“Gabriel Went Out Like a Man, Not a Weenie” – Richard Speight Jr. On His Character’s Exit

Richard Speight Jr. at LA Supernatural convention March 2010

Richard Speight, Jr. should really have a killer headache – on last week’s Supernatural, the hammer of the Gods came down squarely on his head.

Actually it came down on Gabriel’s head. And we’re the poorer for it. Fans appreciated the character’s snarky wit and strange fascination with the Winchester boys when we only knew him as The Trickster, but once it was revealed that he was in fact the archangel Gabriel, the popularity of the newly complicated character soared. And within hours of Gabriel’s demise at the hand of his brother Lucifer, fans began posting tribute videos, meta lauding his sacrifice, and fanfiction lauding his other attributes *ahem*. There’s even an online petition to bring Gabriel back to the Show. As the petition says, “Gabriel is both the source of good humour that was always part of the Supernatural series, and has a strong, captivating character, and it seems unfair to us, fans, that he got written off the show when he just started to develop plot and back story of his own.”

So, we wondered, what does Richard think of the flurry of appreciation and protest?
First, he thinks this fandom is awesome. “How great are these fans?” he asked. “They get so involved – and they mean business!”

One of these days, the rest of the world will realize that too. Don’t mess with fandom!

He also shared his thoughts on Gabriel’s demise.

“From an actor’s standpoint, I’m sorry it had to happen. It is the most fun character I’ve ever been paid to play. I am going to miss it. Big time. From a character standpoint, I’m glad Gabriel went out like a man. Odd analogy for an angel I suppose, but if you think about it, it fits. So often, the angels on this show are bitching and moaning and manipulating – and no one has been a bigger weenie than Gabriel. He has avoided the whole conflict by hiding behind a different persona. Finally, at the 11th hour, he ‘cowboyed up’ and faced his issues – which in his case happen to come in the form of the all powerful Lucifer. He should have come up with a better plan of attack, but the fact that he attacked at all is a miracle. What’s more amazing is that he did so at a time when the boys truly needed him to. He helps them survive, then salvages his own eternal reputation by confronting his brother and shooting straight with him for the first time ever. He went down on the right side of the fight – the human side – and he went down swinging. And that’s a damn fine way to go out.”

Richard also had some observations about Dean.

“As far as Dean goes, he seems really comfortable telling Gabriel to take on his brother – and even kill him – when there have been many times that Dean has seemed unwilling to do the same. Perhaps Dean needs to take a page from the Gabester (that’s Gabriel + The Trickster) and listen to his own advice.”

No wonder everyone wants him back. Fingers crossed, fandom – – this is Supernatural, after all!

If you want to sign the petition to bring back Gabriel go here: http://www.petitionvoice.com/save-gabriel-petition.html

14 thoughts on ““Gabriel Went Out Like a Man, Not a Weenie” – Richard Speight Jr. On His Character’s Exit

  • We want and need Gabriel back, he is the most charming, funny and awsome character with lots of potential. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK.
    Richard rocks!

    I’ve never cried before they way I cried for this character.

    Show literally gutted me and with his death enthusiasm for the show droped drastically.

  • Richard Speight Jr. has added immeasurably to SUPERNATURAL’s roster of already-impressive guest stars in his role of Gabriel/Trickster! Between the character’s love of sex, candy, and giving comeuppance to those who deserved it, he represented all that was fun and right in SUPERNATURAL’s often sad and dreary world–although I didn’t appreciate at all what he did to poor Sam in “Mystery Spot”!

    As for Richard himself, it was a sheer pleasure to meet him at Chicago Con. A group of ladies my age were together in the autograph line, and he overheard us calling ourselves cougars. So he wrote on our autographs, after our names, Cougar #1, 2, and 3 (I was the latter)! I will treasure that forever!

