What Happens In Vegas – Creation Supernatural Con 2022!

The Creation Supernatural convention’s return to Las Vegas this month was extra emotional for me. Vegas was the last convention that happened before the pandemic became a pandemic, which means it was the last convention of the Before Times. This year, I was once again with my friends who were there with me at Vegas 2020 as we all started to wonder what the hell was happening and clung to each other bolstering our courage to fly back home after a last round of pina coladas and uncertain goodbyes. I remember hugging my friends that night, not knowing it would be a very long time before I saw them again, and then flying home as the world changed around me.

I don’t think the Before Times will ever return in the same way – the world has changed now, in so many ways – so that Vegas 2020 con will always be a symbol of how the world was pre Covid. Despite the fact that things aren’t the same, though, it felt incredibly good to be BACK. To have Jared and Jensen and Misha and everyone else who made the pilgrimage back to where we left off two years ago on stage once again. It felt healing, even if it wasn’t exactly the same – and it felt hopeful, which I desperately need right now.

I have no choice but to be extremely Covid cautious, and all my friends were incredibly lovely and considerate as we ate in our hotel rooms instead of the restaurants we usually frequent and avoided the actual casino (okay, I do that part every time I’m in Vegas…). Creation has done a great job of making the conventions themselves feel safe enough even for me, and I’m very grateful for that also. In 2020, the new book with chapters by the show’s actors and fans that I had put together to celebrate the legacy of the show, There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, was not yet released. In fact, it was at the printing press as Vegas 2020 happened, with me on the phone frantically trying to coordinate some last minute changes (I see you laughing, Alana King…). I was thrilled to be able to bring the book to Vegas con this year and share the inspiring messages the actors put together about why Supernatural and the SPNFamily made such a difference to them – and will always be with us.

Vegas con, like all cons, reminded me of the good in the world – and in the fandom. My friends got there early and set up the vendor table for me, Betty working her magic on setting up those banners and convincing me to finally use Venmo and Sue getting everything so organized that we even had printed signs for the table! The con was a reunion with so many fellow fans who I hadn’t seen in way too long, so the weekend was a constant OMG it’s so good to see you fest too. Like the best shot of endorphins all weekend long – and add to that a reunion of sorts with some of my favorite people who made that little show I love so much.

Here are a few highlights from the panels that I caught – work ensured that I missed the entire first day and part of the second, unfortunately. Boo on having to work for a living.

It was wonderful to see Felicia Day again – Charlie is so many fans’ favorite character. In fact, there are multiple chapters in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done written by fans whose lives were touched by the character of Charlie in such a positive and powerful way.  I love her sense of humor and her ability to tell a story.

Felicia: When I got the call that Charlie was going to die, I thought OMG my performance was so bad that they wrote me off the show!

She understands that many of us take issue with the way Charlie died, but she also has an enduring appreciation and gratitude for Supernatural and all it brought her.

Felicia: Charlie could have fit through that window, just saying…. But it’s all okay, because even when you’re dead on Supernatural, you’re always part of the family. I would have loved to be on more, but making television is hard and I’m not gonna second guess the people who make this show and loved this show.

She’s excited about the prequel The Winchesters as a fan of Supernatural, especially because Robbie Thompson is showrunner – and of course also created the character of Charlie. She does wish that OG Charlie could have had a story line with Cas though – that would have been fun!

Felicia also gets fandom a bit more than some actors, since she identifies as a geek herself. She said there’s a deleted scene in which Charlie explains Oz and that she and Dorothy weren’t an item.

Felicia: But since it got cut, it’s not canon – so you do you!

Some of her best moments on the show, she said, are times when Jared lifted her up.

Felicia: It’s like being lifted by a god!

I kinda love Felicia. Also she apparently loves Stardew Valley, so now I love her even more.

Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster sent out lots of love to one of the Supernatural cast that we all miss tremendously at conventions, Rachel Miner. Both, like Felicia, expressed their appreciation for the opportunities that have come their way from being on Supernatural.

