Supernatural Conventions Return – DenverCon 2021!

It’s over a  week later, and I finally have time to sit down and write about Supernatural Denver con, the first Creation Supernatural convention since the whole world changed completely right after the Las Vegas con in March 2020. I remember flying home from that convention, when we had all just barely heard about Covid, wondering what it all meant and how long it would be until I’d be with my SPN friends again. Little did we know that it would be THIS long!

I was only able to go to Denver for the weekend, so I missed the festivities on Friday – and some of my favorite people, including Chad Lindberg, who was only there on Friday. Some friends were kind enough to get my vendor table set up and put out some books, since this was the first convention since There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done:  Actors and Fans Celebrate the Legacy of Supernatural was published. The contributors all put together their chapters for that book just as the pandemic began, so I hadn’t been able to bring it to a con until now. I think the book was excited to finally meet the cast and fandom!

And I was finally able to give the actors who contributed to the book their copies – if you haven’t read their chapters yet, have some tissues ready if you do. Hearing how much Supernatural meant to them, and what the experience of bringing their characters to life brought them, makes me tear up every time I read the actors’ chapters.

Photos Chris Schmelke (hand model Alana King…)

That was exciting – and so was finally being able to see some of my fandom friends for the first time in 19 months! One of the best parts of conventions is being able to be immersed among people who totally get it – and whose eyes will not glaze over alarmingly if I talk about Supernatural for too long. Therapeutic for sure!

Denver con will definitely go down in history as an unusual con – which I feel like we’ve said about so many things over this past 19 months. There were Covid protocols in place, which meant I stressed myself out trying to get a Covid test that would come back before I had to get on a plane but would also be within 36 hours of me checking into the con – thank you, neighborhood CVS! I’m accustomed to masks all the time, so wearing one for the weekend was no problem at all, and I was relieved that everyone else was pretty good about keeping masks on too. Considering how unsafe I feel teaching in person now, in spite of masks, I felt a little safer at the con knowing everyone was both masked and recently tested.

So that part was good. No fan is ever going to like having a giant plexiglass panel between you and the celebrity you came there to see, but we’re in a pandemic and there’s a lot that we wish was different right now. Waving at Jensen, Jared and Misha is not the same as a bear hug, but it will have to do for now. I have to admire the creativity of some fans, who came up with no-touch photo ops that put that plexiglass panel to good (and sometimes amusing) use!

The other odd part of this con was that the schedule was switched around from what we’re all very accustomed to – there are always things that happen on Saturday (like Misha Collins’ panel) and on Sunday (like the Jared and Jensen gold panel and main panel). Because Jensen was shooting on the Rust film and had to be back on set for Sunday, he appeared on Saturday instead. That caused ridiculous amounts of fan theorizing and conspiracy theory tossing around about why the switch was happening – which was for exactly the reasons put forth, Jensen’s professional obligations – i.e., filming on Sunday. It was different to have solo panels for Jensen and Jared instead of a joint one, and fans had different opinions on that, some happy to have an hour with their fave and others missing the banter that always comes with a J2 panel. In other words, as always, your mileage may vary.

I caught some of Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes and Samantha Smith’s panel on Saturday. The fan who sometimes collects words for a Mad Libs at the con asked them for some adverbs, they talked tattoos, and gave a shout out to Rachel  Miner, who we all missed.

Fan: What tattoo should I get?

At that moment, a loud whistle drowned everything out.

Kim: A train, apparently…

Sam talked about how she had decided to leave acting when Supernatural called her to come back for the finale of Season 11. She thought they meant series finale, and was surprised when the show was actually still going – and that she was returning for more than one episode. Briana talked about the rejection inherent in being an actor and having to learn to keep telling herself that she is enough. All three were happy to be reunited and I was happy to have their inspiration back on the stage.

Jensen’s solo panel was next, and he seemed to take a moment to soak up the love when he came onstage.

It really felt like forever since we’d seen them all in person, so there was ALOT of love in that ballroom!

I think all of them prefer being onstage with one of their friends, and he mentioned that he missed Jared being up there with him – especially because it was the first con back and they’d been looking forward to it.

Jensen: It’s just me – I don’t have my brother here!

