Remembering #NashCon Over The Years – Sunday Panels!

Kim and I and quite a few of my other friends have had a bit of a tough time this weekend, since we’re all very aware that we had planned to be at the Creation Supernatural convention in Nashville right now. We’re missing our favorite show, and we’re missing our favorite cast, and we’re missing each other – so we thought it would be therapeutic to take a walk down memory lane and remember all the fun times we’ve had in Nashville in the past. So here are a few memories from me, and alot of pretty pictures and more memories from Kim. Enjoy this walk down memory lane with us!

2011 and 2012

[Lynn]  I went to the very first Nashcon, as it was then called, way back in 2011. It was before I did convention recaps here, back at the time Kathy and I were working on our very first book about Supernatural and fandom. We hadn’t planned on going, but impulsively decided to take a road trip down to Nashville, with Kathy’s ever-patient husband Dave as our driver. We stopped for hushpuppies along the way. Yum. I remember being awestruck by the Gaylord Opryland hotel complex, and getting lost every time I tried to make my way from our hotel room to the convention area. I had no decent camera and no decent seat in the back of the GA section, but Dave did manage to grab a giant cardboard poster of the Impala advertising the convention from a stand in the hallway on the last day of the con because I didn’t have the guts to – it still hangs in my office at the university to this day. Thanks, Dave.

Nashcon 2011 was also an incredible experience because it was the first time I got to witness Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson play together. They did a jam session for a small group of people, and it was amazing – even though Jensen was clearly anxious. I caught up with him in the green room later and he asked with trepidation if it had been “okay”. OKAY?? It was fangirl heaven – and it seems even more special now, almost a decade later, as Jensen and Steve have released their amazing Radio Co collaboration. Here’s a small excerpt from my write up of what we were treated to that day (alas, no photos were allowed):

The last song they saved until last for a reason – it was the first song they ever played together. Steve was working on it one day and Jensen came over and started singing harmony. So Steve threw him in the woodshed (aka studio) and that’s how they recorded “Come Around More Alabama”.

Steve: He thought he was coming over for a beer, and I threw him in the woodshed and put him to work! And now that’s one of the most requested songs on itunes, because of Mr Ackles’ popularity.

Jensen (interrupts): And your genius writing skills.

Fans: Awwwww.

Their rendition of the song was incredible, the harmonies spot on, everyone in the room pretty much riveted. Afterwards, Jensen gave a heartfelt thank you to the fans for their donations (proceeds in part going to charity).

Jensen: It’s humbling and gratifying to be around people who are so supportive. You guys are awesome.

As he and Steve got up to head out, Jensen stopped once again, and sounding a little choked up, shook his head and said, “Best fans in the world.”

We couldn’t agree more, but it goes both ways. Right back at ya, guys.

2011 was also the year we spent a lot of time in the green room doing interviews for our first two books, Fandom At The Crossroads and Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls. We were chatting with talented singer and great guy Brian Buckley while Jared was also in the room, so we got to witness him starting his Twitter account and hear the conversation that led up to making it @jarpad! We were privileged to be there as he watched his follower account slowly start to take off. Hard to believe that now, in 2020, he has 3 Million followers!

This seems to be the one blurry photo I managed to take in 2012 at Nashcon, but I remember it being a special convention for it being the first con after one of our books had been published, and how gracious and supportive the entire cast was about wanting a copy.

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Supernatural Convention Commentary: What’s So Special About Saturday Night?

houston con 2015 2 081

I sat down today to share some photos from HousCon and SFCon that didn’t make it into my other reports. When I realized that most of them were from the Saturday Night concert, I got to thinking. What is it about that event that makes it so special? (And inspires me to pull out my camera more than usual, even though I’m far from a photographer). This is the result. Call it ‘the evolution of the Saturday Night Special’ if you will.

Since we began our crazy road trip through Supernatural fandom eight years ago writing Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls, we’ve seen both the Show and the fandom evolve. The Show has had its ups and downs, but there has never been a time that I didn’t love it and have faith in the talented people making it. The fandom has had its ups and downs too, with countless examples of fans supporting each other and unfortunately some examples of the opposite, though I still think the former far outweighs the latter. The cast, too, has had its ups and downs. For eight years, many of the actors have done conventions together, travelling the world and sharing an experience few people get to have. Although many of them never even worked together on the Show, they have all become closer than cast members usually do as a result.