Kim (on playing bad on SVU): So basically everything good in my life came from Supernatural.

There were things that they’d hoped for from Wayward Sisters, of course, including that Donna was going to be a vampire at least for some episodes, which I’m sure Briana would have enjoyed sinking her teeth into…. (Sorry, that’s my terrible joke, not hers). They were also excited to get to tell the stories of so many people whose stories don’t get told, with the show making a clear effort toward representation and diversity in front of the camera.

Kim usually makes me tear up at some point during her panels and that was definitely the case with this one, but she and Briana also made me laugh until I teared up with the story of how they met, Kim a bit unsure and Briana yelling out the van window when she saw Kim to say hi – and ruining a take lol.

I hadn’t been to karaoke since Vegas 2020, and since we were back in Vegas once again and covid protocols were in place, I ventured back this time. There is nothing like the SPNFamily enjoying all the kickass music our show incorporated, and all the traditional Supernatural karaoke songs that have become favorites over the years.

It was also wonderful to have Richard Speight, Jr. back as emcee, so the kick off on Saturday felt SO good. Nostalgic almost! Rich and Rob’s banter is as on point as ever, honed no doubt by all the segments of their Kings of Con podcast and their new Supernatural Then and Now podcast too. If you haven’t been listening, check them out!

Saturday was immediately extra emotional because Tim Omundson also returned to the Supernatural convention circuit, taking the stage and walking to the mic as the audience gave him a standing ovation. He was a bit overcome by the response, and so was I – but it felt incredibly good. After Rob’s stroke and Tim’s stroke, to have them both back onstage and acting again and speaking about their respective recoveries is both inspiring and hopeful at a time when we all need hope very badly. Tim had also been onstage yesterday, but I wasn’t there yet.

Tim: My eyes are still puffy, but yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

Rob stayed close and he and Tim’s long-time friend Rich helped out if it was difficult to hear questions, and the three friends made the panel even more special. Tim’s sense of humor is just as on point as ever, and the three of them together always make me smile.

Tim also gave a shout out to a Supernatural fan who’s about to be a living organ donor for another fan (which some of you may know is not the first time this has happened in this incredible fandom), and to the fandom itself, which Tim said inspires all of them.

That’s one of the things that comes through clearest in Family Don’t End With Blood – how much the actors who wrote chapters have been inspired by the fans. It’s not just one way, which I think is pretty special. Rob’s chapter all about his stroke and his experience after is one of my favorite examples in that book.

Tim also gave a shout out to Creation for having a sign language interpreter, which is so important. He signed “I love you” as he did so.

Tim was asked about the epic fight scene with Dean fighting demons at Cain’s kitchen table.

Tim: We rehearsed that fight scene all day, and then it turned out that Jensen didn’t need a stunt double for most of it anyway!

He also shared an amusing bts moment from the first Cain episode. I’m sure we all recall Cain’s very dramatic and serious entrance, but we didn’t get to see what was really going on.

Tim: I’m being all badass, and then Phil Sgriccia starts playing my King Richard music from Galavant!

(If you haven’t watched Galavant, you don’t know what you’re missing, and that must have been absolutely hilarious)

Tim gave a shout out to his wife Alison, who took care of both him and their family during his recovery, and said that the way he copes is by choosing to focus not on what he can’t do but on what he can do. Excellent words of wisdom for all of us, honestly.

Saturday also gave us the return of Shoshannah Stern to Creation cons, which absolutely made my day. Shoshannah is one of my favorite people in the world, so talented and creative, and the chapter she wrote in There’ll Be Peace When  You Are Done is one of the most powerful (and entertaining) in the entire book.

She elaborates on this in her chapter, but she talked a little at the con about how one thing people get wrong writing a character with disabilities is portraying them as having a sad life.

Shoshannah: Actually, we’re funny!

(If you’ve read her chapter, you undoubtedly know this)

A fan asked what is one thing she’d change about Supernatural, and Shoshannah read my mind.