He also explained his filming obligations and why that meant he had to change his day to Saturday, and thanked fans for their flexibility and ‘coming along for the ride’

His panel was mostly lighthearted – he was in such a good mood that he even acquiesced to doing a song and dance, which means I will likely never ever get the Applebee’s song out of my head for the rest of my life.


Jensen does Applebees

He did talk a bit about the series finale, which I was looking forward to hearing all of them do. (It was mortifying that some fans booed when Jensen first mentioned it. I don’t care if you loved it or hated it, everyone has a right to their feelings, but this guy put his heart and soul into making it and he’s proud of it).

There have been a million fan theories and misunderstandings about what the original plan for the finale was, and what was changed due to Covid, so Jensen clarified.

Jensen: It was originally supposed to be Sam (getting to Heaven) and walking up to a roadhouse. Dean comes out and there’s the (reunion) scene on the bridge. Then they go inside and Kansas is playing Carry On. That’s all that changed.

They were also hoping to have lots of cast return for that scene, a big party in the Roadhouse that would just keep on rolling and turn into the actual wrap party – with Kansas playing.

He reiterated that he thought the actual bridge scene was great, but of course he would have loved partying with Kansas!

Jensen was happy to talk about the ‘barn scene’ and said he could only do it a few times, because it was too emotional.

Jensen: Even the crew got so emotional they had to turn away.

He said to Jared at the time, that they must have been doing something right to make that happen to those seasoned professionals.

As far as what they (Jared and Jensen) changed on the day, he said that he doubled up on the “Tell me it’s okay” because he felt like Dean really needed to hear that. I think he was very right.

He also ‘fought for Dean to die on his feet.’ Dean was originally supposed to collapse and die in Sam’s arms, so they would have had that powerful conversation in that position, which Jensen felt would be difficult.

Jensen: I think the two of them facing each other was more powerful.

Again, I think he was right.

Jensen: But there wasn’t a lot that needed to change in the finale, it was worked on very hard to get it right.

He told an amusing story about the crew guy who was responsible for putting him on the rebar – an ex military guy who was so big and so strong that he could even pick up Jared and move him around!

There were a few questions about his upcoming role on ‘The Boys’.

Jensen: It was difficult not to slip into ‘Dean voice’ on The Boys. I got a few notes from Kripke…

(I will be forever squeeful that Jensen and Eric got to work together again!)

His first day on set was apparently very memorable – and will be memorable for us when it airs too! Soldier Boy is discovered and emerges in his birthday suit sans any clothing at all, much to Jensen’s dismay as he met his new castmates.

Jensen: There I was in all my glory, day one of The Boys…

Glory indeed. I feel very shallow for saying this, but I’m looking forward to his discovery!

He also did yet another Batman movie while in Toronto – and had to try not to be either Soldier Boy OR Dean in that one!

When he finally got back to his family, he said ‘I buried myself with my children for a few days.” Zepp, who was more into mommy before, while the two girls are “daddy’s girls”, hasn’t left his side since he returned. Awww.

He said they’ll be back in Austin in a few weeks (or perhaps sooner since Rust is now on indefinite hold after the tragic accident on set).

Jensen talked excitedly about his role on Rust at the con, including almost being given a horse named Baby (Bebe) and finally ending up on the biggest one named Spanky, which now feels very different, but at the time it was nice to see him so excited.

He was in a good enough mood to do a little dance – more than once!

There were, as always, some random questions, including how would it be different if Jack was a girl on Supernatural.

Jensen: Are we sure of how Jack identifies?

Good question Mr. Ackles!

He was also asked how Dean would have felt it if it really was Castiel on the phone in 15.19 instead of Lucifer – he said that the speed with which Dean ran up the stairs shows how Dean would have felt, and said that he lost a best friend – that there would have been a big embrace if that was really Cas.

He also had some love for the character of Benny (and Ty Olsson), who was instrumental in helping Dean see more shades of grey instead of black and white.

Jensen also made it clear that he has not forgotten Dean Winchester – nor will he ever, just like so many of us.

Jensen: Dean will always be with me and this (the SPNFamily) will not end. Who knows, maybe we’ll take a break of three years and then just come back…

Me: (fervently) YES PLEASE!!!

In fact, Jensen can’t see pie without thinking of Dean.

