Jared and Jensen TorCon Meet and Greets – Sam and Dean In This Together


Toronto Con is always an emotional convention, and this year was no exception. It was also Canadian Thanksgiving, which meant I had some wonderful nights out with Canadian fangirl friends over good wine and delicious turkey dinner. More on the convention soon, but for now, some meet and greet excerpts! I was lucky enough to go to both Jared and Jensen’s meet and greets, and there were some great questions at both. Here are a couple of tidbits from Jensen’s:

Random question first: he likes Penny Dreadful, and is mock jealous of Josh Hartnett for playing such a cool character.

Most of the rest of the meet and greet was all about Supernatural, which made me a happy meet and greet attendee indeed. The first question was about the similarities between Season 11 and Season 1, seeing as the new season is a bit of a throwback and getting back to the basics of the first season. How have the brothers changed?

Jensen: Has everyone seen the premiere?

One fan: Um, no.

Jensen (gesturing toward the door in mock fury) Get out!

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Roadtrip! SPNFamily goes to NJCon



What a treat it was to DRIVE to a convention instead of fly! One of my university colleagues who also watches the Show came with me to Secaucus NJ (which the guests mostly called See-Cock-Us…) to help out in the vendor’s room to sell our Supernatural books. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the convention center cons, but the vendor’s “room” was just a portion of the giant floor, so I got to meet lots of people who had read the books and stopped by to say they really related to them as a fan of the Show (or stopped by to say “What? Books on Supernatural fandom? Misha wrote a chapter?”)

It was wonderful to meet so many of you and to hear what you liked about ‘Fangasm’ and ‘Fan Phenomena Supernatural’!

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NJCon 2015 – Jensen Meet and Greet Excerpts!


More from NJCon soon, but for now, I thought I’d share what I was able to go to – so here are some excerpts from Jensen’s meet and greet. Jensen and Jared both were in a great mood – they had mentioned a few weeks before that they’d planned to go see Book of Mormon on Saturday, and apparently they really enjoyed it. (There are a bunch of great pictures with some lucky fans who spotted them in the Big Apple.) That good mood carried over to Sunday as well, which made for a fun meet and greet.

A fan kicked off the conversation by asking about Jensen’s propensity for playing sarcastic self-hating heroic characters, like Alec in Dark Angel and Dean Winchester, and whether he sought out those roles or they just cast him in them.

Jensen (wryly) I don’t know… Maybe it’s me!

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DallasCon Sunday – Jensen and Jared and Supernatural’s Tenth Birthday


Here are a few of my favorite moments from Sunday – or at least the ones I managed to get photos of!

(See the previous two posts for Jensen’s meet and greet and Friday/Saturday goings on)

Misha surprised Jared and Jensen with a birthday cake to celebrate the actual tenth birthday of Supernatural – it felt pretty special to be celebrating with them on the actual anniversary. A decade ago a little Show came on the air that changed my life – and many of your lives too. And here we still are, ten years later!

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DallasCon Friday and Saturday – Favorite Moments In Pictures


DallasCon, like every Supernatural con, was filled with funny, touching and fascinating moments. It’s impossible to live tweet and take photos simultaneously, so I didn’t catch all of them. But here are some of my favorites that I happened to have my camera or phone handy to snap a photo. Stay tuned for Sunday’s happenings soon.

It wouldn’t be a Supernatural con without a beautiful Impala parked outside.

dallas con 2015 phone 208

Gil McKinney singing. That will always be one of my favorite things at a con. And cosplaying as Indiana Jones at karaoke. With a whip, y’all. I didn’t get any decent photos but make sure you check out some of the ones out there. I never knew Gil would make such a perfect Indiana Jones.

dallas con 2015 cam 006

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