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Seacon started off appropriately – for an SPN con, that is. Richard came out in a shirt featuring a red cock – a rooster, people! Which set the stage for lots of talk about worshipping at the #HolyChurchOfDick. In honor of Seattle, he sang rules and regulations as Kurt Cobain and spent a lot of time ‘warning’ us about how dirty this con was likely to be. Pretty sure no one ran for the hills. Maybe grabbed their cameras.


Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster are always a great way to begin. We got the good news that Kim Rhodes has joined the new Chad Lindberg ‘Party Monsters’ project, which looks to be both a Supernatural cast reunion and just plain awesome.

Kim and Briana’s panel was hysterical but also inspiring, as they shared some very real stories of dealing with the challenges of being female, no matter what your profession is.

Briana: No one is allowed to comment on your body or tell you how to feel about yourself.

Kim: What’s my truth is between me and my god and my god thinks I’m fucking perfect.




Kim answered several questions about “the talk” that Jody had with Claire as Sam and Dean looked awkward, which was apparently hysterical to film. (Jensen making a fort out of his mashed potatoes and Jared throwing them…) Look for more details of that infamous scene in our exclusive interview with Kim and Briana coming up soon!

Osric Chau was next, and he attempted to pick up on Richard’s theme of the day by being a wee bit more dirty than usual. Something about Gil humping him and it not being all that ‘dry’…

Osric talked about the beginning of his love of cosplay (with Steve Erkel at age 9). I love to hear him talk about what HE does as a fan, both because most of us can so relate to his passion and because it obliterates the barriers between him and the gathered fandom. He’s perfectly comfortable challenging gender boundaries too.

Osric: That was the first time I dressed as a female character. But not the last.

He also had some good advice – about cosplay and about life.

Osric: Even if your cosplay isn’t perfect, just do it.


Favorite Os quote from Seacon?

Osric: I wish they’d invite the writers here. It would be the cast lined up like “am I coming back?”

He also gave a great answer to a fan struggling with depression who wanted his advice on how to get through it. Osric referenced the research by Penn’s Marty Seligman on learned helplessness, which coincidentally is who I did my Master’s research with in grad school. Seligman, renowned for his work on learned optimism, was one of the first to recognize how demoralizing it is to be repeatedly faced with obstacles you can’t escape from, and how we all eventually just want to give up and not even try. That, unfortunately, is the worst thing we can do, because it cuts us off from people who really are there for us and want to help. Kind of the idea behind AKF and YANA, and the new fan crisis support network.

Richard: Always keep fighting. Unless you’re Jared in the green room with Osric…

Travis Aaron Wade brought gifts for fans who have gone out of their way to be there for other fans – and his Chihuahua Philly.

Travis: The boys have Clif. I have Philly.


He also told some hysterical stories about his first time on SPN, and his shock when he discovered he was playing a 24 year old.

Travis: I’m 24? OMG I’m 24! How did that happen?!


On Cole tying Sam to a chair:

Travis: No, I wouldn’t have done what Cole did. But you guys would! Bring on the rope! And I’m not even getting started on what you guys would do to Jensen…

Stop reading so much fanfic, Travis.

More seriously, Travis also talked about his own struggles with PTSD after his service in the military, and how acting helped him find himself and start relating to others again.

Travis: Tv and film and acting helped me connect again. Lots of you do that with Supernatural.

Exactly the point of the new book I’m working on – and again, what the support network is looking to facilitate. I love that the cast is so open with the fandom about their own struggles – it’s tremendously validating, and the best encouragement for fans to open up to each other and to other supportive people.

Ruth Connell continued the dirty theme with a story that had something to do with Jared and lube and a sex toy, which we never got details about but frankly that was enough to get my imagination rolling, I don’t know about you…


She also gave Misha props for his amazing performance as Lustiel/Casifer – even though he did kill off Rowena. [ETA: Or so we thought…]

Ruth wouldn’t mind being a bit more like her character.

Ruth: I must have some degree of sass but I aspire to be more like Rowena. Except for the murder.

We all did the V Club Mega with an added “Flawless, absolutely flawless” and I must say, I think Seacon did a fabulous job. I love Ruth’s support of “boobs” – really the charity ‘My Hope Chest’ – and her unabashed appreciation for all things vagina. Because hell yes.

Saturday kicked off with Richard trying to get the interpreters to sign “genitalia”.

Richard: I just like seeing them try to sign something dirty.

Sticking with the theme, then…

The Ruth, Kim and Osric panel (a first time threesome….what?) was gloriously full of innuendo. Which, when it’s Ruth doing it, is just awesome because she looks so damn innocent.

Ruth: oh yes I’m involved with loving myself. ..what?

Ruth saying she wants to “do it three times a day or nothing…that’s why I’m single” became a recurring theme. Never mind that she was actually talking about livestreaming.

Here’s Osric and Kim pampering Ruth. Who can blame them?



On a more serious note, they all gave props to Jensen, Jared and Misha for all the good work they do – and made it clear that they all wholeheartedly support each other’s charities.

They also answered the important question of what they would steal from set.

Ruth (with literally everyone agreeing): Jensen Ackles. Jared’s too heavy.

We also got Osric trying to explain neko atsume to Kim and Ruth: “it’s like cats with cute buttholes”

Briana eventually crashed this already awesome panel, nearly overwhelming us with all the awesome.

Annnnnd we got Os and Ruth slow dancing, as the only young unmarried SPN cast members. To which fandom announced RPF in progress…

Next up was Mark Sheppard. He took issue with his introductory theme song, which made for a truly entertaining introduction as Richard and Rob and the band tried to get it right. They eventually came up with an amazing a capella beatbox version which even Mark had to appreciate.

