Ruth Connell On Playing A Strong Female Character (and Having a Blast) on Supernatural

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One of the highlights of my week (in addition to the momentous court decision and the rainbow of celebration that all my social media feeds became) was chatting with Ruth Connell, Supernatural’s enigmatic witch Rowena. I was already a passionate fan of the character, but now I’m equally enamored of the woman who portrays her. An hour of conversation with Ruth is made extra pleasant by the fact that her lilting accent is just plain gorgeous. I’m pretty sure I could listen to her talk for an alarmingly long time, just sitting there nodding and grinning. Luckily, Ruth is too engaging for a one-sided conversation.

Also, as is always the case in Supernatural, it’s a small world.

Ruth: Treva [Etienne] said he enjoyed talking to you.

Lynn: I had such a great time chatting with him, he’s awesome! And we have a mutual friend, making SPN a sort of wonderfully small world.

Ruth: It is a small world! Treva and I actually know each other from about ten different friends, but I never met him in LA – I met him while I was in Vancouver. He knows so many people I know in LA and people would say, ‘Oh, you should meet Treva, you’d get along so well with Treva’. And then we both had to be up in Vancouver at the same time, and we met and we got on instantly.

Lynn: I can understand why – he’s so much fun to talk to. I just told Creation what a great guest he’d be, so I hope that opened the door for him to do some cons.

Ruth: That would be excellent, he’s a good guy. And so enthusiastic about things as well.

Lynn: Since we’re talking about cons, what was your experience so far?

Ruth: Well, I’ve done two. The first was in Detroit, the Midwest Media Expo, so I was the only Supernatural person there. And it was really nice, a nice one to start with. I had done the first signing session and my handler said to me, ‘There’s a Supernatural quiz going on upstairs’ and I was like, oh, we should crash the quiz!

Lynn: (is already laughing)

Ruth: We went upstairs into the room and I just didn’t understand, like I had never been to a con before like this, and I didn’t understand what would happen…

Lynn: I can just imagine their reaction! So what did happen?

Ruth: The reaction….I guess it was a bit much, they just were not expecting a cast member to walk in…

Lynn: What a great thing to do!

Ruth: (still sounding a bit disbelieving) I’ve never had that effect on people before in my life, so it was a bit overwhelming for me as well. I was trying to just be really normal so that they could get through their quiz. And it was just a wonderful bunch of fans to meet for my first time – I won’t forget them. And I got so many gifts and nice things from them, just a really lovely positive experience. So that was my first experience!

Ruth's first panel!
Ruth’s first panel!

Lynn: I think that’s kind of a nice one, you got to surprise them.

Ruth: I think I was more surprised by how surprised they were! If that makes any sense.

Lynn: It makes perfect sense. I’ve had this conversation with many of the Supernatural guest stars – most of them have done tons of things, just like you have, but there’s not this kind of fan response to most things you do as an actor…


Lynn: So it’s still unexpected.

Ruth: It’s also, I think, the character that I play as well. Like, the girls just laid down on the ground with “All hail Rowena”!

Lynn: (cracking up) Oh, I love that. That’s perfect. Good job, SPNFamily.

Ruth: So I think my character Rowena needs to take some of the credit for the reaction as well, the way she’s been written. She’s a fun character, a bit of an intimidating character in some ways.

ruth connell rowena

Lynn: (nodding)

Ruth: So it’s nice for me to meet the fans so that they hopefully can see that I’m kind of approachable…

Lynn: You’re not Rowena…

Ruth: (laughing) I’m not Rowena actually!

Lynn: But I will say that you and the writers together have really created a fabulous character in her. She’s fascinating because she’s a strong female character, which is a wonderful thing on Supernatural. And she’s clearly an evil character, but she’s so appealing with her humor and her snarkiness and her wit that it’s impossible not to like her! Even if you know you shouldn’t.

Ruth: I think I’ve been really lucky, I’ve been given some of the best one liners.

Lynn: Oh yes, you definitely have.

