Back To Where It All Began – Supernatural Chicago Con 2018!


Chicago Con is always special, because it was my very first Supernatural Creation con. That was now over ten years ago, which is kinda hard to believe because it seems like a second ago, and yet it also seems like a long long time ago. A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. I’m incredibly grateful that so many of the people I met at that very first con – on both sides of the stage – are still there. It says something about the loyalty of both the fans and the cast to this show that continues to inspire us. And more than ten years of cons later? That’s pretty special.

Rob hosted Friday, since Richard was up in Vancouver preparing to direct Supernatural.

Rob: Richard’s not here because he’s in Vancouver directing Supernatural. Which is kinda fun, because I get to tell you that guess what? I love Perth!

The audience roared at the long-standing in joke.

Rob reminisced about doing his very first Supernatural convention right here in Chicago – immediately after filming the convention episode of the show! I still remember how blown away he was that day. He kept exclaiming, “this is so weird, this is so weird”. It was all kinds of adorable. And I love that Rob and Rich are two of the people who can look back on so many years of cons, and on their evolution from simply guest performers doing one panel to the linchpins of the entire convention weekend. I’m 100% sure that one of the reasons the cons have continued for so long is because Richard Speight Jr. is the consummate host and Rob Benedict and Louden Swain are the most kickass “house band” you could ever wish for.

Rob showed off this con’s traditional Borja shirt, one of the newer traditions that Supernatural cons have spawned. Every con has a shirt in honor of Mike Borja now – hard to explain, but let’s just say it’s already a beloved tradition. This con’s was “Air Borja” and Rob proudly showed it off.

Two of my favorite people, who have been doing the Creation Supernatural cons since they began over a decade ago, kicked off the Chicago con – Chad Lindberg and Gabriel Tigerman. Chad looked like a rockstar and Gabe looked like the boy next door, and I was ridiculously happy to have them onstage together again.

“We’re the Friday fluffers,” Chad joked, saying that they’d get the crowd revved up for the rest of the guests – and they did! Not only did they have us laughing, but they cracked each other up too, which was adorable.

Gabe joked that his first day on set, Chad was also there and J2 “introduced” them.

Gabe: My first day on set, Jensen was like, ‘look it’s Jack Sparrow! (meaning Chad)  He’s so good’. And I thought, this show is a party!

The two rekindled their long-standing bromance.

Gabe as Chad leans in close: You could get lost in those eyes…

They also reminisced about that time Gabe was at his mom’s house and stumbled upon some racy fanfic starring him and Chad.

Gabe: Without fans, I would never have read slash fiction about you and me.

(And then he met Chad for the first time. Awkwardly).

Someone asked who they would take with them if stranded on a desert island.

Chad: I’d take Richard. He’s amusing, he gets things done…. I don’t know if he’d be a comforting presence keeping me warm at night though.

Gabe: I’d take Jared. He can reach high things. And you know, warmth at night…

I’ve missed Chad and Gabe being at cons, so it was a real treat to have them here. They contributed quite a bit to our very first books on Supernatural and fandom, Fandom At The Crossroads and Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls. Great to see you again, guys!

Rachel Miner was up next. When she comes out on stage, there is always such joy on her face – and she’s met with similar expressions as fans welcome her to the con.

A fan asked which episode, of the ones she was in, was her favorite.

Rachel: My favorite is Goodbye Stranger, because Robbie Thompson wrote it.

Me: (screams into the void) Robbbbiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Yes, I miss him, what can I say?

Rachel also had sweet things to say about her Random Acts colleague, Misha Collins.

Rachel: My favorite memories with Misha are us talking about books, and about psychological theories…we’re both nerds.

And we love that they are. Rachel wrote a chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood about how the SPNFamily has impacted her, and she talked about it onstage too.

Rachel: When I wasn’t going to come to cons anymore, when I thought I couldn’t do it because of needing the scooter, you guys said “no.” Thank you for that. You guys give me purpose in the world.

She feels like the relationship between her character and Misha’s (Meg and Cas) on the show was a special one.

Rachel: I feel like Cas and Meg were drawn together. There was loyalty there, and admiration, and it wasn’t about gender.

In fact, if Rachel could be any other character, she said she’d be Castiel.

Rachel: He’s such a great character. I feel like I’m also always trying to figure out how to do human.

