J3 Day at Pascon – Jared, Jensen, Jeffrey (and Mark!)


Finally getting back to finishing up the posts on Pascon after getting (pleasantly) waylaid by chats with Richard Speight and reviewing the episode he just directed. So where was I? Oh yes, Sunday. Sunday is usually J2 day, but at Pascon, it was J3 day! (Richard made a joke about that sounding dirty but hey, Richard, you said it…)

We also got another Mark Sheppard panel, which I was grateful for, since I missed his panel the day before while chatting with Matt Cohen. Mark’s trademark mix of snarky and genuinely appreciative of fandom is always a treat.

The snarky:

Fan: What did Dean and Crowley do on their bromance adventures?

Mark: Do I have to write your fanfic for you?


Fan: I’d give the Winchesters a happy ending.

Mark: Oh, I’m not touching that…

The serious:

Mark about cons: These things are some of my favorite memories.

Mark: We love making this show for you. This is when we get to share the love you give back.



Osric Chau, who was filming interviews for Creation Entertainment’s ongoing web videos, asked us to do a segment with him, which was all kinds of fun. We got to reminisce about the first time we met Os, and about our epic Comic Con adventures.

We also got to chat a bit about the evolution of the conventions, especially the Saturday Night Special and karaoke. We interviewed Osric the day before he performed at the SNS for the first time, and I remember how nervous he was — he brought his guitar to lunch, in fact! [Go back and read our interviews with Osric here on Fangasm if you’d like a sense of that history too].

Osric also interviewed people alot more interesting than we are, including this year’s GISHWHES winners, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins!

pascon 2015 732

pascon 2015 728

The rest of the day was the J’s – all three of them.

The morning gold panel was lively even though Clif had trouble convincing Jared and Jensen to get out of bed, which is apparently nothing new. Their usual response is “No.” But if either of them look remotely as adorable as Sam or Dean with bedhead, I imagine they get away with it from time to time.






There were some serious moments, like the fan who told them that they saved her life. They listened intently, and told her that they were glad she’s here.




Jensen also told a story that was sort of funny but mostly just indicative of this crazy wonderful SPN family the Padalecki-Ackles clan has. All their kids go to the same nursery school.

Jensen: JJ had her first boxing match. Apparently another kid pushed Shep and she clocked him.

Everyone: AWWWWWW

Jared then told another nursery school story. At school, the older kids were refusing to play with JJ. All the older kids, that is, except Tom.

Jared: Tom went up and hugged her and said, “I’ll play with you, JJ.”

Everyone: Passed out from the AWWWWW.

Their kids are as much siblings as Sam and Dean are, seriously. Or Jared and Jensen.

Now JJ...
Now JJ…

There were also a lot of not very serious moments.

Fan: I’ve been watching the show since I was like seven.

Jared: (turning to Jensen): You’re old.



Fan: Have you seen the tee shirt that says ‘Run Like Jensen Ackles Is At The Finish Line’?

Jared: (deadpans) He started it.



Maybe a little bit...
Maybe a little bit…

They had great fun going along with the “jacket on, jacket off” joke that Richard and company started, which is now an SPN convention staple along with “comedy elbows”.

Jensen: Jared wore a jacket….but I decided to go jacket off…

Everyone: Is it hot in here?

And speaking of hot, then there was Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s panel. I keep forgetting just how ruggedly handsome JDM is, and how much his self deprecating nature just makes him all the hotter. He’s got the same long long legs that Jared and Jensen do, and damned if he didn’t look good in those tight black jeans and leather jacket.

pascon 2015 1725

JDM: It’s always really good for my ego to come out and see you all.

Everyone: Any time. Really. No, please. Any time.

Before he started his Q & A, he invited a fan onstage who he said got cut off in Vegas and didn’t get to ask her question. Before he would proceed, he was determined that she would get her chance. How considerate is that??

He talked a lot about John Winchester, a character he clearly has a soft spot for.

JDM: I played John as a caring/loving father. But he put revenge before his children.

