Supernatural Comes to the Rockies – Denver Con 2022


Supernatural conventions resumed in September with a visit to one of my favorite states, Colorado. I grew up visiting my aunt and uncle who lived on the mesa in a generous-sized log cabin with a spectacular view and a grumpy alpaca named George who lived next door, so I have a special fondness for the state. The altitude, alas, does not have a special fondness for me – which means I missed some of the con while trying to get rid of a banging headache.

Luckily the altitude impact didn’t set in the first night, so I got to out to a local restaurant and sit outside on their deck to enjoy some delicious burgers and the beautiful night. Shout out to some of the crowded table gang for letting me hang out with you for the weekend!

I don’t think I got to Denver early enough to catch any panels on Friday, which was a disappointment, but I did catch some on Saturday in between doing my vendor thing with the books – including Rob Benedict doing a solo panel. He said he’s excited about the new prequel that starts next week, The Winchesters, and all the Easter eggs he expects will be in it.

Rob: And maybe God will be in it…pre Alex!

Rob also said that he’s learning a lot doing the Supernatural Then and Now podcast.

Rob: I didn’t know about Sam’s abilities or that John whispered in Dean’s ear he might have to kill him (before the podcast)

He’s having so much fun watching Supernatural from the start that he interrupted a fan to say “don’t spoil me!”  (That’s a tall order considering Rob and Rich are currently watching Season 2…)  Of course, he knows where some of the show will end up, or at least the actors.

Rob: It’s so cool to hear Dean say “the family business” and be like hey, one day you’ll have a brewery called that…

A fan asked what would have happened if Chuck prevailed at the end of the show instead of the Winchesters.

Rob: I think Chuck would’ve brought Sam and Dean back anyway because they’re his favorites and he’d miss them.

Rob talked about returning to the show in Season 11.

Rob: I came back in season 11 and came out of the closet as God – in more ways than one which was cool!

He did feel the responsibility of actually playing God.

Rob: The first time I actually spoke as God, I asked Bob Singer, was that okay? He said you’re not gonna be one of those actors are you? Which he said to Jensen in Season 1 too.

Having been on set to watch Bob Singer direct, I can testify to his ‘grumpy old man’ kinda thing, but also to how well he and all the actors worked together and understood each other.

Rob also enjoyed Chuck getting the upper hand though.

Rob: It was so fun doing the scene where I beat up Jared and Jensen – bam bam! It’s like a dance and those guys are so good at it. I rarely get cast as the guy who kicks ass!

He also shared something that RuPaul told a good friend of his, which stuck with me: What other people think of you is none of your business.

There was a panel of awesome ladies of Supernatural, including Samantha Smith, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connell and Samantha Ferris, who hasn’t been to a con in a while, so that was a treat! She told a hilarious story about the time she was filming something I won’t spoil (because she said not to lol) and they used a body double for a shot of her ass – and she still gets compliments on it! Shhhh.

Someone asked about Rowena and what she’s probably doing with hell now that she’s in charge.

Ruth: My tag line for what Rowena is doing with hell – make hell great again…

Me: lol

Fan: What would your characters and the guys be doing if they were all in a scene together?

Everyone on the panel: They’d be sitting around the table going what the hell is taking the guys so long?

Ruth also talked about what she’s gained from the fandom, which is what she wrote about in her chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood.

Ruth: You’re our role models.

She admitted she does get a little nervous when people ask her to sign real hex bags though.

There was also a question about the women on the show fighting the guys and who would prevail.

Ruth: I don’t want to fight Jensen…

Briana (grinning): I do…

Samantha Smith kinda summed up what made Supernatural so special, and what explains why we’re all still here at a convention devoted to the show 17 years later.

Samantha: Looking at this show on paper, it doesn’t show what it’s really all about and how emotional it is.