Jensen: I just see pie and I smirk, like ‘I know who would like this!’ Dean singlehandedly changed my relationship with pie!

Same, Jensen. Same.

As Jensen’s panel was ending, Misha Collins came out onstage and surprised him before he took the stage – with a hug from hug! And because these guys all love to bust each other at every opportunity, Jensen quipped, “oh I thought it was Jared” with a grin.

Misha teased right back about how built up Jensen has had to get for The Boys and how obvious that was when they hugged. Jensen said that he told the supersuit designer, “you’re gonna build muscles into that suit, right?” The designer said oh no, you’re gonna bring me those!

Misha: We’ve all missed each other so much, we’re all hugging backstage.

Those kind of moments at this con were priceless. It was very very clear that the actors have missed each other a great deal, and were truly happy to be reunited – and to be able to be with Supernatural fans again too.

Misha kicked off his solo panel asking how many people were at their first con, and was then open mouthed when so many raised their hands.

Misha: I’ve missed you all so much.

His panel was also upbeat and put a smile on my face. Misha commented that it feels like there’s more hope and optimism creeping back in, and that the convention felt like that too.

Misha always lets his dry sense of humor enrich his panels, and this was no exception.

Misha: I was excited but nervous to play Lucifer. Mark Pellegrino didn’t fit on the show – because he was a really talented actor… lol

He reiterated that when he went over to Mark’s house for some tips on playing Lucifer, Mark told him that he played Lucifer like he either wanted to kill or have sex with everyone he encounters.

Misha: And that was super helpful. In the rest of my life…

He said that he feels like right now Castiel is a little sad, but there’s also this simmering feeling of contentment from having spoken his feelings openly. He imagines Castiel’s version of Heaven is being back in the bunker or in the Impala with the boys. Awwww.

Misha: I would have loved to explore more the relationships that Cas had with Jack, with Dean, and with Claire.

He also talked about his final episode, 15.18, saying that his favorite scene in the series was the last scene for his character.

Misha: It was also me saying goodbye to the cast and crew and all of us saying goodbye to the character.

Like Jared and Jensen, Misha had all good things to say about the Supernatural set that they all clearly miss – including their infamous “f—king around”

Misha: F—king around on the set was part of the culture of the show, and what we all did. But that last scene was a serious goodbye, and I cherish that.

Near the end of Misha’s panel, Jensen returned – with someone else!

Jared, Jensen and Misha were all reunited onstage, and I have to admit I teared up. It felt like all was right with the world once again, at least for a little while.

Look at Misha’s face when he sees Jared! I can’t look at that photo without grinning myself.

And Jared’s fond looks at his two friends.

I caught a little of the Gil McKinney, Adam Fergus, Jim Beaver and Mark Pellegrino panel – it was so nice to see all of them again!

Mark thanked fans for helping him find his biological father just recently – apparently in only an hour! The power of fandom.

Jim: That is very cool.

Look for Jim in Guillermo Del Toro’s new film, Nightmare Alley.

I’ll never quite understand fans who insist that Lucifer was a lovable character on the show, but Mark appreciated it. Gil and Adam: facepalm

Adam talked about the challenges of doing accents for roles, and Gil reminisced about Henry’s death scene on Supernatural.

Gil: It was challenging, because Jared was holding me in his big arms and I’m looking into Jensen’s eyes….mmmm….


Jim said filming the scene when Bobby kills his wife was most challenging for him, after losing his own wife. But he also felt it was a gift, because he could do a really good job of it after his personal experience.

Mark said it was hard to play the scenes of Lucifer’s son rejecting him, because you do relate to that organically – rejection is hard.

Next up was the panel a lot of people were anticipating – the gold J2 panel. Stephanie from Creation introduced them, saying that Jared and Jensen asked them to work it out so they could do a panel together, the idea came from them. It was also their idea to crash Misha’s panel so all three could be onstage together for a little while. (They really do miss each other).

They took the stage to A LOT of cheers.

Jared: I’m so happy to be here!

Jensen: It just feels right.

Me: Hell yes it does!

Jared found Jensen’s cowboy hat as hot as we all did, apparently.

Jared and Jensen may have been separated for a long time while Jensen was working on The Boys and then Rust, but they went right back to their easy brotherly dynamic (contrary to what some people on twitter who weren’t even there are saying). Jensen swooped in to fix Jared’s mic when he had some trouble, big brother mode kicking right back in.