Ruth: From the writers, and to me, the fun of Rowena for the fans initially was getting to find out more about Crowley, Fergus. You know, who doesn’t want to see a kind of villain or baddie roasted alive by his own mother and brought down to size? So I think there’ s a lot of fun to be had, and I don’t think anyone is ever evil for the sake of being evil, you know, there’s a sort of story behind it.

Lynn: That was on my list of questions, about how you go about making sense of and playing a villain. I had a conversation about that with Curtis Armstrong…

Ruth: I looooooove Curtis!

With Curtis, Tim Omundson and Orlando Jones at Asylum
With Curtis, Tim Omundson and Orlando Jones at Asylum

Lynn: Me too, he’s awesome.

Ruth: I spent some time with him at my second con at Asylum in Birmingham, and we hung out and I was asking him about Risky Business.

[I love that Ruth is a fangirl too!]

Ruth: He’s an absolutely adorable man.

Lynn: He is. And he talked about how even when you’re playing an evil character, you have to make sense of that character and their motivations or you can’t play them in a believable way.

Ruth: With Rowena, it’s less that and more working up, that I think one of her objectives is that she wants to have a good time. And it’s fun to play somebody who wants to have a good time. Her idea of a good time might involve murdering someone to get them out of the way, but…

Lynn: (laughing)

Ruth: It’s like to me, that’s where the fun is as well. She’s not kinda a do-gooder.

Lynn: I don’t think anyone would accuse her of that…

[By the way, you have to read that in your head in Ruth’s accent…not kinda a do-gooder…it sounds so much better than when I say it]

Lynn: And that’s actually a nice combination for a female “bad” character. It’s often the male baddie who gets to be both evil and playful — and thus appealing — and not the female evil character.

Ruth: Exactly, yeah, and I think that’s a credit to the writers. Also I heard, Mark Sheppard told me a story on set about a time where he was getting a massage from some attractive woman – that is, Crowley was getting a massage…

Lynn: Right, right.

Ruth: And there was kinda a joke about a happy ending that couldn’t be written in the script, and I was like – it was Phil [Sgriccia] directing that episode who I was having the conversation with – and I said to him, ‘Look, I feel like Rowena should have a mirror scene where she’s getting a massage from these really handsome men.’

[Like this one?]

ruth connell ja asylum

[Or maybe this one?]

ruth connell jarpad

[Or how about this one?]

ruth connell misha likes to hold on tight

Lynn: I think so too! From some handsome men… [Perhaps dream sequence Sam, Dean and Cas….shirtless of course…] … I mean, why not? Rowena should be having just as good a time as Crowley. That’s another thing I like about the character – she’s a female character who seems comfortable with her sexuality and seems to say sort of I’ll take what I want, I’ll satisfy myself.

Ruth: She’s a bit of a goer, I think.

Lynn: A what?

Ruth: A goer.

Lynn: A what?

[This was starting to sound like the ball washer joke on Supernatural…]

Ruth: (endlessly patient) Ehm, in Scotland, I don’t know, a goer – G-O-E-R – like a goer, somebody who goes…

Lynn: Oh a goer, a goer!

Ruth and Lynn: (are both now laughing)

Ruth: I was explaining it to Misha, I was chatting to Misha about it when we were doing some of our scenes at the end of this season, and I was saying that I think Rowena finds Castiel slightly fascinating.

Lynn: (cocks eyebrow) Oh really?

Ruth: You know, he’s an angel that’s rejected Heaven and she maybe kinda wants to pull his wings off. He’s fascinating for her. And I said to Misha, ‘you know, you can’t forget she is a bit of a goer’. And Misha just looked at me.

Lynn: That’s probably the same expression I just had on my face! But you’re right, and she’s unapologetic about it, and that’s a sort of refreshing thing to have on television.

Ruth: Yeah, and I’m a bit more shy myself, so we’ll see if in Season 11 I have any challenges with that. Ehm, I don’t know if you remember the little scene where I was a little bit naked…

Lynn: I think everyone remembers that. With Crowley.

Ruth: I nearly fell out of my bed when I read the scene, you know, in a panic! So I wish I was more like Rowena I suppose in that way.

