Jensen Ackles Loves His Job: Setting the Record Straight at ChiCon

After giving an academic presentation in St. Louis on Saturday (what were they thinking scheduling a psychology conference on the weekend of a Supernatural convention??), we spent a lovely Sunday at Creation’s Supernatural convention in Chicago with friend and colleague Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business blog and many other fellow fans. In a welcome turn of events, we had the chance to turn the tables and NOT be the professor, instead taking our seat on the other side of the ‘classroom’ as Jensen Ackles took the professorial position for a semi-private Q & A.

Jensen surprising Misha and Jared and the rest of us.

“Class is in session,” he joked as he sat down to face our little group. How come our professors never looked quite like that? No way would we have fallen asleep in Stats!

Not that Mr. Ackles claims to have been the model student. He confided that eraser cleaning was in fact his favorite thing to do in school: “Yes teacher, I’d be happy to….” (an hour later) “They’re clean!”

Such a bad boy. Why does that not seem like a bad thing in this case??

Jensen kicked off the Q & A by very genuinely thanking everyone for coming, since he was added to the schedule at the last minute.

You’re welcome, Jensen. And yes, it was a big hardship for us. Absolutely.

A fan began with a question that’s been on many fans’ minds. What’s with all the Dean and babies? (cue roomful of ‘awwww’) and are there any baby-related behind the scenes anecdotes? Apparently the answer is an emphatic yes, and we can all look forward to seeing a lot of them on this season’s gag reel. They had several babies, and Jensen confided that one baby was definitely NOT a fan.

Jensen: “That baby just was not fond of me. Rightly so, since it was covered in all this goo, but when I held it up it let out this bloodcurdling scream, and finally we had to switch babies again. And he was the complete opposite – he just sat there and looked at me.”

Fans: Well, duh.

“So I don’t recommend trying to film with babies, they don’t care whether you have a line – they’re just really bad actors!”

Was it scripted to have Dean cry back at the baby?

Jensen: (laughing) “That wasn’t scripted. Actually there’s a lot in that episode that wasn’t scripted. I was just playing along, because we just didn’t know what the baby would do, and the director, John Showalter, just used a lot of the extra stuff.”

How about the whiskey finger?

Jensen: (laughing and blushing) “Not scripted. When I was little, not a baby, but a young kid, my dad would dip his thumb in his coffee and give me a little drink like that, so I just thought of that.”

Fans helpfully noted that it’s a time honored cure for teething. Jensen seemed relieved to hear this.

Next it was our turn to ask a question that we’ve been wondering a lot about this season.

Lynn: “In season 6, the characters of Sam and Dean are so different – how hard has it been for you and Jared, after five seasons of knowing these characters and having the easy chemistry between them that you could really rely on? It’s been sorta jarring for the fans, how has it been for both of you?”

Jensen: “It’s been a little more difficult – not in a bad way – but for me, Jensen, as an actor, to play this character and have a giant element of that character – that chemistry – that I’ve played off with Sam – to have that taken away, it’s difficult.”

He then took a minute to set the record straight about something important to him, and we promised to help him do that right here. So, from Jensen himself without any misinterpretation (parenthetical emphasis added for clarity) —

“I’ll take the time here to put out something. Some bloggers came on the set and there was something on the internet saying that I was upset about the show, and I was like, (exasperated) really?? There were a few things in there that I did say, but if you could have seen my face and heard the tone, you would know that I’m not upset with my job – I’m very happy with my job, the show is going fine, Sera’s doing a great job. Poor Sera saw it and called me up and was like, are you really upset? — Stop reading that crap, no, I’m not! I had talked to her about how odd it is to play Dean (this season) because Dean doesn’t have that chemistry that he’s used to having (with Sam) – or I don’t, Jensen doesn’t – so Sera knew I was having some issues. It’s a little difficult figuring it out, but I’m working on it, it’s just more challenging. It’s just a different dynamic.”

(vague spoiler alert to follow) – He went on to say he hopes things get back to normal soon so season 6 can be the gravy train it was cracked up to be (lol) and not the season he and Jared have to work harder than ever! (And so the boys can rely on that chemistry that hooked us all on the show in the first place). We’re not explicitly sharing a spoiler here because – well, because we don’t want to spoil anything! – but what do you guys think is getting in the way of the boys’ famous chemistry? It can’t be soul – oops, we mean solely — the year of separation, right?

As long as we’re setting the record straight, another fan asked whether Jensen had really said that he thought season 6 Dean “read softer on the page.”