Jared excitedly shared the news that most of us had already heard, with a huge smile.

Jared: We have one of the best directors coming up on Walker (ie, Jensen)

Jensen talked about his entrance scene on The Boys and a little about the infamous Herogasm that we’ll see on S3 of the show, and Jared laughed.

Jared: Do we finally see some Ackles butt cheeks?

Jared also talked about Walker, saying it was his favorite thing to film other than Supernatural.

It now sort of breaks my heart to remember Jensen again talking about how excited he was to be acting in a Western finally.

Jensen: I’ve wanted to play a cowboy since I was six. I used to dress up, the whole outfit.

Jared: He still has it…

They both answered some kids questions and made some dad jokes, and they got a lot of show questions, which are almost always my favorite.

Jensen said that episode 15.18 was so emotional when they filmed it, he immediately thought oh no, episode 20 will really be hard. He added that Misha did a great job (with Castiel’s goodbye scene).

They also fielded some questions about the finale, including what they added before and on the day of filming.

Jared: The call backs to the pilot were added by he and I in talks on the day. Also, I know you added some in the barn scene, like ‘come here’.

Jensen: Oh yeah – the ‘let me look at you.’

Me: My heart…

Jensen: Also the foreheads wasn’t scripted, and you touching my hand to say ‘you can go’, and then your son does the same.

Me: Ohgod, using the ‘you’ here is really messing with my head. #tissues

Jensen explained how he conceptualized Dean’s mindset as he realized, in the barn – this is it.

I teared up listening to him, thinking about inhabiting Dean’s realization in that moment.

Jared: I couldn’t even read it without crying.

Jensen: That scene, it was also Jared and me saying goodbye to Sam and Dean.

Me: (sobs)

The last question was about when Dean knew about how Cas felt, and Jensen said he didn’t know until Cas said what he did. The rest of that answer I’ll leave you to watch the many videos so the full context is there, but I personally loved both Jared and Jensen (and later Misha) once again saying that art is about interpretation and all interpretations are valid, and Jared reiterating that ‘you’re free to love whoever the fuck you want.’

They ended their panel with a big hug.

Jensen: Missed you, brother.

Jared: It’s good to be back!

I needed more tissues.

They were emotional too as they waved goodbye.

Saturday night dinner was room service instead of restaurant, which meant that my friends and I could relax and hang out and properly catch up – while we enjoyed burgers and pasta and some drinks from the bar. Comparative luxury!

Saturday night was as special as it usually is – the concert is always one of my favorite parts of any con and it was SO wonderful to have Louden Swain on stage playing live after so long! I’ve done some Stage Its with the band online during the pandemic, but there’s nothing like actually being there, with a room full of other passionate Supernatural fans, as the band plays both old favorites and new ones.

I love that they did Fare Thee Well, one of my favorites, and She Waits which never fails to make me tear up.

Although it wasn’t as organized as pre Covid, plenty of fans had glow lights for Amazing, and the band clearly appreciated it.

Photo paleonut

Rob introduced “This Is How” as being about everyone finding your voice and saying this is who I am.

Samantha Smith introduced Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes, who both belted it out and looked as happy to be back onstage singing as we were happy to have them there.

I’ve missed Gil McKinney’s smooth and beautiful voice too, and he can make ‘Let It Be Me’ sound as emotional and heartfelt as the original version – maybe more.

The rest of the cast joined the band for an exuberant rendition of Mama’s Jam, with Rob back up on the drums, and it felt so good to be up and dancing and experiencing joy after such a difficult past 19 months.

Sunday was way more relaxed than it usually is for me – we sold out of books on Saturday afternoon, and my meet & greets and one photo op were on Saturday for a change, so Sunday I could sleep in and catch up with friends over lattes. I caught some of the Samantha Smith and Mark Pellegrino panel – as I walked in Mark and Rob were mock arguing about who really betrayed who on the show, God or Lucifer.

Rob: Teenagers, amirite?

Next we were treated to Misha Collins and Alex Calvert, who I had never seen onstage together, so that was a treat. They came out and gave props to Louden Swain, complete with impressive Misha whistle.

