Supernatural Convention Comes to Denver!



I had no intention of going to the Supernatural convention in Denver, but somehow I ended up there anyway. I’d missed the previous Denver convention so had never had a chance to bring Family Don’t End With Blood to Colorado, and that alone was enough to convince me to go. Add to that the fact that I love Colorado, where my aunt and uncle lived for much of my childhood, so I have wonderful memories from all over the state. And I wanted to meet new SPNFamily member and friend Kaci Marie Lister, who I ‘met’ virtually when I was in Austin for Supernatural Day. So off I went to beautiful Colorado!

The west coast fires had created so much ash in the atmosphere that it mostly obscured my view of the mountains, which was a shame. But the weather was beautiful and I was amongst my SPNFamily, so that more than made up for the lack of mountain views. I met up with Kaci and her friend for dinner and to do a little vlogging, since she was doing a vlog of their exploits at the con, and I caught up with my on-the-road buddies Liz and Kristen for pizza, who I miss tons when we don’t get to hang out for a period of time. It was wonderful to be able to spread the word about Family Don’t End With Blood to so many people who hadn’t heard about it too. This was a repeated conversation.

Me to someone perusing the table with a quizzical expression: Have you heard about the book? This is the one that the Supernatural actors wrote chapters for…

Person: The Supernatural actors wrote a book??????!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came back to the table the next day to tell me that I ruined their sleep because they couldn’t stop reading it. Blame all those actors and fans who wrote the compelling chapters!

Friday kicked off with Rich and Rob and Louden Swain, and a bunch of non G rated banter, including a song about Misha, Rob’s b-hole and you, and something about microphone condoms, which prompted me to tweet with #OffTheRailsAlready. And it was only Friday!

I really loved the ballroom for Denver, which was smaller than the giant rooms I’m used to – it brought back memories of the early cons and felt cozy and a little more intimate (as intimate as you can get in a ballroom full of people…)  Richard looked around at the giant stage banners that are always in the room – this room was smaller, so the banners were closer.

Richard: Why are the stage banners staring at us? Jared is undressing us all with his eyes, and Jensen is like, why are you all undressing??

Richard puts his foot on the thing

Denver was also notable for being the first (of many?) cons during which a fan asked pretty much every guest to take part in a giant game of Mad Libs that spanned the whole con. I got a kick out of watching people’s faces when they got the dreaded “adverb”. lol

Rachel Miner was first up, and she had a lot of inspiring things to say.

Rachel on playing Meg:  As women we’re used to always worrying about how others are feeling, so it’s freeing to play someone who just doesn’t.

There are many lines she loved delivering as Meg.

Rachel: I loved saying go save your brother, my unicorn. It’s so rare that a woman gets to sacrifice herself and save the day

Rachel is a joyful Megstiel shipper, and she said she likes to think that Meg has been looking out for Cas this whole time, even though we don’t see her on the show.

She also talked about coming to terms with her own perfectionism.

Rachel: I don’t look in the mirror a lot. I spent too much of my life nitpicking. But you guys make me feel less self conscious…. I realized the times I wasn’t able to have a good effect in the world was when I was so worried about my flaws, I couldn’t connect with another human.

She said she screen grabbed every one of the Gish items of her as a unicorn to look at when she’s struggling, a great example of the way that Supernatural and fandom have changed the actors as much as they have changed the fans – that’s what the chapter Rachel wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood is all about.

Fans would love to see Meg back on the show, and Rachel talked about what that would be like.

Rachel: I was worried about people being uncomfortable with me in the chair, then I thought of Stephen Hawking and realized all I ever thought was he’s brilliant. So if I came back as Meg, I’d want to be in the chair. There’s a serious lack of representation out there.

Next up was Jason Manns, who played his customary “quoncert”. We got some Wagon Wheel and some Station Breaks, and then Jason answered a few questions and sang a few more songs.

