J3 Day at Pascon – Jared, Jensen, Jeffrey (and Mark!)


Finally getting back to finishing up the posts on Pascon after getting (pleasantly) waylaid by chats with Richard Speight and reviewing the episode he just directed. So where was I? Oh yes, Sunday. Sunday is usually J2 day, but at Pascon, it was J3 day! (Richard made a joke about that sounding dirty but hey, Richard, you said it…)

We also got another Mark Sheppard panel, which I was grateful for, since I missed his panel the day before while chatting with Matt Cohen. Mark’s trademark mix of snarky and genuinely appreciative of fandom is always a treat.

The snarky:

Fan: What did Dean and Crowley do on their bromance adventures?

Mark: Do I have to write your fanfic for you?

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Last Con of 2015! Pascon Jensen Ackles Meet and Greet Excerpts


I feel like I start lots of con reports by saying ‘this con was special,’ but oddly, it seems like many of them do have something that sets them apart. Pascon is the successor to Burcon, which is the successor to LACon, which first happened way back in early 2009 (I think). That was the second Creation con that Kathy and I went to, and our (mis)adventures there are chronicled for posterity in a chapter of “Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls”. We got to know Richard Speight a lot better at that con, after meeting him at Chicon and enjoying our interview so much that we just kept talking, leaving the green room and going to the hotel restaurant for dinner. I’m sure exactly no one is surprised that Richard was that much fun to talk to.

Afterwards, there was a band playing a concert at the con, which was something Creation has done from the start of SPN cons. That night, it was Louden Swain, fronted by Rob Benedict, who Kathy and I had met briefly on our second Supernatural set visit (That chapter is a lot more MIS than adventures…). We were still talking to Richard, so we brought him with us to the concert, the three of us sitting in the back of the auditorium. We were all blown away by Louden Swain.

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