Three To Go – All The Supernatural Happenings of the Past Two Weeks!

The past two weeks haven’t been quite as full of constant new Supernatural content as the ones before – and many of us, especially here in the US, have a lot else on our minds — but it has still been a good time to be a Supernatural fan. I’m grateful for all the coverage we’re getting, with newly released photos and videos and articles just about every day, because we know we only have a few more weeks of the show being on the air and that happening. Most of the coverage has been about the show itself, but the Supernatural cast has also been very involved in the American elections. This is a group of people who take seriously the Supernatural mantra of ‘saving people’ and they are all  using their platforms to carry that out however they believe will be the most effective. Article and video links included below so you can check out more coverage details.

At the start of last week, the SPNFamily got some long hoped for and very welcome news — after years and years of pleading, Supernatural now has its very own Impala hashtag emoji! I will admit, I didn’t have on my 2020 bingo card sobbing with pride and joy and anticipation of loss over a Baby emoji, but here we are. I’m beside myself with pride for our little show – it may not seem significant to people outside the fandom, but it’s so significant to the SPNFamily. (It’s not a regular emoji, so it won’t appear forever, but I’m still very happy to have it for the show’s end run at least).


As we’re all preparing to grieve the loss of Supernatural, we’re also looking forward to the new projects that the cast and crew will be working on, which helps at least a little. TVLine kicked off last week with some good news about Jensen Ackles’ new project, The Boys.

TVLine reporated that Ackles’ Soldier Boy will play a pivotal role in Season 3.

Showrunner Eric Kripke: With him comes the big season mythology that he threads all the way through. The season is sort of about him.

Me: Yesssssssssssssssss!

They also had some news about the fate of Castiel, which many of us are trying to steel ourselves for right now as the pivotal Episode 18 airs tomorrow.

Castiel’s deal with The Empty has not been forgotten and will play into the show’s final episodes. Uh oh.

Andrew Dabb: It’s something we introduced last year, knowing to a degree where it was going. The story can always take twists and turns. But obviously, The Empty’s been a little bit more of a character this year, played by Rachel Miner, who’s done a great job. It has still got a grudge against Cas, and that will not go away.

To say we’re nervous about tomorrow’s episode is a gigantic understatement. Personally, I’m so anxious at this point, for multiple reasons, I can barely sit still long enough to type this.

Last Tuesday, Jared started filming his new show, Walker, and the SPNFamily tweeted #GoodLuckJared to him all day to start him off with lots of love.

On Wednesday, EW had an article on Supernatural’s unofficial theme song, Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son. I swear, everything about our show is special – what other show has a theme song like that, 100% embraced by the band itself to the extent that they came to Comic Con a few years ago to kick off the Hall H Supernatural panel??

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke explained how the song came to be used in the show.

Kripke: Those weren’t just classic rock songs, those were the songs from my collection. At the end of season 1, we were cutting the first of the ‘Road So Far’ trailers. We wanted to do a recap to remind everyone what happened all season but we really wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t the same old avalanche of exposition. [Producer] Phil [Sgriccia] and I looked at ‘Carry on Wayward Son’ and set it to this long recap and it just came to life because the lyrics seemed to fit what the brothers were going through. What people don’t remember is that in season 1, that was the second-to-last episode that ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ played. And then we tried to do another ‘road so far’ for the finale set to Triumph’s ‘Fight the Good Fight’ and it was just obvious it just didn’t take the way that ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ took. You could just tell from fan response that people were not digging it.

Luckily, Kripke was really good at going with his instincts, and it’s the Kansas song that was retained over all these years. I still can’t sing along to it at the end of convention karaoke without tearing up. And I am 100% certain it will destroy me in the finale.

TVLine also ran a story and video about what Jared and Jensen will miss about working together, which I imagine is ALOT.

