Celebrating Fandom – Jared’s Passionate Words, Fans’ Feedback and a Special Fangasm Sale!

Photo by Chris Schmelke
Photo by Chris Schmelke

Happy holidays from Fangasm! Whatever other holidays you’re celebrating this season, we hope you’re also celebrating what we all have in common – our love of Supernatural. And we hope you’re celebrating something else that we think is unique, special and important: Fandom.

When we fell in love with SPN eight years ago, there weren’t many books out there that captured our own experience as fans. We couldn’t find ourselves – our passionate, joyous, emotional, sometimes-over-the-top fangirl selves – in anything we read. So we decided to write one. We wanted to tell our own story, our REAL story. To be honest, it was terrifying to step away from ‘safe’ academic research and talk about how we really felt about Supernatural — how the Show had changed us, inspired us, captured our imaginations and emotions. How we’d found other like-minded people in fandom and made lifelong friendships. How falling into fandom felt like coming home. We’d finally dared to be who we really are and feel how we really feel and like what we really like, by being in fandom. (Of course, anyone who’s already read Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls knows that for every fangirl dream-come-true moment in Jared and Jensen’s trailers or Jim Beaver’s living room or the SPN set or with Misha in a pub, there were more ridiculous and embarrassing and FAR from dream-come-true moments than we ever expected…and yes, it’s okay to laugh at those!)

We hoped that our fellow fans would relate to our story – it might not be the identical story, of course, because this is ours and it’s about challenging our own fan shame and daring to be who WE really are. Everyone’s fan story is different. But many of us have felt both the shame and the joy of falling madly in love with a television show, share that feeling of not quite fitting in, and have found a community in fandom. We’ve been so moved every time a fellow fan tells us that our story moved them too. Here are a few of the tweets we’ve gotten from people who’ve read Fangasm

@SophieLimbourg: Reading your book is like reading my life. Seriously. Thanks for writing this ;o) #SPNFangirl #TVDFangirl

@SPNPaulette: Just downloaded & started reading Fangasm and I have tears in my eyes already! Just the description of not fitting in got to me.

@Teleda: my copy has scribbles all over it and lots of !!!! or OMG Yes’s in the margins 🙂

@branny baby: thank you so much for this book. Between it & #burcon I’ve found my home.

@Just4Shiggles08: yeeeah. This is me 1000%. [see photo] In fact…I actually may go curl up in a ball and empty my tear ducts now. Brb

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@MiniKateMinion: Reading fangasm for the 2nd time and I love it, it makes me feel better as a fan, makes me feel normal and not a freak!

@niccolyte: get it, get it, GET IT & read it!, read IT, READ IT! wonderful exploration of fandom. finished re-reading 20mins ago. even better 2nd X. they really “get” me … whiffle … snuffle … great job my #SPNSisters

@jesscwalsh: already started. So far I’m having a problem putting it down!

@TJSgirl11: Thank you! I completely saw myself in it. I especially identified with Kathy. Our personalities are so similar!

@rattatea: I read your book in one sitting because it was FASCINATING. If that doesn’t say fangirl I don’t know what does.

@xXspacemonkeyXx: I just love the Fangasm book!!! It’s so hard to put it down once in a while to attend to “real life” 😉

@Joeygs77: Hi guys it’s 2.41 am here and I’ve just finished reading. Got to say LOVED it. You guys are awesome xx t so glad that you didn’t have to censor it made me feel like I’m not alone in the fandom (family don’t really get it) 🙂 x

@ljsgermanjj: reading Fangasm book right now. it’s soooo interesting! there are so many times I nod and think YES! and other times I’m like HELL NO!!

@SPN MishaLuv: the first 5 pages make u feel better about ur obsession. lol Very insightful

@L3naP: page 215 jared’s interview. don’t know how u guys didn’t lose control,but I wouldve needed a seizure shot to get me to refocus.

(Yeah okay, that was a close call. Not our fault though. I mean, LOOK at him!)

Photo Lizz Sisson
Photo Lizz Sisson

@samaracogan: Just finished your book and I’m absolutely blown away. Thank you! Also… I’m totally a Kathy.

@dragonflesh: I literally would rather finish reading FangasmSPN’s book than get enough sleep to function at work tomorrow. #priorities #allnighter

@KnowMeSee: Loving the feminist thread running through Fangasm. I have long believed women have a right to talk about their bodies & desires.

