On the Road in Barcelona

Hola from sunny Barcelona! Fangasm was there today as KLZ Events kicked off Rising Con, their first Supernatural convention.

photo by Natalia Bosch

It began with a stroke of fannish inspiration – “Carry On My Wayward Son” and AC/DC put the packed room in the mood as we waited for the guests to take the stage. Introductions and emcee duties were handled by Dean and Sam’s voice doubles in Spain, Claudio Serrano and David Robles, not too shabby looking actors themselves, and genuinely nice guys. Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim and Samantha Ferris all came out to cheers and a compilation video that managed to tell the story of the Winchester’s last five years using many of the fan favorite moments that constantly find their way into youtube vids. All the guests seemed pleased that their characters’ most memorable story arcs were there and nobody was left out. Also, lots of Sam and Dean hugs and Misha looking angelic (i.e. raising those imposing big black shadow wings). Obviously fangirl input went into the making of this one.

Jared and Jensen took the stage first, with a twist. The con played a video for the boys of fans rocking out and proclaiming their love for all things SPN. What was adorable was the boys’ reaction – both Jared and Jensen sat down on the stage to watch, grinning. And that set the tone for the day of mutual appreciation – fans telling the guests what they love about the show, guests telling the fans that there would be no show without them. Jared and Jensen were kind enough to do an unscientific poll for us of how far fans had travelled to get to Barcelona – from the shouts and semi-coherent country names, it seems most were from Spain or neighboring European countries, with a smattering of people from farther. We seemed to be almost the only ones who trekked over from the US, unless you count the young woman from Texas who’s studying abroad here. We highly approve of what she’s obviously studying.

photo by Natalia Bosch

Highlights of the J2 show – Jensen’s mike repeatedly cutting in and out, with the accompanying priceless expressions of exasperation and Jared happily answering all the questions before taking pity on his costar and offering up his own mike. Awww. Jensen nearly falling off his chair, then realizing he could make it bounce up and down. This (of course) forced Jared to do the same, before Jensen finally pronounced himself too old for such frivolity (“I’m in my thirties now.”) (Yes, we’re rolling our eyes.) Jared sweating profusely and blaming it on the antihistamines he’s taking for allergies, prompting Jensen to accuse him of being the only person in the world who has that reaction. Then asking if he needed a towel. Once again….awww.

Other moments of interest to tide you over until the full report:

  • More details about Jensen’s directorial debut – he’ll be back to work in a week, since he’s directing the first episode filmed (third to be aired), expecting the script to be emailed to him on Monday. He’s excited and flattered that the invite came on behalf of the crew, who had recognized his interest and ability – but he’s cautious about being overly optimistic, waiting to see how it goes. (The entire room assured him that he’ll do fine. Of course we’re right)
  • Jared explaining the origin of the ‘blue steel’ face from Zoolander, and how he and Jensen started using it when they blew a take, just because they felt dumb about it (and as a way to end the shot quickly).
  • Jensen pondering the question of whether he’s as brave as Dean, then giving a surprisingly serious answer: “I used to not be sure if I was a fight or flight type of guy. But then when I was about 14 our neighbor’s house caught on fire, and it was just a mom and a daughter, no dad there, sitting on their lawn crying while their house burnt to the ground. And my dad just took off running and started hauling out valuables and furniture and stuff, and I didn’t even think, just followed him in and started grabbing stuff, and we kept on going until the fire and smoke got too bad. I didn’t even hesitate, just thought, gotta help my dad. And I remember he was real proud of me, and I thought, so maybe I am brave.”
  • Jared reciting an exorcism in Latin on the spot. From memory. *blinks*
  • photo by Natalia Bosch
  • There were frighteningly realistic versions of a shtriga and a lady in white and the hookman strolling around the con. When they caught one fangirl by surprise, she let out high pitched and quite feminine shriek during Jared’s Q&A. He stopped, did a double take, and deadpanned, “Jensen?”
  • The jaw-dropping news that the original shooting script for the body swap episode DID have Dean and Sam swapping bodies! Every fangirls’ dream come true, and it was right there on the paper!!! Not only that, but Jared was first in the body of an amazing disco dancer (ponders….) and Jensen was in the body of a girl (ponders more). And then, as if that wasn’t enough fantasy fodder for one day, the boys switched again with each other. Alas, it took too long to shoot all those switches, and the rest is history. Luckily there’s still fanfiction.
  • Jensen pronouncing the questions very good ones – unlike the ones he remembers getting when they first started conventions. Something about what kind of boxers do you wear, tell us about your underwear. Mr. Ackles seemed to think this was a rather useless and preposterous question. One which, I might add, I don’t think he ever actually answered! Ah well. To each his own, I suppose. On the whole, the questions were quite good – thoughtful, clear, and some even original. And unvetted. Go fangirls!
  • Speaking of fangirls, we should note that there were some fanboys in attendance, and not all of them ‘somebody’s boyfriend’, as one young male fan was quick to inform the guests. Samantha insisted we clap for him. Not sure exactly what we were applauding, his gender or his courage or something else entirely, but we dutifully put our hands together anyway.