Billy showed off his guitar prowess by wearing two at once while he tuned Jason’s.

A fan asked who he would like to play on Supernatural.

Jason: Anyone who doesn’t say a Winchester is lying!

Recently, Jason has had the pleasure of producing some of the Supernatural actors on their first recordings, which he said he enjoys quite a bit.

Jason: The best part of producing is working with people who haven’t recorded a lot. It’s not about Briana hitting the exact notes someone else did, people want to hear Briana be Briana.

Why yes we do! If you haven’t picked up Briana’s new CD yet, what are you waiting for?

Speaking of Briana, she and Kim were up next on Friday. Kim said that she had just filmed an episode of Supernatural.

Briana: I feel like I’ll find out about filming an episode on Twitter first…

Briana did say that after the events of ‘Breakdown’, she thinks that Donna will probably be a little harder after all she’s been through..

Briana:  I always liked that she’s a complex character.

Kim talked about why she became an actor, which is some of what she wrote about in her chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood – and how the fandom changed things for her.

Kim: I had a deep need to be heard. The answer to fear is forward.

Briana added that fear is sometimes just the unknown. I found my place in the world when I started talking to you guys. It inspires me to be a better person and I’m so lucky.

In the chapter she wrote, she chronicles her journey to confidence and the impact of the SPNFamily in finding hers.

And now she’s got a CD out!

Kim and Briana’s panels run the gamut from laugh out loud to make you cry, and this one was no exception.

As always, Kim and Briana also talked about how important their friendship is to both of them.

Kim: When I lose myself and my momentum, it’s this one (hugs Briana).

They made sure we all knew that they aren’t standing still in the aftermath of Wayward Sisters.

Kim and Briana: Nobody here is sad. We’re so excited about what’s to come!

Denver Con Friday was weird because it was also Misha day instead of Saturday as is usual. So needless to say, there was a lot of energy in the air on Friday!

It was almost Misha’s birthday, so his fellow actors threw him a little birthday bash, including the Denver con original Borja shirt. Awww.

Misha was a good sport and put on the crown and lei that were also part of his gift. Handsome, isn’t he?


Then it was time for a typical Misha panel – that is, in turns hilarious and very moving.

He talked about the continuing saga of being peed on by your kids, and commented on how fame has changed him.

Misha: Yesterday I was digging out a booger and thought oh no someone could be taking a video….

There were some show questions about Castiel, which I always enjoy.

Misha said that Castiel’s deep voice has been hard to sustain. Once he went to the doctor because his throat was chronically sore, only to find out it was from doing the Cas voice!

And he admits the character has changed over time.

Misha: The character at first was very commanding. Then he morphed into being more like me, a socially awkward nerd….I was trying to establish angels as being a certain way but then everyone else played them normal and so I was just the damaged angel!


Poor Misha.

He also talked a bit about the history of pranks that Jared and Jensen have played on him (especially before there was Alex to take up some of the slack)

Misha: Jared and Jensen got very proactive while I was directing and even consulted with the crew about how to prank me. They undid the backs of the chair so I kept falling down when I tried to sit on it. Jared gave me a pie in the face, then Jensen was a gentleman and brought me a clean t shirt. Then we filmed another scene and HE gave me a pie in the face!

I have always enjoyed my conversations with Misha about fandom and everything that comes with it. He talked a bit about the evolution of the okayness of talking about certain subjects at conventions or just openly, like subtext or the ubiquity of eyefucks on SPN or even about RPF fanfic. Some people no doubt groaned, but I mostly appreciate that we can just talk about it and not be all shhhhh.

Misha also talked a bit about being politically active, something else I appreciate about him.

Misha: I’m relishing being able to be politically engaged. I feel like it’s a moral imperative to try to effect change.

And he’s doing it!

So that was an epic Friday. I may have collapsed before karaoke was over, annnnnnd then it was Saturday!

David Haydn Jones kicked things off.

