DallasCon Friday and Saturday – Favorite Moments In Pictures


DallasCon, like every Supernatural con, was filled with funny, touching and fascinating moments. It’s impossible to live tweet and take photos simultaneously, so I didn’t catch all of them. But here are some of my favorites that I happened to have my camera or phone handy to snap a photo. Stay tuned for Sunday’s happenings soon.

It wouldn’t be a Supernatural con without a beautiful Impala parked outside.

dallas con 2015 phone 208

Gil McKinney singing. That will always be one of my favorite things at a con. And cosplaying as Indiana Jones at karaoke. With a whip, y’all. I didn’t get any decent photos but make sure you check out some of the ones out there. I never knew Gil would make such a perfect Indiana Jones.

dallas con 2015 cam 006

dallas con 2015 cam 090

dallas con 2015 phone 018

dallas con 2015 phone 016

Richard Speight composing an ode to Gil’s butt as he leaned over to sign the banners (that is, Richard saying out loud what more than a few of the audience were already thinking…).

Creation and Rob Benedict exacting some good natured revenge on the trickster (that would be Richard) by gifting him with a mock Video Prize – which could only, of course, be used for Creation merchandise. It’s rare to see Richard break down and just lose it – and wonderful!

Richard shows off his prize...
Richard shows off his prize…

dallas con 2015 phone 215

dallas con 2015 phone 410

Alaina Huffman’s laugh, and her story of living in Asia by herself at sixteen. Abbadon’s not the only strong woman around here.

And her fabulous idea to put her and Ruth in black leather and crash karaoke to arrest an oh-so-willing Rob.

dallas con 2015 cam 025

dallas con 2015 cam 075

dallas con 2015 cam 078

dallas con 2015 phone 117

Take me away... please!
Take me away… please!

We missed Matt Cohen at karaoke, but he was there in spirit. And in video.

Something about being locked in a closet.

Matt Cohen “at” karaoke

We also missed Osric Chau, who we remembered in video.

You were missed, Os!

dallas con 2015 phone 1161

Moose and Squirrel, on the other hand, were in attendance at karaoke. Watching them dance was a highlight of my evening – thanks for posing for a pic, you guys!

dallas con 2015 phone 422

Tyler Johnston being adorable, and his story about having to pose with a tarantula on his face. That’s one way to get over a fear of ‘Bugs’…

dallas con 2015 phone 157

dallas con 2015 phone 188

dallas con 2015 phone 193

Also, as Richard pointed out, the banners were in the weirdest position so that it constantly looked like the people in the banners were staring over the guest’s shoulders.

Here Tyler Johnston stares creepily at Tyler Johnston.

dallas con 2015 phone 201

Ruth Connell giving out hotel toiletries and green room mints to fans who asked questions – and keeping a sense of humor and enthusiasm even when she wasn’t feeling well.

dallas con 2015 cam 072

dallas con 2015 cam 068

Let's see, we have some mints here...
Let’s see, we have some mints here…

dallas con 2015 phone 365

And using the handy dandy screen to check out her hair.

dallas con 2015 phone 335

Also, I just want her pants.

dallas con 2015 phone 514

Travis Aaron Wade interacting with fans so genuinely and telling some great stories about working with the boys.

dallas con 2015 cam 037

dallas con 2015 phone 245

And his campaign to help fans who would never be able to otherwise get to cons.

dallas con 2015 phone 281

dallas con 2015 phone 247

Matt Cohen in red flannel.

And the way he and Gil have bonded through the cons. The way they all are so close and so comfortable with each other.

dallas con 2015 phone 676

dallas con 2015 cam 102

dallas con 2015 phone 904

dallas con 2015 phone 905





Louden Swain. Always.

They can play anything, and play it wonderfully. They can be onstage all weekend long and never lose their enthusiasm. Or their voices. They make sure the cons have never a dull moment, and with every Louden Swain song that they play, I fall in love with their music a little bit more.

dallas con 2015 phone 150

dallas con 2015 phone 128

Mark Sheppard pretending to intimidate Rob Benedict.

At least I think he’s pretending.

dallas con 2015 phone 593

And the way he loves to mess with fans, but clearly loves fandom with all his heart.

Like taking candy from a fan…

dallas con 2015 phone 620

Misha putting on his belt and looking like he was taking off his pants.

dallas con 2015 phone 742

Misha wearing those perfect jeans. Damn.

dallas con 2015 phone 770


dallas con 2015 phone 776

Misha just plain looking gorgeous. And smiling again, which I’ll never take for granted after that con when he couldn’t smile at all.




Misha trying to figure out the definition of #Dads and everyone in the audience waiting with bated breath to see if someone would actually succeed in figuring it the hell out!





Misha and company with a fan’s phone going through her photos and being scandalized.

dallas con 2015 phone 798

dallas con 2015 phone 799

dallas con 2015 phone 800

Kathryn “I kicked Jensen’s ass at golf” Newton endearing herself to the audience in her first convention panel (which was actually on Sunday, but I’m putting it in here). Richard was so tickled when she finally kinda sorta admitted that she’d bested Jensen.

dallas con 2015 cam 208

dallas con 2015 cam 209

The Saturday Night Special. Everything about the Saturday Night Special.

dallas con 2015 phone 809

dallas con 2015 phone 863

dallas con 2015 phone 871

dallas con 2015 phone 847

dallas con 2015 phone 836

Creation's Chris Schmelke on bass
Creation’s Chris Schmelke on bass

“With A Little Help From My Friends” is the perfect song for the SPN cast. Kathryn Newton, her first time at the SNS, seemed as overcome as we all were at the emotionality of the experience.

Matt, Kathryn, Ruth and Richard sing backup
Matt, Kathryn, Ruth and Richard sing backup

Actual Rock God Rob Benedict

dallas con 2015 phone 866

dallas con 2015 phone 900

I mean, seriously. Look at him!

Saturday night always ends on a high note, with all of us dispersing back to our hotels in love with the Show and its amazing cast. Then it’s a few hours of sleep, because Sunday is J2 day – check back for more from DallasCon Sunday!


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