Jensen Ackles Talks Dean, Directing and More in NashVegas


Jared and Jensen read card from fans congratualting them on their People's Choice Award


Jensen Ackles’ Q & A with twenty happy fangirls took place this afternoon at Creation’s Supernatural convention in Nashville. Jensen joined us in a small meeting room and climbed up on the extra tall chair at the front of the room, wondering aloud why they always had him seated on such a high chair. He suspected that perhaps it had something to do with Jared. Logical assumption, but fans knew better. The better to see you with, one fan said with a smile.

The theme continued with the first (somewhat unexpected) question: Who dressed you?

No way it was a criticism, because Ackles looked good. Really good. (yes, we’re Anchorman fans). We’re also pretty sure he can dress himself and still look that good, but in this case he confessed that he came home one day and found a few new outfits – jeans, shirts, sweaters — laid out on the bed courtesy of Mrs. Ackles. The conversation went something like this:

Danneel: There you go, I’m sick of looking at this stuff.

Jensen: What’s wrong w my tee shirts??

Fans (and Jensen) agreed that Danneel’s sense of style was an asset, however. Fans were appreciative.

Jensen: And we always have someone kinda looking out for us on set, so it makes it easy. And then Jared just wears plaid. Gen does the same thing for him as well but I think that when she’s not around he’s like, back to basics!

Luckily Padalecki makes plaid look pretty damn good too.

We asked the next question, which wasn’t quite as playful as the first. We’d had a lovely chat with actress Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills) the day before, and she’d told us a story about why it was such a pleasure to be directed by Jensen – someone who understands acting and actors. So we were eager to hear the director’s side of that picture.

Us:  Kim said that instead of coming over to her and saying “what are you doing, that’s not working”, you respectfully asked ‘what are you trying to accomplish there?’ and she pretty much said, I have no idea, and you said “okay, well let’s put our heads together then and figure out how to do it”. Did you have any experiences with directors that taught you to do it that way for another actor?

Ackles: Not one in particular, but I’ve probably learned lessons over the years from various directors that I liked the way he noted that actor, or something. It’s different with a lot of the directors we have come on, who’ve directed our show in the past, and we’ve built up a rapport over the years, so like Bob Singer doesn’t even need to speak to me anymore. He’ll just make eye contact, and he’ll be like –(gestures)— stretch it, or —(more gestures)— pick up the pace. Or he’ll walk up set and be like, “Jensen?” And he’ll do one of these — (jumps up and acts it all out, complete with complicated nonverbal Bob Singer gestures which had fans laughing out loud)—and I’ll know exactly what he means, try something different.  And I love that I have a relationship with somebody like that and it’s great because he’ll come right back after the take and say, “I think it, you do it — love it!”

And I guess to come back to Kim, I know how I would like to be talked to, as an actor, and I think that’s probably why actors can make a transition into directing, because they know how to talk to actors. A lot of times, I’ve talked to the guys who direct our show like Don Showalter, who comes from an editing background, and so he had to learn how to talk to actors.  And by talk to actors I don’t mean we’re all kinda hard to talk to, it’s just saying the right things to get them to do what you want them to do.  Without telling them, or line reading sometimes. Some people will get a little shifty about it if a director comes up and goes ‘say it like this.’

Us:  And Kim said you didn’t do that.

Jensen: Sometimes I don’t really mind, I’ll be like I don’t care, tell me how you want me to say it, and I’ll say it. But a lot of times, it’s better for the actor to get there for themselves.  So you kinda coach them so they get there by themselves.  And I guess because I’ve spent fifteen years of my life in front of the camera, there are certain techniques that I use to get there myself and I guess I just use that same technique as a director.

Us: Apparently you did, and she appreciated it

Ackles: That’s a very high compliment from her, I appreciate that, thank you.

Would he ever think about writing an episode?

Jensen: I’ve made feeble attempts in the past, friends of mine who are writers have said hey, let’s get together and do this, and I last for about two minutes. I have a hard time with conceptualizing things, coming up with concepts.   I can take ideas and tweak them, I feel like I’m good at doctoring dialogue but a far as conceptualizing from the genesis I’m always at a loss. So no, not really.

It was apparently impossible for the room full of fans to be distracted from the visual for too long, however. The next question got right back to basics, so to speak.