Fan: Okay, so where do we stand on Ketch?

David: He’s off doing Ketch things…bathing in tears of loneliness… needed a hug and some therapy…..

Fan: How did you like working with Samantha Smith as Mary “in that capacity”?

David: That’s a new euphemism…

Also David: My head canon is Ketch seeing Bobby and Mary together and being like, oh HELL no!

David talked candidly about the challenges of playing a “bad guy” who does bad things.

David: When Ketch killed Eileen, Shoshannah (Stern) was so wonderful, and we knew how hated he would be for that.

I tweeted that and Shoshannah responded with all the love for David, because this SPNFamily is just like that!

David is well aware that being on Supernatural has been an extraordinary opportunity, for which he’s grateful.

David: To get a great role is great enough, I had no idea about all this, the conventions, charities. There was none of this when I was growing up a lonely nerd. When I try to tell people about the SPNFamily, I say it’s like discovering a new tribe. My heart has grown 10 sizes.

He is also grateful for the rest of the cast.

David: Out of the gate, Jensen and Jared were so friendly and welcoming, hugs all around after, and I thought oh this is why this show has been around so long.

Even though he did re-tell the story of being pranked by the boys when they managed to make a mortar and pestle into something distinctly phallic.

As for where Ketch will be in Season 14?

David: I feel like it should be titled Supernatural: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think Ketch could be useful but I feel like he’s out there moping all lonely now. I want to know more about Ketch’s back story. Did he really have a twin and that’s who he had to kill? How did he feel about that tattoo? Samantha and I talked about it, and we’re assuming that Sam and Dean explained to Mary why Ketch was there with them. And she was probably like, “stay away from me!” I tried to throw some looks in there to that effect but there was no room for much.

Saturday also had the Ladies of Awesome panel, this time with Kim, Briana, Ruth, Rachel and surprise guest Alaina Huffman!

There was a lot of discussion about what it means to be “badass” and whether that term is problematic or empowering or does it depend?

Briana: There’s no definition of badass, we can define it. You can just be proud of what makes you an individual.

Alaina: Sometimes being a badass is about being apologetic.

Alaina said she started working at age 12, and that she’s negotiating that with her own daughter now.

As they talked about things they’d learned along the way and what they’d struggled with, Ruth gave the SPNFamily credit.

Ruth: My biggest learning is being part of this big great dysfunctional family, you’ve given me that. (It’s what she writes about in Family Don’t End With Blood too)

Rachel: I’ve always been so afraid of being imperfect and being in the way, and you guys are changing that for me.


Briana: My struggle was feeling okay about my body. I developed tools that would let me feel good, like acting, and I started to love and accept my body and being nice to it. Every day I send love to that 8 year old girl who was bullied at every birthday party.

.Okay, I admit that I was openly tearing up at that point. It never fails that either Kim or Briana get to me – they are just so damn honest! Thinking of any of them being bullied just makes me want to go back in time and tackle the offending kids!

They are all so supportive of each other, and their affection for each other is so clear. Tissues!

Kim also talked about the power of listening and not making assumptions, relating her own powerful experience with a teacher who started out making her stay after class to wash her mouth out with soap, and ended up being the first person to ask WHY this little girl had said what she did.

Yep, tears again.

It wasn’t all serious tears though.

Kim said that yesterday Misha was mad at her because he was backstage when she met a fan’s dog named Misha and said that was the only Misha she’d let tongue kiss her.

They were asked what would they do if they were turned into Sam and Dean, and Briana helpfully demonstrated – because of course you’d want to play with their dicks!

And eventually a conversation about Ruth sucking a lemon became both hilarious and incredibly dirty, with lemons up all sorts of places. I think you had to be there.

R2M followed K2R2A (see what I did there?) which continued the hilarity.

The panel began with the traditional Matt-climbs-on-a-chair-while-Rob-and-Rich-hold-it-and-leaps, but with a lovely little affectionate Rob face caress in the midst.