Jared: Acting opposite Ackles for 15 seasons has given me the confidence that I can push myself. I don’t want to say I baby it with other actors and actresses, but I pull my game back. If you’ve been playing tennis with somebody 15 years or basketball or doing jujitsu or something, you know how hard you can push. Whereas if you just walk in onto a court with somebody you’ve never played before, it’s like, ‘OK, well, I’ve got to feel them out, because I don’t want to just start dunking on the guy, and it’s not a game.’ And so with Jensen, I know I can push as hard as I possibly can — and harder — and that he’ll push back just as hard, and we’ll bring out different aspects of a scene, different facets of what the characters are going through.

Cap stabgigi

When Jared talked about how he tried to leave “Jared out of it” and let Sam have all the emotions during the last scene, Jensen laughed – clearly neither were able to leave their own emotions out of it at that point.

gif rainbow-motors

Jensen talked about the shorthand that he and Jared have constructed over the years, which I’ve heard him mention many times before, saying that it helped them really flesh out the bond between the brothers.

Jensen: There’s a nuance, I think, that he and I are able to tap into, not only with our characters, but with the relationship that these characters have with each other in every scene. A lot of times, those nuances are not written on the page, and that is, I think, something that we pride ourselves in being able to bring to the character, to the story and to the show. And that’s something that he and I don’t really even need to talk about. It’s stuff that presents itself to us, almost in the middle of a scene. We’re so comfortable and available to each other for letting those kinds of moments happen that they happen all the time. I’m going to miss having that confidence with somebody that I can just allow those moments to happen and you can seize them.

I’m going to miss those moments too, Mr. Ackles. More than I can even put into words.

Nerd Alert News ran a slightly spoilery article with the guest star from last week’s episode, Corina Bizim, saying that it was one character’s very last day on set.

Corina: There was an energy of finality to everything. I don’t want to say who it is so I don’t spoil any storylines, but they’ve been on and off the show since 2015 and I was in the last scene they ever filmed. So it was both magical and sad to be there for someone’s “series wrap” as we call it. Some of the crew members had also been there since Day 1, so definitely a bittersweet feeling was in the air.

(Corina played the fangirl angel wanting Chuck’s autograph in the scene with Chuck and Amara in Heaven, so I’m assuming she got to be there to participate in the goodbye to Emily Swallow.. I’m glad the cast and crew got to celebrate some of the last scenes in the more ‘normal’ way pre Covid at least)

The Mary Sue talked with Misha Collins that day too, about the upcoming election and the end of Supernatural.

Misha tied the two together, saying that the themes of Supernatural resonate with people who are trying to do good.

He also said ending the show turned out to be harder than perhaps any of them thought.

Misha: It was easy to make that decision from the distance of a year out with another year of shooting to come. But when we zeroed in on the last day of shooting, it was very emotional. There were a lot of heartfelt goodbyes. Cast and crew alike, we’re all aware that we caught lightning in a bottle and it’s not likely to happen again, that we’ll work on something that has such a great community and fandom that evolved around it and such a long lasting run. We’re not gonna have another 15 year run.

Jared and Jensen said something similar in their chapters in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, and both they and Misha wrote about how unique and special the show has been in their chapters in Family Don’t End With Blood. They really are well aware that Supernatural has been lightning in a bottle, which means they’ve appreciated it and never taken it for granted.

Collins also talked to EW about tomorrow’s episode, which will see us getting Castiel’s “chapter” of the story.

Misha: In episode 18, we do get Cas’ chapter. In episode] 17, it feels like Cas is there, but he’s not central. In episode 18, he becomes much more central.

That was all well and good until  Misha got a little emotional talking about the episode, which Jensen had referred to as “monumental”.

Misha: It’s a sad episode. It’s monumental… it’s tragic, and I think – pivotal.

Are we ready? Pretty sure no.

Misha and Felicia Day talked with Senator Doug Jones last week, with Felicia sporting an impressive array of virtual headgear (impressive because neither Misha nor Jones had any idea how to do that on zoom – neither do I, for that matter!)

The Padaleckis also did an IG live with Dr. Jill Biden, touching on the importance of this US election and also the impact of loss and grief on mental health during this pandemic, and how to “glue our pieces back together”. They talked about how finding purpose in our lives can help, and about the power of a small act of kindness. Jared also connected with Dr. Biden around her being an English teacher.

