Jensen and Jared and What Happens in Nash-Vegas!

If you don’t know why everyone keeps calling this place Nash-Vegas, just Google the Gaylord Hotel:)

Gen, Jared, Natalya, Brian, and Jensen in the green room after Brian's concert.

We unexpectedly ended the night with some fun time with Brian, Jared, Jensen and the gang in the green room. More from those chats shortly — for now, some highlights of Jared and Jensen’s semi-private Q and A’s (thanks to our fellow fan who was kind enough to report on Jared’s!)

Jared was looking quite dapper, though he credited Gen – who is now helping him buy his clothes (Thanks for this one, Gen!) Of course at Jared’s Q&A, the first question was about his brand new Twitter, which he said Sebastian Roche has been ‘working on him’ for a long time to get. (This probably explains why one of his first tweets was to Seb). We had the pleasure of talking to Jared’s lovely wife Gen last night and it seems she also encouraged him to join the Twitterati. They were both surprised to find out that not only was “Jared Padalecki” was taken – so was “Jared Padalecki1”, “Jared Padalecki2”…..

Jared was also hit with the question that nobody ever wants to be asked – “What was your most embarrassing middle school moment?”

No middle school moments, but he did share that when he was a high school freshman, he asked a girl out and she said no. That’s hard enough to believe, but the reason is even more unbelievable — because at the time he was 5’7” and 120lbs and constantly getting picked on. He may have gotten his revenge on many of them the following year when he suddenly measured 6’2”.

Jared also shared the story behind taking the moose picture tweeted earlier today. Not that an explanation is really necessary – who wouldn’t want their picture taken with a moose! Nevertheless those witnessing Jared’s impromptu photo op thought he was a bit odd. Jared didn’t mind and neither did the moose. As Jared said “The moose didn’t really fight back.”

Next up was Jensen, who started out talking about Jared. Apparently Jared called him last night to say “Hey! Let’s go out!”

Jensen reminded Jared they had to get up early in the morning to come to the con, and decided to stay in. This morning Jensen got up, had a nice breakfast with Danneel, went to the gym . . . As he was leaving, in comes Jared, looking a little sleepy.

Jensen: “You know we have to be at the con in forty minutes?”

Lynn observed: “That explains why we started a bit late.”

Jensen protests: “It wasn’t me!!”

A fan then asked the obvious question about the filming of “Frontierland”.

“Why didn’t you ride a horse?”

Jensen: “My thoughts exactly! I mean, Jared kinda knows how to ride, which they obviously played with, but I really do know how to ride and I was like, Throw me on a horse! Let’s have some fun here!”

Alas, it didn’t happen that time, but as Jensen said, now the boys know how to go back to the Old West, what’s to stop them from going back in the future?

A fan pointed out that Castiel wouldn’t be sending them back next time, to which Jensen replied, “Cas who?”

Fans: GASP!

Jensen then reminded us that Castiel wasn’t the only angel available to send them back — they still had Balthazar.

Fans: Wait, so Balthazar is alive?

Jensen: Spoiler alert! (Laughter!) No, I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen a script or talked storylines yet.

They all hope Sebastian is coming back though, because he really fit in with the group up there. As Jensen said, “He was a good addition.”

Another fan asked whether there were any behind the scenes stories he hadn’t told about “Frontierland”.

Jensen: When I saw the outfit that they had pulled for me, I was very upset. I was like ‘Come on!’ This was before the production script had come out so I hadn’t read it yet – I just knew that we were doing a western. So Diane, our costume designer, started pulling things. She gets all excited when something like this comes up, because as you know Sam and Dean wear the same damn things all the time.

Fan: (innocently) What was wrong with the original costume?

Jensen: Wellllll…..It was a poncho. (Laughter) It was an Australian cowboy hat and I had GAP jeans on.

Fans: So where did Dean get the more authentic clothes that he wore later?

Jensen: (dryly) Why the General Store of course. And they happened to all fit him. It’s one of those liberties we take in television.