Fan: In “Time After Time”, you were just so hot. Gorgeous in that long coat and hat.

Other fans: (are laughing)

Jensen: (is blushing)

Jensen (still blushing): It’s the hat

Fans: (look skeptical): Riiiiiight. It’s the hat.

In what seems to be typical Ackles fashion, Jensen deflected the discussion by giving props to the wardrobe and art department for their attention to detail, noting that it’s difficult to make a period piece look authentic.

Ackles: The difficulties in shooting a period piece like that are in getting it as authentic as you can. You’ve gotta get all the cars, all the old timey props, the wardrobe, all the details. And I thought that Diane (Widas) our costume designer just knocked it out of the park. Our set designer, Jerry Wanek, did an amazing job. And Phil (Sgriccia) did a great job directing, they put a little treatment on the film to give it that old not quite sepia look. I had a really fun time doing that. And going back to what you were saying about the look, I remember I walked on set in the outfit for the first time and I had crew guys who were all dressed in like North Face Gore Tex, and it’s cold and raining and they’ve got their hats and their gloves, and I had a couple of these guys, these grips who like have no emotion, and they were like man, why did we stop dressing like that?

Fans (nodding in agreement)

Ackles: And it’s true, everybody looked so sharp and back then, even if you were going to the grocery store, you were in a shirt and tie. Men dressed really really nice back then. I think my grandmother really enjoyed seeing me dressed like her husband did.  She was like, oh, you looked so amazing, just like your granddad. 

Fans: Awwww.

The next question was about portraying Dean, something Ackles has had seven seasons to think about.

Fan: How do you make certain decisions for Dean, like the scene where Cas dies and you took the trenchcoat out of the lake and folded it, that wasn’t scripted?

Jensen: It was not. A lot of those are just character instinctual things I’ve been playing Dean so long I feel like I have a pretty good handle on how he would react to a situation – his relationship with Cas was very deep, there was a deep friendship there, and I discussed it with Guy Bee, and said if he ever comes back, he’s gonna need the trench coat. And there was just something like, almost a closure, I was just folding it up, like a flag. So I pulled the coat out, and Guy was like “Do that again.” I wanted to take care of it, it belonged to somebody who meant a lot to Dean. So it was a happy accident. A lot is written, it’s a very well written show, but it’s nice when they happen.

A fan asked if he’d seen the final version of the last episode.

Ackles: I watched the air of “The Slice Girls”.

Fan: Did you know when you were filming the scene with Lydia that they were going to intercut it with the scene of the murder?

Ackles: Yeah it was written like that

Fan: Do you think Dean would have actually shot her?

The fans in the room had divergent opinions, but Ackles, after all, knows Dean best.

Ackles: I’ve gotta be honest, I think he probably would have.  I think if push comes to shove, he was still processing it in his mind but I think he would have done it. We wanted to play that ambiguity, it was important for Dean to have a real struggle with it. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue there to make the struggle, but he had to struggle, and the struggle had to come off the screen. I’m glad that was a question in your mind.

Apparently the drunk off Turducken scene in an earlier episode had some improvising in it too.

Fan: When you sat on the counter and did that crazy thing with your head when you were saying ‘I don’t care’, did they write that?

Jensen: No, it just happened.  I did a few variations, and that was just the take they took. That sandwich killed me. It was on a hard toasted ciabatta bread and because I make Dean look as silly as I possibly can most of the time, I was trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could so it would be funnier when I tried to speak,  but the hard bread started actually cutting my mouth. After five takes, Jared stopped and was like, dude, you’re bleeding! It looked like someone punched me in the face.

Fans: (with sympathy) Owww

Ackles (with stoic bravery): It’s what we do

Ackles’ wounds didn’t prevent him from eating a Turducken  for lunch that day, by the way

Jensen: They were specially made for me and they were really good!

The fandom is spending a lot of time speculating about and hoping for a Season 8. Have Jensen and Jared been spending much time talking about where the show’s headed? Has anything taken them by surprise?

Jensen: Leviathans took me most by surprise – how much bigger can we get?!

And the speculating?

Jensen: We never really did in the past, just went with the flow. But recently we’ve started going, how’s this gonna work, if we go another season, or more, and if so, what’s the end game? On the flight over here, he and I were hatching out some of these. I actually have an idea for the ending, and I might for the first time in seven years actually pitch something to the writers. Of course, they’ll probably be like oh yeah Jensen, that’s a great idea (rolling his eyes)

Fans: So is it a happy ending? (all fingers in the room crossed….)

