The Last Supernatural Con of the Decade – Jacksonville 2019


Jacksonville is a great venue for a con, with the vendor room in a gigantic brightly lit room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the river. I was fortunate to have my friend Christina with me at the vendor table all weekend, along with other friends who stopped by to chat or bring food and a latte or give me a bathroom break. I always leave conventions feeling so warm and fuzzy about this fandom, and this cast, and this show. Maybe because we all knew this was the last con of the decade, there were even more warm and fuzzy feelings than usual – along with some anticipatory sadness, knowing the end of the show is coming.

The con kicked off, as it often does, with a panel by Rachel Miner. Rachel always makes me smile, so it’s a good way to start the day.

One of the things I love most about Rachel is that she’s a bona fide geek, just like so many of us are. She spent a few minutes sorting her colleagues ala Hogwarts.

About Billy Moran?

Rachel and Rob: Slytherin for sure!

Rachel: I’m a big Dr. Who fan. I’d love to be on that crossover. I feel like that’s why we all connect, because I’m such a nerd.

She’d also love to see Meg team up with Rowena.

Fan: Double sassy!

Rachel: Meg and Dean are also alike in some ways. Snarky and afraid of their feelings.

I also love that Rachel is a proud shipper – of Meg and Cas – but also a vehement supporter of ship and let ship (or don’t ship at all).

Rachel: Everyone should ship who you want, but I ship Meg and Cas and in my fanfic version she would never turn on him.

Rachel l had some kind words for Rob and the work he’s doing as Chuck.

Rachel: I think Rob is doing such a great job. We should all be extra nice to him, because he’s still a great guy – he’s just a good actor!

She also had nice things to say about the Supernatural set, and how special it is.

Rachel: I’ve never had that feeling of being taken care of on another set, and that feeling like you’re doing something important, but not self important, as on the set of Supernatural.

She’s also very excited to have Shoshannah Stern back. Shoshannah has written another project for her and Rachel, which is doubly exciting!

On a more serious note, Rachel acknowledged that life is sometimes hard.

Rachel: It’s okay to feel like life is really hard because sometimes it is, and don’t beat yourself up about feeling that. And then you can move on and notice what joy there is right here. It’s work to find that joy, though. It’s not easy. You’re allowed to feel your feelings, and also take time to find the joy in even moments that are difficult.

How can you describe the SPNFamily?

Rachel: We take care of each other, and that’s a model for the whole world.

Jason Manns did his traditional “quoncert” next, playing some tunes and answering some questions.

Someone asked him how he got Jared Padalecki to sing on his Christmas CD.

Jason: I was up in Vancouver recording Jense, and Jared was hanging out and I was like, well, you’re here if you want to record a song…no pressure…

Good job, Jason!

He also talked about the new CD he just produced with Richard Speight Jr.

Jason: I love the bluegrass cover of Prince’s Raspberry Beret that we did on the new album.

Now that I have the new CD myself, I can say that I wholeheartedly agree.

Note that snazzy orange shirt….

Someone asked what was the most memorable thing about working with Briana on her CD?

Jason: Have you met Briana?? It’s been amazing to see her go from self doubt as a musician to someone with opinions on what she wants to do.

Advice for someone trying to be a musician?

Jason: Get eleven seconds of your song on Supernatural!

More seriously, Jason said that no, he didn’t really need to be on the show.

Jason: A gig on a show like Supernatural can be life changing for people who really want to act. I’m content to play music.

Lisa Berry did what I think was her first solo panel at Jax.

She talked about singing ‘Blow’ with Jensen Ackles onstage at the last convention.

Lisa: I was freaking out when Rob said “hey, Jensen wants to sing ‘Blow’ with you tonight. When I’m anxious, I go to gratitude, and that really was an amazing opportunity. I respect Jensen so much, I was so humbled to sing with him. He’s electric!


And speaking of gratitude…

Lisa: I think Billie is so grateful to Cas for killing her, because she got that promotion and actually learned to be of service in a way that’s in balance in the world.

She is also grateful for Supernatural and the fandom.

