From Supernatural to the Fans: Photos from Vancouver

Courtesy of Allan Ross of the Supernatural Locations department, we’re sharing some of the photos that Allan took on the location tours from Creation’s VanCon this summer. We chatted with Allan during the bus ride through Vancouver’s beauty, sharing our thoughts on fandom and hearing his — which, as we’ve found with everyone we’ve talked to from Show, are uniformly positive. We had a great time with Allan, and he was kind enough to turn the tables and take some photos of us, the fans, instead of the usual when we’re the ones behind the camera. He’s asked us to post some of them here to share with all you guys — Allan and Russ had a blast doing the tours and getting to know the fans. (Of course — we rock, after all 🙂

Over the past two years, we’ve chatted with so many of the wonderful folks who bring SPN to life, and heard their thoughts on the show and its fans — coming soon, we’ll share some excerpts from Fangasm the book so you can hear them too. Of course, we asked all of them questions nobody else ever does, which might explain why we’ve gotten ourselves into so many amusing (okay, and occasionally embarrassing….) situations in the course of our Supernatural roadtrip — errr, research. Stay tuned for bits of our chats with Jason, Steve, Sera, Eric, Misha, Jared, Jensen, and many more.

But for now, photos! We’ll need some help with identifying a few of these location shots, since we were on the Thursday tour but not the Monday one. However, we recognize some of our good friends on the Monday shots, so we’re hoping you’ll come through and tell the rest of us what we’re looking at!

First up: the Arundel Hotel, where it’s no longer spoilery to say the boys watched Castiel take a dive out the window and squash Sam’s car. (Oh how we loved Dean’s deadpanned “okay, silver lining.” What? Sam belongs riding shotgun in the Impala!) You can see the broken window and how high up that actually is. Russ said the hardest thing about filming there was trying to time the shoot around the train schedule, as the tracks run right by the hotel. The things you never think about unless you’re in film-making!

Fans gather on a typical Vancouver morning in the field where “Samifer” beat the crap out of Dean in “Swan Song”.

Thursday tour at the closed off entrance to the Albion Ferry bridge, where Bobby met up with the helpful sheriff in “Weekend at Bobby’s” (See our previous Locations post for more details). On our very first trip to Vancouver three years ago, we took the ferry as we wandered around doing our own (not nearly as successful) version of location touring — if you look closely, you can still see the painted instructions on the roadway telling anyone on a motorcyle where they should be lining up to wait for the ferry’s arrival. We remember the trip across the water as being a bit of a nail biter, but maybe that’s because it was almost midnight by the time we got on it. Doing your own scouting for past filming locations is time consuming. And we’re not exactly known for our awesome sense of direction….

One more Thursday tour photo at Albion Ferry, with the white crew tent they set up for us in the background for our awesome lunch. We’re still tickled that the crew whipped up delicious corn chowder and some of them actually baked for us, then walked around the tent offering up their brownies and cookies. It felt like an opportunity for the crew to show some fan appreciation, and the genuineness of it was definitely smile-inducing. 🙂

Inside The Metro, the swingers club in downtown Vancouver used for “Hammer of the Gods”. It was suitably dark inside, so the photos are grainy and hard to see. Which somehow seems completely appropriate. It should be noted that Lynn missed most of whatever interesting things Russ said here, since her children decided that would be the right time to call with various and sundry domestic emergencies. And for some reason, she couldn’t just say hey, not a good time, kids – I’m at a swingers club!

On our way up to the iconic field where Dean clawed his way out of the grave in “Lazarus Rising”. Is Vancouver not amazingly beautiful??

Gathered around Russ-on-the-spot

A particularly artistic photo by Allan…

Fans gather to listen to Russ in front of the Burr House, Sam’s Thanksgiving memory from “Dark Side of the Moon”. Once we’d all had a tour, Allan was kind enough to take turns snapping photos with the fans’ cameras so everyone could have a group shot. If you have any you’d like to share, feel free to send them to us!

Okay, Monday tour folks — where are you here?? We can see a few people we know, so hopefully someone will chime in and tell us!

More from Monday — what the heck is this creepy hallway??

And this crazy neon lighted place that looks like it’s right out of the disco era??


Derby Reach National Park, where Jensen’s directorial debut was filmed. That second shot became the cemetary in Scotland, where Dean and Sam threatened to burn Crowley’s bones. (And how much did we love the boys squeezed into that tiny European car instead of the roomy Impala?)

That’s all for now, folks — thanks to Allan Ross of Supernatural’s locations department for the photos 🙂

NOTE: these are all group shots, but if anyone is uncomfortable with their image being posted, even from afar, just let us know.

7 thoughts on “From Supernatural to the Fans: Photos from Vancouver

  • Lynn & Kathy,

    Thank you for sharing all these awesome details – can’t wait for you to post the rest. I am so genuinely envious of your “work” – who gets to go on a SPN roadtrip for work? Jeez, I’d do it for free!

    On a side note: I’ve been trying to incorporate more names from the show into my exams (haven’t reached four pages yet). It brings a smile to my face when I grade them – extra bonus!!!

    Anyway, again, can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have found you two! I would give anything to join you guys on your road trip but, alas, I have little ones that need me home. So I will live vicariously through you. Please keep posting!!!

    Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for the wonderful pics & report!

    Those indoor bar shots from the Monday tour were inside the Oasis Hotel/Blue Corvette Bar in Surrey, A number of different eps have been filmed there including the most recent Biggersons scene in “You Can’t Handle The Truth” (which was shot in the adjoining diner at the hotel)

    The hallway was where they filmed the Dean & Cas hooker scene at the brothel where they have to make a run for it after she comes out screaming.

  • Hey, Lynn & Kathy: I was on the Monday tour and can supply intel on your unidentified pictures!! (And when is that book coming out, hey? I want it!!!)

    Okay: the first two mystery photos — the ones that look like a fancy diner — are indeed a restaurant/lounge inside the Oasis Hotel. And you just saw it redressed as the Biggersons in episode 6.06, “You Can’t Handle The Truth,” where the waitress killed herself! It was also the bar/diner where Sam worked in episode 5.03, “Free To Be You And Me.”

    The Oasis Hotel, by the way, was also the Elysian Fields Hotel in “Hammer of the Gods” — the Metrotown swingers’ club provided the gods’ meeting room, but the Oasis was the reception area, the restaurant, and the kitchen.

    And since the Oasis has been used at least four times in the show, it’s no surprise that the next two photos — the disco lounge and the creepy corridor — are also from there. The brothers were a lot closer together in “Free To Be You And Me” than you ever expected: that disco bar — another room in the Oasis — was the whorehouse bar where Dean took Castiel, and that upstairs hallway was the one with the individual whore’s rooms where Dean found Cass after Chastity (!) screamed.

    I’ll have a few more details in my show blog on 6.06, but that one’s going to be late; I’m trying to vote “Supernatural” for the cover of the 12/13 TV Guide magazine!

  • Allan is such a great guy! Met him on the Monday tour and he love’s my pronunciation of “Germans”, yeah I’m one of those 😉
    Thank you for uploading those pics! We couldn’t make it to Jensen’s Orio experience aka Lazarus Rising due to closed highways!

  • Hi Lynn & Kathy,

    The Metro (from Hammer of the Gods) is actually in New Westminster, and it’s actually across the street and around the corner from the Arundel Hotel. As for Derby Reach, Allan told us the cemetary setup had to be left up over the weekend. Mon morning a woman walks by with her dog and asks the security guard “How long has the cemetary been here? I’ve never noticed it before!” (so it obviously looked very real) LOL.

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