Ackles: It’s not a hold hands riding off into the sunset, it’s what I think is the only way it can end.

Fans: *biting lips*

A fan asked if Jensen could get lost in films, or if he watched them too critically because of his profession.

Ackles: If it’s a well done film, I absolutely get lost in it. There can be shots I remember from films, and I might be like ooh, I’d like to try that shot. But I try to get lost as an audience member and for the most part I can.  Unless it’s too stylized or an actor is giving a performance that’s not believable.

Sounds like he watches pretty much like the rest of us!

And then the conversation turned back to  Dean, who we’re all worried about.

Fan: Dean’s got such low self esteem, when will he realize his life is worth something?

Jensen: I think there is worth and value in his heart, and he has a will to survive — to take a lyric from a famous song — he’s such a beaten up and scarred hero, he’s a battered warrior, but he’s gonna keep going because that’s where he finds his validity.

Would Dean call a redo on anything he’s done? Any of the deals he’s made?

Ackles: No. He would’ve made all the deals. He wouldn’t have tried to live a life of normalcy with Ben and Lisa though. I think he’d wish to take that back, in hindsight knowing he was never really out of the game and that attempt was never really going to go through.

Will we ever see an Evil Dean?

Jensen: Right now Sam’s kinda cornered the market. We had soulless Sam and now the wall’s cracked and he’s not sleeping and he’s having visions of Lucifer, and as long as that continues, Dean’s gotta be a pillar of strength. He feels like he always has to be there for his brother. 

Fans:  Yep. That’s the Dean we know and love.

Jensen: So something supernatural would have to happen to go down that road, of evil Dean.

Fans: Umm, well the show is called…

Some fans wanted to know why we didn’t see more anger from Sam and Dean after Bobby’s death, to which Jensen pointed out that they can’t show everything in 42 minutes! The anger was there, but the show picked up with the boys dealing with the emptiness that comes after. Fans went through some of the same emotions, already missing Bobby acutely and lamenting that the boys salted and burned his bones. Of course, as Jensen cryptically pointed out, you can’t count anything out on this show J

He also said they leave some things intentionally open, in case they might ever want to use them. Dean’s amulet, his alcohol use….stay tuned, fandom.

Fan: Is it tough to switch back and forth from your character to yourself?

Jensen: It’s pretty easy when you’ve been doing 140 some episodes. The more that muscle gets worked to switch it on and off. There are obviously a lot of similarities, mannerisms, the way we talk, that will probably get used in every character I do from now on. And Jared does the same thing. He’s not actually a crazy insomniac! If you’ve ever seen us behind the scenes you’ve seen how quickly we go from being serious to being idiots.

Frankly, that’s one of the things we love about them.

Next up once we roadtrip back home, our take on Jared Padalecki’s Q & A, and chats with Brian Buckley, Gabe Tigerman and Misha Collins. Stay tuned!

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  • Wow, ladies, once again you bring us up to speed about the way the boys are feeling. I love to read these articles. I’m looking forward to reading Jared’s Q&A too, since I can never afford to attend any of them! Thanks for the speedy post.

  • hi – thank you so much for this – another interesting read once again.
    one day i will have to make one of these but until then i live vicariously through you ladies. 😀

    • Hi there, glad you enjoyed — the Q&A’s really are quite interesting, with so many good questions and thoughtful answers.

    • i really wish I were there, Jensen is the one I haven’t met yet, Iv met Jared an misha and the trickster, and young Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just lv him and think is just so awesome and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m trying to reign in the jealousy of you all being encased in an intimate room with the object of my obsession just long enough to be able to say that I found this to be a very enjoyable & informative read with some well thought out questions. Well done & thanks for sharing Xxx

    • You’re very welcome, we always enjoy what he has to say and his unfailing ability to share with the rest of the SPN cast and crew any compliments that come his way. Pretty extraordinary.

  • Thanks for posting this report. I just love Jensen and his thoughtful replies. There are so many great goodies in this report!

    I love that we got confirmation that Jensen thinks Dean would have killed Emma. I love the ambiguity that Jensen conveyed, but I agree with Jensen that Dean would have and could have killed Emma.

