Closing out 2015 with Pascon – Friday and Saturday


Like I said, Pascon was special because it was the last Creation con of 2015 – and because it’s where Louden Swain first played for a con (and sort of the start of Rob and Rich’s epic friendship). It was also just a helluva lot of fun.

Flying all the way across the country from east coast to west isn’t a picnic, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get there in time for Friday panels. I grabbed a cab, miraculously hit no traffic on the freeway, no line at registration, stored my bags at the hotel and ran into the ballroom – literally just in time to hear most of Richard’s rendition of Rules and Regulations! Phew! And Rob’s shaker dance. He looks like some sort of exotic dancer, doesn’t he?


pascon 2015 544



Briana Buckmaster kicked things off – it was her first time without Kim Rhodes, who we all missed (but for a very good reason apparently…) – but she had no problem carrying a panel on her own like a pro. That girl was made for the stage, seriously!

Some of my favorite things about Briana? She says she gets along with the boys because, like them, she has no shame. She agrees with fandom that the boys are oh so pretty. And that their shenanigans can be obnoxious as f—k. She confided that she suffered from postpartum depression, and echoed the AKF advice to always speak up when you’re going through something like depression or anxiety, and ask for support. That’s how she got through. She also brought extra long twizzlers. Just because.


Favorite quotes? Briana: I was insecure like Donna, but she’s coming into herself now.

Briana: I’m too busy to worry about my jeans size.

Fandom: YES!

pascon 2015 103

Samantha Smith was next up, with a big hug for Briana. I love the friendships created through this Show, and the way the cast bonds at conventions the same way we do.

pascon 2015 119

Sam brought cookies for the fans, just like a mom. She had some candid words about John Winchester, which sounded just like a mom too — protective of her kids.

Samantha: No matter how much you love your husband, you don’t sacrifice your kids. John would be in hot water if Mary came back.

She made us all wibbly talking about how much Mary loves her boys, and how glad she is that they’re alive.


She also admitted that she really enjoyed playing the bad girl as Eve.

Favorite quote: Samantha: if the people at the top are jerks, it filters down. That doesn’t happen on Supernatural. Those guys are great.



Next up was Osric Chau, who was cosplaying as Harry Potter. How cute is he in those glasses??

There was a hilarious moment when Osric got bombarded with mic feedback and didn’t miss a beat before he yelled “expelliarmus!”



Osric had lots of empathy for Misha, who he described as ‘a prank magnet’.

Osric: You kinda feel bad for him…

Unless you’re Jared and Jensen, that is. Osric described one of their prank sessions as Jared rubbing his leg between Osric’s thighs and against his crotch while he was trying to film a scene.

Osric: As soon as Jared stopped, Jensen would start!

Fandom: Only on Supernatural do the pranks involve tag-team crotch rubbing


Favorite quote: Osric: Jared and Jensen are best friends. They don’t even need words to communicate.

Even Richard knew who Osric was cosplaying this time, and Rob was so taken with Osric’s version of Harry that he wanted to take a selfie. Awww.

pascon 2015 242

Next up was Travis Aaron Wade, who brought his family with him. On finding out that Travis has several quotes tattooed on his body, fandom responded with “show us!”

Travis: (perhaps blushing): My mom is here!

Travis not only had lovely things to say about fans, but he also was passionate in his defense of animals.

Travis: Animals can’t defend themselves, and we’ve done them a disservice.


I love that this is a cast that cares so much, for real.

Favorite quotes: Travis: I think Cole’s wife is pissed, like ‘Can we stop getting faxes?’


Other favorite quote: Travis: I was thinking of Dean in the shower the other day…Don’t pretend you haven’t been there!

Oh we’ve been there, Travis, we’ve been there.


Ruth Connell shimmied onto the stage as beguiling as ever. I love watching the guys get a bit flustered every time she comes out, it’s adorable.

Ruth usually brings hotel toiletries for her questioners, but since we were in LA, that was a problem.

Ruth: How can I steal hotel toiletries when I’m not staying in a hotel?!