  • The boys once again talked about how easy it is to work together, how “we have a good rapport and on screen relationship – we both get a lot from each other. I love working with Jensen.” Yes, we know we’re suckers for the boys getting schmoopy, but really, they’re refreshingly supportive of each other.
  • Another interesting tidbit: Sometimes adlibs do make it into the final cut – Jared’s confused expression after the tram driver in Hollywood Babylon shows off the set of Gilmore Girls was just that, and Phil Sgriccia liked it so much he used it, much like the boys’ response to the mention of “House of Wax” in season five. Jared seemed pleased that the fans had caught these subtle things, saying “we don’t always know if people catch those.” Jared, welcome to fandom. We catch everything.
  • The boys were asked what superheroes they’d like to be – Jensen said Capt America “but that’s never gonna happen” and Jared said a Greek god. Half the room wanted to tell him he’s already got that in the bag as far as looks go, though he did take pains to say that Sam (and Jared) just grew up in the past five years, from a 22 year old kid to an almost 28 year old grown man. He also regaled us with his and Jensen’s workout routine, saying the network wanted them to look like hunters, like ‘athletic guys.’ Umm….can you say success?
  • We also heard Jensen’s lists of ways he is and is not like Dean. First on the list? “We look alike.” He insists that Dean is more of a bad boy, and that in RL Jensen tries not to be, though he allows that it’s a lot of fun getting to play it on tv. They also share a love of classic rock and Jensen would love to have…steal….borrow….an Impala when the show’s over. For now, he drives a “big pick up truck.” He laughed and added, “not that I really need to, it’s not like I work construction.” The boy just likes big trucks. Doesn’t sound that far from Dean after all, does it?
    photo by Natalia Bosch
  • Jensen: “Best thing about SPN? Getting paid. Worst thing about SPN? Working with Jared.” To the collective groan of dismay, he burst out with “Oh c’mon, I’m kidding!” Of course we knew that.
  • As he’s said before, Jensen would like to see Sam and Dean in a western. “Big six shooter strapped to their thighs, cowboy hats, bandanas…” Oh wait, are we back to fanfiction again??
  • The boys were also asked about their first con experiences – Jensen immediately said his was memorable, since “I got attacked!” adding tongue-in-cheek, “It was awesome.” Jared didn’t get a flying fangirl at his first con, but ended up onstage at a sci fi con that was more for the crazily popular Lost. He took the stage and everyone whispered to their neighbor, “Who does this guy play on Lost?” :/
  • A SamGirl asked both boys if they thought it was fair that Sam had such bad luck while Dean got to live an apple pie life, and Jensen gasped an indignant “Apple pie life? Lady, what show are you watching?” LOL
  • Dean’s guilty pleasure: Dr. Sexy MD
  • Sam’s guilty pleasure: he’s too guilty already to have a guilty pleasure. O—o
  • Jared’s guilty pleasure: Antiques Roadshow!
  • Jensen’s guilty pleasure: half hour sitcoms, like Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. He thinks Dean and Barney would be an awesome duo.
  • Our guilty pleasure: Okay, that was a rhetorical question.
  • More soon! Misha discusses fanfic, Samantha confesses which of the boys Ellen would like to wake up with, and Jim pronounces Bobby a better dad than Papa Winchester. Hasta manana!

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    • Oh gosh, you did it again, how awesome is this website? I loved reading this article and I can’t wait to read more and as for the photos – please keep them coming!!!

      Jensen and Jared are two of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and everything I hear and read about them just reaffirms that.

      Thank you for the report, I look forward to more (and more). Keep up the great work ladies and I’ll see you in Vancouver soon!!