Jensen then went on to talk about how much fun the episode was to shoot and recommend that we all ask Guy Bee about it tomorrow. Duly noted.

He did tell one anecdote about the first day of filming.

Jensen: It was a beautiful day, and I was so excited – they had this town all westerned up. I was thrilled and excited. And then the next day it was just downpour rains, and we were slopping through the mud and I was like ‘This is definitely not as good as I wanted it to be.’

Another fan asked if Jensen was thinking of transitioning more into directing.

Jensen: No. I’m obviously more comfortable acting, but this was an opportunity. The producers showed great faith in letting me do it. It’s not something I set out to do, but I got bit by the bug. I wanted to try it out and now that I have, I want to explore as far as I can while I have the opportunity. And if that parlays itself into another opportunity, I’ll jump at it whole-heartedly.

Lynn: So since you’re directing a second time, is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to, or anything you’d do differently?

Jensen: There are things that I learned. I think two of the biggest things I can think of off the top of my head probably won’t mean a lot to you guys, but one of them is just the use of longer lenses that brings the frame of vision into a shorter span. So if I’m shooting a particular scene and I really want to draw the audience’s attention to this person then I’ll use a longer lens and it throws the background a little out of focus so that the attention of the audience is forced to go to this one person, whereas if you shoot with a wider lens there is a lot more in focus and the audience can get distracted by something in the background. I thought I did a fairly decent job with the frame size at least, but I think now I can get a little bit more creative. And the second thing is pace – as an actor I turn very much into an audience member when I’m watching somebody give a good performance. The scenes between Mark Shepard and Jim Beaver, there was a lot of dialog, and for me as a director I knew every peak, every word of that scene, so I’m hanging on every word, watching this performance. But as a general audience member it might feel a little slow. For some people who might not be as interested in the show it might not be nearly as captivating because the pace isn’t there. I think I didn’t notice it as a director because I was captivated (makes captivated face) –

Lynn: I think that’s how we all watched it too (makes identical captivated face). . . . So are you going to direct Jared this time?

Jensen: I don’t know.

Fans: *crossing fingers*

Has Jensen thought about writing?

Jensen: I’ve sat down with some friends a couple of times over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not good at conceptualization. I feel that I have a strength in fine tuning, taking a scene that’s already down and tweaking it to make it more realistic.

Fan: Way back in season two when John whispered in Dean’s ear, did you know what he said? Did the writers ever tell you?

Jensen: No. Because we shoot at such a rapid pace, and there’s no break between episodes, the writers are ahead of us – sometimes five scripts. There were times in Season One when I’d call Eric —

Jensen: So Eric, in this scene –

Eric: What scene?

Jensen: In this scene with Bobby –

Eric: What scene with Bobby?

Jensen: In episode 14 –

Eric: Wait. Hang on.

Jensen: (hears in the background) “Jennifer! Get me episode 14!!”

Eric: You know, I’ll just get back to you.

Jensen goes on to explain: So because of that ever evolving storyline, the writers just throw out scenes, possible roads we could travel down. Some really hit with the viewers once they’re produced and some just don’t have that reaction. So they’ll just go with the road that gets the biggest reaction. So there’s a lot of unanswered things that happen in television. That particular moment (that Dean might have to kill Sam) they did tell us. They had that one planned.

Jensen really is a fan of the show too –

Jensen: But a lot of times I don’t like to call and ask, I just like to find out when I read the script. I’ve been a fan of the show since season one, since the pilot episode. I love the story, I love the characters. So, in a sense I’d rather just read it. In fact, we had a guest star on the show once – the guy from Yellow Fever with the snake was a fan of the show and he refused to have the script sent to his house – he just wanted the scene so it wouldn’t spoil him watching that episode.

Now that’s a serious fan.

Another fan asked if he had trouble remembering the Latin. Sometimes he does. In fact, he says, Jared’s better since he took it in school. The Season Six finale had to be shot in bits and pieces because of that long string of Latin that Dean says to Lisa.

