Supernatural Seacon 2018!


Seattle con has always been one of my favorites. It’s just a short drive from Vancouver, so the cast is usually well rested and in a great mood – and it’s where some of my close friends live, so it means I get to visit them and hang out too. Add in the fact that some of my favorite fangirl buds were also here this year and that just makes it better. I had a vendor table with plenty of copies of Family Don’t End With Blood and our other books on Supernatural and fandom, right next to the lovely Kayla and Louden Swain, which was extra fun.

My friend Alana King of Youtube fame was also at the con, which meant time to hang out and some bonding time for the two of us whenever I accompanied Alana to anything that had to do with one Mr. Jared Padalecki. Alana had just completed a fundraiser for To Write Love On Her Arms and had a bound book of messages for Jared from all the contributors, which she had carefully handwritten. Needless to say, she was beyond nervous to give that to him, so I promised to come with her to tell him about the project and the awesome people who contributed. Alana had also agreed to get a photo op done for a fellow fan who couldn’t make it to the con, which involved Jared writing a message to her on a whiteboard – that was a lovely moment during which Jared said nice things to Alana and gave her a kiss on the forehead, which of course made Alana burst into tears. In the video blog on Alana’s channel, I’m the one doing all the reassuring smiling, but really I get all emotional too – I just hide it better!

I got to catch up with Megan Padalecki at this con too, who I haven’t chatted with in a little while and missed a lot. And of course the rest of the awesome people of the vendor squad, who are like a traveling group of artists bonded together around Supernatural – Jodi, Shelley, Scout, etc etc etc. I’m always in awe of your talents and proud to call you my friends.

Friday kicked off with Rob Benedict and Louden Swain holding down the fort while Richard Speight Jr. filmed, Rob wearing his “Frobday” shirt designed by Scout like 24 hours before and miraculously ready in shirt form for the con kickoff. Rob was rockin’ it.

And then there was the latest rendition of the Borja Borja series of shirts, this one featuring a swimming …naked…Borja. Though he insists that’s the body of a naked baby…

Rachel Miner was first up, and came onstage by means of the newly installed ramp, which thrilled her and all of us. It’s easy to forget how much of a difference it makes to be able to come and go on your own, and Rachel reminded us all, thanking Creation for making sure she could do just that.

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Seacon Sunday with Jared and Jensen



Richard and the band kicked off Sunday with Richard suggesting J2 as the sacrament we should feast on in the Church of Dick and nobody complaining about that idea. We can all just #blamethemusk after all.

He wasn’t wrong. Sometimes Sunday really does feel like we’re feasting — not just on the obvious, though the boys were looking mighty fine. But also on all the fun and good feelings that a Jared and Jensen panel always brings. They so enjoy each other’s company and interacting with the fans that I end up feeling thoroughly satisfied. It is like a feast, but something that fills up your heart instead of your tummy. Forgive me, I’m feeling a little sappy — no new SPN tonight, and I’m missing the boys. So I thought I’d try to catch up a little and post some pretty.

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Seacon 2016 – Friday and Saturday Highlights


Seacon started off appropriately – for an SPN con, that is. Richard came out in a shirt featuring a red cock – a rooster, people! Which set the stage for lots of talk about worshipping at the #HolyChurchOfDick. In honor of Seattle, he sang rules and regulations as Kurt Cobain and spent a lot of time ‘warning’ us about how dirty this con was likely to be. Pretty sure no one ran for the hills. Maybe grabbed their cameras.

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