David Haydn-Jones brought his Makin’ Bacon challenge to Chicago, which is both an original song and a way of contributing to Alzheimers research.

His tee shirt is a reflection of both his history with the fandom and what he’s trying to do in terms of making change in the world.

David: When people started saying <3 to me on social media I was like oh no, they’re rating me as less than three! Now it stands for kindness, compassion and inclusivity.

He said he really enjoyed filming the scenes with Ketch and Dean on the snow-covered mountain last season, when they had some bonding moments.

David: It was so great finding the meat on the bone in that episode with Jensen. They have that man sharing moment. And then Jensen and I had a glass of scotch in his trailer.

Well, what’s not to like?

David is well known for enjoying engaging with the fandom, even when fans disagree among themselves.

David: The great thing about this show is that it’s Season 14 and you guys are still passionately arguing about these characters!

Jason Manns gave his customary “quoncert” and was the first to tell us about a prank that Jared and Jensen pulled on Richard Speight after Jason had taken over hosting duties at a con – an email that Jason would be the new host, replacing poor Richard. It was a funny story when Jason told it, and later we heard it again from Richard’s point of view, which was even more hilarious.

Jason just recorded a cover of A Change Is Gonna Come with Justin Guarini, to benefit Random Acts. I love how this entire family all works together, always supporting each other and helping each other out. And we, the fandom, are the lucky beneficiaries (and fellow contributors).  Jason is also working on a new album of cover songs, and will be doing one with Richard Speight Jr. soon (in spite of the prank…but that was really on J2 anyway). And of course, he just finished producing Briana Buckmaster’s brand new album, Begin.

Friday night was a raucous karaoke. I went with my friend Alana and her cousin, all of us hoping that DJ Liz would play ‘Africa’ because we’d been singing it all day anyway. I kept saying I was going to be good and call it a night (and then failing to leave) but it’s a good thing I didn’t because yep, they played some Toto. And it was as satisfying as I’d anticipated.

I stayed right through the last song, the traditional rendition of Carry On Wayward Son – then it was off to bed for a few precious hours of sleep!

Since I was also in the vendor room with copies of all our books, I got a chance to meet lots of fellow fans and to reconnect with some fans I’ve been friends with since those first conventions – that’s one of the best parts of any con, and I love hearing from people who have read Family Don’t End With Blood and been inspired by it.


It was a panel of awesome the next day with Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connell, Rachel Miner and Lisa Berry.

Kim, per usual, made me tear up.

Kim on the tattoo she got for her daughter: If I do my job right, someday when she runs away she won’t look back. I wanted this to be her always looking back.

Me: Tissues…

Kim and Briana talked a little about their disappointment that Wayward Sisters didn’t get picked up as a spinoff, but Kim also had some wise words about how to cope.

Kim: The danger with big dreams is they might not happen. Don’t say “I’ll be happy when”. Be fucking happy now.

A fan who had Briana’s new album told her that listening to it made her cry four times, and that made Briana tear up too.

All her colleagues were enthusiastic in their support of Briana’s new venture, which is one of the things I so love about this entire cast. And we got to wish her a happy birthday too!

Briana: I feel like everything I have is because of you guys.

She writes about all the changes Supernatural has brought to her life in her chapter of Family Don’t End With Blood, and it’s clear she really means that. Kim Rhodes writes about that in her chapter as well.

Kim: The fandom has made me believe I have value.

Lisa makes no apologies for being a Supernatural fan herself.

Lisa: I’ve watched the series a couple of times through and I’m not ashamed of that.

What would they all like to see for their characters?

Kim: I’d like to see Jody fuck up for once.

Lisa: I’d like to see Death eat a salad. With Dean.

Ruth: I’d like to find out that Rowena all this time really has been creating the Mega Coven.

Rachel (whose character is the only one that’s dead on the show): I’d like to see Meg do anything!

Lisa: You do know I can bring people back….

Everyone: (cheers)

At one point, Rachel was relating some of the dangerous stunts she’s been asked to do in the past, and it was nice to see the rest of the women get protective.

Kim: I’m so angry at them for putting you in danger!

They also told a lot of funny stories from set, including that time Ruth tried to prank Jensen and Jared by carrying in some lube (which they do use on the show….for other reasons…) and making some innuendos about it. J2 didn’t laugh, and then Misha just picked her up and carried her off.