Jensen: I don’t even know what I’m saying. It’s just words. And the words don’t make sense.

Fans: Yeah, but it sounds so cool when you’re saying them.

Fan: Did he pattern Dean as a vampire off any other performance he’d seen?

Jensen: No. No. Are there any out there? (Laughter) Shows about vampires? That’s a good idea. Somebody ought to make that. Actually, and don’t throw anything at me – I’ve never seen an episode of Vampire Diaries, Twilight movie or book, or True Blood. It’s not that I’m boycotting them – I just don’t think I’m the target audience. Oh, wait – I’m on a show called Supernatural.

Fans: On the CW!

Jensen: I don’t get the whole “Oh, I’m so dark and troubled.” I’d rather watch the guys who beat the shit out of those guys – like Sam and Dean. No, to answer your question there was nothing I patterned it after. I think the last vampire movie I watched was Interview with the Vampire. So that was just whatever darkness there was that Jensen could come up with. (beat) That’s how scary I am.

Fan: Favorite book?

Jensen: I’ve got a couple going now. I actually haven’t finished a book in about five months. I gave a book to my dad and my brother in law as Christmas gifts called The Lone Survivor that I was riveted by. Most of the time that I have by myself I either try to catch up on reading my scripts, talking to Danneel or playing guitar. (deadpans) But at least I’m not in an alley doing heroin, so at least there’s that.

Fan: What did you think of the season finale?

Jensen: I thought Jared did a really good job.

Fan: (undeterred) But what did you think of the storyline?

Jensen: You mean where it ended? I don’t know. I mean I didn’t know last year either – it ended and I was like ”What now?”. I’m kind of in that same boat. My feelings about it are going to be determined by where it picks up. So I’ll have to answer that question in a couple of months.

Fan: What’s your favorite TV show. I know you don’t like Glee.

Jensen: I like Leverage, and not just because Chris is on it or Aldis. I actually really like Chris’s character – he and Dean would probably get along just fine. (Fanfiction alert!) I don’t watch a lot of TV. Danneel and I have actually started watching this show – it’s not a scripted show of course — called Oddities. It’s about an oddities shop in New York City called Obscura and it’s just about this couple who go around buying objects for this shop and the customers who come in who are truly bizarre people. Even in the promo, this guy comes in and he’s like (creepy voice here) “Is that a straightjacket?” It’s like an antiques shop, but a really kooky antiques shop – skulls, bones, old medical equipment. And I’m like, I could steal half the set dec and make a fortune! People will be like, I think I have something for your shop and they’ll pull out a pig with three heads and deformities in a glass jar in fluid and the guy’s like “Oh, I love it!”

Don’t be surprised when something Supernatural ends up on Oddities. Eyeball scooper, anyone?

Check back soon for our coverage of Jensen and Steve’s incredible jam session, and our chats with Matt Cohen, Brian Buckley, and more!

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  • Thank you for your detailled report – and for asking the question about his directing. Oh, and yes Jensen, I know what you were talking about when you mentioned the different lenses. When working with screen captures you’ll find out about such stuff.

  • That was truly great!! Thank for taking the time and sharing this amazing sessions with us..Can’t wait for Jensen and Steve’s Jam session!

  • Thank you for another wonderful report! Can’t wait to read the one on Jensen and Steve’s Jam session.

  • I wish Jared would go back to the way he used to dress, the way he was more comfortable, jeans, tshirts and tennis shoes since that’s what he said he liked. Adorable.

  • Could someone please ask Jensen if he would do a guest spot on Leverage? They film opposite of Supernatural and while I’d also love Christian on Supernatural (so many possibilities there!), it would be beyond awesome to see Jensen as an intriguing new character, possibly someone from Eliot’s past who has history with him. Someone who could either be a friend or foe or most delightfully, a mixture of both. Seeing Jensen & Christian act together would be pretty intense and compelling. Oh, how I’d love to see them tackle a fight scene, both the verbal sparring and then the fisticuffs!