Lisa: I auditioned for Supernatural for TEN years. I was like oooh, that guy from Gilmore Girls and Days of Our Lives! When I got the part, I just said YES. I felt like a fan who got a walk on role! My friends and I celebrated like I got the part when I just did the audition. I was like, it’s almost like I worked with Jensen Ackles!

Her imitation of every girl in the audition room when Ackles walked in was spot on.

Lisa: My favorite part of being on the show? The family. My heart overflows with gratitude for you guys.

When Lisa got the part of Death, she went through every episode that Julian Richings had been in to figure out what Death was feeling at those moments.

Lisa: I felt lucky because I was such a fan of the show, so I could bring that with me.

If Julian came back as a reaper?

Lisa: I wouldn’t let him have the scythe! But then I’d be a good mentor to him. Billie wants cosmic balance. I think she wishes that didn’t have to include the Winchesters — but it does.

Me: Uh oh.

I kinda love it when Creation pairs up two actors who don’t know each other at all to do a panel – it’s always interesting. This con, it was OG Supernatural actor Chad Lindberg with newer season actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise. They were so much fun together!

The twosome quickly established that they were both cheating on frequent onstage partner Gabe Tigerman – and apologized.

Jeffrey quickly stepped in to help Chad with his coat.

Chad: you’re witnessing the start of a bromance

Ash’s personal heaven?

Chad: I’d want this guy (Jeffrey) to visit.

The blossoming bromance was seriously adorable.

Jeffrey told a story about how his role on Supernatural seemed sort of meant to be. Which is something that so many actors have talked about, it almost makes you wonder.

Jeffrey: I wrote and directed a short film about a life journey, and in that film I used two thrones. Very distinctive. I walked onto the set of Supernatural for the first time – and that same throne was there.

Chad: Full circle.


And speaking of things that give you goosebumps, Chad had some terrifying stories about ghosts he’s seen/hunted in the past. He headed up a ghost hunt at the con on Thursday, and they recorded a ghost!

Jeffrey was skeptical: You recorded….a ghost??

Chad played us the recording, and damn if it didn’t sound like someone saying a name. Gave me goosebumps!

After that, Jeffrey had to check out Chad’s Instagram and some of the other terrifying unexplained things he’s captured. More goosebumps.

Jeffrey: What the hell??!

One of the most adorable things at the con was when two young kids cosplaying as Chad and Jeff’s characters came onstage. Chad and Jeffrey were beside themselves, and it was a lovely moment.

Chad: I’m always amazed to hear that Ash has had an impact.

Someone who was a nurse said that tons of nursing students learn anatomy from comparing something to Ash’s mullet, in fact. Random. But awesome.

If Ash came back?

Chad: Sam and Dean are getting their asses kicked and Ash comes in with a crossbow and saves them. Flips his hair and nods and leaves.

Jeffrey: So not a speaking part!

Friday also had a Kim and Briana panel, which I always enjoy – and which often manages to make me cry at some point. (Thanks, Kim.)

Briana: I believe so much in collaboration.

On Kim:

Briana: Kim is such a perfect puzzle fit for me, and so were our characters for each other. Annnnnnd Kim is crying…

At least I’m not the only one.

They also were hilarious as they answered each other’s questions – as each other. Priceless to watch the other person watching and cracking up. They know each other so well.

There was also a story I can’t remember that included Jensen with a whoopee cushion in Jody’s ear and now she’s scared of farts.

They ended on a serious note.

Kim and Briana: Fandom means family. We’ve become more ourselves.

They both wrote about their personal evolution with this show and this fandom in their chapters of Family Don’t End with Blood. Two of my favorite chapters.

Briana to a fan, about the SPNFamily: This is my favorite part of  Wayward — and you should be proud of yourself.

Friday also included a trip to a little restaurant that Alana and I discovered on our last trip to Jacksonville. This time we took the whole gang there, so everyone could sample this delicious thing called “corn nuts”. Hey, they really are good! Also, drinks.

Corn nuts!