Jensen explained: “Well, Dean was being written in this domesticated life, going to work like a normal guy, in a relationship…so he does read differently, he’s not the hardassed hunter, he’s just a regular Joe. So for me, much like was asked about the dynamic with Sam (gestures to Lynn, who nods wisely like she always tried to do in class…), this was another sort of obstacle, to find a way to keep Dean (still) Dean in this different setting. I’m not used to reading Dean as a domesticated guy, not a womanizer or a shoot-first-ask-questions-later kinda guy. So I had to find a way to stay true to the Dean we all know and love, but stay true to the script too.”

We assured him that he’s doing a wonderful job.

Mark Sheppard (who we were very sorry to miss once again – damn academic conference!) had complimented Jensen’s directorial skills, calling him a natural, one fan told him. Jensen talked again about how much prep work he did, and how seriously he took the task.

Jensen: “I came at the project in a way I thought would make Kim Manners proud. I was so prepared, overprepared really. I’d spend all night going over the shots…. I was fortunate to have Jim (Beaver) and Mark (Sheppard). Those guys – everyone really – were so supportive. A lot of times when a director comes on set, he might say to the actors well, what do you think, and I’ll say well, I’ll probably do it like this, cross over here, whatever – it’s a collaborative effort. I, however, had a full shot list set up, but I never had to convince them. They were like ‘you tell us what you want us to do and we’ll do it.’ Jared and I try to do that for our directors too. “

Speaking of Jared, one fan noted that neither Jared nor Misha were in Jensen’s episode a great deal, and wondered if that was intentional when he was trying to decide which one to direct.

Jensen (laughing): “Oh, Jared and Misha both not in this episode? Yaa, I’ll take that one!”

But they make a lovely threesome!

Actually he didn’t hand pick the episode, but it sounds like a good one. The one thing he didn’t get to do was post production, since he had to immediately begin filming the next episode. He did all the prep, even had blueprints of all the sets laid out, and would make his alterations, but he didn’t get to go down to LA like the other directors do and sit in the editor’s chair and say here, this is the shot I want. Instead he worked with Anthony, apparently the best there is, and he put together the editor’s cut. Jensen then went through it frame by frame – play, pause, write notes, play, pause, write notes – and Anthony made the adjustments. We can’t wait for next week, to see how it all worked out!

The last time we sat in on a Q & A with J2, the boys were compared to Brad Pitt and George Clooney. This time it was Steve McQueen, according to Jensen’s My Bloody Valentine director. Does he find that flattering, worrisome, or inconsequential, a fan wanted to know.

“Well, it’s flattering,” Jensen said, then paused. “Until you read Steve McQueen’s bio and realize what a jerk he was.”

He was joking, but actually it turns out Mr. Ackles knows quite a bit about Mr. McQueen – probably the sort of things only another serious actor would notice. Apparently he would do things that weren’t scripted, that were just sort of out of left field, to draw attention to himself when someone else was onscreen with him. In the Supernaturally titled movie “Magnificent Seven”, for example, there’s a scene where Yul Brynner was talking, and McQueen takes off his hat and just starts doing something weird with it, and it was so compelling, it captured the viewer’s attention.

Hmm. Maybe McQueen really was a jerk!

Seriously though, Ackles is incredibly serious when talking about his craft. Acting or directing, Jensen?

Jensen: “I do like directing, but I feel like I’m always going to be more of an actor. It’s definitely something I want to explore, but acting is where I feel comfortable and confident.”

He went on to draw a distinction between being confident in yourself and your ability to work hard to get a job done, as opposed to the confidence that comes from really knowing what you’re doing, something gained over time. A few years ago, he did some local theater in a production of A Few Good Men, and had to draw on that confidence in himself to keep going.

Jensen: “I got there and started rehearsing, and I was like oh, this is a big mistake! Because I was just so out of my element. But I had confidence in myself, and I was like, you know what? I’ll buckle down and get this done.”

Would he direct again?

“I would do it again, but it’s a lot of work. But I probably did more than I really had to do, than most directors do, because they’re so good at it, they’re seasoned veterans. But I knew I had to do the extra mile to cover my butt, so I basically exhausted myself. If you’d asked me the day after, I would have said I’ll never do this again.”

He would also love to do more voiceover work, like his recent voicing of Red Hood. Interestingly, voiceover work is very different – you’re all alone in the studio, and they say, ‘go to line 338 and give us three readings…okay, now go to line 339…’ It was a challenge to really ‘get’ the scene, but Jensen enjoyed it. He shared that it’s something his dad has always done – Papa Ackles even has a studio in his house. He’s also excited to do the anime voiceovers with Jared, which hopefully they’ll get to record in studio together for the most part.