    And the cross-promotion would benefit both shows. So many Supernatural fans are Leverage fans too, and with both guys, we love the shows not only because of our love for the actors, but also because of the stories and the relationships depicted. Dean and Eliot are both fascinating and complex men trying to navigate brutal lives while owning compassionate hearts.

    Loved your insight into Jensen and his interests. I love that he readily accepts challenges and also that he is aware of where his strengths lie. I agree, he totally knows how to fine-tune a scene and draw attention to the critical aspects. I never want to lose him as an actor, he is one of the few who totally owns me when he is on screen, but I also love seeing him pursue directing. I look forward to a long career where he will wow us with all his creative skills.

    I’m also pleased to know he too is a fan of Supernatural and is always excited to see what new adventure awaits the boys.

    Thanks again for an enjoyable article. I can never learn too much about our show and the guys. Oh, and I too hope Balthazar will return…just like Gabriel and Chuck…and I’d even love to see Zachariah come back.

    Continue on with your mesmerizing articles. Always a joy to read! Thanks again, B.J.

    • It would be AMAZING if Jensen did a guest spot on Leverage! I really wish they could make this happen.

    • Oh god, please not Zachariah…. He’s the worst villain EVER >:( (He does amazing in acting though; I meant that I hate the character)

  • I am interested in what Jensen has to say but I am also interested in what Jared has to say how he views the show ? Sam? what it felt like playing Souless Sam ? the finale the direction of the show ? the brothers ? what else interests him ? all those things.

    With all due respect to Fangasm I will not find that here but it was great to hear from Jensen .

    • Tina, more sour grapes… Did you not read the part that said they weren’t IN Jared’s panel and had to depend on another fan’s report? Maybe that was all the info they were given.

      Regardless, it gets so old when fans gripe about the news when it doesn’t suit their first interest. If the article had been exclusively Jared’s comments I would have still enjoyed reading it and waited for the next article to see what Jensen had to say.

      We don’t need minute counting on the show or word counting in all articles.

      Fangasm, thank you for bringing us all the info, from all the stars and the recurring characters. I enjoy reading all of it. Keep up the good work and don’t let a few spoil your joy of reporting on our show.


      • Sheesh, that was uncalled for and rude. I didn’t see her (Tina) referring directly to you. All I saw was her saying she’d like to see what Jared has to say, and then obvious as she is saying she wouldn’t find it here considering they weren’t there at Jared’s Q&A. I don’t see Jared fans going around being rude to you, there’s no since in you being rude to Jared fans just because one is disappointed that she doesn’t get to see what Jared had to say. Get off of this obsessive Jensen kick of yours already. It’s ridiculous…

    • Hi Tina, just wanted to clarify – we wish we could be everywhere, but we’re freelance writers. This (alas) isn’t even our full-time job. That means we pay our own expenses, and just can’t afford going to everything (again, alas – like all fans, we have to pick and choose). We adore Jared and Misha, and there are extensive interviews with both of them in Fangasm the book — this is just our for-fun blog of recent con adventures that we try to share with fans who weren’t there, just as we very much appreciate other fans doing when we can’t be there. We both fell in love with the character of Dean Winchester over five years ago, and remain totally enraptured — we’re fans, and that’s who we fan! That said, see our next post for a testament to your good taste in appreciating Jared — we agree with you, he’s awesome 🙂

      • I love reading everything about people’s different experiences – whichever of the stars they are into. I love Dean Winchester but I also LOVE Jared Padalecki for the hilarious, warm-hearted genuine guy that he is. I don’t think some folks realise how hectic and tiring these conventions are – even if you have priveleged access there is only so much you can attend and report on and I perfectly understand that as FANS you guys are going to priortise the guests you are interested in when you are not working.
        Not sure this is making much sense but basically, I was just going to say – keep up the good work, I am totally happy to read your exclusive interviews with whoever you manage to get access to (while dying of envy inside of course!).