Friday night was an emotional karaoke that started with lots of dancing and ended with a group of us arm in arm singing Carry On Wayward Son and being generally overcome with feelings. If you follow Alana King on youtube, there is video evidence. Alas.

And then it was Saturday!

We had another Ladies of SPN panel on Saturday, this one with Rachel Miner, Emily Swallow, Lisa Berry, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster.

One of the reasons these panels – and these women – are awesome is that they are unafraid to be real. They came out and answered the question “how does it feel to be badass bitches” with candid stories of all the real life struggles they’d had that morning.

Briana: I’ve had a lot of coffee, so I’ll probably cry. And have to pee.

Someone asked about cosplay, and Lisa said that someday she might cosplay Storm, to much applause.

Kim: I also like Mockingbird because she’s a scientist, but she will cut you with her tongue!

Emily: I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know all the differences between Marvel and DC.

Rachel: But now you’re IN the Star Wars universe, so that’s even more awesome!

There was some Star Wars chat, since Emily is now playing The Armourer on The Mandalorian. At one point, they were talking about which character they’d like to play, and Emily misunderstood Rachel.

Emily to Rachel: Did you just say you wanted to be JarJar?? Odd choice.

Rachel: No, but hey, I’d be that!

Someone asked if they’d had any real life paranormal experiences.

Kim: Yes, I believe. No, I won’t tell you any more.

I wonder if Chad Lindberg knows!

They all had some inspiring things to say, about the upcoming holiday and life in general.

Lisa: Give to the world what you want to receive.

Rachel: On the holidays, focus on real life connection. Life is not a Hallmark movie.

Emily: It’s such unexpected joy just to come together with people and connect.


Next up, R2m.

The R2M panel is always one of my favorites, because this threesome is hysterical together.

Rob, Rich and Matt got a lot of interesting questions – and had interesting answers.

If you had to eat one thing forever?

Rich: Matt. That’s my answer. Piping hot.

Me: Truth.

How did Matt enjoy playing Michael?

Matt: I liked playing Michael, because I got to walk right up to Jensen and those big pouty lips, touch his face…. Then go back to my trailer and replay the moment.

Me: Understandable.

Rob answered a fan’s question as Chuck, about what a new commandment would be.

Rob: Always party? And I have spoken.

He also gave us the good news that he and Jason and Billy are working on a new Station Breaks album, and that they were going to find something for Richard to join in on too. Yay!

Richard said that Rob and Louden Swain have rekindled his love of music. Part of the title of the band on his new CD is in honor of the Creation volunteers who helped make all of this possible.

Someone asked them a question about eating toast.

Matt: Clearly the Supernatural fandom is asking us questions based on our intellect…

We also got R2M talking about their literary favorites, so clearly that intellect comment was mistaken. I mean, Rich talking about Hemingway and Rob talking about literary favorites while wearing a leather jacket is just plain nice.

They all had nice things to say about the Hillywood sisters and their parody videos.

Rich: I never saw Hannah and Hilly out of costume during the making of the Stranger Things parody, and then I saw them out of makeup and was like, wow!

Rob: Hilly just becomes Dean. On the Supernatural parody, I spent the whole week flirting with Dean.

Me: Understandable.

Matt: Doing their new Umbrella Academy parody was so much fun. I’m half naked and back to wearing eyeliner like I did when I first came to LA.

Me: Thank Chuck.

Someone asked if they researched their characters when they got the parts.

Rich: I researched Gabriel in the Bible, and then Jeremy Carver was like, yeah, we don’t so much go by that…

Matt: I didn’t research the Bible to play Michael – I just panicked!

Rob: Playing God, my notion of God was influenced by Catholic school, but it’s my job to play this fictional version in the show. I’m going Old Testament smiting God this season. But I don’t want to be remembered as the guy who brought down Supernatural!

Never, Rob.

The inevitable prank question did get asked.

Matt: Jared and Jensen don’t dare prank Dada!