He thinks John would be thinking about his mistakes if he came back, and would want to make it up to his boys. He also was angry that the Show’s canon changed the depiction of John over time, to a more negative one.

JDM: How fucking dare they?!

Much of the audience: JDM and F-bombs. I ship it.



He also talked with fanboy excitement about playing Negan on The Walking Dead. When he heard about the opportunity, they hadn’t yet told him who the part was.

JDM: Is it Negan?? I’m fucking doing it!

Like I said, F-bombs. Not complaining. No sir.

JDM on being Negan: You’re gonna fucking hate me.



Jeffrey also talked seriously about how Jared and Jensen are the “happiest dudes out there doing their eleven year old series.” It’s good to hear that corroborated by someone who knows them well. I really do think that’s why the Show has stayed as good as it has – they love doing it.

Speaking of Jared and Jensen, they crashed his panel once again, which meant lots of SPNFamily hugs. I love seeing the genuine affection these three have for each other – it’s infectious, and it just reinforces the theme of familial love in the Show, taking it right into real life.






And then it was time for their afternoon panel, which always begins with an inventory of how many first timers there are, followed by a ‘welcome to the family.’

The most serious question was about most difficult scenes. Jensen talked about how difficult it was to give that speech over Sam’s dead body in AHBL, and that he hated to see Jared suffer in ‘Heart’.

A fan tried to ask what I think was a serious question about whether they were introverts or extroverts, but couldn’t quite get it out.

Jensen: Are you trying to give us a compatibility quiz from Cosmo?

Eventually she came onstage to read it from her phone, at which time Jensen finally exclaimed, “Oh! You’re asking if we’re introverts or extroverts?”





Jared said that they’re both introverts off set.

Jared: Except when we extrovert all over you guys.

Jensen: That’s gonna get messy.

One fan was so nervous she tried to ask a question but couldn’t get a single word out.

Jared to the rescue: Hide your face, Jensen!




Jared pretending to be just as affected as some of us might be never gets old.

Jared: (fanning himself) OMG he’s right next to me!


OMG he's right next to me!
OMG he’s right next to me!

Someone asked them about what they’ve gotten up to, not as Sam and Dean, but as Jared and Jensen.

Jensen: (chuckling) I’m not sure our management needs to know the shenanigan we two get into.

Everyone: Come on, we won’t tell…

Oh well, we tried.


pascon 2015 phone 2 350

pascon 2015 phone 2 351

There was an acting out sequence in which Jensen played the role of a guest actor who was supposed to be a demon, back when they used to have to wear black contact lenses – which made them essentially blind.

This involved Jared positioning Jensen meticulously, and Jensen being a very compliant guest actor roleplayer indeed. And fandom getting lots of great pictures….





There was a touching moment when Jensen was bragging about how smart Jared was.

Jensen: Weren’t you a mathlete?

Jared: (blushing adorably)

The boys also were quite taken with a fan’s idea for a Supernatural themed amusement park. They giggled while reading the list of attractions together.

Jensen: A strip club…with drunk Dean in the corner…

Everyone: I’m in!





When it came time for the last question, we got surprise Tim Omundson, who played the part of fangirl as the boys fussed over him.

Jared: (gleefully) I’ve always wanted to do this. Cain, Dean. Dean, Cain.


I mean, look at their gleeful faces!


Inappropriate fangirl behavior, Tim! Tho understandable...
Inappropriate fangirl behavior, Tim! Tho understandable…



They also had something heartfelt and genuine to say to the fans.

Jensen: We know that we’ve been given this amazing gift.

Jared: We are as committed to you as you are to us.

And that’s what makes the SPN Family so special. And what makes me bring tissues to conventions.



Stay tuned for more, including our interview with the talented and passionate Matt Cohen!

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    I was so pleased that I randomly had with me a copy of my photo op from Asylum, with Tim & Jensen pulling their ‘bad joke’ faces while I held a pic of Dean Cain. I showed it to Jared and he said “hey – we have the same sense of humour!” and winked at me… everything after that is a blur – ha ha!

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