Lynn: I would be intimidated by that too. The first time we were on the Supernatural set was the episode with the siren [Sex and Violence], and I remember that I was impressed with how respectful they were of the actress who had to take her clothes off. It was a closed set, they had drapes, and somebody was right there with a robe, but I still thought wow, that would be hard.

Ruth: Yeah. It was a cold Friday morning and my call was, I think I got picked up at 5:40 am to get the makeup on for all the sigils, the symbols that were painted on me, and it was a very long day, I think we had about six scenes. And it was Rashaad’s [Rashaad Ernesto Green] first day directing Supernatural ever.

Lynn: A pretty memorable day then.

Ruth: So yeah, and it eventually, I think it became a very technical exercise. You hear actors banging on about this, but it’s so true because you have to pick the robe up at this angle, while your feet are here, because you’re trying to mask a certain amount as well. Moira is the person who looks after me in costume on the set and she was so like on hand with the dressing gown and everything and I had two like nude-colored bra pads stuck on the front, and after a while you’re just kinda like ‘pfft whatever’. I probably shouldn’t waste it for people, but I think I had on a pair of like blue joggy bottoms on, so it’s like as long as my ass is covered I’m fine.

Lynn: (laughing) Well, it came out really well, with the awkwardness between Rowena and her son.

Cap Winchester Family Business
Cap Winchester Family Business

Ruth: Yeah, Mark did so well. I love to watch it back. I mean, I know Marks’ great, but when I watch it back — Sometimes in person you don’t always catch everything the camera catches, and he’s just, he’s so good. He’s a great person to play off and I liked what he did in that scene with “Been to hell, thanks.”

Lynn: Great line and great delivery. How much if any is adlibbed every now and then?

Ruth: It’s not so much that we ad lib – I don’t ad lib a hell of a lot on the spot. I might, while reading the script I might get an overwhelming urge to say something very Scottish, or you know. And when I’m on set, I’m bold and you know, I just try it once and see if they want it and if not, fine I’ll drop it. I love Bob Berens, he’s my friend, and the episode he wrote, I think in episode 19, I added a …. GIANT [Rowena to Sam: “We had an agreement…Giant!”]

Lynn: (bouncing) Oh yes yes, that was great!

Ruth: I said to Jared, ‘Do you mind?’ And he was like, ‘no, everyone calls me names.’

Lynn: (laughing)

Connell and Berens
Connell and Berens
“Angry Scottish woman…”

Ruth: And that scene when he was just like walking out and I just took a run at him, with a very Scottish phrase. I knew my friends and family and fans back in Britain would appreciate it when they eventually get to see it, when it airs on E4 because they’re a season behind. So yeah, it’s such a pleasure to have such an amazing script and then to be given that – they’re so secure and they’re so good at what they do, that there’s a little bit of room to play. Such a privilege to be working on a set that they can afford to do that. There’s space for that little je ne sais quois.

Lynn: Everyone we’ve interviewed from Supernatural talks about the spirit of cooperation on the show, and how special it is. That spirit just seems to be such an integral part of making the show, so an expression like that gets left in and it kind of makes it a more organic thing, with everyone contributing, and it just sort of flows.

Ruth: Yeah, and I do think there’s such a strong structure within the show and how it all works, and that’s what affords that ability for stuff like that. It’s also a credit to Jared and Jensen, they’re so open and I think they like it when you bring something new or fresh. And you know, working with Jensen – the bar scene and that whole thing – he’s done it so much, and you know he’s got directing on his mind as well because he has directed the show. I couldn’t have had – this is my first American tv show – and I couldn’t have had a better experience than I’ve had with the whole thing. From the scripts to the guys to the crew. And the fans, and the whole convention thing that I had no idea about. It’s honestly been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I’m so grateful for it. And I’m grateful to talk to you. This time last year, this wouldn’t have been thought of. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Lynn: It’s been a pretty extraordinary experience for a lot of people. I’m working on a new book right now about how Supernatural has changed lives…

Ruth: It’s changed mine!

