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We’re still having con letdown 24 hours after returning from the Creation Supernatural convention in Washington D.C. (actually Arlington, Virginia, but close enough) – it was a freaking fantastic con! One of the best ones we’ve been to. We’ll write up more coverage when we can catch our breath, but for now, a few con highlights.

One was having a chance for not one, not two, but THREE fangirl dinners (and some excellent fanboy chats too) – all of them filled with spirited discussion about SPN, where Season 9 is headed and whether we’ll all survive it. There’s nothing better than a table full of fans analyzing the smallest moments, debating their significance, sharing intricate theories, challenging and validating each other’s thinky thoughts. It’s exhilarating!

Also exhilarating (in more ways than one, only some of them cognitive…) was Jensen’s meet and greet. As always, no notes allowed, but here are a few tidbits, and my own questions and Jensen’s answers.

Jensen talked about the responsibility that he and Jared feel for maintaining ‘quality control’ of the Show – they don’t need to have producer credits, they just care that much about Supernatural after all this time, and everyone involved with the Show knows it. It sounds like the rest of the cast and crew, as well as the writers and producers “down south” in LA, trust Jared and Jensen to make some decisions that always have the best interest of the Show in mind. After nine years, it’s clear that SPN is pretty extraordinary in that respect.

Jared and Jensen
Jared and Jensen

Jensen also talked a bit, both in the meet and greet and in the afternoon panel, about busting Misha when he directed – in fact, they apparently went so far that they both apologized to him the next day. In the panel, Jensen pulled out his phone and read off some of the pranks that he and Jared had planned out (which are a real feat of creative evil genius, btw. They could teach the Winchesters a thing or two about pranking!) In the meet and greet, he confessed to one entire day of not letting Misha get any lines out. Every time the coverage was on Misha above the waist, and Jared and Jensen were on the other side, Jared’s foot would be in Misha’s crotch, making it impossible for him not to crack. Even the crew got in on the tormenting – the camera operator at one point started doing hip thrusts while filming. Jensen helpfully jumped up to demonstrate said hip thrusts.

Fans: *are momentarily rendered speechless*

When everyone eventually recovered the power of speech, talk turned to the Show. What storylines would Jensen still like to see play out for Dean? Jensen said that of course he wishes John could come back, but allowed that’s probably unlikely. He also thought the Benny and Purgatory story line wasn’t thoroughly played out, and had more potential. We agree on both counts.

There were quite a few questions about Dean, which made Lynn a very happy fangirl. A fan asked whether it was harder to play Dean as a hero or as the darker character he’s been this season. Jensen said that what’s actually most difficult is to play both sides of Dean and yet maintain continuity so that you’re still playing the same character. (Which probably wouldn’t occur to most of us who are not actors, but makes a lot of sense).


Another question was about Sam and Dean’s relationship, and whether it was threatened in S9. Jensen said no, not threatened – but much like when Sam was addicted to the demon blood and Dean wanted to protect him, right now Sam is worried about Dean and protective. It’s not about whether the brothers love each other, but more about Sam’s concern, and whether Sam will have to step in and pull his brother back.

Lynn: Is Dean feeling okay about what Sam said to him earlier this season, then? About not being brothers and about Dean being selfish and only saving Sam because he didn’t want to be alone?

Jensen: No, I don’t think he’s over it, it’s still there, like a gaping wound. I think it plays into his decisions – like he has nothing left to lose…

Lynn: *sniffles*

Okay, now I need a hug.

That's better
That’s better

There were other very good questions, but we’ll just share one more from Lynn, because it left us shaking with anticipation for the rest of the season.

Lynn: The Mark of Cain story line this season has been so compelling, it’s been written really well – and acted really well, kudos –

Jensen: (smiles)

Lynn: But we’re almost to the end of the season, we only have three episodes more to air, and I’m wondering how far we’ll get with the story line. Did you, as an actor, feel satisfied with what you got to play out this season, now that you’ve completed filming?

Jensen: Well, let me say this. I got to the last script, and just went ‘Oh. Wow. Oh wow. They went there.’ And that’s not something I often say.

Lynn: (possibly open-mouthed. Literally) OMG!

Jensen: (with a definite smirk) So…. Enjoy!

I think we will. Are you with me, fandom?

Stay tuned for more from DCCon – Misha clowns around with our new book, “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural”, which includes a chapter Misha wrote. And we chat with the awesome Kim Rhodes, Chad Lindberg and Richard Speight, Jr.

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15 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles at Supernatural DC Con

  • Oh my God he’s going to kill Sam. *cries forever* What else could that possibly mean?

  • “They WENT THERE?!” EEEEE, I want to know NOWWW! Why must we wait? *flails*

    Awesome teasers, Lynn and co.! I really can’t wait. (Can you tell?)

  • yup, he is at least going to try to kill Sam I think, like biblical Cain and Abel. I will break into one million pieces. I mean for real. I don’t think I can do that. please God please be anything but that. (and no killing Cas too, JUST NO!)

  • Thanks for write up! So my bets are on Dean’s eyes flashing black in the last scene. Can’t wait for that to happen! Jensen will kill us all with his performance!

  • @ Annie I’ll go crazy … That’s all I want to see beautiful black eyes of Dean. 😀 : D

  • Excellent M&G report. I was so disappointed I couldn’t attend but you always ask what I want to know. So THANKS.

    And yikes — I too have been betting on “DemonDean” for a week or so. I don’t want to see it but I’m betting on it.

    I can already tell hellatus is going to kill me.

  • “Jensen: Well, let me say this. I got to the last script, and just went ‘Oh. Wow. Oh wow. They went there.’ And that’s not something I often say.”

    Oh my gosh, I am freakin out in anticipation!!!!!!!

  • To play devil’s advocate (pun intended), I don’t think Dean kills Sam. I think Dean believes that he himself is now evil as Cain, and he becomes the next knight of hell, replacing Abaddon, and doing hell’s dirty work Dean definitely needs saving (in S10?)! Just sayin’…..

  • Our facebook group has been tossing around three ideas….Dean kills Sam….Dean kills Cas as he gets between Dean and Sam…and (my personal fave) Dean, in some way, becomes the King of Hell. Can not tell you how excited I am for the last episodes…so much so, that when the season actually DOES come to an end, the let down will be drastic…sigh…

  • Really??? He said they went there??? Which is weird, cuz i always say that about SPN!!! (one of the many reasons i love it so much) nSo if he’s saying it for the first time even after all those other epic developments, it’s must be universally mind-bogglingly epic, and i am so in love with EPIC!!! SQUEE!!! ~skips around happily 😀

  • Or Destiel happens! (Only kidding. Just wanted to make people’s heads explode. Actually, Jensen’s head would probably explode, so that would be a very bad thing. Never mind…)

    Very intriguing comment. Can’t wait to see it but the anticipation is just as much fun. (Does the season have to end, already?) Thanks for the teaser and the report from the Con!

  • Oh my friggin god! I cant wait for the season finale now!! But i hate to think i will have to go on a spn-free diet for about 5 months! Urgh!
    The part about the thrusts got me all red and i might or might not have been giving out heat waves at the ‘smirk’ing part! Oh, To have jensen smirking at you!! And the hug! I never get enough of the boys hugging, its so sweet!
    However, I cant think or rather, dont want to think about dean killing sam! I’d much rather go with demon!dean. That sounds quite sexy. And could you please tell about some of those ‘wicked pranks’? Please please please?? I am just dying to know about the pranks!!!

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