She engaged in some creative thinking and brought her mum’s Christmas presents instead, unwrapping them “in case it’s lube”.


pascon 2015 407

She also fangirled Michael Fassbender and Felicia Day, and had this to say about her first scene with Jensen:

Ruth: Jensen was so calm and quiet and so freakin’ handsome.


Oh, and we got to practice our V Club Mega kick-ball-change routine, which looks great when Ruth does it, but I fear is not quite so graceful when I try. But it’s fun!


Ruth and Richard awww
Ruth and Richard awww

Since the con was located near LA/Burbank, a few of the SPN writers came by karaoke to hang out. I loved having a chance to catch up with Jenny Klein and Bob Berens, who are two of my favorite people. Conversation ranged from their recent episodes (how much I loved Bob’s and how much I was looking forward to Jenny’s) to superheroes to how awesome sloths are. (Very)

The gifs of Bob dancing onstage which appeared on my twitter feed were the highlight of my week. Sorry, Bobo.

pascon 2015 455

pascon 2015 498

Other karaoke highlights? Shake It Off the Supernatural Parody version, which was SO much fun to sing and dance along to. I wish Creation would have the Hillywood sisters at a con, I think it would be tons of fun. There’s always a question about the parody at every con, so I have no doubt they could carry a panel – and of course lead us all in Shake It Off too!

This shot of Briana may not be a great photo, but it does sort of capture what Supernatural karaoke is all about.

pascon 2015 497

I watched some of karaoke from backstage, which is an amazing view. So much excitement and passion arcing from cast to fans and back again. Here’s Richard and Jenny hanging out – more great pics of them in our interview with Richard that will run after his episode airs. These two are some of my favorite people, and I’m so glad they got to work together.


So Friday ended very late…and Saturday started rather early. But it was worth getting up early to see Kathryn Newton, who is absolutely lovely. She dressed as Claire, which was awesome. And she brought My Little Ponies with wings to give to fans who asked questions, “because Cas.”



Upon seeing a fan cosplaying as Castiel: Hi dad! Dad body, whatever…

I think everyone could relate to her a little bit, because we’ve all been where Claire is.

Kathryn: We’ve all been lost like Claire sometimes. She’s a teenager, right?


She also shared exactly the sort of stories that fans love to hear. Like her teaching Jensen what the words “meme” and “trolling” mean.

Kathryn: Jensen likes to find the memes of him on the meme app.

Fandom: Uh oh.


Ruth and Osric did a joint panel on Saturday, which turned out to be both a) naughty and b) adorable.

Osric was totally flustered over Ruth’s accent. Like anyone who is human.

Os talked about the shopping spree he was invited to go on at Hot Topic, and Ruth confided that she wanted his karaoke dress.

Osric confided that he almost accidentally punched Mark Sheppard in the face as Kevin.

Ruth: Why did you miss?

Listening to Ruth
Listening to Ruth
Listening to Osric
Listening to Osric

One of their last questions was the infamous Screw, Marry, Kill one.

Osric: Marry Misha, kill Jensen, screw Jared.

Ruth: Screw, screw, screw!

You go, girl.



Oh, and here’s Osric learning to do the patented Ruth Connell V Club Mega dance. Welcome to the V Club, Os!

V Club Mega!
V Club Mega!

pascon 2015 696

Next up was R2M, or Richard, Rob and Matt. Their panels are invariably impossible to tweet because they are all so damn quick and they are all so damn funny. I’m always laughing way too hard to compose a tweet, and by the time I try, they’re already on to the next joke. But I’m definitely not complaining.

Matt on his return to SPN: Everyone kept the secret of me coming back except Canadian broadcasting’s teaser!



They all did imitations of each other, which were hysterical and spot on.

Richard: Rob has the ability to throw himself under the bus while driving the bus!



They also revived Richard’s hysterical rendition of Jensen Ackles when he realizes they’re “doing a bit” complete with “comedy elbows”.

And the infamous Jensen jacket on/jacket off joke. OMG too funny.



pascon 2015 843

pascon 2015 784

Someone made the mistake of giving them a stuffed hamster so they could reprise their Comic Con bit. This time, the hamster was entirely depraved.