Lynn: It’s changed so many people’s, for the better. Fans wrote really inspiring chapters for it, and then Supernatural cast wrote chapters about how the show and the fandom changed their lives too, just as much as the show changed the fans’ lives.

Ruth: Yeah, I mean, I look at Misha… I was talking with him and I asked, ‘has your character changed since you first started?’ And he laughed and was like ‘yeah, it’s funny, I think I was quite tough in the beginning but now they write for a geek…’

Misha and Ruth appreciate Jared's performance
Misha and Ruth appreciate Jared’s performance

Lynn: (laughing) I love that.

Ruth: He started as a guest star, I think five years ago, I don’t know –you’ll be able to tell me.

Lynn: Season four.

Ruth: Yeah, as a guest star, and look at his contribution now, with the hunt that he does [GISHWHES] and the charity stuff he does, he’s made an amazing contribution, and Jared as well with the tee shirt campaign. It’s incredible, and to me, when I’m trying to explain it to friends who maybe haven’t seen the show yet since they’re a year behind, I explain it – I say, it’s like being in a club.

Lynn: It is. We’re all in this together.

Ruth: Yeah, and when you meet up at these cons, it’s their hobby and their passion and their club and it definitely does feel like the actors are in it to the same degree as the fans, and it’s definitely a two-way street. It’s not just a one way thing, it’s so interactive.

Lynn: We call it the ‘reciprocal relationship’.

Ruth: And Jared and Jensen, they give so much and they have so many people asking so much of them so much of the time, and they just give and give and give. And it’s good for me to see – I’m not at their level, but it’s good to see how they handle their success. It makes me say that’s how I wanna do it if I ever – hopefully if more success comes, I would want to have the grace and the style of the guys in this show.

Lynn: Yeah, I mean it’s a balancing act and one they’ve handled really well. Misha wrote a very thoughtful chapter in our last book about how his interaction with fandom inspired him to start Random Acts.


Ruth: I saw the post from Random Acts about the boy who had his childhood taken away, and I’m not gonna lie, I was crying in my living room. These guys are making a difference, using their fame for something profound and useful.

Lynn: Exactly. I get so emotional when I think about this show and the impact it’s had on so many.

Ruth: You see it at a con, it’s like the geeks and it’s great, it’s a place where we can go and geek out together and people can be who they are and they’re proud of who they are.

Lynn: YES. Yes, exactly, that’s what Fangasm is all about, being proud to be Supernatural fan. No shame!

[At this inopportune moment, my laptop crashed and skype with it, which resulted in me using very colorful language and trying to convince my laptop that this wasn’t the time to do a Windows update, to no avail. Ruth, however, was unfazed and just called me back on the phone.]

Lynn: I’m so sorry, technical difficulties seem to follow us around at approximately 50% of our interviews… maybe more…

Ruth: Oh don’t worry, can you hear me okay?

Lynn: I can, thanks. So, before we got so rudely cut off by my laptop….Oh, I wanted to ask more about working with Jensen in that scene. I heard you say in your Who Say talk that you had to work a bit hard to keep your shit together in that scene, and it made me laugh. The first time we interviewed Jensen we ended up in his trailer and he had on this tight black tee shirt and his bicep just kept ending up right in my face every time he gestured about something, and I kept forgetting my own questions…

Ruth: (is cracking up)

Lynn: (is blushing)

Ruth: I was fine, it was my first episode working a lot with Jensen and we’d seen each other a lot in passing, and we’d chatted in the wardrobe and makeup trailer, and then that particular scene was shot after I’d been there at 11 in the morning and it was 11 at night, and I think originally Bob Singer said I was supposed to be thrown over the pool table…

Lynn: Woah.

Ruth: And Jensen said ‘well that doesn’t make sense with the angle that I’m walking toward her, it makes more sense to bend her over the bar’, and I was like, ‘Ohhhh…’

Lynn: (is laughing. And probably still blushing).

Ruth: And he was the typical thoughtful actor, holding my neck and supporting my neck, because it was an awkward position.

