….now, that I am more familiar with their personalities, it astounds me. Not to mention giving me an odd sort of pride. Of course, I may be a bit starry eyed….

  • This article was fantastic. I will have to get the books. I feel like I have missed so much having come to #SPNFamily so late (only since June 2015). You have so many memories and the bonds….I look forward to reading about the journey.

    • Welcome to the family! We look forward to hearing your thoughts when you read – the books will be like a crash course in SPN history 🙂

  • I’d be glad to leave good feed back on the book. If I like something I’m more than happy to say so. Thanks to all this “research” I believe I have convinced myself to try and make Van Con next year, if I can pull the money together. It will be my almost-birthday present to myself. I don’t know if it’s a frivolous thing for a low income nearly 60 year old to aspire to, and I’ve decided I don’t care. My life, my money, life’s too short.

  • I am STILL only about half way through Fangasm….grinning through most of it, grimacing during the parts about your families (I can totally relate!). Just checking in and giving you another shout out! Thank you again and again for this validation, acknowledgement, recognition…and delight!

  • This is an odd question out of left field, but I have looked and looked online, can’t find anything. The woman named Laura (no last name mentioned) that played guitar with Jason Manns at JIBcon 5, who is she? Any chance that you have that information? She’s great and I’d like to hear more of her playing? If you don’t know I understand, just can’t think of any other place to look at this point. Thanks

  • Bought Fangasm from Amazon and I enjoyed it. I liked seeing the SPN fandom experience from your early view. I’ve never have been to a convention, and probably never will, so it is fun to read other reports, especially from the early days when it was just beginning. I did not like the many references to wincest, yucky, but I don’t judge, I just don’t like that stuff. I admit, though, I do love every hug and those small touches. My favorite program when I was 11 was Starsky and Hutch, and they touched all the time. They also cried in each others arms many times, but I see it as platonic bromance, so that is okay. I downloaded Fan Phenomena: SPN onto my kindle and I liked that one very much. My favorite essays were Richard Speight’s, the vid one with Ash, the photography, and Misha Collins. He could have written more, what too busy?? Anyway, thanks for an interesting reading experience.

    • Glad you enjoyed the books! You can totally read all those shows as platonic bromance too, I agree – like you said, to each his (or her) own! Also agree that Misha could have written more – his chapter was so much fun! There will be quite a few interesting chapters from the SPN cast in the new book coming out next year too – this cast can write!

  • Hi Lynn and Katherine, it is so great for my wife (a Kathryn!) and I to have found your site, learned of your writing, etc. Once we get and devour your book I’m sure I’ll have a post up on my lifeatttitudes WP site reviewing how awesome it surely is. Lynn, we just live on the other side of Downingtown so it is very cool to know of someone in the area who is even more fanatical about SPN than we are. My wife and I started watching from the pilot the night it aired, watch the reruns…I right now am even in a position to watch the window of reruns daily on TNT and then watch them AGAIN the same day when they air on the West Coast. Yeah, we’ve got the SPN “bug” bad. This is a fantastic web site and the reviews are in-depth and heartfelt. I enjoy the wide variety of comments and it’s always neat to see different perspectives on each episode. I’m surely going to leave comments on prior years so don’t be surprised if your “archives” get dusted off!

    I not-so-long-ago did a tribute to SPN to try and get some new viewers for it (I was successful). This is the link for anyone visiting this About page.


    My wife and I are considering trying to attend a convention in the near future. Never been. We think it would be a great experience and it only makes sense after spending so many years, so many hours consuming this show (we have all the DVD’s as well!)..Also, if you ladies would have a few minutes down the road I would love to do a post regarding this site and promote your writing and experiences…perhaps you’d even consent to an interview (questions in email format) in conjunction with that post.

    I can only imagine how much work you have put into promoting SPN but it likely doesn’t seem like work at all considering when you do what you love you lose all track of time. I look forward to being an active contributor to your site going forward. All the best…and thank you for adding and enriching the experience of SPN for both of us! Bruce B.