Acting, directing, stage, television, voiceover, anime – damn, we’re tired just thinking about it!

Moving right along to less serious topics to give ourselves a bit of a rest, it sounds like the upcoming Twilight spoof episode will be hysterical. Did the boys have to wear any glitter?

“No!” Jensen answered emphatically, then added “And if they do put any on us, I’ll be walkin’…”
Despite our certainty that a sparkly Dean and Sam would be as attractive as ever, Jensen assured us that it will be a very funny, if non-glittery, episode.

Some fans in the room were apparently big Dean/Lisa shippers, which Jensen also cocked an eyebrow at.
Jensen: “Really? That’s funny, because I assumed that it would get a negative reaction, because it’s taking Dean off the road…”

Fans not down with the D/L ship: (silently, of course) Hello? And away from Sam!

Everyone agreed that Cindy’s a good actress, which makes things more palatable no matter where one’s shipping preferences lie. And if we’ve questioned Lisa’s maternal judgment and role model choices a time or two, well, any one of us might make a few mistakes when someone like Dean Winchester shows up at your door. ‘Nuff said.

Jensen was also asked what board games or online games he liked to play, which he took as a handy dandy opportunity to get in some digs at Jared.

Jensen: “I’m gonna bust Jared out.”

(Evil) Fans: Do it!

Jensen: “Jared is so addicted to playing chess on his phone that he does it literally in between takes. We’ll do a take and they’ll say cut, back in one, and he’ll take his phone out and make a move, because he’s playing with other people, and I’m like dude, can you focus on the work? And he’s like, I am focused on the work! It’s distracting.”

As for Ackles, he might break out the Trivial Pursuit when he has some friends over. Favorite category?


Fans: (silently once again) Ooooh. Brainy.

Category he’s really good at? Entertainment.

Fans: (still silently) Ooooh. Umm….Just oooooh.

In the middle of the Q & A, a fan asked if Jensen could say hi to her best friend back home, who’s going through a hard time. Fan hands Jensen a cell phone and puts it on speaker.

Jensen: “Hey Coco, it’s Jensen Ackles.”

Coco: “WHAT??!!!”

Jensen: “I’m being forced to talk to you right now.”

Coco: “Are you joking?? Are you – OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG….”

Jensen: “Are you all right? Are you sitting down?”


Jensen: “Well, I just wanted to say hi.”


Jensen (handing the phone back to the fan in the room): “You’re a good friend.”

When the powers that be signaled the end of the Q & A, Jensen laughed apologetically.

“I feel like I just rambled on for the last half hour – thanks for listening!”

Like we said, hardship. Serious hardship. 

37 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles Loves His Job: Setting the Record Straight at ChiCon

  • What a super report! Thank you, my dear professors! And special thanks for letting Jensen set the record straight on thoroughly enjoying dealing with the challenges of the new season taking him out of his comfort zone, even as he struggles to come to terms with having to work harder to keep everything true precisely because he is outside his comfort zone. That’s a dilemma I can appreciate! I just hope that all in fandom read this and understand where he’s coming from.

    (And I’m insanely jealous you got to spend that private Q&A time with him. Again! But thankful you share … *grin*)

  • This was the first Chicago Supernatural Convention that I missed and I assure you, I really had a hard time wrangling with my emotions over not being there (why can’t I be rich? Or at least live somewhat closer?). So whilst it isn’t the same as actually being there, it sure helps to read articles like this and I am very thankful to you for sharing.
    I read the big hoopla about Jensen supposedly not being happy and tried to put my two cents worth into the debate (which is essentially what Jensen has said here) but got scolded for it so I am very glad that Jensen himself got to set the record straight with your help. It’s funny how some people interpret things the wrong way and just run with it and spread mass hysteria, but what isn’t funny is the way some people react to differing opinions, some are just plain vicious. Hence the reason I don’t normally comment, blog, or whatever the proper terminology for it is.
    I love your work Lynn and Kathy, thank you for the great reports you keep giving us and I can’t wait to read your book!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this amazing recap of the Q&A thanks also for helping settle all the drama about Jensen’s feelings about the change in his character! Brilliant!