Another treat for this convention was getting to meet for the very first time an actor I enjoyed on Supernatural but am currently enjoying even more on another show – my long-time guilty pleasure, General Hospital. I literally started watching the venerable soap as a little kid with my mom after school, and I’ve gone back to it when I can over the years. I started watching a bit more regularly again when Matt Cohen was on the show, and now I’m hooked all over again – especially by the storyline of the complicated relationship and romance between James Patrick Stuart and Finola Hughes. I’ve always loved Finola’s character, and somehow she and James just click together. So I was doubly fangirling to have him at this convention! (Fellow #Vanna fans, shout out!)

I almost never ship canon couples, so this really is an anomaly – and a testament to their chemistry!

James shared an amusing story about when he had a helpful insight about how better to film a scene, and ended up saving a setup for director Bob Singer – but then it seemed like he didn’t really appreciate the directing help!

Him being on a panel also ensured an entire panel full of dick jokes, which was priceless.

I was impressed with how sincere James is and how much he seems to value the Supernatural fandom. When a fan felt overwhelmed and got tearful, he reassured her: We’re all in the same family.

He also answered a question about how his portrayal of Dick Roman informs his current portrayal of Valentin on General Hospital.

James: What Dick Roman had was a sense of invulnerability that led to him being like, so may as well have fun! I bring some of that to Valentin.

When I got a chance to chat with James a bit later, he confided that #Vanna fans were going to be very happy with the next week or two of GH – and he was so right!!!

Like I said, I practically never ship canon couples, so Valentin and Anna’s exuberant bedroom romp was absolutely wonderful. The fact that they’re not twenty-somethings makes it doubly wonderful.

Misha’s panel started out with Misha admiring Rob’s newly clean shaven face (which was just the intro to his newly almost shaven head the following week!)

Rob: When I came downstairs after shaving, Ruth was like, “warn me!”

Misha: When you’re making out with Ruth, does she do this?

(Having two of the Supernatural actors be a real life couple is the gift that keeps on giving when they’re as adorable as Ruth and Rob).

Misha often catches us up on what’s going on in his life before he settles in to actually answer questions, and I always enjoy hearing what he has to say. This con he shared that his father is from Denver, along with a slightly dark story that his father once shot an arrow into the air and it came down on someone’s leg. Oops.

He also talked about recently doing a “Yes day” with his kids, West and Maison, which ended up with him looking a bit different… if you haven’t seen his posts, do check them out for his lovely new look. He had realized his mistake by this time.

Misha: I made rules for my kids to protect each other for yes day but none for me!

I don’t know what it was in response to as far as questions, but he also talked about his personal belief system.

Misha: I consider myself a Buddhist and use it as a guiding principle to stay present in your life. It also allows for the mystical and unknown.

And I guess someone asked about a somewhat obscure (outside fandom) film he did.

Misha: I filmed Stonehenge Apocalypse thinking it was a real serious movie…

The most emotional part of his panel was when he talked about his last day on Supernatural in response to a question about which days he’d like to relive.

Misha: My last day on Supernatural was saying goodbye to the character, the cast, and the crew so it was a day of mixed feelings. I was feeling all those feelings.

He said they threw him a goodbye party on set and then he and several other actors had to fly to a convention – and the small plane they chartered to go to the con nearly crashed! Talk about a day of strong and mixed emotions. So no, he doesn’t want to relive that one!

He did share some memories of his time on Supernatural.

Misha: Cas was originally singing highway to hell to put that baby to sleep but it was too expensive to use.

Misha also shared that he always had cold feet in Castiel’s wardrobe, until he finally said something.

Misha: It never fit well then they switched it up in s8 without ever mentioning it!

In response to a question about fans having tattoos of Castiel, he joked about him having one too.

Misha: In empathy I also have a tattoo of myself… on my ass…

He seems to be really enjoying his new role as Harvey Dent on Gotham Knights

Misha: It’s fun to play someone human.

He said they’d dome some fight training and he’s filmed a few days, and that it’s very different being the “seasoned veteran now.” From this perspective, he talked about how helpful it was to have Jared and Jensen on the Supernatural set as the seasoned veterans.