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Celebrating Fandom – Jared’s Passionate Words, Fans’ Feedback and a Special Fangasm Sale!

Photo by Chris Schmelke
Photo by Chris Schmelke

Happy holidays from Fangasm! Whatever other holidays you’re celebrating this season, we hope you’re also celebrating what we all have in common – our love of Supernatural. And we hope you’re celebrating something else that we think is unique, special and important: Fandom.

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Last Supernatural Con of 2013 – Going Out with a Bang at Burcon!

Banner outside Burbank Con Hotel
Banner outside Burbank Con Hotel

As the last stop in the 2013 convention tour, the Creation Supernatural convention in Burbank last weekend was invested with a lot of emotion, for both fans and cast. It’s been a wild ride, and there’s something bittersweet about the year ending. That gave Burcon an extra emotional punch, and more than a few moments that had us tearing up a bit. Here are some of the highlights of the con for us, including some meet and greet tidbits and pre-con chats.

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The Scoop on Brian Buckley Band’s New Video — Jared Padalecki Gets Serious (in a bowtie!)

Are you excited about the release of the Brian Buckley Band video for ‘I Am Human’ starring Supernatural’s own Jared Padalecki ? We are!!
We chatted with Brian yesterday about the making of the video, and what they are most excited about. Jared girls, listen up, because seeing Jared through his best friend’s eyes never fails to make us fangirl him even more.
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Brian Buckley News — Shows, Soundtrack, and a Video with Jared Padalecki!

One of the highlights of the Nashville Supernatural convention for us was the opportunity to catch up with the immensely talented Brian Buckley, one of our favorite people. He’s not only an amazing singer and songwriter, he’s genuine and caring and really really good at empathy. Which explains why the first part of our interview with him was actually a therapy session – for us!
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Congratulations to the Brian Buckley Band!

We wanted to offer our belated but no less heart-felt congratulations to the Brian Buckley Band for their House of Blues competition win. You’ll be able to check them out in Los Angeles on July 12th. Full details at the House of Blues. And thanks to all the wonderful fans who made it happen!!

Coming soon – an interview with Matt Cohen on fans, charity work and his new film Fluid.

Brian Buckley In Nashville – Join Jared in Voting the Band to Number One with House of Blues!

Jared and Brian in Nashville

Nashville is known for its music, so it’s fitting that the Supernatural con featured some of the talented musicians that the fandom has embraced as its own. Brian Buckley took the main stage on Saturday night to cap off a wonderful day, playing to a large and enthusiastic crowd. We’d had the pleasure of hearing Brian with the band several times, but this was our first chance to hear him play solo – and he definitely didn’t disappoint. Most of the audience was discovering Brian’s vocal talent and his amazing guitar work for the first time, and even in the giant ballroom it was clear that the gathered fans were rapt. We still don’t have the right comparisons to describe what Brian can do with his voice and how much we love it – you’ll have to all go hear for yourself!
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Jensen and Jared and What Happens in Nash-Vegas!

If you don’t know why everyone keeps calling this place Nash-Vegas, just Google the Gaylord Hotel:)

Gen, Jared, Natalya, Brian, and Jensen in the green room after Brian's concert.

We unexpectedly ended the night with some fun time with Brian, Jared, Jensen and the gang in the green room. More from those chats shortly — for now, some highlights of Jared and Jensen’s semi-private Q and A’s (thanks to our fellow fan who was kind enough to report on Jared’s!)
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News from the Brian Buckley Band!

Jared Padalecki’s friends, the very talented Brian Buckley Band, were picked to play the House of Blues in LA for New Music Night, and are also in the running for playing a HOB tour in Vegas and San Diego. They would be very grateful for any support the Supernatural fandom can give (we have a reputation for being the best at online voting, after all….)

Click here to vote: – voting ends June 8th, and you get a discount for the LA House of Blues show when you vote. FYI, the BBB’s cd release party will be on Thursday, June 23, at the Viper Room in LA, so mark your calendars for that too. Come on out and support!

(And stay tuned for some big news about Jared on Twitter from Fangasm as well….)

See y’all in Nashville!