Lynn: Ya think?

Ruth: And there was a bit of dialogue there between us where he asks me a question. And he asked me the question and I was like, I looked at him and I was like, HUH?

Lynn: (laughing and feeling better about the whole black tee shirt thing…)

Ruth: I just didn’t know the answer anymore!

Lynn: Totally understandable.


ruth connell jensen scene

Ruth: And I was like Ohmygod I’m so embarrassed, like Jensen’s got my neck in his hands, and I’ve got half my clothes off, and literally I looked at him and said ‘I have no idea what my line is supposed to be’.

Lynn: (trying not to laugh too hard)

Ruth: And I can’t even remember how we got out of it, but I think afterwards I was a bit sheepish. I’m usually on the ball, on top of things, a bit type A about it, and I was like, to Jensen, ‘Oh I’m so sorry’, and he was just like ‘Oh, forget it’. And I know people talk about how wonderful they are all the time, but the truth is that not every show is like this. Not every atmosphere is like this, people are not like Jensen and Jared and Misha and Mark. I feel lucky. I realize how lucky I am.

Lynn: I feel lucky that this is the Show I fell in love with – I think lots of fans feel that way too. You interact a lot with fans, by the way. You tweet pictures from set, you’re so supportive of fan art and cosplay, and that’s really awesome.

Ruth: I LOVE the fan art! I studied art in school and I really appreciate that someone has taken the time to draw something. I get such a kick out of it, you know? It’s like, that doesn’t happen for everyone, so I’m like wow I’m really lucky! And I want to support and promote people who take the time to do that. And hopefully encourage them to do more art and more creative stuff. There’s nothing negative about it, it’s all very positive. One of my favorite things, I don’t know if you saw it on my Instagram, I think it’s a girl in the Netherlands, she did a chalk drawing on a wall.

Lynn: Oh yes, I think I saw that on Tumblr.

Ruth: I couldn’t believe it, it was so amazing, so well done, and I was like and it’s on a wall!

Lynn: I know, how does someone even do that? Fannish creativity! It’s part of what makes fandom such a wonderful thing – the fanart and fanfiction and vids and cosplay.

Fanart @ldskiart
Fanart @ldskiart

Ruth: Absolutely. I read the scripts, and at one point I emailed Andrew Dabb to check something , because I was getting really caught up in the details, and I said ‘I just wanna check because I know how seriously the fans take it and I want to know exactly what I’m talking about in that scene and be really accurate’. And I was probably asking questions beyond what they’d thought about.

Lynn: Probably…

Ruth: (laughing) Like, just say the line and mean it, you know? But I think I was starting to think more like a fangirl, in that way, you know? I’ve learned something from the fans.

Lynn: I love that, that’s the reciprocal relationship. And you know, Eric Kripke was like that. The first time we interviewed him, he talked about how he identifies as a fanboy, and how at meetings others would say, why do we have to pay attention to that detail, and Eric would say, because fans will notice! He got fandom, he understood the importance of a consistent world and characters.

Ruth: I heard that he was one of the first people on social media, before twitter blew up, seeing what fans were saying. And I think that was part of the show’s ultimate success, that he was open enough to be interactive in that way.

Lynn: I know he told us about lurking on the Television Without Pity site from the start. And when we would sit down with him, he would always have as many questions for us as we had for him. Not that he would change the story, but he wanted to know what fans thought.

Ruth: Yeah, and then they turned it on its head, like the thing with Charlie. It keeps you on your toes and does something you don’t expect.

Lynn: Oh, there are still repercussions from that. That was shocking.

Ruth: I said to Misha, I was like, ‘Look, I know they burned her bones, but if there’s anyone who can cast a spell to bring her back, it would be Rowena.’

Lynn: That’s true! Can that happen please?

Ruth: So maybe it’s not over, I don’t know…

Lynn: Well, like has been said in canon, death is not always the end on Supernatural…

Ruth: Yeah, I’m being optimistic.