They got the what’s your spirit animal question, which prompted Matt to talk about the geoduck (pronounced, oddly, gooey duck), which is his. It’s a giant clam and wow is it ever gross. Which is obviously its major appeal as well. #Boys

A fan asked who they would want to be handcuffed to for 24 hours, Jared or Jensen?

Richard: Why are we enacting your fantasies?

Matt: I’d be handcuffed to Jensen, he smells so good….

Me: Truth…


Matt Cohen puts his foot on the thing

Rob: I’d be handcuffed to Jared, I’d be like a scarf just draped around him and hanging off him…

Richard: Scout, can you put that on a tee shirt? [Shout out to Scoutstiel lol]

What can I say, they really got into that question. Which is totally understandable.

They were asked about J2 pranks, as often happens at cons.

Richard: Oh….Jared and Jensen taking terrible pictures of themselves on my phone? Or texting my wife as though I thought I was texting another woman? Essentially they ruined my life…

There were also some more serious moments. I love that Rich and Rob are so proud of Matt for his success on General Hospital and take every opportunity to applaud him for it.

Matt also talked about how Supernatural and the fandom have changed him – he writes about all the ways the show and the fans have impacted him in his chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood.

Rob’s chapter is also one of the most powerful ones in the entire book – he takes you moment by moment through the stroke he had at a Supernatural convention and how he survived with the help of his fellow actors and the SPNFamily.

Rob had this to say when someone asked him, what would he do if he really was God?

Rob: If I really was God and had the power, we’d all accept each other and it wouldn’t matter — sex, sexuality, race, religion, how you identify, whatever. Because if not, what’s the point?

Indeed. Well said Rob.

But really, there’s nothing better than all three of them cracking each other up. With a trom-boner joke…

We also had  a Mark Pellegrino panel – predictably, Mark refused to answer the question of whether or not Lucifer is really dead, preferring to tease with hints in all directions.

Someone asked if he wanted a Lucifer redemption arc, and he quipped “some of the writers do”.

That was met with mixed reaction, including from me. I kind of don’t want that moment taken away from Sam and Dean, after trying so long and so hard to make it happen. Or from Cas and Jack either. Hmmm.

Mark himself has mixed feelings about the character.

Mark: I think Lucifer has some loyalty.

Everyone: To himself!

Mark: Yeah, okay… Gabriel did call me a big bag of dicks. He’s not wrong!

Mark said that working with Danneel Ackles was great, because she was very open and collaborative.

Mark: She said, if I do anything you don’t like, let me know. That kind of openness is rare for an actor.

[Now that I’ve heard Danneel and Jensen do commentary on one of those episodes, I can see what he meant – she was nervous returning to the screen after a few years, and she seems remarkably non-defensive. Which probably allowed her to get back into it more easily!]

He also had some kudos for Hillywood Show’s Supernatural Parody 2, especially for Misha Collins’ performance. I totally agree with him, btw, Misha was incredible in it!

Mark had some kind words for Jared and Jensen too.

Mark: What are Jared and Jensen like? They’re good guys, they create a great working environment. And they’re handsome, easy on the eyes.

Can’t argue that!

Oh, and Mark got the ‘adverb’ question for the ongoing Mad Libs game. Stiffly!

Saturday is always one of my favorite things, and this Saturday Night Special was awesome. David Haydn Jones did some introductions, as did Alex Calvert.

Matt Cohen did his rockstar thing.

Photographer extraordinaire Chris Schmelke joined the band on bass for “Juliet”.

Ruth Connell was clearly nervous when she came onstage, hiding her face while she got her courage up (which was adorable). She writes about her fear of performing in her chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood, and how she began to overcome it with the help of the cast and the fandom.

And then she turned into a rockstar and had us all singing along.


Kim Rhodes raised a little hell. Okay, a lotta hell.