    I also love to hear the bits about how Jensen adds things to the episodes that aren’t in the script. He knows Dean and the show so well. I am very surprised that he doesn’t have a “producter” credit yet, considering all that he does for the show.

    To go along with that comment, I think it’s great that Jensen is considering pitching an idea to the writers. Again, Jensen knows not just his character, but the show as a whole so well, he knows what works and what doesn’t, and what would be a great idea for the show.

    I could go on and on, how much I love your reports and Jensen’s answers, but I think I’ll end my post here with a shallow comment – I love that Jensen blushes when he’s being complimented. He’s so humble and down-to-earth, and frankly, such a nice guy…who happens to be gorgeous and an amazingly talented actor!

    Thanks, again! And please keep the reports of Jensen’s meet and greets coming; I always look forward to hearing more of what this lovely man has to say!

    • We’re always impressed with how well he knows the character of Dean, and his genuine affection for the character, which comes through clearly every time he talks about Dean. Whatever his idea is for the series finale, our money is on it being a great one. We confess to hoping it doesn’t happen too soon though!

  • Everytime there is a convention, I always look forward to your reports on Jensen’s M&G’s – they’re always a highlight out of all the bits and pieces that emerge from a con, and now more than ever I want to go just to attend a M&G myself. I love how you capture quite vividly what it must be like to be there – how relaxed and friendly it’s reactions..Jensen’s reactions to the fan’s questions (adorable blushing and all) and the discussion is always so indepth and honest.

    Don’t ever stop please.

    • Thank you so much, it’s comments like yours that keep us staying up late to blog when we’re falling asleep on our feet at a con. The Q&As are quite relaxed, and we’re always impressed with fans’ great questions and Jensen’s thoughtful answers. Also, agreed about the blushing…

  • i lv this Q an A with Jensen, he really a awesome person, and I lv the show Supernatural, an I lv how well that he an Jared really get along on a off screen, they are just 2 awesome and sexy guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The affection the boys have for each other is a pleasure to watch, and it seems to enrich their onscreen relationship too — we couldn’t agree more, they are two awesome and sexy guys!

  • Thanks once again for a lovely write up for those of us who couldn’t be there. I love that you managed to make Jensen blush! I’m looking forward to reading your Jared Q&A too.

    • We can’t take credit for the blush-inducing question, but we did enjoy witnessing it 🙂 Jared’s Q&A was great fun, look for it soon!

  • Thanks very much. I’d love to have been there, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been paying as much attention to his answers if I had!

    • We confess to sometimes scribbling notes without actually looking down at them, which results in strangely slanted sentences. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the results!

  • I’m a Sam girl to the death but I love his brother too. And I’m excited to hear from both of them. Can’t wait for the sam crazy coming up and to see Dean a bit back to his self, I hate it when he’s too sad.

    • We’re Dean girls, but we love his brother too — after all, Dean and Sam love their brother, so how could we not?? Jared had some interesting things to say about what’s on the horizon for Sam in his Q&A also, which should be up soon.

  • Great article, Lynn and Kathy. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in LA in a few short weeks.


  • Thanks so much for doing these reports of Jensen’s M&G. I love him and he always gives such thoughtful answers and comes across so humble.

    • He seems to really be a humble and down to earth kind of guy, and his answers are quite thoughtful — which makes his Q&As very interesting! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • Thanks for a great article and Jensen’s thoughts on Dean. It’s always great to read what Jensen thinks of Dean and what steps he takes to make Dean seem so real.

    I’m glad to read that Dean would have killed Emma but wanted to give her a chance. That’s what I figured and nice to see it verified.

    It’s always a joy to read articles from Jensen. Keep up the good work.

    • We love hearing Jensen’s thoughts on Dean too — he knows the character so well, and brings him to life in a thousand subtle ways. And we appreciate it 🙂 Glad you enjoyed ‘listening in’.

  • Oh, I can never get enough of your reports on Jensen’s M&Gs. They are so detailed and he is so open with you all. Thank you so much and again.
    Did he really blush? I would have LOVED! to have seen that-dear, dear, beautiful, humble man-it is definitely NOT! “just the hat.” LOL!
    I also liked that he felt that Dean would have been able to put Emma down, if he’d absolutely had to. And I absolutely love that what he’d hoped to convey through his acting was exactly what was accomplished, and that it was borne out through the reactions of the fandom, to that scene. That he was able to do that, and especially with such little dialogue, is probably why, IMO, Jensen is often given the “heavy lifting”, from an actor’s standpoint, on this show; and it is, again IMO, the mark of a truly gifted actor that he so consistently and completely delivers on that aspect of his craft so well. Love the man to bits! And again, thank you for allowing us a little share of your private “Heaven”.