Redheads Ruth and Felicia
Redheads Ruth and Felicia

Lynn: I have a question about Rowena’s motivations. Maybe it’s because I’m a mum, but I can’t help but think that she still has some kind of feelings for her son. Maybe not love, maybe there’s as much hate as anything now, but I feel like there’s still a lot of ambivalence there, there’s still a lot of emotion between them. Is that how you see it?

Ruth: Absolutely, I mean we still don’t exactly know who his real father was, and Olivette said something about ‘you lay with a man with no magic’. There’s something there. And I have my own theories about it. Isn’t it interesting, about Oscar, that she left Crowley at age 8 and was taken in by that poor family and managed to actually love and have feelings for a boy Oscar, who was 8…

Lynn: (gasping) Oooooh!

Ruth: There’s something in that for me where she’s not incapable of love, but because of all the obstacles that were between her and Fergus in the first place. I have this whole thing, even before we heard about the whole orgy thing, whether or not it’s all true, I had this whole thing that I suspect that she was a single mom and there’s difficulties. I think there’s so much scope for backstory. The characters are so three dimensional and it’s not like she’s just a bad mum or a bad person, there’s a deep story and there’s some deep feelings going on, and I definitely think that Mark and I tried to play that. But she was right about him, she wanted him to man up, and unfortunately she got what she wanted, but he turned on her and threw her aside. Which I think was pretty devastating for her, in the scene where he says ‘I’m bloody Crowley and you don’t tell me what to do” (said in full growley Crowley voice, awesomely)

Lynn: I really felt for Rowena in that scene. You sold her feelings of betrayal and hurt so well. I found that scene very painful to watch.

Ruth: Well good, because I found it painful to do! And I love that, that they write her with that much scope and depth. You know, she’s been on the lam for 300 years, and everyone needs somebody. It was hard, him rejecting her.

Devastated. Cap
Devastated. Cap

Lynn: I have a son, and it’s beyond my comprehension. But I think you both make the characters compelling. Their relationship is so complex and nuanced, and people aren’t sure exactly what’s going on but they know there’s emotion there, and it’s fascinating to watch.

Ruth: I hope there’s more to come.

Lynn: I hope so too!

Ruth: I love doing it so much and I’m just such a happy bunny on set in Vancouver. I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me.

Lynn: Well, fans are on board. Treva mentioned that you weren’t expecting Rowena to be such a long term role.

Ruth: Originally I was written in for three, but I think there was hope that it would be a bit more than that. But I think they have to get you on set and see how you do and see how the fans react. I think eventually I did 12 episodes. And to be such a part of the season finale, that was above and beyond anything I was hoping for. I was like ‘oooh, maybe I’ll get to do 6, ooh maybe 8’, and I just kept coming back. But to be such an integral part of the finale, it was a dream come true and a lot of fun to do. Nothing about Supernatural has disappointed me in any way, it’s just exceeded my expectations.

Lynn: Me too.

With director Stefan Pleszczynski
With director Stefan Pleszczynski

Ruth: I’ve worked hard, as many people have, in the business for a long time, and this year it feels like this is my time, this is – like maybe I was in America to be a part of this. This has given me a role with all the things I’ve been looking for. I’ve seen the other side of the coin enough to really have an appreciation of how lucky I was to be with the show.

Ruth: It helps to have that perspective. And it looks like you have a really good time with the guys too. I heard that Jensen bit your finger…

Ruth: He…yeah. It was the first time I’d really done a scene with both Jared and Jensen at the same time, and I was like, ‘I’m a little nervous’ to Kevin, the AD. And he was like ‘oh come on, don’t be nervous’ and I was like, ‘but they’re really tall!’

Lynn: (laughing) That they are.

Ruth: You know what I mean, right?

Lynn: Oh yes…

Ruth: And there’s a different atmosphere on set, and the crew, and they bring their humor and I was feeling a little bit like OHHHHH, you know?

Lynn: Yep. So much yep.