  • They weren’t there for Jared’s Q&A last time, either. Chalk up another disappointment on Convention coverage for me. But yes, the continued coverage on only Jensen was nice…..

    • Hi Laura — see above reply to Tina. We clearly need to play the lottery more! If you find some sites that are covering the Q&A’s we’re not, can you let us know so we can post the links here and help everyone find what they’re looking for?

  • @ How Rude
    Wow. You really are rude. And mean.
    @ Tina
    I’m sorry but your post was unnecessary and also not very nice. If someone takes their time to share their experience (to actually write it, publish it, take some pictures) with the rest of us and you complain that it is not what YOU are personally interested in – well… that’s rude.
    Moving on.
    “Jensen: I’ve sat down with some friends a couple of times over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not good at conceptualization. I feel that I have a strength in fine tuning, taking a scene that’s already down and tweaking it to make it more realistic”.

    This is it. In his usual humble way (too humble, really) Jensen explained what it is exactly that makes him such a great actor. ‘Fine tunning’ means nothing less than looking for, and finding, ‘nuances’ (Kim Manner’s favorite word), deeper layers, hidden meanings. It’s no longer the story itself but the way it’s being told by an actor. The nuances become the story. So, in a way, an actor, a really good actor, creates and tells his own story. Really great actors, most talented actors, are great story tellers. And I think Ackles is such an actor. He might not be a person who ‘conceptualizes’ the plot but he is a person who analyzes the scene (Ackles is really good at analyzing his scenes) and tells his ‘version’ of the story. This is also exactly what a director does ( a really good director, that is). No wonder, Kim Manners said to Jensen as early as season 1: “One day, you’re going to direct. I can see it”.

  • Yeah I agree I’d like to read about Jareds too. Maybe they could try and get there next time, he’s the reason i’m invested in the show to be honest and obviously Sam and Dean’s relationship. J2 seem like good solid decent guys though.

    I have to be honest I get really angry at cons where they’re all ‘this questions for jensen’ in the joint panel or even vice versa i don’t want to hear one of their reponses we want to hear what both boys have to say.

    This is a good write up of Jensen’s meet and greet though.

  • Thanks for yet another wonderful report! I particularly loved hearing Jensen talk about directing and writing; that was GREAT!

    And when is “Fangasm: The Book” going to come out? I want to read it ALL!!!!

  • Thanks so much for sharing, I am so bummed that I can’t be there, but while reading this I can almost imagine that I am. Have a great time during the rest of the con!

  • Jared also mentioned reading Lone Survivor–he was very impressed and talked at length about how much he would love to star in the movie of it being made. He pointed out that it was about a 6’4 Texas boy and how much he would enjoy spending time really getting into the role, going through boot camp possibly and getting a feel for the character. He also said he doesn’t feel he can really take the time right now to do the role justice. I wish I’d been able to ask which of them read the book first–I’d love to know which of them recommended it to the other.

    Another interesting point that Jared brought up is that he isn’t interested in directing, but he would like to possibly produce. I think that it was touched on in the open panel, but he elaborated in the semi-private qna that while he doesn’t feel that he’s all that good at creating things from the beginning, he does have a talent for seeing how to fit them together better, give them a little twist to make them stand out.

    • Thanks so much for this, kelios — Jared would make an amazing producer, wouldn’t he? I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from him in that capacity sooner or later 🙂

  • I agree with those who would also like to hear about Jared’s Q&A. The interviewers exclusively attend Jenson’s Q&A sessions at the cons – never Jared’s. They say their book is “… the story of our shared obsession” and that obsession seems to be Jenson. Could they not have sought out someone who attended Jared’s Q&A and gotten a more detailed report? Or maybe they could split up with each attending a different Q&A. I doubt that would happen because they come across more as obsessed fans than objective reporters/writers.

