Supernatural Spring Break – Photo Retrospective Part 2

Continuing our week long spring break celebration of that little show we miss, here are some memories of the Supernatural cast over the years, seen through the lens of Kim Prior’s trusty camera – and her photographer instincts!

First up, some pics from Vegas Con 2015. I remember the first time Gil McKinney stepped onstage and started singing and everyone kind of stopped and went WHAT? Because damn, can he sing! The song he wrote for his dad is a favorite of mine – if you haven’t heard it, check out his album with that beautiful song and more.

Rob with the perfect tee shirt and almost clean shaven at that con!

I can hear the harmonies on Seven Bridges Road just looking at this photo…

“Seven Bridges Road” with Louden Swain, featuring Richard Speight, Jr. and Jensen Ackles.

Jensen looks as excited as all of us were to have both Winchester parents onstage at the same time with him!

Here are a few from Jacksonville 2016 – Ruth Connell and Kim Rhodes with smiles that light up the room, and Mark Sheppard doing one of the things that clearly makes him happiest – playing drums.

Nashville 2016 Matt Cohen when his hair was really long, which I’d almost forgotten. Matt can pull off any look, and I love how much he’s bringing to Entertainment Tonight these days – all his experience helping host cons with Rich and Rob have been put to very good use!

A few Saturday Night Special photos from Pittsburgh 2016 – Matt Cohen, who is not only a performer at the SNS but also the most enthusiastic Louden Swain supporter ever. And Misha Collins with rockstar hair – and I kinda love it!

Misha made an appearance for the final song of the Saturday Night Special!

More tormenting Lynn with the con she wasn’t at and wishes she was, Hawaii 2017 – Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen. Where everyone was clearly having a blast the entire time.  I love Rob’s smile here. After Rob’s stroke in 2013, every time since we’ve seen him perform and seen that smile has been precious. His chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood takes us back to that day and everything that happened, how close we all came to losing him, and how his friends and family and fans got him through it. I will never not be emotional about seeing Rob Benedict smile.

Nashville 2017 shots of Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Billy Moran with their incredibly moving version of “Hallelujah” which has become my favorite. I’m not sure if by this time they had started pausing to let the audience sing part of the chorus, but they were doing that by the time cons ended a year ago, and it was always a magic moment.

And drummers Mark Sheppard and Stephen Norton – I used to love it when SNS had double drummers, both of them incredibly talented and having a blast playing together.


Pittsburgh 2017 Billy Moran and his guitar, and a fond moment with Briana Buckmaster and Matt Cohen.  I know the cast misses each other as much as the fans miss each other – and that cast and fans are missing each other as well.

Nashville 2018, Richard Speight, Jr. rocking out with Billy Moran, and Kim and Ruth having a good time. Nashville is Richard’s “home con” so he’s always the consummate host and never fails to put on an amazing show at the SNS.

If you haven’t listened to Richard’s album ‘The Dance And How To Do It’ give yourself a treat sometime.

Ode to Foot-On-Thing

Briana Buckmaster bringing the house down in Charlotte and Pittsburgh 2018. Much like Gil McKinney, the first time she started singing onstage, I think everyone’s jaw just hit the floor. And much like Gil, check out her album – it’s gorgeous!

Nashville 2019 was the last time we were all at the amazing Gaylord resort there – and Kim got some amazing photos.  Including Kim Rhodes and Felicia Day being adorable and Misha Collins looking FINE in a jean jacket with those blue eyes.

Dallas 2019 – Matt Cohen’s and Misha Collins’ infectious smiles, Rob Benedict’s baby blues, and Jason Manns and Billy Moran bringing the sweet sweet music (and apparently a laugh too)

From Kim: Last pic is from concert in Austin in January 2020 – the last thing I did before the pandemic. At least it was a great drummer shot, which are so hard to get.

A fitting shot to end on, for now. So many good memories and so many good feelings captured forever. I’m grateful for all the ways this television show and these actors have impacted my life.

Many of the people pictured shared their personal stories of how Supernatural and the SPNFamily have changed their lives in significant ways too – Misha, Mark, Kim, Rob, Briana, Ruth, Matt and Gil all wrote chapters in Family Don’t End With Blood and Richard has a chapter in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, along with many other cast members.

And in addition to Gil, Briana and Richard’s albums, you can check out all the great music from Louden Swain and Jason Manns if you’re missing them too (like I am).

Here’s to making more good memories and bringing the SPNFamily back together soon!

Stay tuned for more of our Supernatural Spring Break celebration, with interviews, more photo essays and the next Supernatural rewatch review of the very creepy episode ‘Scarecrow’, coming soon!


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