Alex also gave Misha props for his new poetry book which had just been released, which prompted Misha to say its name since Alex kept forgetting it – Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You.  If you haven’t picked it up yet, some of the poems will definitely bring the emotions!

Misha was feeling as emotional as the rest of the actors about the show having ended, perhaps especially now that it’s been a year since they’ve been on set and filming.

Misha:  I got a little emotional seeing my Castiel costume for photo ops.


He always manages to tell some dad stories and this con was no exception. At one point he told a story that ended with his kids saying “F you, Dad.”

Alex: Kinda how I feel right now… (Joking, joking!)

Alex gave an update about his recent move to New York City, and said that he might be retiring from acting, at least for a while. Everyone has to figure out the path that’s right for them, but Alex certainly is talented at acting, so I’ll miss him if he does change careers.

A fan asked them for alternate song suggestions for Swan Song, and Alex suggested ‘The Final Countdown’, which made me laugh because every time I hear that song now I remember the story that Jensen and Jared told about being in the restroom in stalls and suddenly Jensen hears Jared play that song and just starts cracking up. The other people in that restroom must have been so confused.

Misha also talked a bit about his new Road Food show, saying that he wanted to “penetrate those communities…”

When fans started to chuckle, he mock chastised them.

Misha: Don’t chortle! I want to… get inside them…. Leave with me satisfied… and them satisfied…

I always end up laughing during Misha’s panels and so appreciate that.

And of course he talked about Castiel. A fan told him that there had recently been a poll for ‘best entrance’ on Supernatural, and Death had won over Cas.

Misha: That’s just Julian Richings voting and voting and voting.

He considered, then gasped in mock shock.

Misha: OMG do you think we maybe can’t trust online polls???

Also this question about entrances somehow veered into Alex’s should have been with him naked and covered in oil…and with an erection. Context, who needs it?

Misha reminisced on his creation of the character of Castiel, saying that the distinctive head tilt and the way the angel studied Sam and Dean was what he thought would be a  template for how angels would be that everyone who came after would follow – except no one else did!

Misha: In my first scene, director Kim Manners said try not to be so… spooky. And Jensen kept asking, what is this guy doing??

He also said he’s happy to think of Castiel as being on the autism spectrum, providing some appreciated representation for some fans.

What are Cas and Jack doing in Heaven?

Alex: Last time Misha said paperwork, so I hope he has a better answer this time. I think, hugs and drinks all around.

Misha: When we do the Supernatural reboot, we can start with the reunion of Cas and Jack with Sam and Dean – it would be heartfelt.

Misha also was asked about Castiel’s last scene, and he answered similarly to what Jared and Jensen had said the day before.

Misha: I know what was going on in Castiel’s head, because I was Cas – but I don’t like to interpret art.

He went on to say that he likes the audience to be able to analyze it, and doesn’t want his interpretation to be the only one.

Misha: I did the best I could to convey my interpretation.

Jared, Jensen and Misha all seemed to be doing their best to navigate the tough questions, knowing that no matter what they said, they were likely going to make some fans unhappy. They all see what they do as art, though, and seemed sincere in wanting to leave space for interpretation. It’s impossible to make every fan happy, and I kinda feel for them that all three seem to wish they could do that if it was possible.

Alex chimed in too, about how all of them add in things that are meaningful to them even if ‘secret’ to the viewers – because they all have their interpretations too.

Alex: The secrets we put in are some of my favorite things.

He said he would have liked to have had the chance to play an evil version of Jack. He also said that he never wanted to categorize Jack in terms of gender, and that he thinks, in 2021, Jack’s pronouns would be they/them.

Misha said he had wanted to watch the last two episodes of the show as a fan, so he didn’t read those scripts.

Alex teased Misha that the show might have kept going if ‘these guys had wanted to’, which Misha took issue with.

Misha: Way to throw us under the bus!

It’s something I’m going to think about forever, and clearly they all think about it too. Who knows?

Jared’s solo panel was later in the day – he was so excited to immediately get a rim shot from Stephen Norton. And then four more!

The most unusual moment was when a pregnant fan asked Jared to make the announcement of what she was having for her parents and friends who didn’t know yet.

Surprise – she’s having a boy!