Never give R2M a stuffed animal.

pascon 2015 815


Then it was time for Misha Collins, always a favorite part of the con for just about everyone. Misha talked about GISHWHES, recalling some inadvisable items over the years and how he has trouble with “K level thinking” – i.e., deciding when something might be a very bad idea indeed.

Misha: Dressing your grandfather in drag at a playground. .. maybe not a good idea.

Maybe not.



Misha on his favorite part of being on Supernatural: the free food. Second is when Jared tickles my balls.

Yes, this is clearly a theme.

Misha also delighted the audience with tales of off camera wrestling matches with Jared and Jensen, insisting that they weren’t at all sexy, but very injurious. I mean, Jensen ended up with rug burn. Mm hmm.



One of the things I love most about Misha is how unassuming he is. He’s easily flustered by fans steppig up the mic and telling him how much they love him or getting emotional.

Misha: Are you crying? Oh shit!


The most hysterical part of his panel was his response to a fan who led with “I gave you a gift, and I’m just wondering what happens to gifts you get…” She wasn’t actually asking about HER gift, but Misha ran with it.

Misha: The thing you gave me? It’s right in the middle of the mantle. The kids bow to it every morning. I think it’s saved our marriage, spiced up our sex life. We’re going to take it on vacation with us…”

Fan: What’s your favorite part of it?

Misha: (without missing a beat) The top.

pascon 2015 908

pascon 2015 887

Favorite Misha quote? Misha: If I wasn’t on Supernatural, I’d still be a c list celebrity but doing cooking shows…

I’d watch that.

Alaina Huffman stopped by, and at one point someone had an old head shot which Misha and Alaina had a good time perusing. At least I think that’s what’s happening here…

pascon 2015 938





The Saturday Night Special, as anyone who has ever read this blog knows, is one of my favorite parts of the con. This one was no exception. The SNS is all about family, in so many ways. You can’t be there and leave without a very good feeling, about fandom and Supernatural and life in general.

Kathryn Newton did some introductions, looking adorable.

pascon 2015 1053

There was a beautiful expression of appreciation for con photographer and all around great guy Chris Schmelke, who played bass.

pascon 2015 1047

pascon 2015 1039

There was Ruth singing a sultry version of “Son Of A Preacher Man” backed by Briana.


pascon 2015 1070

pascon 2015 1108

There was an emotional “See You Again” with Osric and Briana and the band.

pascon 2015 1126

pascon 2015 1131

pascon 2015 988

Alaina introduced her girl crush, Briana, who belted out “Stop Draggin My Heart Around” like a rockstar.



pascon 2015 1191

A kiss from Rob
A kiss from Rob

There was Matt Cohen rocking out and then leading the audience to their feet while the band played “Mama’s Jam”, always one of my favorite parts of the show.

pascon 2015 1009

Jason Manns surprised us and joined Rob for a beautiful rendition of his song “Soul” (which he also contributed to our book Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls – there’s a code for a free download!). He also sang Hallelujah with Rob, in a hall quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

pascon 2015 1210

pascon 2015 1229

Rob again talked about his own battle with depression as he sang “Downtown Letdown”

Rob: Life is f—king hard, and depression is nothing to be ashamed of.


Misha came out to introduce Bob Singer, who again kicked ass on harmonica – and yes, Bob Singer can SING!

pascon 2015 1234

pascon 2015 1271

We all sang along to Carry On, and then the whole gang joined Rob for “A Little Help From My Friends”, the audience on our feet singing along.

This is the time when the cast really shows their love for each other, and especially for Rob. They almost lost him — WE almost lost him — to that stroke at Torcon several years ago. I don’t think any of us will ever take this SPNFamily for granted ever again.

pascon 2015 1361

pascon 2015 1487

sns kat os ruth matt

pascon 2015 1382

sns misha



pascon 2015 1428

pascon 2015 1462

pascon 2015 1477

And that was only Friday and Saturday! Stay tuned for Pascon Sunday – with Mark Sheppard, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jared and Jensen!


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