  • Thanks for such a great report. I’m glad he set it straight about the bloggers and how some of them misinterpreted his comments. It went flying around the net so fast. I must have said ’til I was blue in the face, “It’s out of context, it’s out of context, he would never say something bad about the show like that, he’s a professional”. I felt like the Jensen Ackles warrior woman, defending him left and right. I also thought it added a nasty amount of fuel to the fire of those who were so very negative about season 6, “See Jensen doesn’t like it either”. Oh shut-up! The whole thing irritated the crap out of me, so this is awesome, to hear him clear it up and in his own words this time. So thank you. I bet he really did throw his arms in the air with an exasperated “really”! I love that he is so passionate about his craft. I really enjoy reading how he is still challenged by ‘Dean’, especially this season with the shift in the Sam/Dean dynamic. I’m with him, I hope they clear it up soon so we can all move on. But seeing this was just last weekend, and they are shooting 6.09 now, I’m guessing we have a wait ahead. BTW I know that spoiler you so nicely tapped danced around, someone else spilled it to me. Not sure how I feel about it, but very interested to see how it plays out. I’m going to LACon in February. My first con with the Js on board so I am pretty excited (I’m in Australia FYI). I intend to try and snaffle a spot at one of these Q&A sessions if they hold them, and your report has made me very determined! Thanks once again for such a great report.

    • Any chance you could give a little more information about the spoiler? I’m not finding anything else on it.

  • Thanks for a great report. Glad Jensen was able to set the record straight and put an end to the rumors that he was unhappy about the show or the Dean character.

    Looks like Jared may need an intervention for the online chess addiction LOL!!!

    Those on line games can be addictive.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope that this will finally put to rest all the rumors and upset in the fandom.

  • Thanks for taking the time to report this. You made me feel as if I was there with you. Mind you I should have been. Had to sell my Chicago tickets boo hiss but I really hope to get to a SPN con. I’ve been to so many others I know it will be great

  • I wish the non-Dean/Lisa people had spoken up. Not everyone likes that storyline, or the fact that it takes away from the Winchester brothers storyline. I’m glad that Jensen at least knows that not all of the fans are pleased with the Dean/Lisa/Ben story.

  • Just reading it again makes me remember and laugh! I was so nervous about the glitter question, especially when the poor guy looked at me like I was crazy. Thank goodness someone clarified it for him. Chuckle I loved his response because that is not the only episode when glitter could be used – fairy dust anyone?

    Oh and liking Lisa does not necessarily mean we are Lisa and Dean shippers, she is just a very well done character.


  • Ladies, thanks so much for another lovely report! I enjoy reading about Jensen’s directing and look forward to seeing the episode. I’m very, very glad Jensen was able to set the record straight about his previously misinterpreted comments. Fascinating to me how people will take a sentence or two out of context and run with it.

    Personally I love the Lisa and Ben characters as well as the actors who portray them…AND I love Dean and Lisa together. Oops sorry, wrong terminology…I’m a Dean/Lisa shipper. 🙂 I love the brothers together and their bond and relationship and will never tire of seeing that on screen. But I also love seeing Dean with a strong woman who loves him, knows the truth about what he does, AND doesn’t let him get away with any crap! She’s a very good fit for him.

    Oh and just by the by…I really want Fangasm the Book to come out!!!! 😀

  • Thanks a lot for tis. Was real fun to read it, especially the last lines. Jensen is just so lovely there aren’t words for it. And alo wants to say a big thank you to you girls for setting the record straigt on different stuff and calming both us and Jensen. Loved it!

  • LOVED your report. Am happy that Jensen is happy with the development of his character in season 6 and am so glad he set the record straight..sometimes the media can twist and misconstrue the facts for the personal gain, which I think is wrong. Is nice to hear that he’s willing to accept and work with the challenges of the new Dean in this new season, I for one, am enjoying the ride so far, and that fan who had Jensen talk on the cell phone to her friend, OMG! I would DIE too if I ever got a phone call from Jensen, hehehe…and who wouldn’t, right?? Thanks for sharing and posting your experience in the Q&A with Jensen.

  • Thanks for this!

    Very well said, Sara! I don’t trade Sam and Dean brotherly relationship for anything. But I love Lisa, too and love how supportive she is being. I don’t think she and Ben are keeping Dean from the road and Sam. I hope it lasts. 🙂

    I want that spoiler. *Pouts*

  • Thanks for this report!! I’m glad Jensen was able to clear up any misunderstadings regarding the change of character. When that came out I was quick to defend his statement figuring that what he meant was basically how he put it in the Q & A. Who needs bodyguards or PR when you have fans that will tackle the person that even looks supicious! HAHA!

