Brian Buckley News — Shows, Soundtrack, and a Video with Jared Padalecki!

One of the highlights of the Nashville Supernatural convention for us was the opportunity to catch up with the immensely talented Brian Buckley, one of our favorite people. He’s not only an amazing singer and songwriter, he’s genuine and caring and really really good at empathy. Which explains why the first part of our interview with him was actually a therapy session – for us!
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Congratulations to the Brian Buckley Band!

We wanted to offer our belated but no less heart-felt congratulations to the Brian Buckley Band for their House of Blues competition win. You’ll be able to check them out in Los Angeles on July 12th. Full details at the House of Blues. And thanks to all the wonderful fans who made it happen!!

Coming soon – an interview with Matt Cohen on fans, charity work and his new film Fluid.

Brian Buckley In Nashville – Join Jared in Voting the Band to Number One with House of Blues!

Jared and Brian in Nashville

Nashville is known for its music, so it’s fitting that the Supernatural con featured some of the talented musicians that the fandom has embraced as its own. Brian Buckley took the main stage on Saturday night to cap off a wonderful day, playing to a large and enthusiastic crowd. We’d had the pleasure of hearing Brian with the band several times, but this was our first chance to hear him play solo – and he definitely didn’t disappoint. Most of the audience was discovering Brian’s vocal talent and his amazing guitar work for the first time, and even in the giant ballroom it was clear that the gathered fans were rapt. We still don’t have the right comparisons to describe what Brian can do with his voice and how much we love it – you’ll have to all go hear for yourself!
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Jensen and Jared and What Happens in Nash-Vegas!

If you don’t know why everyone keeps calling this place Nash-Vegas, just Google the Gaylord Hotel:)

Gen, Jared, Natalya, Brian, and Jensen in the green room after Brian's concert.

We unexpectedly ended the night with some fun time with Brian, Jared, Jensen and the gang in the green room. More from those chats shortly — for now, some highlights of Jared and Jensen’s semi-private Q and A’s (thanks to our fellow fan who was kind enough to report on Jared’s!)
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News from the Brian Buckley Band!

Jared Padalecki’s friends, the very talented Brian Buckley Band, were picked to play the House of Blues in LA for New Music Night, and are also in the running for playing a HOB tour in Vegas and San Diego. They would be very grateful for any support the Supernatural fandom can give (we have a reputation for being the best at online voting, after all….)

Click here to vote: – voting ends June 8th, and you get a discount for the LA House of Blues show when you vote. FYI, the BBB’s cd release party will be on Thursday, June 23, at the Viper Room in LA, so mark your calendars for that too. Come on out and support!

(And stay tuned for some big news about Jared on Twitter from Fangasm as well….)

See y’all in Nashville!