    • Hi there! So nice to ‘meet’ you both 🙂

      I’d be happy to do an interview – and maybe even grab a cup of coffee if you feel like coming by West Chester U! I’m traveling this week but will be back next week – feel free to email me then! fangasmthebook@gmail.com

      Look forward to chatting!

      • Hi Lynn, bought and finished “Fangasm!” already and working on reading “Fan Phenomena SPN” now. Definitely will stop over at the U – will email you in the near future. Best, Bruce B.

  • I just stepped back and took a deep breath…long first post ahead! I think I’m having one of those moments where you feel like a zebra in a field of horses, and you accept that. Then suddenly you crest a hill and, damn, there are all the other zebras. I am nearing 50, a Harvard-educated biology major and veterinarian who owns her own practice, a reader/writer, and a married mom of two teens. I’ve been a fan before, I’m sure—Harrison Ford in the 80’s and certain baseball players come to mind. I’ve enjoyed binge watching Doctor Who with my family, and even writing a little about that show and my experience of it. But there is no precedent in my life thus far for how my world was rocked when I discovered Supernatural. My 12 year old daughter started watching the show last fall, but I was blissfully oblivious, only vaguely aware of her experience. As she closed in on season 10, she started talking more about it and I decided it might be a nice thing to share. I asked her if she’d start over with me, and after some uncharacteristic hesitation (she felt protective of the characters, it turns out) we started watching from the beginning in November.

    Here’s where my story joins the stream of those commenting ahead of me. I’m driving my family (except for my daughter), friends, and colleagues crazy. Much of my brain space has been hijacked by Supernatural—the characters, the actors, the writers, the music. I think about it a frightening portion of my day, even though my immersion has been merely a few months. My husband is actually very patient, mostly because we both acknowledge that my brain must be churning for a reason. I’ve even got my therapist intrigued. (I have a 16 year old son suffering from depression right now, so I recently sought support around that, not knowing I’d end up using my time to process my feelings about the show. I suspect those thoughts all connect at some level anyway.) I watch, read, surf for video, and write about the show daily, just for myself. Next month I’m bringing my daughter to her (and my) first ever Con, as part of a family trip back to Seattle. We are almost caught up on season 11 now (it’s been a whirlwind compared to watching it all along, I suspect) and for a while I felt sick about “finishing.” Interestingly, my deepest fear wasn’t that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself once the season ended. I was more afraid I would know what to do, and the rational adult in me would stop fangirling, and life would return to normal with a little less color. Finding you all out there, thinking and writing and talking about this for years, makes me smile. Two of your books are on the way to my house now. Thanks!

    • Lauren…please allow another zebra to welcome you and your daughter to the family! I can completely identify with how SPN can take over your life.
      I just got back from HoustonCon, and am overwhelmed from the experience. Not just from seeing the cast again (this was my 6th con), but from talking to all of the amazing people I met there. You and your daughter are going to have an amazing time when you go next month! Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes (if you have autographs/photo ops, you’ll be standing in a lot of lines), and don’t be shy about getting to know the people there. It’s so cathartic to be surrounded by people who share your obsession and “just get it”.
      Maybe I’ll see you at one someday.

    • Yes, those are not just stretch marks….they are the tell-tale signs of a zebra as well! I have been inside this vortex for just over two whirlwind years…and dread, as you, the thought of ever landing, even if that landing be in a house on top of a witch! Past my mid-50’s, I thought this would be another “phase”….but, here I am, just as much of a fan-GRAN as ever! So, pack up your salt, grab some iron (not THAT iron…forget about your clothes, flannel and hunter green don’t show the wrinkles!), keep those coupons for free pie and come jump on this lumbering wagon filled with amazing folk! It is always….ALWAYS, a joy to hear “I am not the only one.”

