Supernatural Texas Style – DallasCon Saturday


I only made it to part of Dallascon, thanks to a poorly scheduled department retreat (at least I thought it was poorly scheduled…) I flew in on Saturday afternoon, but luckily for me, Ben Bella (the publisher of our new book) is located in Dallas, so the production manager offered to pick me up. I had never met Monica, but she’s not only the production manager for ‘Family Don’t End With Blood,’ she’s a fellow Supernatural fan, so I was pretty sure we’d hit it off.

We did. In fact, we hit it off so well that we talked excitedly about the show and the boys and the book and the conversation was so scintillating that we missed our exit and ended up downtown. Oops. Scenic tour of downtown Dallas, and then we finally found the Westin. Not the Westin garage, which was hidden around a handily disguised U turn, however. A few more wrong turns (it was a theme of the day) and we finally made it into the garage, only to find large portions of it covered by stacks of building material and reams and reams of rolled up discarded carpets. Which meant very few parking spots. What the hell?

Eventually, in desperation, Monica proved her superior parking skills and parked the car sideways in several half-blocked spots with stacks of building materials in the other half. That wasn’t the only problem with the Westin, it soon became clear. The entire hotel was under construction – as in, the lobby was inaccessible and lots of men in hard hats standing on giant cranes were literally taking the place apart. With very loud drills and jackhammers and who knows what else. I repeat. What the hell?? Did they not remember they had booked a convention for thousands of people this weekend??

I was having flashbacks to my dismal hotel experience in Vegas last spring before long. There was only one restaurant open in the hotel and it was woefully understaffed and overwhelmed, which meant that there was no way to grab a quick bite when you have 45 minutes between panels. There were four elevators but at any given time usually only one or two were actually working, the others repeatedly getting stuck between floors and then taken out of commission. To add to the fun, they continued to do construction work on the escalators that took people from the ground floor to the convention floor, so there was literally no way to get between them but the already inadequate elevators. At times there were 100 people packed into the lobby entrance trying to get from the first floor to the second. Argh.

That said, the con itself was excellent. The seats were big enough and comfy (woohoo!), the stage was just the right height, and the guests were in great moods. Oh, and there were fangirls. Some of my favorite fangirls, who I hadn’t seen since Houston con a long long time ago – that went a long way toward forgetting just how awful the hotel situation was. (They did comp con guests one night, which I do appreciate).

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DallasCon Sunday – Jensen and Jared and Supernatural’s Tenth Birthday


Here are a few of my favorite moments from Sunday – or at least the ones I managed to get photos of!

(See the previous two posts for Jensen’s meet and greet and Friday/Saturday goings on)

Misha surprised Jared and Jensen with a birthday cake to celebrate the actual tenth birthday of Supernatural – it felt pretty special to be celebrating with them on the actual anniversary. A decade ago a little Show came on the air that changed my life – and many of your lives too. And here we still are, ten years later!

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DallasCon Friday and Saturday – Favorite Moments In Pictures


DallasCon, like every Supernatural con, was filled with funny, touching and fascinating moments. It’s impossible to live tweet and take photos simultaneously, so I didn’t catch all of them. But here are some of my favorites that I happened to have my camera or phone handy to snap a photo. Stay tuned for Sunday’s happenings soon.

It wouldn’t be a Supernatural con without a beautiful Impala parked outside.

dallas con 2015 phone 208

Gil McKinney singing. That will always be one of my favorite things at a con. And cosplaying as Indiana Jones at karaoke. With a whip, y’all. I didn’t get any decent photos but make sure you check out some of the ones out there. I never knew Gil would make such a perfect Indiana Jones.

dallas con 2015 cam 006

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DallasCon Jensen Meet and Greet Tidbits – Countdown to S11!


Other than being in a convention center with woefully long bathroom lines and a single food concession place, DallasCon was laid back and lots of fun. Some of my favorite fangirls were there to hang out with and the cast was in a great mood – Jensen and Jared got to spend time with their kids and families, many of whom were at the con, and Misha is all better and back to smiling a lot, which felt wonderful. More photos and commentary from the con soon, but for now, here are some tidbits from Jensen’s meet and greet.

I usually relate mostly show related things, because that’s what I’m usually dying to know and thus am likely to remember, but I’ll share a little non-show-related tidbit, because it was so cute I can’t leave it out. A fan told Jensen that Jared had said in his meet and greet that JJ screams (with joy) when she sees Tom and Shep (awwww). Jensen laughed and said yes, that’s true. And then added that when she sees him recently and he picks her up, she puts both hands on the sides of his face, cradling it, and says tenderly, “Oh Daddy…”

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Supernatural S10 is Almost Here!

bday 21

Well SPNFamily, the wait is almost over. Hellatus always seems endless and then suddenly it’s about to end and I’m not sure I’m ready! There’s more anticipation for Season 10 than I’ve felt in a while, from both the actors and the fans, and it’s building to a fever pitch right now. Kudos to the CW for giving us a Supernatural retrospective tomorrow night, which is certain to amp up the anticipation even more. It’s a good thing it’s fall break at my university for the next few days, because I’m pretty sure my excitement would have precluded any sort of coherent teaching anyway.

We thought we’d share some thoughts and some favorite moments from the last Supernatural convention in Dallas as we wait for the season to officially kick off. Moments that remind us why we’re still head over heels in love with this Show and immeasurably grateful for this diverse, passionate, sometimes-argumentative-but-tremendously-supportive fandom.

My favorite thing from DallasCon, hands down, was the celebration of Rob Benedict’s birthday. We’ve talked with most of the cast more than once about how they have all become bonded, as much from the experience of hitting the road and doing conventions together as from working together on Supernatural. Some of the actors never even shared the small screen, but they’ve become close friends after spending weekends together and singing karaoke together and travelling the world together to meet the fans. That closeness was evident as Jared, Jensen, Misha, Tahmoh and Richard surprised Rob on the day of his actual birthday.

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