3 thoughts on “Photos from the San Francisco Supernatural Convention

  • Wonderful photos, I really wish I could have been there! Thank you for sharing such great pictures with us Oscar.

  • Thanks for linking the Examiner article. I’m glad he came away with such a good impression of our crazy get-togethers! He really hit the nail on the head when he described the atmosphere as being like a reunion, because that’s exactly what they are. The reason I go now is to meet up with everyone who started out as cyberfriends and became RL friends. Oh, and the great actors don’t hurt, either!

  • Those are fantastic pictures! And I too thank you for linking to Oscar’s article. It is really well written and he seems to understand what we’re all about – as fans and as convention attendees. While there are celebrities I still hope to have the chance to meet (and many I’d like to see again) I am most anxious to be able to see my group of friends…just as Amy said.

    And I had no idea CW execs were at the convention! Oscar mentions that at the end of his article. How wonderful they were there to see just how fantastic we think the show and its actors are. I hope they take notice!

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