Burcon Sunday with Jared, Jensen and Felicia Day



Sunday was another rather emotional day thanks to the recent election.

In the morning gold panel, Jared said that he had messaged Misha when the results came in and was worried when he didn’t respond right away. Forty eight hours later he got back a sad frowny face. Both Jared and Jensen applauded Misha for his efforts to get people to vote, saying how proud they are of him. I’ve said it before, but I just love how supportive they all are of each other.

In response to some fans whose lives have been changed by the show, Jared reminded us all that #AlwaysKeepFighting is also a metaphor for the show – that it’s important to make a difference that lasts.




During the gold panel, a fan asked Jared and Jensen what their most elaborate prank was.

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Hometown Supernatural Con – Burbank Friday and Saturday 2016



Returning to Burbank for what is, for now at least, the last Supernatural con that Creation has planned there, was both festive and emotional. Many of the actors live there, so that means their families can come see what they do for a dozen or more weekends out of the year, and even actors who aren’t making paid appearances sometimes show up to join in the fun. That means a con in Burbank is usually a very good party.

Even as an East Coaster, I love Burbank too. It’s such a nice little airport and a lovely hotel with a convenient little convention ballroom attached. There’s a handy bar to meet up with fellow fans, and there’s all of Burbank a few minutes away with its great restaurants too. I hated not being there last year, instead stuck at the giant Pasadena convention center, so I was thrilled to be back.

It was the weekend after the election, and emotions were running high for both guests and fans. Somehow the con felt like the best place to be, surrounded by a lot of love and support. There were fliers throughout the hotel letting fans know that this was a safe space, and that they were accepted here. It made me proud to be a fan and a member of this SPN Family – and to sort of want to stay there in that fandom bubble for as long as possible!

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We’re All In This Together – Jensen Ackles at Burcon

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Last year at Jensen’s meet and greet at Burcon, the unbelievable happened when I forgot to go to it. Yes, me. Forgot. Blame the Supernatural writers, who were such fascinating conversationalists that I totally forgot I was supposed to be somewhere else.

Believe it or not, I was almost tardy once again this year (though I can’t blame the writers again). Cue me frantically trying to figure out where the room is and then jogging over. I finally find it and compose myself, and am walking what I hoped was casually down the hallway to the room when someone comes up behind me and puts their hand on my shoulder and a deep voice says “I’m right behind you, Lynn!” Let’s just say I was already on edge, so I jumped a foot. It didn’t exactly calm me down that it was Jensen.

Me: I know, I know, I’m late again…

Jensen: Oh right, last year… [teasingly] So nice of you to join the party…

At least I didn’t actually miss any of it this time!

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Last Supernatural Con of 2013 – Going Out with a Bang at Burcon!

Banner outside Burbank Con Hotel
Banner outside Burbank Con Hotel

As the last stop in the 2013 convention tour, the Creation Supernatural convention in Burbank last weekend was invested with a lot of emotion, for both fans and cast. It’s been a wild ride, and there’s something bittersweet about the year ending. That gave Burcon an extra emotional punch, and more than a few moments that had us tearing up a bit. Here are some of the highlights of the con for us, including some meet and greet tidbits and pre-con chats.

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