    Now that soul thing is a little unsettling. Recently on LJ there was an Ausiello spoiler pertaining to Sam facing a truth and Dean’s reaction. Of course there were lots of speculation, some cracky and otherwise. I threw out the idea that Sam wasn’t completely out of hell, that he was topside but soulless. It’s one thing to sell your soul but he doens’t even have one now. If something like that transpires, I’m going to kick my own arse for thinking such LOL!

    Anyway, I’m still loving the show and think everyone is doing a great job. Thanks again for this report!!!!!

  • Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy reading your posts about Supernatural. On the plus side, being an academic and a Supernatural fan -Jensen Ackles’ fan in secific- myself, following your work helps me feel less “alone” in the SPN fandome!!LOL
    Contrary to the global gasp & upset being expressed over Jensen’s onset interview on the internet and everywhere else, this humble fan does feel the need to take this much appreciatd oppertunity to do justice to all the parties envolved.
    Reading Jensen’s analysis of Dean’s character twist in S6, and all the extra steps he had to take, in order to make it more acceptable for the viewers, as well as himself -as he previously mentioned “make the script work”- almost made me tear up. Haven’t we all experienced having to do a not much liked job done -and good- one way, or another, at some point, in our lives?
    Please don’t dismiss my argument, before reading to the end…
    I believe that Jensen, was in fact, not really happy with “the pasty-wavey Dean” plot -just as numerous SPN fans; but after the epic Appocalypse, and the 5-year story line; such calm-before-another-storm was ceratinly most needed for the show, to actually save the pace. The escence of Drama is “catch, release, then catch again”!
    The rather subtle details in Jensen’s acting -like the way he was actually woke up -as if fromm a bad ream- in the morning, but layed in the bed, waiting for the radio alarm to go off, so he could get up- just heightned one’s anticipation of the storm to come.
    Now, after epis 2 and 3, the beat is rising up again, as it should.
    Despite SPN qiute sitisfying ratings for the past three episodes, it’s now time to call upon those fans who felt betrayed by the Domesticated Dean/Lisa/Ben storyline, to tune back in; for the sad days are over; and, granted that they hold on just a tad longer, the Gamble story line would be done and over with; and the two brother’s chemistry would shine through once again, after much hardship.
    Dear Jensen, as well as us fans, managed to put the not so happy Dean days behinde -and do we all owe one to his hard work, and selfless dedication to his craft, for the better days -sort of; if you call sleeping in the Imapla and hitting the back roads, in search of couping angels and monsters, “better days”…!!
    Long story short, the only dark spot in this glorious, bright landscape, is the fact, that with all due respect to one of the greatest living actors on the planet, Jensen did say what he said in the onset interview -as he so gracefully admits- maybe, had it not been for the limitations and downfalls of the generally availabe digital technology, we could have all watched, and heard him, say the words; and the whole debate would have been avoided, in the first place.
    And last, but not least, bashing the mentioned bloggers -journalists- and accusing them of “twisting Jensen’s words” on twitter, the internet, etc… appears to be somewhat unfair; considering that dear Jensen himself, doesn’t seem to believe that such has been the case. Being a die hard fan of Mr. Ackles, as the most generous, humble person,as well as a great artist, I sincerley wish that some fans would give the subject a second thought.

    • Nice points Saghy.
      ” …with all due respect to one of the greatest living actors on the planet, Jensen did say what he said in the onset interview -as he so gracefully admits- maybe, had it not been for the limitations and downfalls of the generally availabe digital technology, we could have all watched, and heard him, say the words; and the whole debate would have been avoided, in the first place”.

      Well… Just a few hours after publishing the article (zap2it, I think) the mentioned blogger CADLYMACK (and a few others) started to clarify that Jensen indeed didn’t say anything about hating the show. He finds playing the softer Dean challenging, yes, he doesn’t necessarily like it, but it’s not tantamount to criticising the writers and hating the show. One of the journalist LAUINLA even admitted that she was “…sad that folks are under the (WRONG) impression that Jensen hates the show” because it’s not true: both Jared and Jensen were extremely enthusiastic about their work. My point? The bloggers who were on set that day REALLY understood Jensen’s TRUE intentions (no doubt because of the face to face contact). Now, she failed to convey this in the article. Sometimes- especially in a written medium- mere “quoting” might not be the same as conveying the truth. Do I blame the journalis/blogger? She did a decent job quoting. But she gave us only half the truth. She should have mentined something about the obvious enthusiasm, eagerness to work, happiness on the set etc. (and all those things she mentioned later on her twitter). To make it clear, I will never approve of bashing anyone and cadlymack did an ok job. The misinterpretation was not intentional. From what I know, no hard feelings from Mr Ackles. And actually, no one involved. It’s fixed, done, let’s move on. Though the discussion about how much of true meaning behind spoken words should/might be conveyed in the written form will still continue…

  • Thanks for filling us in on the details of the panel. It was a fun con, and I’m glad Jensen could make it, even for a short time. I gotta say, I like Lisa and Ben. I presume something terribly tragic will occur, but for now, I enjoy watching Dean maneuver in yet another “between a rock and a hard place” situation.

