We’re All In This Together – Jensen Ackles at Burcon

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Last year at Jensen’s meet and greet at Burcon, the unbelievable happened when I forgot to go to it. Yes, me. Forgot. Blame the Supernatural writers, who were such fascinating conversationalists that I totally forgot I was supposed to be somewhere else.

Believe it or not, I was almost tardy once again this year (though I can’t blame the writers again). Cue me frantically trying to figure out where the room is and then jogging over. I finally find it and compose myself, and am walking what I hoped was casually down the hallway to the room when someone comes up behind me and puts their hand on my shoulder and a deep voice says “I’m right behind you, Lynn!” Let’s just say I was already on edge, so I jumped a foot. It didn’t exactly calm me down that it was Jensen.

Me: I know, I know, I’m late again…

Jensen: Oh right, last year… [teasingly] So nice of you to join the party…

At least I didn’t actually miss any of it this time!

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Jared and Jensen at ChiCon – Buckle Up For the Rest of Season 10!

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I was lucky enough to attend both Jared and Jensen’s meet and greets at ChiCon, which meant double the thoughtful responses about the Show (and double the hotness). Both boys got lots of interesting questions, and I had one for each of them. Of course, as always, these are just a few tidbits from the meet and greets, and not a verbatim transcript, just from memory. (Though all the Supernatural actors are pretty damn memorable…)

Jared’s meet and greet was first, and as usual he turned the high chair around backwards and straddled it as he greeted the small group of fans.

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Feeling the SPNFamily Love – TorCon 2014!


It’s Tuesday night as I’m writing this, and I’m so wired with excitement after watching the new episode of Supernatural, that I figured I’d put the energy to good use and post my convention thoughts. Then I can concentrate on a review of Reichenbach. Though I’m thinking that might just be a gigantic SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG that episode was amazing! And after a wonderful weekend at TorCon, I’m feeling very lucky to have fallen for this Show and to be a part of this special SPN Family.

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Supernatural S10 is Almost Here!

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Well SPNFamily, the wait is almost over. Hellatus always seems endless and then suddenly it’s about to end and I’m not sure I’m ready! There’s more anticipation for Season 10 than I’ve felt in a while, from both the actors and the fans, and it’s building to a fever pitch right now. Kudos to the CW for giving us a Supernatural retrospective tomorrow night, which is certain to amp up the anticipation even more. It’s a good thing it’s fall break at my university for the next few days, because I’m pretty sure my excitement would have precluded any sort of coherent teaching anyway.

We thought we’d share some thoughts and some favorite moments from the last Supernatural convention in Dallas as we wait for the season to officially kick off. Moments that remind us why we’re still head over heels in love with this Show and immeasurably grateful for this diverse, passionate, sometimes-argumentative-but-tremendously-supportive fandom.

My favorite thing from DallasCon, hands down, was the celebration of Rob Benedict’s birthday. We’ve talked with most of the cast more than once about how they have all become bonded, as much from the experience of hitting the road and doing conventions together as from working together on Supernatural. Some of the actors never even shared the small screen, but they’ve become close friends after spending weekends together and singing karaoke together and travelling the world together to meet the fans. That closeness was evident as Jared, Jensen, Misha, Tahmoh and Richard surprised Rob on the day of his actual birthday.

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As Excited About Supernatural Season 10 As I Am! Jensen Ackles at DallasCon

Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm
Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm
Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm
Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

It’s hard to believe there’s anyone anywhere who’s more excited about Supernatural Season 10 than me. But this past weekend at DallasCon I found lots of fans who could match me for hyper-ventilating, anticipatory squeeing, hand-wringing, bouncing excitement – and I have to admit, Jensen Ackles might give me a run for my money too. Which, needless to say, just made me MORE excited!

I’ve been struck with Jensen’s palpable enthusiasm for playing DemonDean for a while, but he seems to be equally excited about the rest of the season and Dean’s arc too. His energy – and Jared’s – has been so positive since last season ended, and especially since filming has begun. They’re both clearly enjoying using Twitter to put fandom into paroxysms of glee as they tweet photos during the Show’s 200th episode of Sam and Dean “where they belong” or of the two of them hanging out while we all celebrated the Show’s tenth anniversary. Season 10 seems to be agreeing with them both.

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