Misha: It’s good to have someone on set to remind you not to let it go to your head. Jared and Jensen imparted that early on, to not be an asshole.

I’m guessing that all three of them are now passing that on to their new sets and casts and crews – Supernatural out there spreading the good! And certainly their time on Supernatural and their characters have left a lasting impact.

Misha: Castiel is the only time a fictional character really became real to me and I loved him. He’s my guy.


Osric Chau was next, who I also haven’t had the pleasure of seeing for way too long. Misha teased him as he came onstage – like old times.

Osric talked about his time on Supernatural too and his character.

Osric:  I kinda like dying. On TV. My favorite is AU Kevin in Supernatural.  Kevin was always sort of a martyr.

Osric told the story of meeting Mark Sheppard for the first time and awkwardly not knowing who he was, which he thought irked Mark. But later he ran into Mark at Comic Con when he was walking the floor and Mark knew him right away.

Osric: He brought me along with the cast there and really welcomed me into the family.

A fan said how much she loved Osric in the Hillywood Show parodies, and he gave a shout out to Hilly and Hannah, some of his favorite people. He was originally gonna play Crowley!

Osric said he helped recruit the rest of the Supernatural cast for that first Hillywood parody.

Osric: I said, we get to be the cast that does a parody of their own show, which is awesome!

Recently, Osric said he got to shadow Richard Speight, Jr. directing Kung Fu – so stay tuned for perhaps that next chapter in his life! (If you’re curious about what led up to this point, read the chapter Osric wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood – it’s both fascinating and inspiring!)

Saturday I gave up early to go lie down because my head felt like it was in a vice grip, but of course I got up to go to the Saturday Night Special, albeit after a lot of Advil.

Rob gave a nod to us being in Colorado, where more things are legal than in some other states.

Rob: Shrooms or not, come on this journey with us!

They were definitely all in a playful mood.

Rob later: Billy just winked at me real dirty…

It’s the hair, Rob, it’s the hair.

We got James Patrick Stuart joining the fun to do some introductions, and Jason Manns joining Rob and Billy for a gorgeous version of Hallelujah, with the audience doing the traditional chorus right back. (Actually I told Jason later that because there were so many new folks at this con, most of the audience didn’t realize that was the tradition, so when it came time for us to sing, I launched into the chorus enthusiastically – and was one of the only fans singing. The lovely woman next to me leaned in after and whispered ‘you have a really nice voice!’  Facepalm.)

Briana Buckmaster brought the house down – for people who haven’t heard her perform, there’s always a current of OMG that runs through the ballroom when she starts to sing, because whoa.

This is one of my favorite photos of Rob I’ve ever taken, because honestly few things are more happy making than Rob Benedict singing This Is How.

He also sang Fare Thee Well, which never fails to make me all kinds of emotional about my Show since he actually sang it on an episode (one of my favorites).

The encore of “Helter Skelter” was freaking amazing.

I’m still very flattered that Rob posted my This Is How photo on his Instagram post about this show and retweeted my encore video. What a kickass concert this was!

Sunday was a great day too.

Jared and Jensen hadn’t seen Misha for a while (Jared and Jensen apparently flew to the con together after meeting up in New Mexico and taking an impromptu Chinook tour).

So there were some J2M reunion hugs at the Baby photo ops, complete with Jared and Jensen teasing Misha for being in the shot when he wasn’t supposed to, which made it seem like they were all back on the SPN set and had never left.

And then it was time for the J2 gold panel!

Jared and Jensen always give each other props as they take the stage.

Jared said that he’d recently been carded!

Jensen: They just wanted your address.

Jared: Oh, well  I used yours on it…


gifs abordelimpala

Jensen had a dream last night that he ate some “special” cookies and ended up high onstage, and it became a running joke throughout the con. Maybe there were even some actual (non-laced) cookies backstage to keep the joke going, who knows?