Mark always invites everyone to the Saturday Night Special, telling us how great it will be.

Richard: Tim’s beard will be there.

Mark: That means something different around these parts…

Richard: [not missing a beat] Oh, she’ll be there too.


In stark contrast to his grumpy persona, new dad Mark showed us all a video of him singing Steve Miller to his baby girl, which melted about 90% of the audience.

mark s pretty

Mark never gets flustered by questions, and when he does answer one, it tends to be well said and make a lot of sense. He answered a shipping question by saying that he doesn’t ship, but appreciates the imagination of fandom and how it brings fans together.

He also veered away from the grumpy persona by hugging fans who were nervous about asking a question and assuring fans that “what we never make fun of is devotion to the things we love.”


He too talked about the fandom’s support for all their charity work.

Mark: “You get on board with the stuff we do and we really do appreciate it.”

Richard, Matt and Rob did their R2M thing next, and can I just say? Matt Cohen in a man bun. No really. Matt Cohen in a man bun.



He apparently has to cut his hair next week, which made me want to actually scream NOOOOO. What network idiot thinks this is a good idea???

Rob told the bed sharing story again – that is, the NOT bed sharing story, about the time Richard refused to share a bed with him.



It is never not hilarious, and this time it was followed up by Matt promising that unlike Rich, he would be happy to share a bed with Rob, and then some truly heartwarming bromantic antics from Matt and Rob,

Rob: “Have my back, Rich. …unbuckle my belt, Rich.”

Matt: “If I’d been there I would have had your back, Rob.”

rob matt aww

Awwww boys.

On a more serious note, Richard was asked how he deals with it when he feels like giving up.

Richard: It’s okay to feel like giving up. You just can’t give up. The giving up part is not an option. We all feel like we’re flying solo sometimes but really the cabin is full.

The R2M panel turned into a literal hug fest when the boys had the entire audience hug each other. SPNFamily, y’all.

Misha Collins came out to the band singing “He’s My Angel” which always amuses me. Misha helpfully tried to recreate Castiel’s wings, which also amused me.

misha angel

For some reason I can no longer recall, Misha decided to bring in an entire troop’s worth of girl scout cookies to sell onstage, which gave him the opportunity to say “raise your hand if you want cookies” and recreate a Trump classic photo op. I was laughing so hard I would have choked on a cookie at that moment.

Raise your hand if you love girl scout cookies!
Raise your hand if you love girl scout cookies!

Predictably, the impromptu cookie sale created chaos in the auditorium, with crowds of fans on their knees lining up for cookies and Creation having apoplexy.

Misha: Where would be a better location for the cookies?

Gary from Creation: Another hotel?

Misha and the cookie crowd
Misha and the cookie crowd

Me: Bwahahahahaha

Misha also shared his adorable fanboy squee when William Shatner first tweeted him. Awww.

He also asked who in the audience was a therapist to give some couples advice (I raised my hand but he rolled his eyes and said I KNOW you’re a therapist!) Another helpful person attempted to be helpful.



Misha also confessed to biting Ruth Connell’s ear during the neck breaking take, and said that he’s loving playing Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer (and doing an amazing job!)

Misha: I don’t think Ruth was expecting it, based on the sound she made…




Somehow Misha’s response to a question about Jared and Jensen pranking him ended up with him claiming that his longest running prank on them is that they still think he’s biologically male.

Misha: wouldn’t it be great if the prank on J2 was like a Tootsie moment and I was like…

misha tootsie

Why yes. Yes it would.

In other news, Misha managed to confirm Wincest when trying to answer a Destiel question, and defined Misha and Jared and Jensen as an equitable menage a trois. As you do. I love Misha’s panels — they’re unpredictable, genuine, and always entertaining.

And just look at those big blue eyes.


The Saturday Night Special was – you guessed it – special. As always. That makes it seem impossible, like how could it always be special? But each time, it is, always in a different way.

Osric killed it rapping Eminem’s Lose Yourself.


Mark was in his element on drums

Rob and Rich rocked out together to Whipping Post.

sns whippingpost

Tim Omundson looked entirely dapper and proved himself to be just as talented a musician as many of this cast is – how did we get so lucky?? He sang Bowie’s We Could Be Heroes and absolutely killed it. And then played harmonica and killed it AGAIN.


omundson rob play

Ruth Connell writes about her anxiety over singing in the chapter she wrote for our new book, but let me tell you, she can sing! And she’s so beautifully graceful doing so.

Ruth says they all build each other up backstage, cheering each other on as they take the stage for the Saturday Night Special. I love how they are all so cohesive and so close – how they’re a support system for each other just like we are in fandom.



Briana Buckmaster just about killed us all in a red dress that was to die for. Combined with that voice? Singing Amy Winehouse’s Valerie?

Half my timeline: Somebody send help!

sns briana


She also found time to slap Richard on the ass, which I always appreciate.

sns bri smack rich

sns bri rob

We had Matt Cohen back to make Mama’s Jam the incredible spectacle that it is, the entire room energized by his enthusiasm and dancing and singing along.

Rob was so adorably happy to have Matt there for this song – it’s something special they do together and it’s not the same without him.


sns matt mamasjamrobglad

sns matt chair

sns matt chair 2

I often say that Rob is the heart and soul of these conventions. He invariably makes me cry with ‘She Waits’ and with ‘Downtown Letdown’.

Rob: It’s no secret I’ve been depressed but I find hope in you people.


They end with A Little Help From My Friends (after She Waits has already started the tears flowing) but by then it’s a good kind of emotional. I always go to bed happy on those Saturday nights.

And the next day will be J2 Day! Stay tuned for Seacon Post No. 2!

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