    Are the articles they write for the Supernatural magazine only about Jenson also?

    • Hi SPN Fan — See above reply to Tina re both those damned financial constraints and our mutual (thoroughly unrepentant!) Dean Winchester adoration. You’re absolutely right, we’re fans, and this is quite different than our published work – this is purely our fannish blog, written sans compensation and entirely for fun, which sometimes includes a generous bit of fangirl squee. If you find some good links to Jared’s Q&A posts, please share — we’re always curious to hear everything too.

      • You guys are real class acts! I applaud you. And I totally get the Dean Winchester squee, I too have been mesmerized from day one and can never get enough. That said, I love everyone involved with Supernatural and agree, Jared and Misha and Jim are all gems, brilliant stars shining bright. Thanks again, B.J.

  • *looks at the above comments*
    You know, I’ve been all tied up lately with Roland Garros coverage, and the intricacies of tennis fandom, where if you don’t like a player, you call him a mug or a choker or you make funny photoshops of moments when he’s done dumb things (which, since most of them are total goofs, is pretty easy).

    What I’m trying to say here is, I really like that in-your-face, amusing brand of hostility much better than the Supernatural type, where the Jared fans send up their little Jaredfan signal and band together to spam comments sections of websites that dare to run coverage of Jensen’s panels. Guys, grow up or be funny. Pick one, and hurry up with it.

    Anyway, THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE. I loved the detail in the transcript, and it was fascinating to hear Jensen’s thoughts… his feelings about the Western episode, the finale, and becoming the vamp were especially interesting. More like this, please!

  • Thank you for the excellent report! Jensen is really amazing!

    More Jensen please!It’s about Jensen right????????

  • @ How Rude
    Wow. You really are rude.
    @ Tina and the other posters
    I’m sorry but your post was unnecessary and also not very nice. If someone takes their time to share their experience (to actually write it, publish it, take some pictures) with the rest of us and you complain that it is not what YOU are personally interested in – well… that’s rude.
    Moving on.
    “Jensen: I’ve sat down with some friends a couple of times over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not good at conceptualization. I feel that I have a strength in fine tuning, taking a scene that’s already down and tweaking it to make it more realistic”.

    This is it. In his usual humble way (too humble, really) Jensen explained what it is exactly that makes him such a great actor. ‘Fine tunning’ means nothing less than looking for, and finding, ‘nuances’ (Kim Manner’s favorite word), deeper layers, hidden meanings. It’s no longer the story itself but the way it’s being told by an actor. The nuances become the story. So, in a way, an actor, a really good actor, creates and tells his own story. Really great actors, most talented actors, are great story tellers. And I think Ackles is such an actor. He might not be a person who ‘conceptualizes’ the plot but he is a person who analyzes the scene (Ackles is really good at analyzing his scenes) and tells his ‘version’ of the story. This is also exactly what a director does ( a really good director, that is). No wonder, Kim Manners said to Jensen as early as season 1: “One day, you’re going to direct. I can see it”.

    • Thanks for offering more insight into Jensen and Kim’s relationship. I agree, Jensen is always so humble, but I love that about him too, that he is aware of his strengths but doesn’t flaunt them. I love that Kim mentored him and knew he’d embrace being a director. We all miss Kim and his ability to bring out the nuance. Jensen has mighty big shoes to fill, but he is just as accomplished as an actor and I have faith he will make Kim proud as a director.

      I love that he is such a thoughtful actor, so giving to his co-stars and more concerned about the finished whole than his individual glory. He gives away lines, he allows his co-stars to shine and he knows it makes the entire show better. That is also why he will make such a great director.

      You made a lovely post, thank you!


    • Excuse me since when voicing a opinion rude who are you? Bjxmas I mostly certainly didnt consider it rude just a statement I have no problem with them doing a Jensen article .Maybe you should get off your high horse and stop throwing your weight around . Just calm it down and although some may go overboard on their thoughts it is still a opinion in which both you or I or anybody is entitled to.Disagree yes fine we all do that but dont attack that is what is coming off has rude . Sorry if my post upset you but I have seen far worst .