Shoshannah: The show would still be going!

She shared some of her thoughts on her character Eileen and how she was able to be the accomplished hunter she was. She said she chooses when to use her voice, and she felt like it made sense for Eileen.

Shoshannah: No offense to people who can hear, but sometimes being able to hear takes over, and they miss things. Eileen doesn’t miss a thing, she’s an instinctual hunter.

She had lots of kind words for costar Jared Padalecki.

Shoshannah: Out of everyone, Jared wanted to learn sign language the most. He wants to connect with other people, and that’s what a deaf person needs.

She also said that Jensen was always willing to jump in and help.

Shoshannah: I have an interpreter like Carrie (who interpreted for her at the con) on set, but when I couldn’t have an interpreter in the right place sometimes, Jensen was like “I got it!”

I will frankly never ever get tired of hearing every single guest actor talk about how the Supernatural set was such a special place, and how Jared and Jensen set that tone from the start. While she didn’t get to work as much with Misha as she would have liked, Shoshannah had a pitch that would have changed that.

Shoshannah: I did pitch that the angels of course would know sign language, so that Eileen and Cas could be signing to each other.

Shoshannah talked about how you come up with a specific sign for people you know well and care about, so of course she came up with those for J2M. Coming up with one for Jensen was an experience, apparently.

Shoshannah: His face is just so…. Symmetrical!

We get you, Shoshannah.

Vegas Con gave us a very entertaining ladies’ panel too, with Samantha Smith, Ruth Connell, Felicia Day, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster. It started with ‘normalize unbuttoning your pants when you sit down’ and continued through finding a way to feel content with yourself as something learned during the pandemic, so it’s clear why I enjoy these panels so much.

Ruth said she also learned to advocate for herself more during the pandemic, and to say no. Samantha agreed, adding that she says “that’s not part of my journey right now.”

Wisdom, tbh.

They all had some amusing stories from set, including Ruth relating the day that J2M all piled on poor Alex Calvert.

Ruth: I thought they would break his ribcage!

Briana said Jared and Jensen amused her all the time.

Briana: Jared and Jensen would be there cracking each other’s backs and giving foot massages to each other, and here they are with their pistols, and it just made me laugh so much.

You can read lots more behind the scenes memories and inspiring thoughts in the chapters that Ruth, Kim and Briana wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood – some of my favorite chapters in that book.

We haven’t had an actual R2M panel in so long, so it was wonderful to have Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict back together again. They have not lost any of their wonderful chemistry, and made me laugh as much as ever. I don’t even remember what they said about it, but I know I was laughing way too hard as they all talked about Matt’s film ‘Hard Crime’, in which his character gets an erection whenever a crime occurs.

Everyone was in agreement – we all want to see it!

There were some more serious moments too. Director Dick talked about the episode Despair, saying it was one of the most collaborative episodes.

Richard: We moved to a different location and realized that it was lacking sigils…

They hadn’t been able to include them, so they came up with the idea of having Castiel do a blood sigil. And then Richard and Jensen both had the idea of Cas putting his hand on Dean’s shoulder to leave a handprint as a callback to Misha’s first episode since this was his last.

Richard: We also intentionally wanted that to mirror Castiel’s entrance. That’s why television is a team sport!

On Supernatural, it certainly was.

Both Rob and Rich really loved the scene that Richard got to direct of Rob in Season 15, including the one in the fake Radio Shack in an AU world (that was so realistic that multiple people came in off the street and tried to buy some merchandise!)

Matt also gave props to the actors for the episode he directed in Season 15.

Matt: Misha and Alex were so good in the scene at the truck in 15.15 – I was crying behind the camera.

Rob also gave a shout out to Curtis Armstrong for one of his favorite scenes, where he got to sing ‘Fare Thee Well’ on the show as Chuck with Metatron. And yes, all three wrote insightful chapters – Matt and Rob in Family Don’t End With Blood, and there’s an in depth chat with Richard in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done.