    • You’re very welcome, we love sharing — that’s what fandom’s all about, after all. He really does seem to be genuinely unassuming, always eager to share the credit. But his nuanced acting is amazing at conveying complicated emotion in such subtle ways, we agree. Thanks for commenting!

  • There is always new insight into the show with Jensen’s Meet & Greets! It’s consistently the one part of the convention that looks deeper into the show. I can’t thank you enough for reporting on these every time.

    • It’s our pleasure — and so much credit goes to the fans who come up with such thoughtful questions, as well as to the time and thought that Jensen and Jared put into their answers.

  • Wonderful read! Jensen seemed very forthcoming in his responses to some really great questions! 🙂

    • He does seem pretty forthcoming, and takes every question seriously. He seems to be a very giving person, which translates to quality Q&A’s. Very glad you enjoyed the write up 🙂

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    • We wish you could have been there too! You’re very welcome, we’re glad to have you along on our fannish roadtrip 🙂

  • Amulet? Did u say amulet?! Did he specifically mention that? Ugh I’m dying to know! Awesome write up

    • He did mention it specifically, though he might have actually said “Dean’s necklace”. No details, but it was exciting to hear that the actor who portrays the character hasn’t forgotten it, right? Glad you enjoyed the report!

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    • So sorry, I don’t see that in our notes — some specific character? If I’m recalling correctly (and can read my own scribbles), the question was about giving up the Dean character at the end of the day after you’ve played him for so long.

  • That’s amazing how you captured everything he said. FINALLY intelligent questions! I just read your “Our Story” which explains your expertise in writing. I felt like I was right there in the room. Thanks for that 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, thanks so much for the kind words. The fans came up with some great questions, and Jensen gave some very thoughtful answers. Glad you enjoyed ‘listening in’ with us!

    • You’re quite welcome — it sometimes seems like everyone involved with this show is amazing. Which is actually pretty amazing! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for another wonderful Jensen Meet & Greet report. Everytime I read things like this I feel like I’m talking with other fans who feel like I do about Dean and it makes me believe we are in fact reading Dean and Dean’s feelings correctly because he sees Dean the same way we do and he knows him better than anyone and yes I mean including the writers. None of those writers write Dean every episode, but Jensen plays Dean every episode. TV writers and directors should always use their lead actors as a resource on characterization and forget about their egos, because ultimately the actors are the one who live with the character, whereas the writers and directors really only live with them once every 4 or 5 episodes. I’ve seen other actors on tv series point this out as well.

    I also felt Dean would have shot Emma, yes he was struggling with it, as he SHOULD, he’d be heartless if he didn’t(and that’s one thing Dean definitely isn’t) but I felt he would have shot her, he was just giving her every last chance to try and save herself by making the right choice. As soon as she’d have moved to kill him, I feel he’d have shot her. She brought a knife to gun fight, he had the gun.

    • We love hearing Jensen talk about Dean, because he does so with such passion and clearly has spent so much time thinking about the character, getting inside his head, figuring him out. You’re right, he knows Dean, after all this time, better than anyone. And it shows.

  • What a fantastic write-up, thanks. I’m relatively new to Supernatural but I pretty quickly became a Dean girl, and I think most of that is a tribute to Jensen’s incredible acting. If I had been there, I would have asked how he managed to change Dean so thoroughly after he came back from hell, so it always feels like he was forever altered by his time in hell, even now in season 7. That is one heckuva acting feat.

    I also love that he was going for the ambivalence in the Emma scene — I felt that so much, and while I kinda sorta thought he’d pull the trigger, I also kinda sorta thought he’d try to talk her down, at least until she attacked. That he was able to convey that uncertainty with barely any words — wow. Dude is good.

    Jensen really makes me fascinated with all the different sides of Dean — goofy, protective, heroic, depressed — and he’s created a character who is truly epic. The icing on the cake is that he’s such a thoughtful person — you could tell he really took all those questions seriously and thought them over. How great is that? No surprise that he’s taking to directing so well, since he seems to think things through carefully.