Briana also got in a prank when she was in the back seat of Baby and the boys were in the front. She popped up from the back and asked “who’s next?” then leapt over the seat asking “is that a French fry??”. Jared laughed so hard he had to literally get out of the car. Score!

You have to get them in when you can, apparently.

Ruth: I’m on set and the script says “our heroes eyef-ck” so Jensen, Jared and Misha are just ALL over it, and I’m over there like, what does a girl have to do around here??

Rachel (lamenting) No one is scared of me.

Ruth: Misha is scared of you, and that’s the best thing!

They didn’t keep it G rated either, which amused me. Someone asked about all of them doing a body swap, and I love where their minds went.

Kim: I just wanna know what I can do with Ruth’s bendy body.

Ruth: I’d just play with all the boobs.

Rich, Rob and Matt always make me laugh way too much during their panel, and this one was no exception. I can’t remember why they started reminiscing about Rob being Khaleesi for a full year of karaoke, but Richard’s imitation of Rob getting sewn into his costume was priceless.

There was lots of love for one of my favorite Supernatural writers ever once again when a fan asked about their favorite episodes — the adorable and brilliant Robbie Thompson (stay tuned for my traditional Comic Con chat with Robbie coming up soon here). Rob loved the Robbie-penned episode ‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’, as did I.

Rob: Those longs scenes with Curtis [Armstrong], and written by one of our favorite writers, Robbie Thompson.

I loved those scenes with Curtis too, who I also miss a lot. In fact, possibly my favorite moment from the Family Don’t End With Blood book release party in LA was when Rob (who was onstage with Billy and Mike to sing some songs for us) turned around to see Curtis had joined the party, and broke into fanboy shouts of joy and a big hug.

Richard told an expanded version of that prank that Jared and Jensen pulled on him recently after Jason Manns took over as emcee at a con because Richard was directing Supernatural. They got Stephanie from Creation to help them create a fake email saying that Creation was replacing him permanently with Jason because he did such a good job.

Richard’s response was to be protective of co-host Rob, which was all kinds of adorable.

Rich: OMG we can’t tell Rob, it’ll kill him!

And when he found out it was a prank?

Richard: I did the only thing I could. I tackled Jensen to the floor. Jared immediately shouted “damn, I forgot to hit record!”

Somehow I can picture all this very easily.


Richard also loved Swan Song.

Rich: Even if you didn’t know Supernatural, you’d watch Swan Song and be like, wow.


Matt had some love for the show itself – Matt, after all, was the original portrayer of Michael.

Matt: Playing two different characters on a show is a gift, especially on a show that’s so well written like Supernatural.

At one point, Rob made me really nostalgic for the early days of Supernatural cons.

Rob: When the band played at an early con, Rich came to the show. Then waited in line to say hi after.

I’ve teased Rich and Rob that it’s my fault they’re such good friends, because Kathy and I brought Richard with us to see that very early Louden Swain concert. We sat in the back so no one would recognize Richard and I clearly remember him exclaiming about how good they were – and the rest is history!

Matt shared that the first time he met Richard, things were immediately playful.

Matt: Rich bought drinks for our entire meet and greet. And then charged them to my room.

Rob and Rich had a lot of kudos for Matt for his work on General Hospital too, shirtless or not.

Mark Pellegrino, who may or may not be gone from the show as Lucifer, confided that Supernatural will always be special to him. Much like several other actors (Osric Chau, for one), Mark said he has an agreement with his agent about the show.

Mark: I’ve always had this agreement with my agent that if Supernatural comes calling, I go. This is special to me.

He wouldn’t answer whether Lucifer in fact does come back, but he definitely enjoyed teasing us about it. Whether you want that or not, we all wanted to know!

Asked about Lucifer’s relationship with his son, Mark said that he thinks that Lucifer did want to connect with Jack, but that he’s chronically defensive and doesn’t react well to rejection.

Everyone: Understatement.

Pellegrino has nice things to say about all his costars, including props for Misha’s portrayal of Lucifer and that it’s a pleasure working with Jared and Jensen.

Mark: Jared and Jensen are both smart and good to talk to. They make the set fun.

There was a little girl at the con who kept asking every guest to come to her birthday party for some reason. She was adorable and everyone tried their best to come up with an answer that wouldn’t make unrealistic promises but would put a smile on her face – no mean feat! Mark brought her up onstage for a very un-Lucifer-like chat.