Saturday is always Misha day, and that hasn’t changed thankfully. Misha always looks good in blue, and his comfy sweater brought out his eyes for sure. He never sits still long enough for me to get good photos on my poor ancient camera or my phone, but trust me, it’s true.

He kept the tone of the R2M panel going by telling the hilarious story that Richard alluded to, of when Misha was staying at Richard’s house for a while. He sleeps naked, he said, and also has a habit of strolling around the house naked too. So there he was in Richard’s kitchen naked when he realized there was a Nest camera capturing him in all his glory. Richard was less than thrilled about the images even existing, so at least Misha doesn’t have to worry about blackmail fodder!

A fan asked about the aliases the characters used on the show.

Misha: Why can’t Sam and Dean keep the same aliases all the time? I mean, I’ve used an alias most of my life, my name isn’t Misha – but I use the same one!

Point, Dmitri.

Misha was asked about his PBS show Roadfood, and he said he’d learned a lot from doing it, and it also allowed him to be a little more vulnerable with other people.

Misha: It was an opportunity for me to take my walls down a little and be more vulnerable. When you’re open, people tend to reciprocate. And if you take a moment to get to know someone, you find out fascinating things when you just stop for a minute.

Which is something we all don’t do often enough, probably.

He also talked about the prevailing tropes of masculinity in our culture and how that relates to his friendship with Jared and Jensen, something he also talked about recently on the Inside of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum.

Misha: My mom kinda pathologized traditional masculinity like sports etc. when I was growing up. Jared and Jensen grew up very differently, but we’re all very affectionate with each other, and we say I love you to each other.

That’s another tone that was established on the Supernatural set that I think made a real difference, and perhaps allowed the show to go on as long as it did. Like just about everyone at the con, Misha talked about how much Supernatural meant to him and how hard it was to walk away.

Misha: It was fascinating to play a character so long that you become that character.

He talked again about the dream that Jensen had about the show’s ending (the one where Dean gives the keys to the Impala to a guy with a motorcycle and then rides off on the motorcycle because he doesn’t need a car with two seats anymore if Sam’s gone).

Misha: We all teared up when Jensen told me and Jared his dream, because the characters had become real to us.

I had a long conversation with Jensen about that dream at the time and tears were definitely involved for me too. The cover art for Family Don’t End With Blood is related to that dream, in fact, though the connection isn’t obvious – but it’s there.

Misha was sad that he couldn’t come to the last day of filming and that they couldn’t have a wrap party, but he did have “proxy thieves” get him some things that were important to him – including not one but three trenchcoats!

Misha took the time to do a little auction to raise some money for Ukraine before he ended his panel. If you’ve read any of the chapters he’s contributed to our books – in Fan Phenomena Supernatural or in Family Don’t End With Blood – you know how important the good that the SPNFamily has done is to him.

There were meet and greets and photo ops on Saturday – predictably my photo op with my friend Nightsky (from the thewinchesterfamilybusiness.com site) was hilarity and chaos (though it didn’t seem all that funny at the time, but now? Hilarious). Our friend Eloisa suggested that we link our arms and make heart hands, and that Jared and Jensen (on the other side of the plexiglass) do the same, with both my elbow and Jared’s right up against the glass so that it looks like all four of us making a sort of friendship chain (and photoshop could then remove the plexi). Great idea, right? We even took a photo to make sure they could understand what we wanted, since actually talking through the plexiglass is pretty much impossible.

I had a photo op with my friend Sue first, so Nightsky held the phone with the photo. Never having done this before, she was unprepared for the photo op room volunteer to suddenly tell her to put her phone away (quite loudly because the music is loud in the op room). She attempted to explain that it was a pose, and the volunteer then instructed her to put the phone flat. Flat? What the hell does that mean, she wondered, confused and now very flustered as she was moved along, loud music playing and Jared and Jensen looming. She juggled the phone, with a little help from the volunteer, and finally managed to get it “flat” just in time to show it to the other volunteer who needs to convey it to the boys. That apparently did not work very well, because the final product shows me and Nightsky attempting (poorly executed in our current flustered states) heart hands, my elbow on the glass – and Jared and Jensen in an entirely different configuration.

