Jensen Ackles in San Francisco – The Sam and Dean Train is Back on Track!

Some of the gorgeous photos Lizz Sisson has taken for Fangasm at past conventions
San Francisco is a beautiful city, and the Westin St. Francis is a gorgeous hotel. Everyone here at the Supernatural con is in agreement with that, and that the view from the conference rooms on the 32nd floor with a nearly 360 degree view of the city is amazing. However, when fans sat down to the Q&A with Jared Padalecki this morning, the floor-to-thirty-foot-ceiling windows let in so much blinding sun that nobody could actually see Jared. Fans, being resourceful individuals, utilized a few well-placed hair clips to keep the unruly curtains closed. Jared, being the helpful and generous individual he is, promptly took them off so everyone could enjoy the view.

Fans: Umm, that’s not exactly the view we’re here to enjoy.

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From Supernatural to the Fans: Photos from Vancouver

Courtesy of Allan Ross of the Supernatural Locations department, we’re sharing some of the photos that Allan took on the location tours from Creation’s VanCon this summer. We chatted with Allan during the bus ride through Vancouver’s beauty, sharing our thoughts on fandom and hearing his — which, as we’ve found with everyone we’ve talked to from Show, are uniformly positive. We had a great time with Allan, and he was kind enough to turn the tables and take some photos of us, the fans, instead of the usual when we’re the ones behind the camera. He’s asked us to post some of them here to share with all you guys — Allan and Russ had a blast doing the tours and getting to know the fans. (Of course — we rock, after all 🙂
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Jensen Ackles Loves His Job: Setting the Record Straight at ChiCon

After giving an academic presentation in St. Louis on Saturday (what were they thinking scheduling a psychology conference on the weekend of a Supernatural convention??), we spent a lovely Sunday at Creation’s Supernatural convention in Chicago with friend and colleague Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business blog and many other fellow fans. In a welcome turn of events, we had the chance to turn the tables and NOT be the professor, instead taking our seat on the other side of the ‘classroom’ as Jensen Ackles took the professorial position for a semi-private Q & A.

Jensen surprising Misha and Jared and the rest of us.

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Fandom Gives and a Fan Says “Thank You!”

This one is special and contains a message from a dear friend of ours.

Last week a blog called citypages ran an article identifying the “Top 7 Scariest Fandoms,” warning the rest of the world about fandom with derisive comments about fans of everything from Harry Potter to John Lennon. Not only did they toss around the derogatory words fans have (unfortunately) come to expect, like obsessive and crazy, they also linked (we assume without asking) to fanworks which were included for the sole purpose of ridicule. “Remember, you can’t bleach your eyes,” is provided as a cautionary statement — which undoubtedly ensured that everyone followed the links. The blog also managed to conflate so-called ‘super fans’ who “will cut you if you’re a hater” with someone writing Avatar fanfiction. The line between fantasy and reality seems a little blurred there, don’t you think? And people accuse fans of not being able to tell the difference!
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Ackles and Padalecki as The Next Pitt and Clooney – A Chat with J2

The ‘private’ Q and A with Jensen and Jared still didn’t fit any real definition of private, but it was a little more intimate. This time they dispensed with the round tables and cheese plates in favor of just clustering the chairs around the boys in a small semi-circle, making it seem more like a press conference than a meet & greet. However, since this meant we all were sitting much closer to them, there were definitely no complaints. Shocking, I know.
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