Briana treated us to a song from her new CD, which I happen to love.

Briana to Rob: If you wanna be me, you need this…

Jason and Rob sang Hallelujah beautifully.

Station Breaks let Jason do his endless long note for Slightest Thing.

Richard took the mic (and a guitar) for a great version of “Sixteen Tons”

And then there were the Louden Swain tour de force performances including three of my favorites, Eskimo, Leg Up, and This is How.

A rare good shot of Stephen Norton at the drums!


There were beautiful lights for She Waits and then a raucous rendition of Mama’s Jam to end a wonderful show.  Everyone was so filled with joy during Mama’s Jam, we were all overflowing with it, cast and fans alike. I’ll never get over how lucky we are to have the SNS as part of Supernatural cons – other cons have tried to duplicate it, but you just can’t do that without a band like Louden Swain. Thanks, guys.



Sunday was J2 day as always. Jared immediately almost broke the mic stand, and Jensen rolled his eyes.

Jensen to Jared: There’s no mic stand that can withstand you, you hang on it like a monkey!

Jared and Jensen also gave a big shout out to Hillywood Show and making the Supernatural Parody 2, which they clearly enjoyed. Jensen teased Jared about wanting to play with the proton packs (and also talked about how amazingly detailed they were) – I asked him, how much fun was it to be a Ghostbuster? He was like, what do you think?!

No, but seriously, those lonnnnnngggggggggg lonnnngggggggg legs…. Urgh.

Jensen also told a hilarious story, which I’d heard before but honestly they can tell repeat stories and make me laugh all over again. This one was the time Dean was supposed to be holding a trash can and burning something in it, and the fire started burning his hand for real and Jared just couldn’t hold it together. They half re-enacted it and it was as hysterical as the first time.

Jensen also related the story of how he found out that he and Danneel were having twins. He and Jared were coming back from a con and she met him at the airport. JJ ran up and gave him a card and that’s how he found out. Jensen quipped that it was a safe place to tell him because he couldn’t freak out in a public place. He also gave a shout out to the person who helps Danneel out with the kids during the week when he’s working in Vancouver, saying how lucky they are to be able to have help like that.  I think sometimes the gratitude that this cast feels for what they have and what it’s allowed them to do is the thing that keeps them more grounded than most. It is a privilege and they are lucky – and they know it.

They found time to tease Misha a bit too.

Jared: Misha has a brand new fancy car.

Jensen: It’s not that fancy. You plug it in – it’s so Misha!

It is. And I love that about him.

Of course there were questions about Season 14 and about Jensen being Michael, including how it was for Jared not having Dean there. Will Sam interact with Michael?

 Jared: Without giving away too much, it would be very different to be Sam with Michael.

He added that the first time he saw Jensen as Michael was at Comic Con, which was the first time we saw him too!

They both had a few serious things to say too. Jensen was auctioning off a shirt that’s his own personal shirt to benefit the fan support hotline. And both Jared and Jensen talked with such fondness about Sam and Dean, and how they feel about their characters.

Jared: We both empathize with our characters, and that affects you.

Jensen: We know our characters very well and I hope I can keep doing this a long time.

So do we!!

In between the gold panel and the afternoon J2 panel, we had a Creation first – a panel of Ruth Connell and Mark Pellegrino.

Ruth got in a lot of teasing, which was fun to watch.

Ruth: I love that Rowena doesn’t’ say I’m sorry.

Mark: No self esteem issues, huh?


Fan: What law would you create for one day if you had that power?

Ruth: Naked belly dancing.

Mark: (eyebrows up) Wow…

Ruth to Mark (about Rowena and Lucifer): We were meant to be.

Fan at the mic: I ship it.

Ruth: I ship it too.

From there the conversation somehow veered off to Rowena being with Gabriel now, or maybe with Lucifer too…

Mark: But he’s my brother!