Misha Collins looked especially fetching in a jean jacket and tee shirt, sort of a scruffy rockstar look that really worked for him. Maybe it’s because the blue brought out the blue of his eyes, which it’s no secret I kinda like a lot.

From his very first panel, I’ve enjoyed Misha’s interaction with the audience. When someone asked a complicated question about a plot hole, he half laughed and then had a perfect answer.

Misha: We have an expression on set – don’t pull the thread…

I’m sure that’s a way of life sometimes for all the actors, and I love that he shared it.

Someone also asked about why Castiel constantly gets beat up and bested by humans now, as opposed to the strong and very badass character he was when introduced.

Misha: Cas had all these powers at first, like just a forehead tap to knock them out. I think he was too powerful and it was just too easy for him to solve all the problems.

Deus ex machina for sure. But I do still miss that badass version of Cas we had in Season 4 sometimes.

While Misha has had his share of being pranked, and now seems to have joined forces with J2 against poor Alex, he also is clearly still doing some plotting of his own.

Misha: There’s a Thai coconut soup that makes Jensen want to throw up. So we try to put a few bowls in his trailer…

One of my favorite parts of Misha’s panel was when he brought a fan up onstage and demonstrated his hand puppet massage techniques, complete with classic Misha accent.

Vicky called during his panel again, which is always amusing.

Misha to Vicky: Last time this happened, you called me an asshole.

Vicky: Okay, bye.

You can see why they get along so well, right?

Misha’s panel was also not without its touching moments – he told us that he recently bought a star for the SPNFamily! Awwww.

A fan asked what it would take for Cas to believe that Sam and Dean love him.

Misha: Are you thinking massage?

I’m fairly certain some people were, yes.

More seriously though, Misha said that Castiel will make some progress in believing that he belongs on the show this season.

Misha: In trying to make Jack believe that he belongs, Cas has to make some progress believing it too.

I love that Misha always curtseys goodbye – it’s kinda adorable.

I also have to add that I really appreciate Misha and Richard’s drive to get people registered to vote more easily at cons – brilliant idea!

The Saturday Night Special is something else I’ve watched evolve over the years, and I love what it has become. I enjoyed Louden Swain the first time I heard them play, and they’ve only gotten better over the years and put out more incredible music. They now have a ton of songs to choose from to play at the SNS and other gigs, and never fail to include some of my favorites – in Chicago that included “This Is How” and “Downtown Letdown”.

Matt Cohen kicked things off and moved around the stage so much I failed to get even one decent photo!

Chris Schmelke played bass for “Juliet”

Chad Lindberg took part too, introducing Kim Rhodes and looking every bit the rockstar.

Kim raised a little hell, which she does perfectly.

And Mark Pellegrino introduced Ruth Connell.

Ruth is definitely my “No. One Crush” whenever she takes the mic to belt out that song.

Richard sang ‘Sixteen Tons’ and played guitar, and I loved the glasses and hat look a lot.

Briana treated us to some music from her new album ‘Begin’, which I am now the proud owner of – it’s magical! And she looked every bit the rockstar performing it.

Lisa Berry rocked out with “Rollin’ On The River”, moving so fast that just like with Matt I couldn’t get a decent shot of her – but trust me, it was epic!

When Jason and Rob and Billy sang Hallelujah, the entire audience started singing along, caught up in the beauty of the rendition. Jason and Rob held out their microphones and just took it in, and Billy later tweeted that “your participation during Hallelujah was something I’ll never forget.”

There are always moments like that during a con, when everything seems to come together and we’re all human beings on the same page, loving something together. It’s a powerful feeling, for people on the stage and in the audience both.

Rob was emotional during ‘She Waits’, explaining afterwards that he feels safe enough to sing that song when he’s with us.

Matt Cohen had to leave early, alas, but Chad, Ruth, Lisa, Briana, Rachel and Kim did a fabulous job of cheerleading as we all jumped up to dance for ‘Mama’s Jam’.

The Saturday Night Special was extra special because the cast was joined by Olympic skater Bradie Tennell for ‘Let Love Rule’. Bradie is a big fan of Supernatural, and now the cast of Supernatural are big fans of hers as well. And yes, SPNFamily really is everywhere!