After the panel, Louden Swain played their vendor room jam, which was even more awesome than usual because there was an actual grand piano in the gigantic room where our vendor tables were. Mike Borja sat down to play surrounded by the rest of the band, with the floor-to-ceiling windows behind them giving a gorgeous view of the river.

As the vendor jam began, we were all surprised by Matt Cohen – sans shirt – strolling along hawking Jensen Ackles’ new album from Radio Company. Very effective advertising strategy, if the open mouths of all the fans were any indication. Alana and I were perched on chairs at the vendor tables, so we had a birds eye view of everything.  You never know what’s going to happen at a Supernatural con!

Also at some point, I met up with Chad Lindberg and his lovely girlfriend for lunch at a neighboring hotel. I’ve known Chad for a very long time, since the very first conventions in fact. He was one of the first people we interviewed for our first books, Fandom At The Crossroads and Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls, and we shared some adventures with Chad and his My Big Break film director and producer, including some wild times on Bourbon Street as I recall. I adore Chad, and love seeing him so happy and excited about life. We talked about old times, when Supernatural was brand new, and about how much of a difference the show has made in so many of our lives. Stay tuned for more about that!

I rushed back to the con hotel after lunch, because Misha Collins always has his panel on Saturday afternoon and it is invariably by turns emotional and hilarious. This last Misha panel of the decade was no exception. In no particular order, we got these gems.

Favorite phrase?

Misha: Oh, it’s one I use a lot on set. “Please don’t touch me there.”

How can you say no to those blue eyes??

Most defining Cas moment?

Misha: When Cas was human and ate a tube of toothpaste. Or “Hey assbutt!”  It was heroic but just a little off…

I love how well they all understand their characters and the genuine affection they clearly have for them.

Someone asked if Claire would be part of the story line in this last season.

Misha: It would be great to have Kathryn Newton back, but she’s a movie star now.

Misha was uncharacteristically serious when talking about the end of the show.

Misha: This show is a source of support for many people. Humans tell stories to inspire, so the mythology of the show is meaningful. There will be real mourning when it ends, because these characters are like family. But the community can transcend the end of the show.

He pondered the possibility of a happy ending for Castiel.

Misha: Well, the worst is when you don’t get a happy ending and you thought you were getting… a happy ending… a full release…

Oh the innuendo. Shades of the ‘influence’ panel.

Misha: The end of the show is both a happy ending and a sad ending. I think it’s going to be satisfying.

Ohgod, I hope so.

In a not so serious vein, fans were still concerned about Dean and Castiel’s spat and the fact that Castiel was also ignoring Sam, which Misha said was due to something about “the triangle”. Hmm. A fan asked if Dean and Cas would still have that “profound bond”?

Misha: Is that a euphemism? To be honest, I think between the two of them there will be some bondage…

Misha also said that his experience on the Supernatural set has been unique.

Misha: I was used to being the tallest one on a set. Then I got to Supernatural and felt like I was acting from the bottom of a well.

What would he tell himself if he could go back in time to his audition?

Misha: This show will go on forever, so pace yourself!

How does he deal with the constant efforts of J2 to make him laugh?

Misha: A camera operator told me early on, when you’re trying not to laugh, hate the other person. So it’s not Castiel you see, it’s me saying I hate you when one of them fondles my balls.  I should have trained myself early on to not respond when someone touches your groin. It would have taken away all Jared’s power.

Misha will get to another set and be absolutely unflappable and everyone will be like wow, this guy’s ability to stay in character is striking!

Misha talked a bit about the cookbook he has out, co-written with his wife.

Misha:  It’s been fun touring with my wife. Her first book was about….multiple people…but not exactly families…


Misha: I at first wanted Vicky to use a pseudonym for the threesome book she wrote. Now I don’t care. I’m kinda proud. But she’s now signing as Collins instead of Vantoch with this (family friendly) book and had no signature with that name!

Saturday was of course the SNS, after a lovely dinner at the hotel’s buffet with the whole gang. Everyone was well aware that this was the last SNS of the decade, and emotions ran even higher than usual.  In fact, almost everyone needed a Rob hug at the end of their performance. Which? Understandable.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to hug this guy?

