Supernatural Celebration Week -Fave Photos of Jared and Jensen!

Next up in our celebration of Supernatural Spring Break week, I asked my partner in crime, Kim Prior, to compile some of her favorite photos that she’s taken at Supernatural cons over the years. Three days later, after she probably wanted to kill me for my request, she managed to narrow it down enough to make a few posts. But hey, that’s not such a bad problem to have, is it? Too many beautiful photos of gorgeous (and wonderful) people to sift through? I think she should probably thank me.

At any rate, I know I’m thanking her!

We hope this brightens up everyone’s Friday!

First up, Jared and Jensen.

This one is from Jacksonville 2016… highlighting Jared’s incredible multi-hued eyes. Kim takes photos that are so clear and so true to color that it makes his eyes even more striking.

I’m not going to have to convince anyone that Jensen’s eyes are equally striking – there’s a reason the words “fanfic green” exist in the Supernatural fandom.

Also she captured an adorable expression. Skeptical Jensen? Grumpy Jensen? Doesn’t matter, adorable nevertheless.

And Rockstar Jensen is a whole other level. Damn, I miss his live performances so much. It’s been a privilege witnessing the evolution from hesitant duet partner to confident command-the-stage rockstar.

Now where’s that new album, Mr. Ackles??

Here are a few from Dallas con 2019, with hiatus beards in full bloom. Jared in a beard and beanie is always a good look and even though I’m not the biggest fan of beards, Jensen can rock any look – as evidenced by the recent ‘mountain main’ incarnation. And the long hair? Yes please.

Back to Pittsburgh con 2016 for the next few photos, more bearded boys and gorgeous eyes and damn, that shirt looked so good on Jared and his hair was *chef’s kiss*.  He looks amazing on Walker, but sometimes I do miss those luxurious locks that Sam Winchester favored.

One from Vegas con 2015 in beautiful black and white capturing an equally beautiful moment. I caught Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Kimmel last night and he is such a lovely human with an adorable giggle. The bond between these three real life friends and on-screen family is so heartwarming. And now they have matching tattoos!

Vegas 2015.

I don’t know what’s happening here, but it made me laugh anyway. I miss that too – the laughter that inevitably made my sides hurt during convention panels.  In the recent virtual Creation panel that Jared and Jensen did, I feel like they spent half the time cracking each other up – and it was downright therapeutic to watch!

Jacksonville 2016

And a few of that smile that lights up a room…

Vancouver 2016

Jared’s wearing one of the original Always Keep Fighting shirts there, which always makes me emotional. If you haven’t read the chapter he wrote in ‘Family Don’t End With Blood’ in which he talks about his personal experience that led to that campaign and his speaking out about depression and anxiety, it carries an important message.

And this next one makes me emotional too, for a different reason. This was the first time Jensen walked out on onstage and sang lead on a song. I remember sitting in the audience and my mouth just falling open as he became a bona fide rockstar right before our eyes, belting out ‘Sister Christian’ like he was born to perform onstage. My friends and I couldn’t stop grinning for literally hours after – it was like some kind of religious experience!

Vegas 2015 was, alas, the only time he performed that song live. Maybe someday again…

From Jared’s face, my guess is he just touched Jensen for some reason and is now doing the obligatory ewww, while Jensen looks extraordinarily pleased. Have I mentioned I miss cons?

Pittsburgh 2016

Okay, Kim clearly put this next one in to torment me in retaliation, because I did not go to the con in Hawaii and I will regret it for the rest of my life. Look at them. Sigh.

Hawaii 2017

More smiling Jared, and Jensen trying to understand what Krista is saying to him (and clearly amused by it). Hmm, wonder what that was?

Charlotte 2018
Pittsburgh 2016

Jensen is listening to Krista (@kreespa) explain something

Two from Pittsburgh 2017 above, and below, have I mentioned that Jared has striking eyes? You can really see that in this beautiful photo.

Nashville 2016

One of the reasons that Jensen’s SNS performances are so moving is that he puts as much emotion into his singing as he does his acting – and Kim captured that intensely here. Also, leather jacket.


Nashville 2017

Nashville 2018. I do not care for the hat, but who cares, the rest is pure rockstar energy.

Jensen and Jared react to a young fan who watched the entire series (up to that point) in a matter of weeks. Jensen = me.

Pittsburgh 2017

Nashville 2018 – Jared’s gorgeous turquoise shirt and the red Scooby Do scarves a fan handed out to many of us to celebrate Scoobynatural!

Nashville 2018

Kim’s comment: There are two kinds of people, those who look at you softly and smile, and those whose eyes pierce into the depths of your soul.

What she said.

Kim’s comment: There’s something about this photo… he seems so soft, almost childlike.

I agree. There’s something about both Jared and Jensen’s smiles – and personalities – that make them look about five years old when they start laughing. And it’s absolutely infectious.

Dallas 2019, when Jensen sang ‘Heaven’ with so much emotion and we did not yet know that this song and the way he teared up were a preview of the finale (and a tiny fraction of how much I would eventually cry while watching it!)

Jensen and Jared’s priceless faces. And Jensen in a Dean Winchester-esque flannel!

Charlotte 2018

Nashville 2019 and Kim capturing Jared’s myriad expressions – and Jensen always being there for the less smiley moments (mock or real!)

Nashville 2019

I think this may have been the last con before we knew the show was ending, which makes it incredibly emotional and bittersweet now. We were just able to celebrate, and it felt sometimes like the show would go on forever.

Now I’m with Jensen here…

Back to smiling and brightening up my Friday…

Even better? The boys laughing, and always making us laugh with them. I love that they get so much enjoyment out of their characters, each other, and the fandom. I always will.

And Kim and I agree, we cannot wait to experience that laughter again – along with the music, the entertainment, and most of all, the chance to all be together whether at the con or watching along online, to celebrate this little show I will always love.

Stay tuned for more of our Celebration of Supernatural Spring Break week coming up!

— Lynn

You can read Jared and Jensen’s and the other

actors’ chapters in Family Don’t End With

Blood and There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done.

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  • Thank you for all those beautiful shots that just light up a room. Kim does an amazing job, capturing the magic. As well as recording as the stunning good looks of the guys, she gets the laughter, the thoughtful moments, the sheer exhilaration that conventions generate.

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