Olympian Bradie Tennell joins in with the SPNFamily

A special shout out to the kickass sign language interpreters for the con, who even signed the entire Saturday Night Special – they absolutely rocked!

Sunday was J2 day as always, with “son” Jack, aka Alex Calvert, joining the fun. Ruth Connell also had a solo panel which I had to miss once again, a scheduling conflict that is starting to drive me slowly insane. I adore Ruth’s panels!!

I really enjoy Alex Calvert’s panels too – he’s very down to earth and incredibly entertaining. It was Alex’s birthday too, so his girlfriend Jenna brought him a cake and everyone joined in with some Alex appreciation, which was heartwarming to see.

Alex appreciation

Alex was asked a lot about the teasing he endures on the set from Jared and Jensen, and also about the scene he had to film mostly naked.

Alex: Luckily the day I had to be mostly naked was the one day Jared and Jensen were professional.

That could have gone so wrong otherwise…

Alex: The funniest prank was Jack is supposed to be looking at video of his mom onscreen and instead it’s just a whole lotta penises. You gotta respect that level of commitment.

Alex is also taking suggestions for how to get back at J2 with some pranks of his own.

Pranks aside, Alex expresses nothing but appreciation and gratitude for Supernatural and the opportunities it has given him. He seems to get why the show is so important to so many of us.

Alex: Every day you turn on the TV and Sam and Dean are kicking ass, and that feels good.

He gets why the fandom is equally important too.

Alex: The most inspiring part of this job is this – seeing how you guys support each other.

As far as the ongoing “who’s Jack’s daddy” question, Alex had this to say.

Alex: Sam, Dean and Cas are all on the same level as far as who’s Jack’s dad. It’s like My Three Dads…

(In real life, however, Misha Collins totally has the upper hand…)

Alex: I thought with me being Misha Collins 2.0, he’d have my back. But instead it’s like tag team wrestling, Jared sets me up, Jensen comes in, then Misha comes in.

On working with Jared and Jensen, he quipped.

Alex: What do you want me to say about working with Jared and Jensen? They’re shirtless all the time, there’s mud wrestling….

Okay, I kinda like Alex’s version of Supernatural. I also really like Alex – he’s such a good sport.

Jensen and Jared always look amazing, clearly, but the scruffy-beardy-thing that Jared had going at Chicago con made him look even more amazing than usual. We know now that Sam Winchester will not be clean shaven when Season 14 starts – he’s too busy trying to move heaven and earth to save his brother to have time for personal grooming. And while I was passionately against Michael!Dean (or any Dean) sporting a beard, I am so down with Sam looking like this in Season 14!

A few of my favorite moments, in no particular order, are below.

In the morning gold panel, Jared summed up why Supernatural is special, and such a powerful show for so many of us.

Jared: It’s comforting seeing these guys go through something again and again and keep fighting.

Jensen: We were told by Eric Kripke right away, at its heart this is a show about these two brothers. I know the exact bench we were sitting on when he told us that.

It’s amazing to me, and so wonderful, that in their fourteenth season of playing Sam and Dean, both Jared and Jensen still are excited and happy to be doing so.

Jared: Going back to work last week, I had this feeling of life is good, this is good.

Jensen: I would tell my Season 1 self, embrace where you are. Because it’s been a really fun ride.

I am so grateful they both feel that way!

Jared has apparently already read the first six scripts of Season 14.

Jensen: I’ve read two.

Jared: That’s good for you!

There were also a lot of fun moments. Someone asked what their favorite Shakespearean villain is, and Jared talked about “the Scottish play.”

Jensen: Which one is that?

Jared: Shhhhh, don’t say it!



Jensen also teased Jared unmercifully for still having an iPod.

And there were some fun moments with fans.

Fan: struggles to get out her question.

Jared, being helpful and gesturing at Jensen: I know, he’s handsome, isn’t he?


J2 talked about their kids and families a bit also. Jared trying to describe his kids:

Jared: Shep is like drunk Jared. Odette doesn’t give a shit.

Jensen just grinned and nodded.


Jared: You try to make Odette laugh and she’s like, nope.

Jensen: Same with Genevieve!

Jensen: I was just telling Jared today how Arrow asks for “mas” (when she wants more of something).