Matt Cohen was first up. I love the joy he brings to the stage when he sings, and the boundless energy.

A Rob hug…

Guitarist extraordinaire Billy Moran in a rare in-focus phone shot…

This was Samantha Smith’s first time performing at SNS and she had a blast!

A Rob hug…

Emily Swallow took a break from Star Wars to sing her heart out.

Briana Buckmaster and her gorgeous voice killed it as always.

A Kim and Briana hug as Kim Rhodes takes the stage.

A Rob hug…

Lisa Berry also rocked out. So much talent in this cast!

A Rob hug…

Rob and Jason Manns sang their hauntingly beautiful version of Hallelujah, pausing at the chorus to listen to the entire ballroom sing along. I get chills every time.

A Rob hug…

Richard Speight, fresh from his newly released CD, sang one from that new album. And wore his new bright orange Dick Jr and the Volunteers shirt too!

In sync with Mike Borja.

A Rob hug…

The house lights were down and you could have heard a pin drop when Rob sang ‘She Waits’, and then the ballroom lit up in support, the giant protection symbol on the back wall making it a striking sight.

And then the house lights came up and everyone was on their feet for ‘Mama’s Jam’ including Jeffrey Vincent Parise playing the hand drums.

Louden Swain take a triumphant bow after an encore – they were emotional and so were we, with a decade of conventions and memories, the band that has anchored it all. Thanks Billy, Stephen, Rob and Mike!

After an amazing Saturday, Sunday kicked off with the J2 gold panel. I clearly stayed up too late the night before, because I forgot my camera, to my great dismay. I always get better photos at the morning panel because they keep the house lights up, so I was pretty heartbroken – and pretty mad at myself. Grrr.

Fangirl problems.

Anyway.  Jared got a huge welcome, and seemed emotional about it.

Jensen to Jared: Take off your jacket.

We were momentarily confused as to why Jensen was so eager to have Jared go jacket-off (haha), but then it became clear – he was wearing this shirt.

Jared: I had to.

Jared to Jensen: Jerk.

Jensen: Bitch.

Everyone: Awwww.

Jared commented on Matt Cohen’s shirtless advertising of the new Radio Company album the day before.

Jared: I hear Johnny Handsome was running around shirtless.

Jensen (deadpans): No, I was with you.

Jared (deadpans back) Yeah, shirtless.

Jensen: Shhh, they don’t know that.

It was good to have them back onstage together and back to their usual banter.

Jared told an amusing story about getting lost in Disney as a little kid and wandering around the park all day, apparently giving his poor grandfather a heart attack. The next day, they had one of those child harnesses for him.

Jensen: I still use that for him on set sometimes.

Jensen was ON his game that day, gotta say.

Someone asked about times on set that were genuinely scary.

Jared: Jumping through that stained glass window was terrifying. There was like eight feet of free fall.

Jensen: Being in that Ma’lak box. I had to really go there, and then I had to walk it off after.

They talked about the callbacks that are happening this season, including in the episode that had aired recently.

Jensen: They’re pulling out all the references this season because it’s the last. It’s fun but it’s weighted too.

Jared said he couldn’t fit into Lucifer’s white suit in the same way.

Jared:  I was working out alot then.

Jared had some cute stories about youngest child Odette.

Odette to her mom: blah blah blah

Jensen: She’s a Padalecki all right!

What can both of them not do that their characters can?

Jared: I don’t know how to get out of handcuffs…

Jensen: I can actually kick in a door. And, spoiler alert, I learned something on set the other day for an episode – dancing.

Gotta say, I’m looking forward to that one.

The half an hour always goes way too fast, and we headed off to photo ops and on-the-fly lunch and book selling in the vendor room.

Rich and Rob had a panel on Sunday afternoon, which always turns into a sort of live version of Kings of Con and makes me miss that show a lot.

Richard got some director questions, like why Sam and Dean left the God gun in the glove box, which made it so easy to find (and steal).

Rich: Why would they put it in the glove box? I guess Dean forgot to move it…. Or so the big bad could take it.