  • Thanks for a lovely report. Lucky you to meet Jensen in person.

    I love the Dean and Lisa relationship, as I do Dean and Castiel! Hoping for much more of this in season 6.

  • I love and appreciate all the con reports that you guys do to bring another piece of Supernatural into the fandom. Oftentimes you can get the message scrambled in the passing and unless the person advocating Jensen’s unhappiness with the season is completely irrational, this should set the record straight.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Thank you for this. I hope the writers don’t let the whole season pass before they give the brothers back their chemistry and Sam his soul.
    And reading between the lines, no matter what he says, I think Jensen doesn’t like the new direction the show has taken. That’s not bad, it’s from an actor’s point of view, one who has invested 5 years to a character that’s now utterly different.

  • WOW..Just wow..Don’t know what to say..You’re Awesome! This was one great interview and report..I’m sooo grateful.. Thank you SO much..I enjoyed it a lot.. Jensen is just wonderful and perfect , he’s also really funny and cute..Hope to always see him like this , he looked pretty on form and happy!:D..And of course hope to see him always successful.. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing those beautiful moments with us . 🙂

  • I was in this Q&A and it’s so nice reliving it through this write-up. Jensen is so great and a lot easier to talk to than I thought he’d be (despite fan tales that he’s very easy to talk to)

  • Thank you so much! Your reports are always the best.
    Jensen is too good to be true, isn’t he? I cannot describe how much I admire him and his dedication to the show and his character. That’s why I keep watching even though I am not really happy with this season so far.

    Of course there are fans who love Lisa and Ben, just like, for example, there were fans who liked Bela and Ruby. But I know for sure that most of the fans just can’t stand this part of the storyline. And now I’m worried that Jensen is under the impression that we all love it, when it’s not true! I wish fans who are not happy with it had spoken up, and not silently!

    And ladies, any chance you could share that spoiler with us? ‘Cause it’s kind of not fair, not everyone is a spoilerphobe, we want to know what you know! 😉 Unless it was Jensen letting out a secret he wasn’t supposed to tell. You could put a warning before it, so that everyone can decide if he/she wants to read it or not 😉

  • The story I heard with Mag 7 was McQueen was twirling things (like Jared with pens)to steal the scene from Yul (not that J would ever do that) and Yul went up to him and said “All I have to do is take off my hat to get the attention back on me”

  • Lynn and Kathy, you’ve done it again!

    Great recap of Jensen’s Q&A. Pretty much everything I thought of while reading it Erica mentioned in her post. So basically- what Erica said! 🙂 I’ll throw in my two cents and say that I love both the characters of Lisa and Ben and the actors who portray them- I think it’s great that they’re adding a new layer to Dean that we’ve never seen before. I like seeing domesticated/paternal Dean! I’m intrigued by where this new season is going; I knew watching the first few eps that not everyone would be completely on board with the new season. But I have a hunch if we all sit back and let it play out, it’s going to be one fantastic story.

    Thanks again for being there when we couldn’t!

  • Thanks for the wonderful interview! You always do a great job! (And I am super jealous of a private Q&A even though I was there!)

    It was a really great Con–maybe the last I can afford for awhile–so I was really happy that the boys were in great form!

    I can’t wait to see Jensen’s directorial debut (in two nights!) It sounds like he worked really hard to prepare and to do the best job he could. I’d love to see him direct more (but not if his acting has to be sacrificed!!)

    The Dean/Lisa relationship is nice to see (as they don’t give the boys many opportunities for this.) It demonstrates what their life might be like if they didn’t have all the “work to do” in saving people. I, for one, don’t think it takes away from the brothers bond–that is ultimately what the show is about and what they will always return to.

    (And Lynn–it was nice to see you again this time. I met you last year at Vancouver. I’m the fan who asked Jared this time to do an impression of Castiel. Keep up with the excellent interviews. If you ever need an extra person along–I’m there!)

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