We Keep Each Other Human – Supernatural’s ‘Sacrifice’

I will never be able to hear Carry On My Wayward Son as ‘The Road So Far’ comes up on my screen without bursting into tears. That started the Season 8 finale episode off with ALL THE FEELS, and they just kept coming. I felt almost as exhausted as poor Sam looked by the time it was over. And then I had to sleep on it, and most likely process it even in my dreams, and then wake up the next morning and start pondering it all over again. Here’s what I came up with, after all that pondering.

This episode was all about Being Human, which perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise considering it was written by Jeremy Carver.

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Hopes and Fears for Supernatural’s Finale – 8.21, 8.22, and Are You Ready for 8.23?

clip show 2

With next week’s season finale almost upon us, what are you hoping will happen? And perhaps even more important, what are you praying will NOT happen?? The flip side of being this invested in a television show is that most of us really do care. A lot.

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Love, Loss and Why It’s Cool to be a Fangirl: Supernatural 8.20 Pac Man Fever

Pac-Man Fever

If I’d written my reaction to “Pac Man Fever” right after the episode aired, it would have sounded something like this: SQUEEEEEE OMG SQUEEEEE SAMMY! DEAN! CHARLIE! I LOVE YOU ROBBIE THOMPSON! SOBBING FOREVER! ALL THE FEELS! After my third viewing, the emotional impact is still something that deserves all caps, but I think I’m composed enough to command the English language once again. Mostly.

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Goodbye Stranger: Supernatural 8.17 Gets It Right

More than any of the other writers on board for S8, Robbie Thompson seems to get fandom. This episode had something for just about everyone – the Dean and Cas fans, the Sam and Dean fans, the Megstiel fans (kudos for getting the ship name right on that, btw). Even the Sam and Amelia fans got a shout out. Not sure there are many Sam and Amelia fans, but if you’re out there, you must be happy too.

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