Jared got to tell some dad stories too, including that Shep got really upset watching Walker when Emily was killed – why would his dad be a producer and let them kill his mom? Aww, poor little guy.

Jared: Shep is a sentimental, sensitive kid, just like his daddy and his Uncle Jensen. We’re all middle children.

Daughter Odette watched some Lord of the Rings over quarantine which apparently led to some anxieties and lots of questions for frazzled parents Jared and Gen.

How similar is he to the French Mistake version of himself?

Jared: I’m not very similar to the French Mistake me. I don’t have an alpaca. But I do have the cowboy picture and an Impala in my garage!

A fan asked about Stella and Augie keeping the secret that it was not actually Cordell driving the pick up truck when it crashed, wondering if that would come out. Jared said no, at least not as of now.

Jared: Just like Sam and Dean had secrets that only they knew, on Walker Stella and Augie will have some secrets, like that she crashed the truck.

There was another question about the horses that are on Walker, and Jared grinned.

Jared: We have a director coming up on Walker who’s really eager to have some horseback scenes. (Yes, you go for it, Jensen Ackles!)

They are both clearly excited about Jensen’s upcoming stint on Walker behind the camera (and hopefully in front of it some too!)

He’s enjoyed having Richard Speight, Jr. as a director on Walker too, and reminisced about that infamous ongoing text exchange that Jared and Jensen and Richard had while on Supernatural, affectionately known as “Naked Supernatural” – as in The Naked Gun version.

Jared: It feels like a second ago Ackles and Speight and I were writing Naked Supernatural. Now he’s our director!

And of course there were lots of Supernatural questions, always my favorite thing. A fan said that she’d recently met James Marsters, and he said that Jared tried to distract him when he was filming his scenes as a guest star. Jared grinned mischievously.

Jared: I think that was Jensen…

He went on to say that Marsters was a rock, and he’d love to work with him again.

While he said that he really enjoyed playing Soulless Sam, Jared said that ‘Sacrifice’ was a pivotal episode to his understanding of Sam.

Jared: In Sacrifice, thinking he might let his brother down, I understood that as the cornerstone of his character for Sam.

He said that they had great writers on the show and over time, and that they worked some Jared and Jensen into Sam and Dean. Leaving Supernatural and moving on to other projects has been challenging for all of them.

Jared: Supernatural was such a family, we didn’t know what it would be like on another show.

What was Jared’s favorite episode of the last season of Supernatural?

Jared: My favorite is the one I’ll probably watch the least (because it makes him so emotional) – the finale. The one that will stay with me the deepest.

Near the end of the panel, someone asked about his favorite quote. Jared wrote about a similar philosophy in his powerful chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood.

Jared: Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional. I think of it as ‘this too shall pass’.

Wise words. He also said that one of the best ways to make your own life satisfying is to care about other people. When his own self esteem is low, he tries to reach out to help someone else or listen to them, which also helps him get out of his own head.

Jared: If you can see someone who’s different than you and love them for who they are, life will be bountiful.

Jared, Jensen and Misha all mentioned some kind of possible continuation of Supernatural – I don’t think they’re entirely ready to let it go, and I sure as hell know I’m not.

Jared: Jensen and I have grown a lot since we said goodbye to Sam and Dean. I’d love to see them come back and I have some ideas about how that could happen.

Me: Bring it!!!!

The last question fan looked oddly familiar, as Clif the bodyguard took the stage and refused to be serious for the last question. He had some amazing socks on, btw!

Jared gave a heartfelt thanks to the fans as he ended his panel, looking out over the audience and looking almost as emotional as I was feeling.

Rob gave him a huge hug at the end, both of them having lots of feelings clearly.

The last panel of the day belonged to Louden Swain, when Rob Benedict brought the rest of the band with him onstage – Billy Moran, Stephen Norton and Mike Borja. They pondered what tattoos they might get and where, decided that Chuck needs his own spinoff, and fielded a request from a fan to play her prom.

Stephen: Call our agent…

Billy and Borja: We need to find an agent…

Rob: We do have the perfect song…

They do indeed.

Rob also said that he loved doing the fight scene in 15.19, because he rarely gets to do those kind of physical fight scenes.

Rob: There was one take where I actually got Jared and I was like, are you okay? And Jared was like (deadpan) Uh, yeah.