  • Hey 🙂
    I´m still relatively new to the fandom and have stumbled on your site only recently, but felt immediately at home here(Your reviews and con-reports rock!). I got myself “Supernatural fangirls” as a late christmas present and just wanted to let you know how much I loved it. You managed to portray all the different sides of fandom without ever judging, you were unafraid to write about your own struggles both with yourself and `The powers that be`, you were never shy about how much of a fan you are yourself and I really loved your scientific approach to the many different phenomena of fandom, since you gave me some of the explanations I was craving. As a person who always tries to understand everything rationally, fandom is a little hard to grasp and on many occasions I believed that what I saw was just too good, (especially with Supernatural and its cast and crew), always waited for the other shoe to drop, maybe also due to the fact that no one around me shares my addiction. My point is, your book was wonderful, insightful, made me feel better about my love for this show and I can only applaud the courage and endurance making it must have cost you. You might have managed to convince me that SPNfamily is actually a thing, a heartfelt thanks for that:)

  • I have recently discovered the Supernatural world. All I can say is I LOVE IT! I just ordered the book and look forward to reading it. I will be binge watching all the episodes I can while laid up after my 3rd elbow surgery in as many years. I will be devouring all I can in the mean time as well. I look forward to learning about everyone’s journeys thru the book and everything else I can find. I have not been able to go to a con yet as I have 2 girls that are very active in sports and I work a full time job and a part time job to make it possible for them to do what they love to do. But I hope to make one in the near future if one is happening close to my home in Oklahoma. I look forward to getting to know the people in this community, that is what is has felt like so far from what I have been able to learn.

    • Welcome to the family! I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you read the book – and to hopefully meeting you one day 🙂

      • I hope to meet up with some of the other fans someday too. I look forward to making new friends.

      • Is there a place other than here where I can share my thoughts about the book and the show. I wanted to share how I hope it will help me with my oldest daughter. It is more do with how to help her thru what people in her particular sport call a “mental block”, she has had it for over a year and is constantly working on trying to get over it. She for some reason quit doing particular skills that she could do beautifully and now has a fear/block about doing them for some reason. Just looking for support/help and a place to talk about the show and other things and to get to know people that love the show as well.

      • I’m thinking of doing a post where people can have that kind of discussion, inspired by the book. It will likely take me a little while to get to it tho!

  • How do you guys balance teaching, research, and conventions? That’s amazing (and also expensive)! I should have shifted from the biological sciences to the social sciences if I knew I could pursue Supernatural and fandom as a source of knowledge.

  • Hello, I was just wanted to thank you for “Family Don’t End With Blood”, it makes me so happy to just read that other people are as invested as I am, not only in this show, but with the actors and with the fellow fans. Even though I am just starting the book it fills my heart with joy and love, also that I have already shed a few tears here and there, and it’s already one of my favorite books. I hope to see more of your future work and, again, thank you for this piece of art.

  • LYNN!!!! You are the sweetest! I just attended the spnnj convention this past weekend and I had amazing time! I loved connecting with so many amazing people, like yourself! It was such a pleasure to meet you in person after seeing you via alana kings social media. I picked up a book for the first time, “Family dont end with blood” OMG!! I am in love!! SOOO GOOOD!! I can’t believe I didn’t pick up one of your books sooner. I have been a supernatural fan forever!! Thank you lynn for this amazing book! It really lovely to read how much people love this show just as much as me and just as invested. Honestly this community, spnfamily is lighting in a bottle so special. Just being at the convention you can feel that love. Its special!! all the love!!

    • It was so nice to meet you in NJ and I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the book. Everyone, both the actors and the fans, really wrote their hearts out about why Supernatural has been so special to them. If you get a chance, you will probably enjoy the newer book, There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, too – it also has chapters by actors and fans, and is written from the perspective of knowing the show was ending, so it’s a wonderful comment on the show’s legacy (and how much we all want it to come back!)

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