  • Thanks for this interview! The questions were great and Jensen was awesome. I learned some new things from him and about him and I agree, more interviews with Jensen.

  • Thank you for the great write-up on the Nashville Con.

    I love how Jensen answered the directing question! I could listen to him talk about directing and acting all day; he has such a passion for it!

    Please ignore the rude posters who post on your site after you take the time to provide us with information and insight. There are many, many more of us who appreciate it.

  • Ladies, thanks so much for this blog entry! I enjoyed hearing the stories from both Jared and Jensen.

    I adore Jared but, well, sometimes his fashion sense isn’t the best so I give my thanks to Gen too! LOL Jensen is such a humble guy. And funny! Love hearing his take on things.

    I’m crossing my fingers for a Balthazar return too…as well as Andy, Gabriel, and Chuck.

    Personally, I’m happy to get any information I can get on anyone. I’m not familiar with Brian Buckley in any way but I enjoy reading those posts too! Lynn and Kathy have a writing style I enjoy and an amazing knack for catching details. So I love to read anything and everything they give us. That is especially true since I haven’t been able to go to a convention in a few years and I don’t know when/if I will again. So these wonderful ladies make me feel like I’m there.

    My goodness, folks, enjoy reading what they have here and if there is something you’re hoping for more detail about then go find another site that can expand on things for you. I really don’t feel we readers have any right to make demands on what is posted here or on any blog. Blogs are personal things and the people who run them have the right to write about whatever they want. We’re here to enjoy. And I do!

    So cheers and hugs to Lynn and Kathy!

    • Oh and I forgot to ask one question…who is Natalya in that picture at the top? She’s very lovely but doesn’t look familiar to me.

  • Thank you so much for this interview with it’s insights into Jensen’s thoughts. He is such an interesting and “real” person and so very talented. He gives so much thought to his craft and not just what he is directly involved in but the bigger picture too. I hope once Supernatural has ended(next year, the year after, 2020:)) he can stretch his wings even more, I am just so excited about his potential and he deserves every positive accolade he gets.

    Please don’t ever change how you do things.

  • Hello!

    Thanks so very much for the detailed reports, especially the Jensen and Steve jam session. Always a pleasure to read! I hope Jensen continues to do these at cons; it’s something he clearly enjoys. Plus, he gets to do this with his friends.
    I really liked hearing about Jensen’s take on directing and writing – (“fine-tuning”). It explains his totally professional first directorial effort and how much he learnt just from that one experience!

    If you ladies would cover a Misha Collins meet and greet/panel someday and report on it, many fans, including me, would be eternally grateful!

    Thanks again.

  • Love that Jensen watches Oddities. I love that show and creepy Edgar! “Is that a straight jacket??” His next line btw is “Can I touch it?” lol! It’s those little things that make being a fan of this show more exciting and fun. Thanks!

  • Thank you, Fangasm. This was awesome. More on Jensen is why I loved it and always love your reports. Please continue; there are plenty of places that have more on Jared for those who prefer that.

  • Thanks for another fun report, ladies! I’m so glad I get to live vicariously through you two for the cons I’m not able to make. It sounds like a good time was had by all as usual. I so wish I could have been there, so thanks for being my eyes and ears and reporting back on everything you saw.

    I’ve been debating if I want to jump into this conversation since I normally avoid these arguments like the plague, but here goes:

    What is up with all the Crabby Appleton remarks? These are two people who are writing up a fun fan blog for the panels they were able to attend given their own personal time and money contraints. Holy crap, I wouldn’t be able to attend every single event and panel either. I’m not independently wealthy by any stretch, which if you’ve ever checked out the prices of these cons is what you need to be! I would hate to be taken to task online for posting a writeup of what I could attend just because I couldn’t make it to every single event. Perspective is a beautiful thing, people.

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