    • That’s a great question, because you’re right, Dean is a changed man after hell — it wasn’t something that fell away with time, it was a turning point that changed the character forever, and Jensen continues to portray that in so many small ways. Like you said, dude is good. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your Ackles meet and greet with us. He is amazingly thoughtful about his character and the show and it’s always a treat when he actually gets asked intelligent questions about both. I also love how open and down to earth he always is in these gatherings. I get the feeling that he is more himself with the smaller more familiar group so we get to see glimpses of the the lovely, sweet man behind the star. Thanks again.

    • It’s our impression that you’re right, he’s more open and thoughtful when there’s just a small group of people in a small room, most of whom he recognizes at this point in the convention circuit. It lets his personality come through and allows some great insights. Kudos to the fans, also, for the great questions!

    • You’re very welcome, thanks for sharing the link to the other report, which was awesome! Jensen and Jared really do bring so much to the characters we know and love — and we all really do appreciate it 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful Q&As. They bring us some great insight for the future of SPN. Jensen sounds like a really nice person. I’ll be looking forward to reading Jared’s Q&A next.

    • They both seem to be really nice people, something that’s not a given in their profession. Jared’s Q&A coming up soon!

  • Hello, and first of all GREAT JOB! I just wanted to say this, and for me its a crazy admittance, but to other fans its just “normal” as a reaction. I spent a little over 6 years in the Army, and my father was a Marine, so getting “emotionally” involved in a show in my house is not normal, mostly because strong emotions are always downplayed in my household, as well as something I have been taught in the Military show weakness. I am only telling you this because my strong connection to this show is not something i have often. This is the only show that I have EVER emotionally connected to as most of us fans do. I feel very obligated to protect this show as if it were my child, its not normal for me (other than my feelings towards my son of course) to do this. When the first major deaths happened I could not believe how much it affected me, from John, to Ellen and Jo of course, to now Cas and Bobby(where i was in tears after Bobby’s death. This show, which I followed since Season 1 when i was actually still in the Army, till now, I am Honorably Discharged and in school all over again, has been my not so guilty pleasure through all of their problems. I didn’t realize how open and welcoming other fans are until I really got involved in Twitter, because no one else in my family watches, except for my son, he loves the bloopers. Upon just talking about the show on twitter, you form these friendships with people all over the world based off of our love for this show. I have met (well not met, talked to) so many people and no matter whether we are “Sam girls” or “Dean girls,” or even the “Misha Minions,” we all form bonds to each other, unlike any other friendships I have, it is amazing how easily 1 show can bond people! I know this just sounds like some sappy fan in love with a show, but if you have any understanding of how hard headed military people are, you would understand how this is such a remarkable thing to be this involved emotionally in a TV SHOW! its hard to admit, but if or when the show ends, I am grateful that i have met hundreds of other fans like myself, who accept you no matter what your faith, race, or anything else is, other than your mutual love for the amazing show Supernatural!
    Ariel Moody

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, we so agree with you about the value of fandom, its offering of acceptance and validation and a place to share your love of a Show with others who feel the same. We, like you, are very grateful 🙂

    • You’re very welcome — and we agree, especially actors like Jared and Jensen, who are so thoughtful about the Show and their characters 🙂

  • Thanks for this detailed report with Jensen Ackles. I love reading his thoughts and insights, he’s just so passionate about acting, which comes through not just in his interviews, but also in his acting. I’m a fan of not just Jensen the actor, but Jensen the man, and I think I always will be because of responses like those that he gives in this Q&A, how he loves to interact with the fans, how he cares about the fans, how humble (he still blushes with compliments!) and down-to-earth and what a gentleman he is. His parents raised a good man. Jensen has a bright future ahead of him and I’m looking forward to following it.

    Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you guys, since I’ll never be able to attend one of these myself. I hope you continue to report on Jensen Q&As. 🙂

  • i have to echo cmg’s comment above that the private Q&As with the boys are my favorite parts to read about after a con. the boys are always funny and gracious in their answers in the big panels, but it seems like these small groups let them be more serious and thoughtful. it’s a treat to read such a great writeup of what was asked and what they said (and the little editorial comments are great – like definitely it’s not just the hat!) thanks so much to both of you for bringing this to us.

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