Richard talked about working with Jared and Jensen as a director versus a fellow actor.

Rich: They’re both incredibly focused guys despite the mythology about set. We talk about what their characters would be doing when I’m directing.

Richard expressed all the love for Matt Cohen and what a kickass director he’s going to be (he’s directing an episode of the show this season).

Richard: He’s going to be great directing because he’s very focused. He spent two weeks shadowing me and he impressed everyone with his short film (Mama Bear).

That’s so true – if you haven’t seen Mama Bear, check it out when you can! He did a spectacular job.

Rob said that he loves acting and also enjoys being the writer, like for Kings of Con.

So damn much talent in this cast, I swear.

They also couldn’t resist ribbing each other.

Rich: Always fly with Rob Benedict. You can snap his headphones and drive him crazy.

A fan talked about how much Supernatural has helped her, and Rob nodded.

Rob: Just to hear you say that the show has helped you – know that you’ve changed us too.

Anyone who has read Rob’s very personal chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood – and the chapters the other actors wrote too – can testify to that.

Samantha Smith had a panel before the J2 main panel. She was circumspect about the characters she’d had the privilege of playing.

Samantha:  I die in everything. I’ve been shot, killed by wild dogs, burnt on the ceiling…

Someone asked her to sum herself up with a story or poem.

Samantha: Green Eggs and Ham? Can’t go wrong with Dr. Suess.

She said she didn’t agree with Samuel Campbell’s wanting to trade Sam and Dean’s lives for his daughter’s.

Samantha: No, nothing is worth more than your children’s lives, not even your own.

That’s clearly the kind of mom Samantha is in real life, although there were times when I wasn’t entirely sure about her character.

At the end of her panel, Samantha helped give out free Creation convention tour tee shirts – I was lucky enough to get one!

After Samantha’s panel, there was a break for photo ops and maybe a little food if you’re lucky. I had my J2M photo op that I missed in DC that I did with my friend Alana. Alana and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday night watching the most recent Supernatural episode and making a sign that we were using for the op. In a typically fandom collaboration, my friend Liz procured the poster board for the sign (which had been a sign for an insurance convention at the same convention center, but the back was blank).  My friend Hailee wielded the pencil to draw the letters like a true artist. My friend Lauren managed to have colored markers. So Alana and I happily colored in the outlined letters as we watched the episode.

Of course, when we brought it to J2M and asked them to hold it, they instead decided to bust us by turning it around and posing making funny faces with the side advertising the insurance company conference. Boys.

They did eventually turn it around and get emotional about it though.

Then it was time for the J2 main panel.

It was wonderful to have Jared back, and the roar when he and Jensen took the stage for the main panel was deafening. In a good way.

No one could stop thinking about the fact that this was the last con of the decade and the second to last con that will happen when the show is still filming. They – and we – are well aware of how special this has been.

Gotta say, I loved Jared’s shirt for the afternoon panel too!

Jensen about the shirt: This is actually why the show is ending. We’ve got work to do!

They both had alot to say about their characters and their time on the show. I think both they and we are really appreciating every moment now as we start to look back as well as forward to the last months.

Jensen: The Winchesters complement each other and balance each other, and that’s why it works so well.

Also Jensen: Jared surprises me regularly with how good he is.

Jared: Same.

Me: God, you’re killing me here, guys.

We were also treated to the interrupting sloth joke, which never fails amuse Jared and Jensen greatly. At least I think that’s what this was.

They talked about how well they know each other’s characters, and how real those characters are to them.

Jensen: I know Jared better than pretty much anyone and I know Sam better than probably anyone other than Jared. I hear Sam’s voice filtered through Jared when I read a scene and I know he can guess the choices I’ll make too. But I still am surprised by how well he executes it.

Jared: Jensen and I have seen each other find our characters. And I’ve seen so much more of Dean than anyone, way more than the 42 minutes that you see onscreen.