I actually love the op because I burst into laughter every time I see it, because despite the fact that it makes no sense in the configuration they’re in, both Jared and Jensen are gamely making sure their elbows are against the plexiglass.  Clearly that one bit of information got through, as did the heart hands, but the rest of it? Not so much. The fact that they know both of us often results in photo op chaos, but this time I was tempted to ask them later why the hell they thought we wanted them to do that, but honestly, they are just such good sports about whatever. Photo op fail, but I kinda love it.

Saturday evening was dinner with friends and then, of course, one of the highlights of every con – the Saturday Night Special! Louden Swain played a great mix of both new music and beloved classics.

I’m a big fan of Rob’s ensemble, gotta say.

We also had some kickass guest performances, including from Kim Rhodes.

Matt Cohen was such a welcome return to the con and to the SNS, doing his rockstar thing with so much joy.

Briana Buckmaster killed it with a stirring rendition of ‘Uninvited’ which got stuck in my head for days afterward.

We even got some Dick Speight Jr. joining in – I love it when Richard lets his musical talent shine with Copperhead Road.

Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Billy Moran made some beautiful music with Hallelujah, and we all got to sing the chorus while they looked on and got emotional about it, which I always love to experience. (I apparently enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a photo…)

The evening got more emotional with ‘She Waits’ and the lights came out for that and ‘Amazing’. Kim and Briana joined in for ‘Hey Jude’ to close out the evening.

Laurena and I laughed about our photo op fail for a while once we got back to our hotel room, and then collapsed. And then it was Sunday!

The Gold Panel was extra happy making – Jared and Jensen had just finished being reunited on the set of Walker and working together again for the first time since Supernatural ended, so it was wonderful having the chance to hear them talk about the experience of Jensen directing Jared’s new show.

Jared and Jensen talked about the Walker crew witnessing the two of them communicating in their own special language, honed to a tee after 15 plus years of being Sam and Dean.

Walker crew: What the heck was that??

Jensen to Jared after working on Walker: You’ve got a good thing going on there.

They both talked about the transition after playing the same character for 15 plus years on Supernatural, saying how difficult it is to really learn a new character since that takes time. On Supernatural, they said, they were able to learn who Sam and Dean were pretty quickly, because Eric Kripke writes such rich characters.

They’ve both talked about enjoying being able to play so many versions of Sam and Dean too. Jared said he loved playing Soulless Sam, though Jensen really didn’t enjoy that Dean didn’t have his brother there like he was used to.

Jared: Not sure what that says about me…

Who would they have liked to see each other play in terms of other characters?

Jared: I would have loved to see Jensen play John Winchester.

Jensen: I’d love you to play Charlie. A little ginger up there? *chef’s kiss*

Gif let-me-be-your-home


Kripke didn’t create the characters on The Boys, but I think he’s played a big role in making them all rich characters too – hoping the same holds true for Soldier Boy (as I have no doubt it will). Jensen said that the best compliment Kripke gave him when he was working on The Boys was when Eric and Phil Sgriccia no longer referred to him as anything but Soldier Boy.

A fan complimented Jensen on his working out to fill out that Soldier Boy super suit, and Jensen laughed, saying that was for the role and then miming his deflating biceps post filming. The really funny thing was that Jared knew what he was going to say before he even said it, and was miming the same thing!

gif let-me-be-your-home

At one point they agreed to keep what happens in Vegas in Vegas, but I have no clue what that was in reference to. Looks like they had fun at the UFC fights on Saturday night at any rate, since there were plenty of photos. They both admitted to totally fanboying over Jared Leto, who was sitting near them.

For some reason, Jared also shared that what he’d be doing on Sunday night was…. Watching Jensen in ‘Wishbone’! I don’t know why but this is hilarious.