@Lacuchina: Just finished Fangasm, starting At The Crossroads. Thanks so much, I thought it was just me who thought like that.

@AnnieHansell: I read your book in a day! Couldn’t put it down. I loved it!! 5 stars! 🙂

@CanterSA: Every fan, actor, writer, director, producer, executive, pa, propguy and grip should go out and get Fangasm now. Go. Now.

@macd1982: Once again thank you ladies for showing the world that it’s okay to be a passionate fan 😉 Hope to meet you gals some day!

@SPN MishaLuv: The book definitely makes me feel better about the way i feel 4 the show & 4 Misha. B/c im not a dean or sam girl. Mishamigo lol

(Understandable. That quick wit, adorable smirk, those blue eyes…)

Misha. Photo by Chris Schmelke
Misha. Photo by Chris Schmelke

@TeresaPezzino: Ok, just finished both Fandom at the Crossroads and Fangasm. First, I shall say you two are the bravest of the brave! I am inspired. And jealous. But mostly inspired (working up the courage to try NaNoWriMo). Second, these two books are now my bookends around my SPN DVDs. And third, the only place where I see any shame is with the TPTB. Kudos!

@Just4Shiggles08: I finally feel like my life is understandable and justified. 100% Yes. Therapy for one’s inner geek. Lynn and Kathy should be charging more 😉

@Unruhe stiften: I started watching last Dec & have become obsessed. I thought I was sick in the head or something. Your book helped a lot!

@macd1982: Thank you so much for writing this book!Finally finished it and I loved it!Found myself in several spots. You really make it feel “normal” to be totally in love/obsessed with SPN 😉 So glad I got the chance to read this one.

Thank you so much to everyone who came up to us at a con to tell us what the book meant to you, or emailed us, or tweeted us, or put up a review. We wish we could include them all here! We are so honored and thrilled that the book has resonated with so many of our fellow fans.

ETA: Check out this youtube clip from the Wine and Winchesters vlog – three fangirl bloggers talk about Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls and their own experience as fans:

We certainly didn’t expect that the people who make the Show would also relate to our story. Jared has told us several times how much our books helped him understand fandom and relate to his fans, but we didn’t expect him to be moved by them. At the last convention in Burbank, he talked about reading Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls, and then he expressed (quite eloquently) exactly what we were trying to get across. How amazing fan culture is, how wonderful it is that fans are able to go out and express themselves through fandom. That he hopes we keep it up.

Jared: Fandom is the place you can be yourselves. And you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is a place where we are all allowed to be who we are, not who they want us to be. So stay here and let’s all raise a lot of money for some amazing causes, and just be who we want to be, and – if you’re less than eighteen close your ears – fuck everyone else.

That’s probably the best summary of the book we’ve ever heard. And it’s exactly what we wanted to say.

We never expected so much support from the SPN actors and writers either. Matt Cohen, Chad Lindberg, Rick Worthy, Richard Speight, Osric Chau, Ty Olsson, Brian Buckley, and so many others tweeted their support. Jensen told us his wife read it in two nights. Jason Manns contributed a free song download to the book. Jim Beaver, a talented writer himself, gave us four stars on Goodreads and told us he stayed up all night reading Fangasm. After a con, no less!


Osric and Chad helped us out in the vendor’s room at Burcon.

Chad peruses Fangasm
Chad peruses Fangasm
Osric at the Fangasm table!
Osric at the Fangasm table!

The SPN writers stopped by too – Adam Glass, Robbie Thompson, Andrew Dabb, Jenny Klein and Eric Charmelo.

Jenny and Eric
Jenny and Eric

@rthompson1138: Doing some post #Burcon reading to help process my feels.

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Here are some of the reviews that have been posted —






We feel incredibly blessed by the support from the SPNFamily. If you haven’t read Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls yet, Amazon has it on sale at a special low price for the holidays – click through the link at the top of this page to order.

And then please let us know what you think! We hope it will help make the wait until January 14th a little more bearable.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading, SPNFamily!

14 thoughts on “Celebrating Fandom – Jared’s Passionate Words, Fans’ Feedback and a Special Fangasm Sale!

  • Everything that was said about the book was all true. It was amazing. It’s nice to know that other people feel the same way. I have never been so crazy over a show like I am with Supernatural. I am thrilled to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. Thanks again !!!!!’