I’ve never really thought about it that way, but that’s so true. They film so many more hours than make it to the episode, and all that time, Jared is with Dean and Jensen is with Sam. They do know each other’s characters better than anyone else ever will. And that will be a loss – Jensen will lose Sam and Jared will lose Dean, just as each of them will lose their own relationship with their character. And now I really need those tissues.

Jared: When I say goodbye to Sam, I hope it’s “see ya later.”

Me too, Jared. Me too.

The ending was on everyone’s minds, and they addressed that too, I think understanding how anxious most of us are about it.

Jared: When he and I found out the ending together, it helped, because now we can concentrate on this season and not worry about it.

Jensen: It gives us confidence that our decisions won’t be contradicted by the ending.

I remain nervous, but I’m trying to take comfort in statements like that.

When Jensen talked about his new Radio Company album, he joked that he had Matt Cohen coming back to do more advertising for him.

Jensen: Totally naked this time. Have your cameras ready.

They were asked what other characters they’d like to play on the show.

Jensen: It would be fun to play Crowley. Mark Sheppard did a great job, and there was some great writing for the character.

Jared: I really enjoyed Sterling K Brown’s arc as Gordon.

Also Jared: I’d want Jensen to turn into Salmon Dean. Wear a leather jacket and drive a tiny Impala.

Jensen: Does his best Salmon Dean fish face.

Jared: And me into a Wendigo.

Someone asked an unusual question about how Sam and Dean, living in such close quarters, avoid each other’s “sweat and musk”.

Jared quipped: Why would they want to?

They were also clearly moved by the love they felt from the fans.

Jensen: We process the love we get here as a reciprocal thing, because we’re all in this and we love it too.

Then it was last question time, Rich and Rob taking the stage and tormenting Jensen lol – once again, much too soon!

The last question was about coping strategies that they use when things are tough. Jared was answering when Jensen added, saying he was gonna call Jared out.

Jensen: I know I’ve gotten a call or a knock on my door from Jared saying four words: I need a friend.

He went on to say, that’s what you do. You reach out.

Damn. Where are my tissues?

As the fans cheered to thank Jared and Jensen for a decade of conventions and fifteen seasons of the best show ever, Jared and Jensen were clearly emotional.

Their traditional fist bump at the end of a con turned into an embrace as Jensen pulled Jared in for a hug. It was a fitting ending for the last con of the decade.

Richard and Louden Swain took the stage shortly after to close out the con.

The guys who make the Supernatural cons the amazing things they are sang the traditional “it’s the end of the con as we know it”, which had extra poignancy this time. The end of a decade that has seen so many extraordinary moments with this extraordinary group of actors and fans. There might have been something in my eye at the end there.

It has been an amazing decade of these conventions. I’ve met so many wonderful people, all of whom are passionate about this little show that’s been so special to all of us. My fellow vendors are the most amazing group of people, a community with norms of supporting each other and always having each other’s backs that seems so rare in this world. I’ve heard such wonderful stories from my fellow fans about how the show, the SPNFamily, and some of our books have helped people — maybe even changed their lives. I’ve gotten to know a cast that doesn’t just give lip service to caring, but puts that feeling into action. Who are endlessly entertaining and supportive of each other and of the fans who kept Supernatural on the air for fifteen years and conventions running for thirteen and counting.

I made the rounds after autographs, dinner and drinks and lots of laughs and maybe a few sniffles too, saying goodbye and happy holidays and “see ya next year” to the other vendors and friends and Creation staff who I’m privileged to be on this wild and crazy roadtrip with. And a special hug for photographer Chris Schmelke, who’s been there from the very first and who has done so much to make these conventions the feel-good experience they are for so many. We are all aware that there’s an end point now to the trip, and that makes every moment even more special.

It’s going to be an emotional New Year, and I’m anxious facing the ending of the show – but we at Fangasm also have some wonderful surprises coming up in 2020 that we hope will help us all deal with the loss of Supernatural, and will provide a way to always hold it close.

Stay tuned – and Happy New Year!


You can always remember how special this

cast and show are with a copy of Family Don’t

End With Blood, with chapters written by the

Supernatural actors and fans. Amazon links on

the home page!



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