I have also lost all context for this moment, but both Jared and Jensen mis-hearing a question as “Jensen has a balls obsession” was even more hilarious.

They also did one of the things I’ve seen them do more than once in a panel, but neither they nor I ever get tired of it – demonstrating how they filmed a vamp kill on Supernatural. Because a) they are so good at it and it looks so smoothly executed, and b) They are so amused by it that I love to see it.

One of the things I love about J2 panels are how much they crack each other up, and this panel was no exception. Whether it was a private joke or one shared with all of us, I just love seeing how much they enjoy each other’s company, after all these many years.

Jensen: All Jared’s jokes are filthy…

Which he clearly appreciates!

Also? Handsome boys are  handsome. Clearly.

Ruth Connell did a solo panel on Sunday afternoon, which I was luckily able to catch some of. I love Ruth panels, and basically just plain love Ruth. Her ensemble was A+ in my book too, though Ruth would have appreciated having some of Rowena’s wardrobe.

Ruth: Really, why don’t I have Rowena’s entire wardrobe??

Ruth would like to be the fashion consultant for all of them, honestly.

Ruth: Wouldn’t you love to see everyone in sparkly eye shadow? From Jody to Dean?

Actually, yes. Absolutely.

Ruth said she actually really liked the episode right after Rowena died, where we see her home and where she stored everything, her organization and attention to detail.

Ruth: She really would try to make Hell great again!

Ruth is also a fan of Sam Winchester’s awesome witch powers, as was Rowena. As am I – I wish we’d gotten to see more of that. A fan asked if Rowena loved Sam, and Ruth grinned and said yes.

I mean, understandable.

I also caught most of Alex Calvert’s panel, which kicked off with a worst rapper contest with Rob and the band that was really a toss up – and really hilarious.

Alex was excited to have “the band back together” but disappointed to hear that “sexy Matt Cohen” wasn’t shirtless.

Alex: No? Damn.

Also understandable.

Alex talked about his character Jack, and his evolution over the course of the multiple seasons that Alex got to portray him.

Alex: My favorite part of Jack’s evolution was when he realized he was a Winchester. Found family is very important for a lot of people. I really liked Jack’s ending as well as his evolution, and how he ended up.

A fan asked about Jack never getting to be a kid, but Alex mused about why that probably wouldn’t have worked all that well.

Alex: It probably wouldn’t work, like Sam and Dean going ‘oh we gotta pick Jack up from preschool…’

He said Jack sort of saw Cas as his “trench daddy” and suggested we call Misha that, and that Sam and Dean were like his sexy uncles.

He wasn’t that big a fan of having to break through a door in the episode Matt Cohen directed.

Alex: I threw myself through the door and basically just fell right down, and Misha just laughed. Luckily Jack is awkward too…

He was a big fan of being able to drive the Impala, however.

Alex: It was really fun to drive the Impala, but Jensen was really nervous about it…

I don’t know why I was so struck by some of the fashion choices at this con, but put Alex’s boots into that mix.

And then it was the Jared and Jensen main panel for Sunday. They leapt onstage per usual, though they’re fond of admitting it’s not that easy anymore and requires some serious stretching backstage beforehand now.

Opening Jump

Jared was wearing a replica of the famous Sam Winchester purple dog shirt, to the appreciation of pretty much everyone – including Jensen.

Jensen: That shirt really brings out your…. Shirt…

Jared: Thanks, man.

It really did though.

Jared and Jensen shared some more about Jensen’s Walker episode. Jensen was immensely pleased that he pulled off a successful prank on Jared that involved someone in a bear suit leaping out at him when he had been expecting it to be a stuffed (inanimate) giant bear.

Jared also threw Jensen a little birthday party, trying to surprise him by calling him over for something work related and then having it be a cake. The two clearly enjoyed their opportunity to work together again – they are as proud of each other’s success as any family members would be.

Jared: It was fun to show him off on Walker.

