Group Hug for the Supernatural Fandom – With Only A Few More Days of Filming

Supernatural has just completed its second to last week of filming – and the SPNFamily really needs a hug. It’s Sunday afternoon as I’m writing this, and my heart is a little broken (okay, a lot…) knowing the show has filmed its last scenes in the studio. Ever. That it only has two more days of filming, out on the road on location in beautiful Vancouver, and then it comes to an end. That’s probably going to make my look back at last week even more emotional than it would have been otherwise, so bear with me. I want to make sure I capture everything that happens in the last months of the show filming and airing, so this is my weekly round up of all things Supernatural (and how many made me need tissues. Hint: A lot).

But let’s pick up where we left off.

Last Sunday, Jared Padalecki posted a photo of himself riding along the sea wall, looking very contemplative, or perhaps even sad about it being perhaps the last time. The cast and crew are as acutely aware as the fans are that every day now brings a last this or a last that. Every day there are emotional posts, from guest actors and long-time crew members, and producers and writers and PAs. Everyone who has worked on this show, some for a very long time, are struggling with the reality of it finally ending. Again, I’m so grateful that they’re taking us along on the end of this ride with them, but every time I see them get emotional, I get even more emotional.

They will miss Vancouver, their home away from home, so much, I’m sure. I’ll miss it too – I only travel there a few times a year, but it’s always for this show, and I always fall in love with the city and look forward to returning. I’ve had many adventures trekking through the beautiful landscape searching for past filming locations with friends. Watched location filming in some incredibly majestic places. Gathered with fans from all over the world for conventions, which brought some of the crew and local cast together with us also. I know the city will be there and will be as beautiful as ever, but I won’t be there as much as I have been and this little show won’t have its home there anymore. Jared’s post sort of says it all.

Monday another promo trailer dropped, which mixed anticipation and excitement in with the sadness. This time, the CW really did it right – they let the fandom know exactly when it would go live, so thousands of fans from all over the world were waiting for it to run, excitedly corresponding in the chat while they waited. There was even a 2 minute countdown, just to ratchet up the anticipation even more!

We watched with bated breath, then consoled each other about the fact that Dean seems to be sobbing in every other frame and Chuck looks seriously ominous stalking around the halls of the bunker.

cap Stabgigi
Cap: EW
Cap lemondropsonice


We also got a glimpse of young Sam and Dean in a flashback, which I am looking forward to and simultaneously dreading in case a) it breaks my heart or b) it doesn’t.

cap bowleggeddean


Misha also cheered us up with a photo of him ‘tasting the rainbow’, and Jensen could not resist a snarky reply. Location in the photo? Hard to say – which seems to be the point!

Fans continued to create evocative fan art that ensured that we were all reaching for the tissues multiple times throughout the day, however, despite Misha’s best efforts. Including expressing hopes that favorite characters might somehow find a happy ending, like this fan-made graphic hoping for that for Castiel.

Graphic Offlarjun

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Matt Cohen On His Return to Supernatural, Bringing Up Baby, and HTGAWM!


Like the entire fandom, we were beyond thrilled to see Matt Cohen back on Supernatural this season – and in the incredible episode, ‘Baby’ no less! We’ve known Matt since his first convention appearance over six years ago. The very first convention he did, Matt made sure to hug every single fan who asked him a question. Kathy and I turned to each other and said oh, we have to talk to this guy – he gets it. We need to include him in ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’.

We did, and we did. In fact, Matt is even quoted in our academic book about fandom and Supernatural, ‘Fandom At The Crossroads’. From our very first interview with him, we loved what he had to say. And now, as 2015 comes to an end, it’s as true as ever. We sat down with Matt at the last con of the year, Pascon, to find out about his return to Supernatural and his other exciting role on the hit series How To Get Away With Murder.

Pascon was a true SPN Family affair for both fandom and cast, and so the green room where we joined Matt was less a quiet space for an interview and more a family room. When this cast gets together at a con, it’s like a family reunion – joyful, unpredictable, and noisy. And really kinda heartwarming. Alaina Huffman had come by to spend some time with the other actors, since this con was in most of the actors’ backyards. Matt was having some lunch when I joined them. And sharing his with Alaina, as family does.

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Bringing Us All Home: Supernatural’s Baby

Tweet, @zabrinamakeup
Tweet, @zabrinamakeup

It’s the day after the day after as I write this, and I’m still basking in the afterglow of this week’s Supernatural episode. In fact, all of fandom and even some of the entertainment media is basking in the afterglow. It feels, as someone on my twitter timeline said, like the old days. When I’d go online after an episode of Supernatural aired and everyone would be squeeful, unanimous in their gleeful appreciation of the Best. Show. Ever.

It was like that Wednesday night, as post after post after post went on and on about “Baby”. I tweeted that my episode review would be really short this week: Perfection.

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