What SPNFamily Is All About at SFCon


The last Supernatural con of 2016 was memorable for me, though not for the reasons I thought it would be. I was spending time with the kids so was only able to get there Saturday night, and the second – literally – I stepped off the shuttle and into the hotel, my phone rang and I got the shocking news that my dad had passed away. It was one of those moments that turns completely surreal immediately. I think I told the doctor trying to be sympathetic on the phone “no that can’t be right, I’m in San Francisco.” He patiently answered that yes, he realized that, but in fact my father had still expired. It will be darkly comedic at some point, but I’m not quite there yet.

I wandered into the hotel in a sort of daze, and immediately some of the Creation people I’ve come to know over the years knew something was wrong. Even though it was way too late to get registered, they got me a wristband and my seat pass and whatever else I needed. My friend Max held my hand and walked me to my seat and checked on me throughout the concert.

I couldn’t even bring myself to make any phone calls; instead I drank in the Saturday Night Special like it was a lifeline. It feels like that sometimes anyway, but never so much as that night. I felt surrounded by love, fans who are friends all around me and cast who feel like friends too singing such emotional songs that I was swept up in it and out of my own sadness. Just for an hour, but it was what I needed to give me time to accept what had happened gradually, so it didn’t overwhelm me.

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Keep Fighting For Each Other: Jensen and Jared Meet and Greet Tidbits from SFCon

j2 awwww

This past weekend’s Supernatural convention in San Francisco was special for a few reasons. First, it kicked off the 2015 convention tour; second, it was the first con since we got the amazing news of an early Season 11 pickup. It was also my birthday. It’s wonderful to be home and celebrating with the family, but I can’t think of a more joyous way to celebrate than being immersed in the SPNFamily. I caught up with some of my favorite fellow SPN fangirls over drinks and dinners and room service ice cream indulgences, and birthday hugs from the SPN actors almost made me forget how old I am.

Jensen: “27, right?”

Right. Oh, wait.

Actually I’ve been around long enough to be thoroughly impressed by both the talent this cast has, and by how much they care about their fans and the show. It has apparently become a well-known ‘thing’ in the industry, that Supernatural has a reciprocal relationship with its fans that is unique. I’ve said it before, but I don’t know how we got so lucky. I’m just glad that this is the show I fell for.

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Jensen Ackles in San Francisco – The Sam and Dean Train is Back on Track!

Some of the gorgeous photos Lizz Sisson has taken for Fangasm at past conventions
San Francisco is a beautiful city, and the Westin St. Francis is a gorgeous hotel. Everyone here at the Supernatural con is in agreement with that, and that the view from the conference rooms on the 32nd floor with a nearly 360 degree view of the city is amazing. However, when fans sat down to the Q&A with Jared Padalecki this morning, the floor-to-thirty-foot-ceiling windows let in so much blinding sun that nobody could actually see Jared. Fans, being resourceful individuals, utilized a few well-placed hair clips to keep the unruly curtains closed. Jared, being the helpful and generous individual he is, promptly took them off so everyone could enjoy the view.

Fans: Umm, that’s not exactly the view we’re here to enjoy.

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