Ruth: So we did a little rehearsal with the director Stefan and I did my little shimmy thing, I think it was, and I was sort of distracting myself by doing that. But then I was like ‘oh, do they think I’m an idiot, and do they not like it?’ And then it comes to the end of that little conversation and I just popped him in the nose with my finger. And normally you ask before you touch another actor but I just bopped him in the nose. And I was feeling quite proud of myself for being cheeky, and Jensen just gave me a heart attack, he went MMMPH and bit my finger and the laugh was at my expense! (laughing) I thought I was being so cheeky but he had the last laugh.

Lynn: But that’s so wonderful because clearly yes, everything you were doing that you weren’t sure about was okay, because he just played right back.

Ruth: Yes, that’s it, that’s what they’re like. They’re on board with having fun and being creative, and they’re not pretentious in any way. It’s great, absolutely great.

Having fun on set with Jared
Having fun on set with Jared
Having fun on set with Misha
Having fun on set with Misha

Ruth: The more you work with them, the more comfortable you are. I’d love to work with Kim and Briana too – not with their characters, though, because if Rowena meets up with them I think that would be trouble for Rowena!

Lynn: They are pretty badass.

Ruth: But they can improvise and I’d just love to be in a scene with them.

Lynn: That would be awesome. There’s a convention in the planning stages for an #SPNLadiesCon, so maybe you guys can all do some improv there.

Ruth: Oh cool. At Asylum I got to meet Lauren and Sam, and to do a panel with Alaina, and I have so much respect for Alaina. I loved working with Felicia too. The fans have a lot of power with asking for who they want at cons, it definitely helped. So thank you, fans, for tweeting!

Ruth also gave a shout out to her pal Travis Aaron Wade, who we interviewed here a few months ago.

Ruth with pal Travis Aaron Wade
Ruth with pal Travis Aaron Wade

And she recommended a piece of fanart for us to run with this piece. How awesome is that?

Ruth: I just Tumbled a few things of fanart, one of me in a cheeky looking hat, and it would be cool for the fans if you used something like that.

Lynn: Great idea!

Ruth thinks like a fangirl, and that is one of my highest compliments. It was so much fun chatting with her, and I can’t wait to see her onstage at VanCon and DallasCon – and on Season 11 of Supernatural!

Fanart by nosignofwings
Fanart by nosignofwings

So fandom, what’s your take on Rowena? What part do you think she’ll play now that the Darkness has ascended?

As for me, I’m headed to Comic Con! If you’re coming to Comic Con, be sure to stop by the Analog Bar on Thursday night for #WaywardCocktails, a celebration of 10 years of Supernatural hosted by the SuperWiki and FYeahCopyright. I’ll be there with some copies of Fangasm and Fan Phenomena Supernatural and a J2M autographed copy giveaway. I’d love to say hi or sign a book for you (pick up one there or bring your own)! I’ll also be doing interviews for the fangirl documentary “Squee!” along with a film crew at the party and during Comic Con, so if you’d like to participate, tweet us @FangasmSPN! We’ll have some Squee tee shirts for sale and giveaway too. Hope to see you there!

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4 thoughts on “Ruth Connell On Playing A Strong Female Character (and Having a Blast) on Supernatural

  • [By the way, you have to read that in your head in Ruth’s accent…not kinda a do-gooder…it sounds so much better than when I say it]

    I read the ENTIRE interview using Rowena’s voice (for her answers). How can you not? It’s in the way she speaks. It just happens.

    Thank you for this interview. She seems like SUCH a delight. And someone who gets the fan experience while being a part of the show. I’ve really enjoyed her presence on Supernatural this year.

    And I’m so glad she brought up the “8” and “8” bit! This has been on MY mind too. I couldn’t understand WHY Oscar and not Fergus. And I think she’s onto something — it’s the impact Fergus had on her life. She transferred that to him as a person. And then felt guilty about leaving him and decided it was because Fergus was unloveable. THAT’s why she put all her love into Oscar. Because she could adore Oscar without strings. It’s very complicated and I’m not sure Rowena knows. But I’d love to hear Jeremy’s thoughts on this.

    See you at Wayward Cocktails! I’m new to SDCC, I’m SCARED.

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