Right Where I Want To Be – Supernatural’s ‘Safe House’

WB/The CW - tweet Robbie Thompson
WB/The CW – tweet Robbie Thompson

The thing about Robbie Thompson episodes of Supernatural is that they feel like episodes of Supernatural. Or more accurately, they feel like an episode of Supernatural that fandom would conjure if left to our own devices. Maybe not as freewheeling as in fanfiction (okay, definitely not as freewheeling as in fanfiction), but as close as canon can get. So let’s just say I was pretty excited for this week’s episode – not only was it the end of mini hellatus, but it was a Robbie episode too!

Add to that the return of Bobby and Rufus and I was in fangirl heaven from the first frame. Flashbacks of Rufus and Bobby over the years set up the nostalgia and made me realize just how much I miss having Jim Beaver in my Show. Then, montage over, we’re immediately in the realm of a freaking scary beginning sequence – which, of course, is just as it should be.

That friggen’ hand grab!!!

Me: Crap, no sleep tonight.

Totally worth it though. Kudos VFX team.

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