    Take heart, fellow fans, (and you, too, Richard) death means nothing in the SUPERNATURAL universe! How many times have we seen Sam and Dean die and come back to life? Castiel died and was resurrected. It could happen to Gabriel, too, should God decree it. Or the fans, and as we all know, THEY have God’s ear. Or at least Kripke’s, and that’s even better!

    Love, Robin

  • Bring back Gabriel adn get rid of Castiel! Gabriel has a billion times the personality then Castiel who is dead weight and hasn’t contributed anything and can’t seem to figure out he’s responsible for his own decisons.

    Long Live Gabriel!!

    • by all means they should bring back Gabriel but there’s no need to hate on Castiel!

  • I was truly sorry to see Gabriel die in this last episode; he was such a unique character in the series. But one of the mantras of Supernatural is “just because you die doesn’t mean you can’t come back” and I’m going to hold to that. I’m sure if The Powers That Be decide they need Gabe again, they’ll find a way to bring our favorite porn-loving angel back.

  • totally agree with Richard on the Dean aspect. Im well annoyed anyways that after all that Dean and Sam have done to “save lives” they still choose not to accept their destiny and rather risk killing people by not finding a way to defeat Lucifer. cant believe they are still being stubborn and choose family over everything else. It wouldve made so much sense to really have Dean break and say yes. How can two humans, even if they’re the vessels, believe they stand a chance against the freakin devil??? If they find a way, I think I will be a bit disappointed by the entire show 🙁

  • I loved the Trickster/Gabriel character and Richard Speight Jr portrayed him with a deliciously wicked sense of humor that I enjoyed immensely. I will miss this character and truly home the powers that be can find some way to bring him back.

  • Let it be said that I’ve already signed the petition. 🙂

    Yes, I love the Gabriel/Trickster character for many reasons. But I love Richard himself even more (which has probably enhanced my love of the character). I was fortunate enough to meet Richard at his first con in November 2008. He was just lovely – very kind and funny – and he really made an impression on me. I truly hope we get to see Richard and his delightful character back on Supernatural!

    And for the record, I’m glad Dean and Sam are trying to find another way to deal with this mess. This show has always, at its core, been about family and how these guys are stronger when they’re together. So together they will find a way to stop Lucifer without either of them losing their life (again). Go Team Free Will! LOL

  • After all his cleverness and tricks throughout the series, it seemed odd that Gabriel tried to kill Lucifer with such a lame stunt. Especially since his character was finally getting a backstory and was starting to seem like he’d be a valuable ally for the Winchesters to have in the battle against the Apocalypse.
    If he is gone for good, I’ll be one disappointed fan. Such a waste of a great character.

    With that being said, I won’t be surprised if Gabriel returns sometime very soon. I can half imagine him randomly popping up in a future episode with a big “SURPRISE, GUYS! Turns out I’m not dead!”

  • I LOVED Gabriel and was real sad to see him leave, hope he can come back and finish the game.

  • Gabriel was such a good character. He was the most down-to-earth angel and he was real in a way the other angels, even Lucifer weren’t. He also had style in the way he operated so a few people vanished and died, most of ’em deserved it. He was also right all allong he was always trying to push the brothers in the right direction, while he did panic at the last minute he pulled himself togaether and realised that the people worth saving were the ones who really lived, like he had done while in ‘witness protection’ . I love the character.

    How could he come back?

    Way 1 – His death was also an illusion and he didn’t follow the Winchesters and tell them because he realised the way withought him would prevent his brothers dying which he’d probably prefer.

    Way 2 – God does what he did to Castiel and zaps him back.

    Way 3 – It was all a dream… (ok so that one isn’t serios)

    It wouldn’t even be hard and it’s not even one of those ‘I’m back’ storylines which make you cringe. HINT HINT, Eric Kripke, HINT HINT!

  • I don’t EVER EVER cry, I mean it has been YEARS! but when Gabriel was killed i was devastated & i pretty much cried myself to sleep and i’m not embarrassed to admit it. If thats coming from me, that means A LOT! it just got to me you know? i just hope that they’ll listen to us and bring him back.

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