Jensen: Zeppelin just goes like this:

I love that they know each other and each other’s families so well. Someone asked them when they knew they were in love with their wives. Jensen talked about falling in love with Danneel when they were filming Ten Inch Hero.  (He’s told me in the past that it was during those long car rides to and from set, which allowed them to really get to know each other on a different level than they already did). Jared said that he couldn’t say exactly when he knew he loved his wife.

Jensen: I can!

Know what? I totally believe him.

We got treated to Jared showing off his pert little butt after Jensen joked that it wasn’t his long legs that made him so tall, more that he was “like Gaston, all torso”.

Jared: (sticking out his tush) They’re not looking at my legs…

At that moment? Truth.

There was a lot of joking around, as always, and a lot of it wasn’t G rated, which I always heartily appreciate. I have no context for this a month later, but at one point I tweeted “Jared about Jensen: He has surprisingly durable inner thighs…”

Context? Who needs context!

There was also the hilarious re-enactment of Jared and Jensen happening upon Sebastian Roche in one of those quick massage places in an airport. Since Sebastian’s head was down, Jared snuck up behind him and replaced the woman’s hands on Sebastian’s back with his own.

Jensen: Then he went lower…and lower…and lower…

Right down Sebastian’s pants, and apparently Sebastian just made encouraging noises while Jared and Jensen were dying. They first re-enacted this with Jared in the role of Sebastian and Jensen being Jared, then they switched places and Jared played Sebastian and Jensen the role of Jared. It was, frankly, hysterical. I tweeted about it and tagged Sebastian, and he confirmed that yep, that’s exactly how it went down.




Jensen at one point decided to imitate Jared’s adorable habit of sitting sprawled around his chair, which resulted in him being thoroughly stuck – Jared was there to helpfully unstick him, of course.

There was also another hilarious exchange about Dean taking on Lucifer in a tank, and Sam in a tank TOP.

Jensen jumped up and imitated Sam in a tank top, saying to Lucifer: What you gonna do about it?

And looking downright sassy. I mean, if I were Lucifer, that would definitely stop me in my tracks.

There were serious moments too, especially when Jared talked about the hard times he’s been through.

Jared: I feel like I’ve grown every year, especially from the valleys.

He writes about his most difficult times in his chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood, which also ends with a message of hope and healing. I hope Jared knows what a difference he’s made by being courageous enough to write and talk about his struggles, so that others can be inspired to “always keep fighting” too. We all have those valleys, the key is slogging through them and keeping on growing.

Jensen said that he admires Dean’s confidence; he writes about his own journey toward confidence in Family Don’t End With Blood. So many people who have anxiety have told me that they could really relate to what Jensen shared, so I’m very glad he did.

It’s always all too soon when it’s time for the last question, but at least it means we get to hear Jensen sing a little.

It’s the last question… Jensen sings with Rob

I can’t recall what the last question was, but it prompted Jensen to say again that he wished that final fight between Dean and Lucifer had taken place on the ground instead of with both of them strung up rather awkwardly on cables and trying to fly at each other. It’s clearly bothering him, which I can totally relate to – I hate when things that are important to me don’t go the way I very much wanted them to go. I feel bad for him, but on the other hand, I’m so profoundly grateful that he still cares that much about making a quality show for us after thirteen seasons.

I’m guessing it was about what they would change if they could, because Jared commented that he wished we saw more of Demon!Dean.

Literally everyone: ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jared: We care about Sam and Dean a lot, and the more I learn about them, the more I learn about Jared and Jensen.

Jensen: I concur.

And of course birthday boy Jared got a birthday cake, courtesy of fan Tami – in honor of Jared’s love for Star Wars and Boba Fett.

Misha carried it out and couldn’t resist a bit of revenge for those pies in the face that Jared and Jensen gifted him with during his directing stints.

Happy birthday Jared!

A Kings of Con panel closed out the con, which means we were kept laughing until it was literally over, and then the notes of the traditional “It’s The End Of The Con As We Know It” signaled that it really was over.


It was 11 pm before we finished dinner and collected our photo ops and headed to my friend Laurena’s house to grab a few days of sleep and catch-up-work before heading to the west coast for Comic Con, which explains why this post is being made more than three weeks later!

Thanks, Chicago con, for once again being one of my favorites.

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    Loved your con posts as always. It makes me almost feel like I am there. Can’t wait till NJ Con this year – hope to come and say hello to you Lynn 🙂

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