Jensen Ackles on Dean and Sam and Season 8 – TorontoCon

Jensen Ackles at Toronto Con[/caption]

Jensen Ackles’ meet and greet started out a bit strangely. For some reason, they set up two high chairs for Jensen instead of the customary one. Jensen came in, cocked an eyebrow, then attempted to straddle them both, much to the amusement of the gathered fans. He then gave up and scoffed.

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Jensen Ackles in Burbank – Why Dean Winchester Needs a Vacation!

Jared and Jensen Enjoying Themselves As Much As We Are

Just as many of us want to share the awesomeness (yes, that’s a word…) of Supernatural with friends, we wish we could take all of them along on our con weekends so they could experience the fun, frivolity and sense of family – it’s hard to describe otherwise. The celebrity guests feel pretty much the same, so many of them took advantage of the “local” LA location of the Burbank SPN con to invite friends and family. Richard Speight Jr. brought old friends, fellow actors and his proud father-in-law. Guy Bee brought Samuel Colt – or at least the talented actor who played him on Supernatural. And Jensen Ackles brought his friend Chris to the semi-private Q & A.

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