What Happens In Vegas… Part 2 (Jam-Packed Supernatural Friday)


More beautiful photos from VegasCon, mostly taken by the talented and awesome @MamaPrior. With some help from RitaKF and a few by us. Enjoy.

Friday was a laid back day, kicking off with Curtis Armstrong, who is amazingly nice in real life for someone who plays a jerk like Metatron. (If you don’t believe me, check out our interview with him by clicking his name on the sidebar). Curtis fielded questions from his entire film and television history, with fans getting a chance to geek out over everything from Revenge of the Nerds all the way through to Supernatural. He says that Metatron is one of his top five roles ever, which is really saying something!

Curtis is a fanboy himself, and has been a Sherlock Holmes fan forever, which he proudly proclaimed onstage. He’s also funny as hell. Example:

The crowd groaned when Curtis mentioned Gary Busey.

Curtis: What, did he do something to the boys?

Pic by RitaKF
Pic by RitaKF
Richard fanboys a bit
Richard fanboys a bit

Yep. He gets it. He also admitted to being a bit confused when he first got the role on Supernatural.

Curtis: When I got the part, I went on Twitter and said, “I’m joining Supernatural – with the role of Megatron!”

Then it was time for Gil McKinney and Osric Chau. Gil and Osric were tossed onstage together in a rather impromptu (and unlikely) pairing at Gil’s first con, and they just clicked. They’ve been doing convention panels ever since, and their chemistry onstage never fails to make for a panel that leaves you smiling.

Gil to Osric: Is that chapstick, or are you just happy to see me?

Osric: (deadpans) Chapstick.

Gil remains both a bit flummoxed and entirely fascinated with Osric’s cosplay – look at that amazing Loki costume! The fan who put that one together deserves lots of kudos, but it also works because of the way that Osric can pull off whatever character he’s cosplaying so convincingly.



Gil couldn’t resist checking it out.

Osric: That feels good.




We love hearing Osric talk about his love of cosplay and fandom, his experience doing GISHWHES, and the ways in which being on Supernatural and being a part of this SPNFamily has changed his life. He always feels like ‘one of us’, perhaps because that’s exactly how he sees himself. (For more from Gil and Osric, click on their names on the sidebar to the right for some insightful interviews we’ve done with them in the past year)

Rob Benedict couldn’t resist trying on Osric’s wig and horns, which was hysterical. The thing about this entire cast onstage is that it’s not just what they do – it’s how they all react to each other. They are so genuinely amused by each other, and that amusement is just infectious. And heartwarming.


Osric's reaction
Osric’s reaction



Gil and Rob take an epic selfie
Gil and Rob take an epic selfie

Gotta say, I kinda like the vintage rock and roller look, Rob. Also, damn, the black hair brings out those pretty blue eyes.



Next up was Samantha Smith, who we haven’t seen at a convention in a while. Vegas was charged with excitement the entire four days thanks to the sheer number of Winchesters who were in attendance. We had Mary and John, Sam and Dean, and grandfather Henry all at one con! Not to mention the younger version of John Winchester too.

Samantha totally proved herself a fangirl by telling us that she has fan art of Mary on fire on the ceiling hanging in her bathroom. Bet that puts the guests at ease…



And she endeared herself to us even more by having us all send a message to Kim Rhodes, who wasn’t there – and who, it’s no secret, we adore.


Samantha is a fan of the Show and answered questions quite thoughtfully. She also floored us by actually remembering the first interview we did with her – for Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls and for an article we were writing for Supernatural Magazine. That was back in 2008, so it’s pretty impressive that she remembered! Anyone have that collector’s item?

However, don’t make Mama Winchester mad. I feel like four-year-old Dean might have seen this expression a time or two when he got too mischievous…


Believe it or not, Friday wasn’t done yet – we also were treated to Tim Omundson. And his amazing hair. And his equally amazing beard.

I feel like Omundson embodies the idea of a ‘versatile actor’ – how else to explain that I get goosebumps watching him as Cain on Supernatural and laugh myself silly watching him on Galavant? He’s so perfect in both roles, and they could not be more different. Now that’s acting! Apparently we’ll get to see some outtakes of Cain galavant-ing on this season’s gag reel.




We were also excited to meet Megan Padalecki, who was in the vendor’s room selling her adorable children’s book, Big Mo. If you haven’t picked one up yet for the baby on your list, it’s available on amazon! Her big brother joined her for a while to throw his support behind her project, and we chatted with Jared and with his mom about books and writing and teaching. You can see where Jared got his warm and welcoming personality.

On Friday night, I joined a group of fangirls for a delectable dinner and drinks at PF Chang’s in another casino – the only time I actually left the Rio and remembered I was in Vegas and it was WARM out. If you live on the US East Coast, you’ll understand why that was so blissful. I didn’t even care that it was raining. More show-related discussion ensued, along with gleeful recommendations of the best recent fanfiction and lots of alcohol-inspired ideas about how to (im)properly welcome Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the convention on Sunday. Fandom is nothing if not creative. And there’s nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of fangirls and being uncensored and real and just plain enjoying each other. It’s like Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls come to life.

I was having so much fun, I nearly missed karaoke, but made it back in time for the last hour. By the time I got there, Mark Pellegrino was in the crowd, belting out whatever song was being performed and holding up a microphone to encourage everyone else to sing their heart out too. Being in that crowd with everyone singing Carry On My Wayward Son at the top of our lungs is the kind of emotional experience everyone should have at least once in their life. And preferably more.

That’s all I have room for right now – stay tuned for Saturday shenanigans!

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