Colorado is also known for its beer of course.

Jared said that he had a beer with a moose on it the day before, because of course he did.

The gold panel had a wonderful amount of Supernatural content, which always makes me a happy fangirl indeed.

A fan asked if Dean visited Sam other times at Stanford, which ended up being a hilarious banter about Dean visiting – but getting distracted by all the college girls and never actually making it to Sam!

Jared: Yeah, did you visit me or not??

Jensen: Yeah I did….then I got distracted by the college girls, duh. Dean was there constantly!

Jared: But not to see me.

Jensen: Not to see you, he’s no dummy! Uh, I’m here to uh, visit my brother…. Does he know you’re here?… Ummm…sure…

They’re ridiculous, and I love the character bleed into “I” and “you” lol.

Jared and Jensen said that they were not producers on Supernatural, but now that they are (Jensen on The Winchesters and Jared on Walker and Walker Independence) they have to bite their tongues sometimes as producers. On Supernatural, they said, they were there for each other to say whatever.

They talked about how much they learned on Supernatural, and how the notes they got were also evidence of people not having to bite their tongues, but able to say it like it is.

Jensen: Sometimes we learned a lot from notes like “be better!”

Jensen to Jared: There’s a lot of people out there that aren’t like you and I.

Both agreed that their experience on being on new shows that are not the same has let them see how different it is out there.

Jensen: It’s made me appreciate what we had.

Me: Once in a lifetime experience, for them and for us.

Jared and Jensen also thanked the fandom for always supporting them – so they could jump the shark repeatedly and not have to worry about fans going along for the ride anyway.

Perhaps the best part of the panel, for me, was hearing Jared and Jensen talk about how much they also want to do more Supernatural together. A fan shared with them his pitch for a Supernatural reboot.

Jensen: When the boys put their boots back on, you might just see some of that in there. There are talks happening about how Sam and Dean will be back. (Emphasis mine, because that’s how I hear it!)

In between the gold panel and the afternoon panel there were photo ops and meet and greets and more talk of Supernatural that made me blissfully happy. Then we got a Ruth Connell panel!

Ruth fondly reminisced about the day she had a super long monologue and Jared pretended to prop his eyes open.

She also related a time that was a special memory for her.

Ruth: When you’re lower on the call sheet you don’t ask for rehearsing. I loved it that one day Misha asked me if I wanted to rehearse.

On Rowena’s evolution, Ruth said that Rowena eventually realized Sam and Dean were really her only playmates.

Ruth: I love Rowena’s trajectory but I wish she’d had longer to be a bad bitch in hell.

Her friendship with Mark Sheppard is still adorable.

Ruth:  I love that Mark Sheppard is annoyed I played his mother and not his ex wife.

She also told the hilarious story of a time when she was determined to prank Jared and Jensen. She came onto set holding one of the giant vats of lube that they used for pretty much every kind of fluid on set, but Jared and Jensen didn’t crack up, much to her dismay. As she stood there (with the vat of lube), Misha swept her up with the vat like aha I know what we’re doing- and saved the joke!

They must miss that set so much, seriously.

We also got a Sebastian Roche panel, which we haven’t had in a long time either. He is rarely serious but always entertaining. He did manage to say a few serious things, including an important one:

Sebastian: Women, please vote!

He also had an actual serious answer about how lovely it was working on Supernatural.

That was pretty much it for serious.

There was a lot of U2 singing that was mostly just panting.

But he sorta looked like a rockstar anyway.

And there was alot of not-G-rated antics, as is to be expected at a Sebastian panel.

Sebastian on his own ass: Solid…like a rock! For the time being… lol

If Balthazar came back?

Sebastian: He’d get back at Misha – and have him sit on that angel blade. That handle looks like…lol

He did, however, give Misha serious props for all the good he does in real life with Random Acts.

And then it was time for Jared and Jensen’s main panel, which they kicked off with their customary leap.