      • You’re so right Amanda, two of the nicest guys ever. More coming up, and looking forward to traveling back to Vancouver soon too 🙂

    • thank you SO much for your wonderful report and gorgeous photos. looks like you got some great seats too! 😀

      • Why yes, the view was superb, I must say! You’re very welcome, so glad you enjoyed our report 🙂

    • Thank you for your great report! I do hope we get to see more of these two handsome guys, your pics are really awesome!

      Can’t wait to read more about the other guests.

      • More coming up about Misha, Jim and Samantha — who were all awesome as well. Thanks for reading!

      • Beautiful city, fabulous food, gorgeous guys, awesome fans = definitely fun! Thanks for coming along on the ride 🙂

    • LOVED the photos, thanks for sharing these and for the wrap-up of the events can’t wait for your next report, doesn’t surprise me their attention with the fans they are soooo amazing, am glad I got to meet them in Rome.

      • Natalia’s photos are incredible, aren’t they? I’m glad you got to meet them in Rome too, sounds like they had a great time there as well. More soon!

    • How awesome that you got to make the trip to Barcelona. It sounds like everyone was entertaining as usual – it’s wonderful that all of the guests are comfortable enough at these events to be so open and chatty! Glad you had a great time and I look forward to hearing more!

      Oh, and if you ever need an assistant to help out on these trips, it would be a tough gig, but I’d completely be willing to volunteer. 🙂

      • Amy, you’re at the top of the volunteer assistant list. I know it would be a hardship, so we really appreciate your willingness to help out, especially with difficult tasks like chatting with the boys or photographing them. A solemn thank you. 😉

      • Thank you! We love sharing our fannish travels, that’s what the book is all about. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

      • You were there too? I’m disappointed our paths didn’t cross, we love to meet people who are following the blog! Next year??

      • Hey there, just read your Huffington Press write up and loved it (at least I think that was you). Would love to chat more if you care to email – and would love to meet in person if we all end up there next year 🙂

      • Oops, just mixed up reviews – that wasn’t yours (though it was a great review). Hope to see you back in Barcelona next year!

    • Ladies, this was fabulous! I can’t believe you didn’t let on you were going to Barcelona…that’s so cool! I hope you also had time to see sights.

      These two guys are just delightful. So wonderful to see them so happy in the pictures. I hope I have the opportunity to see them again someday.

      Thanks so much for the highlights…now get the full report posted! 😉

      And if Amy is too busy to be your assistant I totally volunteer to fill in! You don’t even have to pay me. 😀

      • Check, Erica is second on the volunteer assistant list! 😉 More report coming up, yes ma’am 🙂

    • Oops just saw that Kathy wasn’t able to go to Barcelona…that sucks, girl! Lynn, you better have brought her back one helluva souvenir!

      • Well, her souvenir didn’t have the initials JA, so it wasn’t what she was hoping for, but….I think her hubby might be relieved…..

    • Thanks for your review, I loved it! I hope to be at a con that Jared and Jensen are at one day. I’ve only been able to meet Misha so far.. not that I’m complaining 😉

      “Jared, welcome to fandom. We catch everything.”

      Haha, so true. I love the little things they throw in that only a certain number of people would get.

      These guys just make me happy, I don’t know what it is about them, but they just do.

      • That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? These guys and this little show just make us happy. 🙂

    • What a wonderful report on our wonderful Jensen and Jared. Aren’t they beautiful? My, oh my, YES THEY ARE!

      • Oh my yes, they most definitely are! Inside and out, which is even more unprecedented. So glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

    • Thank you for your really wonderful report. And I love your pictures!
      Thanks so much for sharing these. Could you tell me what was happening when the picture of Jared was taken. He looks so emotional in it that I start wondering why.

      I love these two so much and with every report and especially such nice ones as yours I love them even more. So thank you again!

      • Thank you, we’re so glad you enjoyed — and Natalia’s photos are indeed awesome. Jared is a very emotional guy, one of the things we love about him — and very expressive, his emotions really show on his (handsome) face. I can’t recall exactly what he was responding to in that photo, but I’ll ponder it and see if I can remember.

        • Thank you for your quick reply!
          For me that is one of the reasons, too.
          It is ok that you can´t recall it – I had to asked because of the chance that you might have known.
          I hope that he comes next year to the german con so that I can meet him in person and look into his lovely face and his warm eyes.
          Until then I live to your reports and photos!!

    • I didn’t find the time to say this before , but it was awesome!..Thank you so much … I wish I was there , but anyway, these reports were just perfect and it felt great to read them.

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