Jared (beaming proudly) Like my mother!

Cap fangirlofjared

Jared started filming on his new show Walker last week, so when Jared and Jensen joined Misha for a zoom chat with Senator Amy Klobuchar and Ashley Biden, he was in his trailer in between scenes.

Graphic AKFile

Misha and Jensen looked absolutely overjoyed to see him when he popped on the screen, breaking into huge grins.

Misha: Hey Jared, OMG it’s so good to see you. Are you wearing a Supernatural jacket on the set of Walker Texas Ranger??

Cap padackles290

Jared: I am! I have to represent, so I have to. This is Day 4 and it didn’t’ seem right to show up on the new set without something from Supernatural.

I can’t describe how much I love that – knowing that all of them are having as tough a time letting go of this show as we all are.

Apparently most of this election’s candidates are Supernatural fans. When Misha said something about how unusual it was for people who work on a strange little show to be able to have an audience with the candidates, Senator Amy Klobuchar took issue.

Amy: Strange show? It’s pretty popular I would say!

It has certainly felt that way recently, that’s for sure.

Amy: What motivates  you three to be involved here and to help? You’re all celebrities, what gets you involved in this?

Misha talked about the show itself, and how their characters have been fighting for the forces of good. Jared and Jensen spoke about the importance of decency and empathy.

Jared: It’s about empathy, and Ashley, you said a word that’s important to me – decency… Both sides have to agree that we have to have decency. Empathy can become subjective, and kindness too, like well, they’re being kind to their followers, whereas decency is more objective and universal. And that’s something that’s been severely lacking.

Jensen: I’ll add to what Jared said in that decency absolutely is important to me as a father, like Jared is. That is a quality that I really strive to instill in my children and myself and look for in friends.

Cap justjensenanddean

Jared, Jensen and Misha invariably make a big (and positive) impression on the political candidates they meet with, and this was no exception.

Misha mentioned that he just wanted to fanboy over Senator Klobuchar.

Jensen to Amy: Misha’s just looking for an invitation to the inauguration.

(Actually they were all looking for that – when the discussion turned to how to have an inauguration party safely in Covid times, they all jumped in)

Jensen: I have a bubble boy outfit from four years ago!

Klobuchar at one point even confessed with a grin that she was on Team Dean.

Misha talked about how he considered going into politics, but didn’t.

Misha: So now we tell stories that try to shift cultural consciousness, and that is my way of trying to make a difference in the world. Now those two paths have converged. It’s bizarre to think that three guys on a little show could have the company of two people as esteemed as yourself to talk about the future of America. For the three of us to be able to share our platform to get the word out and having decency and character be primary driving characteristics of our elected leaders, that is such a privilege.

Jared was explicit about that privilege, in his always articulate way.

Jared: We’re tall white heterosexual men and the world has been very kind to us. And I feel like I’m cheating. The coach keeps on giving me more cheat codes and I’m like, I don’t need any more cheat codes! I don’t wanna win because the rules are so wildly weighed in my favor that I can’t lose. Let’s let everyone have a chance at success or purpose or whatever that is.

I seriously could not love these three men more. What a special little show we have, with the Best. Cast. Ever.

Jensen talked about healing “our nation and our reputation” and how they have all had the privilege of traveling all over the world and of filming in Canada for fifteen years.

Jensen: We’re all in this together. It’s one world and it’s the only one we’ve got. It’s time for that healing and that reputation to get back to what it used to be.

Amy (clearly as impressed as I was by our boys): My only problem right now is how to get these three guys into the inauguration!

They ended with the knock knock joke that had been requested, courtesy of Jared. And yes, it was – and this will be familiar to anyone who has been at Supernatural conventions or watched con videos – the interrupting sloth joke!

As soon as Jared started to tell it, Jensen did a literal headdesk, going face down as Jared told it flawlessly and Amy and Ashley cracked up.

Amy: Jared, have you ever had any scenes cut?

Jared: (laughing) ALL of them!