There was a running gag, as there often is, about whether or not Jared could get Stephen Norton to give him a rim shot for any of his jokes (while giving Jensen a bunch of them). Eventually Jared got one, after something about Jensen having been naked on The Boys. Jared quipped, “it’s hard…”

Rim shot!

Which Jensen gave him a fist bump for too. Boys.

gifs abordelimpala

There was again a lot of Supernatural talk, both fond reminiscing and anticipation for that sequel or reboot that might happen. Every time they talk about a Supernatural sequel the room burst into applause and cheers. Myself included.

Jensen even offered up a name: Still Supernatural!

A fan asked what moment they’d each like to relive.

Jared: When Bob Singer called cut that last time, it was a moment like no other. I’d like to re-experience that.

They both fondly remembered the first time their proud parents came to the Supernatural set and watched them work together.

I almost needed tissues at that.

I’ve lost the context of this, which was probably geographical, but it soon disintegrated, as things often do in J2 panels.

Jensen: Dean loves to go down south…

To Jared’s faux shocked expression he added:  I ate some cookies backstage…

Jared: Did you smell them first?

Jensen at another point, to Jared: Did you eat a cookie??

Someone asked about Jared being on The Boys, which I actually spoke to Eric Kripke about not long ago – suffice it to say, he’d love it – but of course Jared has been a wee bit busy kicking off the WalkerVerse. He said he’d love to be a villain on that show though.

(Yes please!)

Jared expressed hesitation about showing his ass, though, as many have had to do on that show.

Jensen (indignant): I did it!

Jared: (fans self)

There was a lot of laughter in this panel, as always – I truly love the way they make each other laugh so much.

At one point, the fire alarm started going off in the middle of their panel, to the point that Jensen took charge and calmly began instructing people to evacuate the theater. It turned out to be a false alarm, luckily.

Jared afterwards: That was alarming…

Norton: Nope.

Jared and Jensen apparently have an ongoing Wordle thread, among other ongoing games – always the competitive brothers!

Someone asked the very emotional question, what did they take from Supernatural?

Jared: Life since Supernatural has been this (gestures at the audience), this (taps Jensen), what you see on the stage and in this convention hall, and that’s not going anywhere.

Jensen agreed: The people who I’ve had the absolute privilege of crossing paths with, enriching my life on a multitude of levels, has largely been because of this show and what it has brought into my life. But I will add to that what I learned while shooting Supernatural, not just off set but on set as well, is largely responsible for the adult that I am today.

Jared and Jensen both talk about what they’ve taken from Supernatural and how it changed them in their chapters in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, which never fail to make me emotional too.

Someone asked what their pet peeves were, and Jared said that a current pet peeve is people who are critical or even rude to people who are wearing masks during Covid. As someone who’s immune compromised with two ongoing health conditions, I just about started to cry outright hearing him say that. I told him later that I really appreciated it, though he no-big-deal’d it. But it is a big deal, as I told him, for someone with a platform who’s on a stage in front of thousands of people to say something that may be controversial. Just like he had the courage to be so open in his chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood. I admire the hell out of that guy, even if it embarrasses him when I tell him so.

All too soon, it was time for the last question!

Rob had to head out for his super secret new role (which there are now some exciting rumors about…) so Briana sang the last question song with Jensen.

The fan asked what song Dean would make Sam sing for karaoke, and Jensen said it would be Britney Spears ‘Slave.’

Jared: It’s ‘I’m a slave for you…’

Jensen: Exactly!



Thank you to the fans and fists bumps for each other ended what was an amazing panel.

Denver was a rarity in that there was another con the very next weekend, so as I packed up my vendor table and said my goodbyes to my fellow vendors, we all got to say “see you next weekend!”  (Never mind that we’d all be exhausted then…)

Thanks for being so beautiful, Colorado – until next time! Stay tuned for my coverage of the next weekend in beautiful Kansas City…

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