I’m sure you got him good, Rob!

Sunday night was, as always, time for some exhausted relaxing/eating/drinking/processing, saying goodbyes and feeling incredibly grateful that we all got to come together again and celebrate this show we all love.

Sometimes everything online feels more contentious than supportive, so I appreciate the warmth that (mostly) characterizes conventions even more. I’m sure many fans who are shoulder to shoulder in this space disagree about all kinds of show and fandom-related things, but it’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood when the cast is so entertaining and so clearly happy to be together again. It’s infectious!

I think I cherish being able to come together like this even more now that the show is over. I wasn’t sure if conventions would continue long after Supernatural went off the air, but here we are a year later and there’s a whole year of cons planned. I miss the show every single day, but I’m grateful we still get to spend time together and interact with the actors that brought the characters I love so much to life.

The week since the con has been a difficult one, with the tragic accident on the set of Rust doing the near impossible – bringing the entire fandom together in remembrance of Halyna Hutchins and in support of Jensen Ackles. The various fandom ‘factions’ may disagree about the characters or the show, but the vast majority of Supernatural fans are genuinely good, caring people – it was nice to have a reminder of that.

Next con – Charlotte! Stay tuned for coverage of that con, for the Season 2 premiere of Walker, and for more Supernatural rewatch – coming soon!

— Lynn

You can read about the legacy of Supernatural

in the actors’ own words in There’ll Be Peace

When You Are Done and Family Don’t End

With Blood, links in home page banner or at:



















7 thoughts on “Supernatural Conventions Return – DenverCon 2021!

  • That for sharing a memorable weekend for those of us who couldn’t be there Lynn. Despite all the Covid related issues it seems to have been amazing. The cast were all on form.

    The events that have unfolded on the set of Rust since then have been so very sad. Condolences to Halyna’s family, friends and colleagues. My heart goes out to them all.

    • I watched more panels from this con than any other. I missed this bunch of people so much from the cast to the other fans. I have a Denver con chat group and they were wonderful about posting live from the con. I have to wait until June to go to another con. I live about an hour from Orlando but I’m contemplating going to Denver in September again with my daughter who lives there.

      What happened on Rust is tragic and I am following the story closely. Can’t imagine what Alec Baldwin is going through. I have no idea who the armourer on SPN was but so thankful no one got hurt on that set. Looking forward to seeing you again.

      • Thank you so much for the Denver con recap. Things have changed so much since the Vegas con (also known as Croatian Con). Plus I met you again! I watched the videos and so enjoyed seeing the gang all together. Read some comments on Twitter (big mistake) but it was mostly positive and a lot of people were happy to see J2 back and relating to each other as if over 17 months hadn’t crawled by.

        The tragedy on the Rust set, of course, was on my mind (and a lot of other people too) especially because of Jensen’s comments about being called an a**hole (not rudely) by one of the staff. Such as sad and stupid tragedy.

        If the strike is averted then I have the knowledge of Jensen directing Jared on Walker to make me smile. I hope there are lots of BTS pictures.

  • Thankyou for the run though Lyn, and for the beautiful pics. At least this con I got to watch Jensen’s and the Gold panels as soon as they were up online, Sunday here in Aus – I spent a relaxing Sunday immersing myself in SPN and cons! Usually I have to wait until after work Monday. I was a bit emotional after so long, and seems Jensen was too, he seems to be tearing up a bit in one of the your close ups of him! I appreciated hearing everyone talk about how they viewed they finale, and what they are up to now. I don’t understand fan extremism (if I can use that term?) and some of the heated views I have seen online since. I was so excited for Jensen filming Rust knowing he had jumped at the chance, and to see him talk so enthusiastically about the project was heartwarming. Now it is only heartbreaking of course, and my thoughts are with cast, crew and especially Halyna’s family to lose her in such a senseless way.
    Next con will be a little subdued I think.

  • thanks for the convention report, I’ve been waiting on your report which is always entertaining. You make us reading feel like what is was like to be there. I had been in Denver two weeks before the convention for work and would have loved to have been able to go to this con. “My” local convention got pushed back to next summer so I made sure to try to watch all of the videos posted that I could.

    I hope you have even more fun this weekend in Charlotte and am looking forward to reading your report.

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