Jensen: I’m so so sorry…

I honestly felt like I was watching a con panel at that point, and it was thoroughly enjoyable – not to diminish the important and passionate things that all of them had to say. Jared also mentioned that Walker was doing truncated hours on voting days so people can vote. Good job, exec producer Padalecki!

Misha did a little interview last week with a local CW station too, discussing the evolution of Castiel as a ‘socially awkward angel’. He made that choice thinking that anyone who followed him who played an angel would take their cue from what he’d done, but alas that didn’t happen.

Misha: All the subsequent angels on the show didn’t reference what I had done, which left Castiel as the only one who was!

(But seriously, it’s kinda adorable)

There was a mini GISH hunt on the weekend, which I was sad not to be able to do but I had family commitments for all three days – as always there was a lot of creativity and just plain fun, including a “Jake and Bake” with Jake Abel and Misha Collins. I am definitely sorry I missed that one!

Cap tragerec

There was also ‘Festiboo’, a virtual convention put on by Nerds and Beyond to benefit Random Acts. I had great fun doing a panel with my friends Shelley, Alana, Scout and Zerbe – we are all vendors at Supernatural conventions and we just really miss seeing each other on a regular basis, so this was like a little reunion!

There was also a massive Supernatural cast phone bank, which saw dozens of the cast (and Louden Swain) joining Misha Collins and several activists to make calls to try to get out the vote.

I imagine there were some very surprised people who got a call from Misha or one of the other actors! (Hopefully they also then went out and voted!)

I got a big kick out of Misha’s zoom name being Misha Callin’s…

This week, EW ran an interview with Richard Speight, Jr., asking about his first impressions of Jared and Jensen.

Richard: I think the first day I was there, and it was probably just for a costume fitting, Jared had taken some alien head that was obviously a costume piece and he and Jensen were sprinting around the sound stages with Jared wearing this giant [alien head]. He’s already 6-foot-4 and this rubber head made him 6’10”, and he was just running around and I’m like, “Man, this is a loose vibe over here.”

He also said they were just “really, really nice,” which is what every guest star on the entire fifteen year run has said!

Richard: It was not my first show. I was a good bit older than they were and I just always assume that you’re not going to really bond with the cast when you go to do a show, especially a guest star. I found them to be way more warm than that. We didn’t hang out socially per se off set, but on set they’re incredibly kind and nice. They’re both Dallas Cowboy fans and Dallas was playing a game and they had the game on in their trailer and they invited me in to watch some football with them. Anytime I talked to them, mainly about sports, I was struck by how normal they were. They are, especially then, young men who had done well in Hollywood, but they were still very, very, very much from Texas and that kept them charming and real. And I found that to be a really pleasant surprise because it’s not what you come to expect once you’ve been in the business for a while.

Richard has a chapter in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done in which he talks about his experience both on the show and behind the scenes of Supernatural, and why he thinks the show is so special and what its legacy will be. As someone who has acted on the show throughout its run and has directed many episodes, as well as emceed countless Supernatural conventions, Richard has a unique perspective on both the show and the fandom. I love his chapter!


As if we didn’t have enough proof that Supernatural was indeed over, they announced the warehouse sale for set dec coming up in Vancouver this weekend, with one for wardrobe coming up soon. I’d love to be living in Vancouver right now for a whole bunch of reasons, but this is definitely one of them!

There were also a few more ‘lasts’ posts this past week too. Samantha Ferris, who played Ellen in the early seasons, posted a photo of her chair back, which had been sent to her. She was nostalgic and grateful, and I got a little teary because – what a thoughtful thing to do!

Jason Fischer was so indispensable to the fandom during the show’s final season for posting the white board every day, with a ‘Quote of the Day’ and a ‘Song of the Day’. That was a lifeline for many of us, and helped us feel like we really were “all in this together”. Jason posted a last shot of the cavernous soundstages emptied out as production wrapped for good.

On Monday, Emma Peterson posted the final goodbye to the production office with the news that they were wrapping up for good. I think, if I’m not mistaken, that might really be the last thing. Supernatural is finally, truly, wrapped.