    • That was the best part of writing the book, hearing from people all over the world who said “Omg I’m not the only one!” *hugs*

  • I don’t know where to begin. I ordered this book with the last paycheck I got at my previous job. “Irresponsible”, “waste of money” are words ringing from family members and non-fans who just don’t get it. I unfortunately lost my job and I still have debt to pay from a convention I attended back in May 2013. (Best time of my life!!!!) Jobs are not easy to come by and pay minimal over here, so even the thought of attending a con or even the fact that I saved up for almost 2 years, had 2 jobs working behind a desk by day and behind a bar at night AND had to make a loan doesn’t even cut it at how many times it get’s brought up in conversations as it is, according to THEM on my side of the planet, a waste of money, time, life, just everything they will never get or be part of. Conventions are not a reality where I am from. Being a fan is a mere phase and not understood by anyone. You go to school, you go to work, you get married, you have lots of kids and you die. THIS is how “normal” people should be living. Sound familiar to anyone?? I can only rely on overseas friends to share my passion in the show, the actors, creators, and all I can do is sit on the sidelines and wish for a friendship back home that even comes close to the ones that people have circling the fandom in places like the UK and US. Someone who has a dedication to the show that’s so much more than just another TV show to them. Someone who can take the actual blinders off and see the stone this show has thrown to cause it to ripple so far across the globe. Today at 1pm I collected my book over excitedly from the local post office. It’s now 8:25pm and in between chores and such, I finished the whole book! I couldn’t put it down! What a remarkable read!! I will treasure it forever. I would really like to thank Dr’s Katherine and Lynn personally. As well as everyone who made this book possible. I wish I could hug you for what you have written. I certainly applaud you for what you accomplished cause YOU believed in it. That right there makes you guys heroes in my eyes, you lived the Supernatural Dream! I love the adventures you had in your quest. I am SO glad it turned out the way it did for you and you had your say. I am staying positive in hopes of finding a job so I can pay off my debt and EVEN IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO, I WILL ATTEND ANOTHER CON! If that should ever happen, I would LOVE to get my book signed by the authors! If I could arrange to maybe get it to you guys would that be possible???? Thank you for a great piece of literature that I for one can relate to! I am not as weird as I thought I was. Even though no one gets me back home, I DO BELONG SOMEWHERE!
    – South African Fan xxx

    • Thank you so much for letting us know what Fangasm meant to you — you’ve totally made our day! I so hope I get to meet you in person at a con one day, and absolutely we will find a way to sign your book for you. We’ve had some people mail their book to us, and we’re happy to sign it and mail it back. Or whenever we are at a con at the same place and time, we will definitely find you! You can email us at fangasmthebook@gmail.com 🙂

      It’s a terrible feeling when it seems like nobody “gets” you, and a wonderful feeling when you find a place where you can belong. Supernatural fandom is that place for me, and I’m so glad it’s that place for you too, and here we are together. *big hugs*

  • You already know how much I love this, how awesome it was to live through it (mostly) second hand via our friendship and I hope you know how proud I am of you ladies for writing it, for being who you are and for giving fandom not only a piece of yourselves, but helping them find that matching piece inside them.

    Love you!

  • Not only are your books a “must read” for any SPN fan IMO, I applaud the both of you for helping so many of us understand and embrace the message of what the SPNFamily is truly about. Like any other family we may have disagreements and squabbles (sometimes the ship wars in this fandom make me really sad), but at the end of the day we all come away with a deeper understanding and mutual respect for one another through our celebration of fandom.

    I too have been a fan since the beginning, and there have definitely been times when I’ve been ashamed to admit just how dedicated I am to this Show. But through fandom I’ve managed to make friends all over the world, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’ve laughed, cried and had my heart broken by Show what seems like a million times over. The brothers’ story and the journey they’ve taken us on for the past 9 seasons is just so beautiful to me and I’m still hooked on it.

    Glad to see that you ladies are, as well and I thank you for encouraging all of us to be proud of who we are as fans, as family members. How wonderful for all of us that Mr. Jared Padalecki also gained a deeper understanding of what this fandom means to all of us and is encouraging the same message. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful cast on this Show that embraces our culture instead of being “weirded out” by it like some other actors might. It’s what makes our family unique and I truly feel blessed to be a part of it all.

    Thank you, Lynn and Kathy. Keep up the great work!

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