Ruth: That’s so Rowena…

Me: lol I love Rowena

On a more serious note, Ruth said she was so impressed that Mark and his wife have watched the entire series (they’re big Supernatural fans).

We also got an Alex Calvert panel, which is always a treat. Much like the other actors, Alex is already very aware that being on Supernatural is an incredible opportunity.

Alex: My whole life has changed so much because of this.

He said he’s still getting to know the SPN Family.

Alex: I’m getting to know my fellow cast and you guys gradually. I just found out that Rob Benedict was in this film I really love!

Alex: I keep wondering when I’m gonna meet God, or in this case Chuck. Actually I saw him last night and he’s pretty f-cking good at guitar!

[Fanboy Alex is an adorable thing to behold]

Someone asked if he was going to perform at the SNS eventually. Alex claims he has no musical talent, but he also didn’t totally count it out.

Alex: They keep asking me, can you sing? No. Play an instrument? No. Dance? No. But who knows what I’ll be doing by the end of the year…



Alex said that his most embarrassing moment (so far) had to do with that well-known naked scene.

Alex: Right before I had that naked scene I got a partial sunburn they had to cover up.

He clearly has a fondness for his character already, and for the rest of the Supernatural universe.

Alex: I’m super worried that Jack is gonna do something awful and you guys are gonna blame me.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how Jack has been impacted by everything that happened to him at the end of Season 13.

In response to the ‘who is Jack’s dad’ question, Alex was diplomatic.

Fan: Who do you consider more your father?

Alex: Maury Povitch. Actually I feel like it’s Jack with his three cool uncles.

At the end of the panel, Alex got a very sad version of the last question song – but later, the band and Jared and Jensen would make it up to him.

Shenanigans continued at the J2 main panel.

Jared starts out by explaining why mules are sterile.

Jensen falls asleep.

Apparently this was a large part of their conversation yesterday, much to Jensen’s dismay. LOL

Jared did get a rim shot from Norton though. They were asked about pet peeves.

Jared: My pet peeve is Speighteenth takes.  (shout out to director Richard)

Jensen: My pet peeve is Jared leaving his chewed gum on the counter.


A fan asked what sounded like a very unusual question by leading with “where has all the sex gone?”  Jared and Jensen were clearly confused, and later my tweet of that started an interesting discussion about the Winchesters’ sex lives. I’m in the camp of that’s not really what the show is about, but YMMV. Of course, that totally IS what fanfic might be about…

They were also asked what story lines didn’t ring true for them, knowing their characters like they do.

Jared reiterated what he’s said before, that he didn’t think Sam would have behaved like he did in the story arc with Amelia – which I totally completely a million percent agree with! In fact, I spent most of that time arguing that it wasn’t reality but some kind of trauma-induced hallucination that Sam was having. I swear that’s where the show was originally intending to go, blurry camera views and ridiculous birthday cake in the park fantasies included. But I digress.

Jensen said he thought that Dean came around to being accepting of Jack too quickly – he thought, Dean being Dean, that it would take longer.

Jensen: But that’s what fit the story.

They also talked about some uncomfortable scenes to film.

Jensen: I had to dive down a very fresh hole, with all that entails…

Jared: (loses it)

Jensen: He spends most of his time in the gutter…

Someone mentioned Jensen’s character on Days of Our Lives, Eric Brady.

Fan to Jensen: But where are the frosted tips?

Jared: Wouldn’t you like to know…

They talked about the 300th episode coming up this season, and Jared said that he thought they should base it on the movie ‘The 300’

Jensen: Because, costumes?

Jared: Naked is a costume…

I like the way you think, Jared.

I have no clue what prompted them to be up and about, but I rather enjoy these photos anyway.

We also had Jensen wanting an episode of Dean at the race track with Sam working in the pit, which got us Jensen acting out overly competitive Dean at the track.

And someone suggested a crossover with The Walking Dead.