Jensen looks so proud.

There weren’t as many of these sort of bits as usual, but I thoroughly enjoyed the answer to a fan’s question of who is the clumsiest?

Jensen immediately pointed at Jared.

Jensen: He’s like a Great Dane who thinks he’s a Chihuahua.

Jared immediately owned it and went with it, pricelessly.

The Clumsy Bit

I don’t know what these shenanigans were about but I probably enjoyed this thoroughly too.

Out of context, the panel somehow established that Jensen is a Thundercats ho.

A fan asked what their favorite episodes were and Jared mentioned Mystery Spot.

Jensen (affronted): You watched your brother die!

I really don’t know what this is, but it’s kinda hot.

In a weird sort of way.

They talked about some of the challenges on Supernatural – like having to speak Latin.

Jared: When Jensen had to say the exorcism, he was like, I’m gonna do a bad job so I won’t have to do it again!

Very strategic, Jensen.

There were, as always, some jokes between the two of them that we didn’t get to hear, but seeing their amusement always amuses me anyway.

There were some more serious moments too. A fan asked about their support for LGBTQ representation in their new shows. Both Jared and Jensen are serious about their support for LGBTQ organizations, working with several in Austin regularly, and have also focused on diversity both in front of the camera and behind it in their new projects.

Jensen: It’s important to develop stories to level the playing field.

Walker has made strides in that direction and its prequel, Walker Independence, is continuing that direction. It looks like The Winchesters prequel is also making that a priority.

This panel had a lot of fun moments, though the energy was a bit different than the gold panel. I’m not gonna put my psychologist hat on here, but there’s so much wank that goes on in online fandom these days, it’s no wonder sometimes people are reticent to say too much in a room where people are scrutinizing every word you say. Inevitably conventions – and fandom in general – feels less like a ‘safe space’ these days, for everyone.

A great antidote if you’re feeling down about fandom wank?

The Supernatural gag reels! In fact, that’s what Jared and Jensen said they do when they need a laugh. Works every time!

Krista was the last question fan, which was fun since they know her – also, great question: What got hidden in their houses when they did those photo shoots of their homes?

Jared joked that we’ve all seen everything in his house already, and Jensen claimed they didn’t hide anything. Hmm.

Jared and Jensen signed off with their customary props to each other and the band, and the traditional fist bump.

Fist bump

Then there was a surprise birthday cake for Jensen – with three candles.

Jensen: I’m three!!

I ended Vegas Con 2022 the same way I ended Vegas Con 2020 – a small group of us with takeout dinner and drinks sitting on the floor of our hotel room talking about Supernatural, conventions, pandemics, and life in general. How it’s changed, and what is still the same. We’re all grateful for those things.

We have one more convention before Jensen’s episode of Walker airs, and now we know that Kansas will be appearing on that episode too, so to say that my anticipation is now officially off the charts – is an understatement!

More soon….


You can read the chapters by Jared, Jensen,

Misha and many more Supernatural actors

In Family Don’t End With Blood and There’ll

Be Peace When You Are Done, links on the

Home page here or at:














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  • What a great, comprehensive, insightful, sensitve report . . . as always. Anyway, I am gonna be extremely shallow here about the fashion, even though I’m not exactly a super model myself. Am I the only one who thought Jensen’s shirt made him look like an inmate . . . or that Misha’s sweater made him look like a grandpa? Again, I know I’m being uber-shallow here, but it seems almost as though these incredibly handsome men deliberately did NOT want to look good.

  • Lynn, great con recap! I watched some of the panels on youtube and loved them all.
    I love J2’s friendship/brotherhood SO much. Sometimes when I watch the show and see the deep emotion between Sam and Dean and how real they seem as brothers, I just start to cry because it’s so beautiful. Same with the J2 con panels where you can just see the amazing love between them as family irl. That is the thing that hits me hardest emotionally about the show, knowing that their relationship is real. I can’t even write this without getting teary-eyed, they just KILL me!

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