Where are my tissues??

Yesterday, as a long time subscriber, I got the TV Guide special issue devoted to the Supernatural finale – and wow, they really outdid themselves! I won’t quote the entire thing, because it’s a substantial retrospective peppered with quotes from many of the cast, but here are a few of the things that made me tear up. A lot.

Eric Kripke, looking back on the first episodes:  The script put Jared and Jensen together as ‘the boys’ and they had an off-the-charts chemical reaction.

Jared, Jensen, Misha and Alex all had something emotional to say about the end of the show.

Jared: The first song I listened to when I got in my Impala was ‘Carry On Wayward Son’. I see it in my garage and I already feel nostalgic about how many hours of my life I probably spent in that vehicle.

Jensen: The day they pulled the bunker apart, it was really hard to watch. I pulled one of the carpenters aside, and he was almost choked up.

Misha: The last scene I shot was really Castiel’s last scene. It was a goodbye for both the fictional character and for me. It was very intense – a lot of tears.

Alex: For Jack to help steer the ship home was very cool.

And on that very last day, filming that very last scene? Jared and Jensen again shared just how emotional those moments were for them.

Jared: The very last scene I ever did on Supernatural felt very much like the first scene. It was a privilege to play Sam Winchester, who Eric Kripke created and who was defined over the years by many other brilliant writers.

Jensen: Jared and I were out on the road in this beautiful mountain area on our last day of shooting. The sun was setting – keep in mind I’m not saying that that’s the final scene, but that was the final scene that we shot. After we yelled ‘Cut! That’s a series wrap on Supernatural’, the crew took a moment, packed up and cleared off. Jared and I stood there a little longer and I said ‘Hey, man, I’m really proud of us. I’m really proud of what we did.’

And that was it, I was sobbing.

TVInsider posted a few promo pics for the last episodes that were released (skip the one below if you’re avoiding all spoilers, but it’s nonspecific if that helps…)

Sam looking to share his pie – or pie his brother in the face? Episode still or behind the scenes hijinks? Hmmm. Dean sure looks happy though.

There’s also a new CW promo out for the series finale, which has set fandom off in a million different directions trying to figure out what the hell is going on and how the show will actually end. I am unspoiled in spite of watching the promo, because luckily it’s just ambiguous enough, but I also have some guesses. And I AM NOT READY.

Again, possibly spoilery pics below, but we don’t really know what they depict.

They do, however, remind me alot of the cover of There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, so they totally made me burst into tears.

There’s been a lot of that (crying) these past few weeks, and I have no doubt there’s going to be a lot of that tomorrow. I’m both looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode, the last one to be directed by Richard Speight, Jr., and dreading it.

These last three episodes are, inevitably, all about loss. And now that we’re here I’m fairly certain  – have I mentioned? I AM NOT READY.

How are you feeling, fandom?

Graphic Offlarjun

— Lynn

We put together There’ll Be Peace When You

Are Done and Family Don’t End With Blood to

help the SPNFamily cope with the show’s loss

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  • No estoy lista para ver el final. Esta serie me a acompañado por 15 años, me a ayudado a superar muchas dificultades y hacer cosas que nunca pensé que haría. Me siento mucho más segura, lista para enfrentar muchas cosas pero perder aquello que me cambio no se que tanto me romperé viendo el final.

  • I am NOT ready. Then again as Chuck said “Endings are hard, but nothing ever really ends”. As for Jason’s white boards, he’s been doing them for the last few years at least. I’ve been following them for at least three years and they’re always interesting. Thank you Lynn for all the work you’ve put into your blog, the books and the show. You are appreciated and I look forward to seeing you again when conventions are able to restart.

  • Totally not ready but in a small way, I am. Nothing lasts forever but something so special-so relatable and so life-changing lasting this long? It’s amazing.

    After the final episode, a day or so later, I’ve promised myself to take a day, get the comfy chair next to the wood stove and (finally) read There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done.

    Not so sure about the Peace part yet but it’s coming whether I’m ready or not.

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