Jensen: If we had a crossover with TWD, they’d have to call it “Not Anymore”.

Jared: (more seriously) I still want to see Wayward Sisters.


Again, I love the way this cast supports each other. I’ll never really get over it – and at its best, the fandom is the same way.

Jared, per usual, turned himself into a pretzel curled up on his chair (which is all kinds of adorable). Jensen was rather fascinated with Jared’s flexibility, even getting up from his chair to inspect it like he couldn’t quite believe Jared was actually comfy like that.


A fan asked Jared the interesting question, how would the Mark of Cain have affected Sam?

Jensen: (leaning in) Do tell…

There were serious moments too. A fan thanked Jared for his Always Keep Fighting campaign, and Jared immediately corrected her.

Jared: OUR Always Keep Fighting campaign.

He really means that – it’s what the 30 page chapter he wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood is all about. So far I’ve only met two people who could read his chapter without the tears overflowing. It’s that personal and powerful.

They both talked about how important Sam and Dean and Supernatural are to them.

Jensen: Some of my favorite scenes are the heartfelt moments between the brothers.

Me: Me toooooooooooooo!

And yes, Jared and Jensen want a vote at the table about how the show ends.

Jared and Jensen: We’ve invested too much.

And we’re all thankful!

Alex joined them for the last question song, which seemed to make his day.

Then Jared and Jensen made a young fan’s day by singing happy birthday to her. Her reaction was something that I think every single person in the audience could relate to.

Here’s a little video clip of the last question song and Jared and Jensen both singing happy birthday to that lucky fan –

Last Question and Happy Birthday in Denver – Jared, Jensen, Rob and Alex

Jared and Jensen gave each other the traditional fist bump and thanked the fans, then waved goodbye.

Then it was time for the last panel of the day – a Kings of Con panel with Rob and Rich!

Rich teased Rob about his habit of making out (onscreen) with his costars’ wives.

Rich: In Waiting 2, Rob makes out with Danneel. And he’s made out with Matt’s wife. And he’s ogled my wife’s bottom.

Rob: I’m writing a part for Gen Padalecki right now…

Richard said that he thinks that Gabriel would have loved having Jack around.

Rich: He’d try to prove he’s not the screw up they say he is.

Rob: And I’d be stoked about Jack – he’s my grandson!


Someone asked Richard if he’d consider a career in politics, and he laughed.

Richard: Frankly my political career has been ruined by photo ops by you guys…

We also got the good news that there may be good news for Kings of Con soon, as in we may be getting more – fingers crossed everyone!!

That panel ended with the reading of the con mad libs, which I think might become a new tradition at Supernatural cons. They were, as is the case of pretty much all mad libs, hilarious.

And that was Denver con! Rich and Rob and Louden Swain sang ‘It’s the End of the Con As We Know It’ and we all sang along.

I grabbed a few hours of sleep and got up at 4 am to catch a flight back home, but was I glad I went to Denver con? You betcha.

Though I was pretty tired when I turned around and headed to Charlotte for the next con four days later….stay tuned for more from Charlotte, where I had my partner in crime, Kim, to take pretty pictures!


Check out all the chapters written by the

Supernatural actors in Family Don’t End

With Blood, links on the home page!


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  • I was there and it was an epic con. We had formed a chat group ahead of the con and had plans to meet thurs night for dinner and Friday morning for breakfast. We have become really close. This fandom is like no other and your books just add to it. It was great seeing you again

  • I’ve been to my share of cons and Denver was special. Smaller crowd, lots of new faces/perspectives in the audience, and the cast seemed to love it.

    • I really hope they come back to Denver, it did have a very special feel to it – I loved the smaller ballroom!

  • I had an absolute blast at SPN Denver. Met so many wonderful fellow fans. Truly an epic experience which I miss terribly. It all flew by in the blink of an eye.

    • Con weekends definitely go by way too fast – hopefully this article helps you capture some good memories 🙂

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