Back to Chicago, Where It All Began! Supernatural 2019

The very first Supernatural convention I went to was in Chicago. Well, actually that’s not true. There was a fan-run and all-fan convention of about 30 people in Vancouver in 2007 a few months before the Creation one in Chicago, where I met people who also loved Supernatural and who I still call friends today, twelve years later. But Chicago was the first one with Jared and Jensen, along with a few other SPN guests and some folks from Buffy and Angel too (because Creation wasn’t sure this new little show could pull off a con on its own). My friends and I stalked the website for literally months, waiting for the tickets to go on sale so we could snag some. We had no idea what to expect really – would the actors be as nice as they seemed in the few interviews we’d seen? Would they be entertaining onstage? I want to laugh so hard now, knowing the answers to those questions – but I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how NICE they really are or just how entertaining they would be!

Through the years, I’ve been back to Chicago for a Supernatural convention many times. One of my good friends lives there – we met through a con, when I found myself stranded after the convention ended and a hurricane blew in, cancelling all flights and leaving me without a hotel. I was new to twitter, but I put out a plea – can anyone help? Up drove Laurena, rescuing me from a very bad part of town and taking me in, because SPNFamily. We’ve been friends ever since.

This year, Laurena and her lovely husband Rock helped me in the vendor room once again. There were many old friends at this con, some that I’ve known since the very first one twelve years ago, and many new friends too, some that I’ve met along the way and now call my good friends too. Knowing that the Show is coming to an end made the Chicago con even more emotional than usual, because I keep thinking of beginnings now that I’m constantly thinking about endings. There will be at least one more Chicago con, but this was the last one that will happen when the Show is still on the air. And that hurts.

The actors are also thinking a lot about endings now, and some of them about beginnings too. Richard Speight Jr. reminisced with Rob about his first convention, which was also right here in Chicago. We were writing ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’ at the time, and there’s an entire chapter in that book on the first couple of Chicago conventions – it’s where we first met Richard and got to know him. None of us could imagine at the time how much our lives would change because of Supernatural.

So this year was bittersweet, but there was a whole lotta sweet! (Neither my camera nor my phone were at all happy so I got fewer photos than usual, but I’ve included some of the better ones here. At least that finally forced me to go out and get a new phone!)  Rachel Miner kicked off the con, as she often does – which is a lot like kicking off the day with a sparkly rainbow and lots of sunshine. And unicorns.

Rachel said she feels comfortable at conventions, like she’s with friends. She proved it by sharing her epic fail moments that would be on a gag reel.  That should tell you what sort of courageous – and hilarious – person Rachel is.

Rachel is an unabashed Cas girl.

Rachel: I’d like to think if Cas saw Meg in the The Empty, he’d have tried to rescue her.

She likes that both Meg and Cas didn’t fit traditional gender roles, and that they probably have both been male and female.

On a serious note, Rachel said that if Meg were to return to Supernatural, she’d want it to involve Cas (obviously) and she’d want to use assistive devices to realistically portray people with disabilities.  Because representation is so important.

Jason Manns kicked off his panel with some songs – Slightest Thing with the Station Breaks and Gone to start.

One of the best things about this gang is that none of them are afraid to be real – or to mess up. Or to be absolutely positively falling-down gleeful about it when one of them does.

Jason also talked about some of the SPN cast he’s worked with on making their own albums – which is soon to include his collaboration with Richard Speight Jr.!

Friday also saw the first time teaming up of Adam Rose, Gabe Tigerman and Jeffrey Vincent Parise. They never worked together on the show and didn’t really know each other, but sometimes those surprise combinations can make for the best panels. Adam and Gabe are both stand-up comedian funny, and Jeffrey went right along, so their panel was SO much fun!

Creation got into the act by somehow finding old commercials that they were all in and playing the videos, much to everyone’s delight.

A random sampling:

Adam on the new show he’s on: It was my first time handling an organ…

Jeffrey on Asmodeus’ wardrobe: I like a well fitting suit…

They shared audition nightmares, which were amusing.

Adam: One time I said I could play guitar for an audition. My part got totally cut when I couldn’t.


Jeffrey: Once I had to learn the tango for a role.

Gabe: Seems on point.

Gabe on working with Jared: Sometimes he’d just step on my feet. His feet are like anvils!

And he’s this tall…

Another classic pranking moment?

Gabe: Jared and Jensen have been having fun on set since Season 2. Like, just before my take on a very serious scene, one of them shows me a picture of the dump they just took.

Three guesses…

And on a more serious note, they all said they were grateful that because of the show and the conventions, they now all have this little supportive community of actors (just as we have this supportive community of fans).

Samantha Smith was also onstage on Friday – wearing a gorgeous dress that had POCKETS! There is nothing better than a dress with pockets, anyone will tell you.

Samantha had just starred in the Supernatural episode that saw her character die, so it was an emotional con for her. She mostly had a sense of humor about Mary’s demise.

Samantha: Luckily I got exploded before I had to have the awkward Bobby and John conversation…

Samantha: I like that Mary died fighting for her kid, who was really having a tough time. She sort of mommed to death.

In the dinner scene in the 300th episode, she said they were actually talking and laughing and joking (Jared tells the best jokes) and throwing food, and the wine they were drinking was real. She said “we’re gonna be grownups for this, put your napkin in your damn lap” – and they did!

Mary’s initials caught her by surprise (me too…), though she thinks she may have known about it. But seeing it was emotional for her. She also said that she cried when trying to say goodbye to Jensen and Jared. She can’t tell their trailers apart, so she just knocked on one. It was Jensen’s, and as soon as she said to him that she came to say goodbye, she burst into tears.

How is it working with Jared and Jensen?

Samantha: Lucky. They’re kind and generous and funny. They’re respectful and present and supportive. And really fucking talented! After fourteen years of them doing this show, you can say to Jared and Jensen, ‘I’m not sure about this here’ and they’re like ‘let’s do it’. They are ALL IN.

I was generously gifted with a ticket to Sammies with Sam later that day, which was awesome both for the chance to chat with Samantha and for the delicious PBJ sandwiches we all got to enjoy – with a big glass of milk, of course! Samantha talked more about the love she was able to find for the character of Mary, despite her very different parenting in real life of her own son, and her hopes and fears for Mary’s last episode and whether it came across the way she was hoping, especially the flashbacks. Samantha is so thoughtful, and so full of genuine emotion for this amazing journey she’s been an integral part of.

Kim and Briana also had a panel on Friday. It kicked off with giant inflatable chairs onstage for them, since Briana has made a tradition of kicking over the chairs that the ever patient Liz sets out there for them. This one, she couldn’t damage – but she sure could have fun with it!

Kim wore a ‘Superhero’ shirt, which seems appropriate.

They too had nice things to say about working with Jared and Jensen.

Briana: It’s remarkable how quickly they can learn their lines.

They also told one of my favorite stories – the time that they pranked Jensen by adlibbing a scene where Jody tells Dean she has a date, and then Donna walks in. Jensen didn’t even blink, just went right along with it!

Kim: Jensen being the brilliant actor he is, he just went with it – and it was just amazing!

Kim also said that if Crowley hadn’t tried to kill her, he and Jody would totally have had sex after that date. Noisy sex.

Kim also shared a few behind the scenes stories. When they filmed Jody being “clotheslined”, they put a harness on you and a leash on you and bolt it to the ground and then say “Run!”


Briana told the story of when she and Kim first met. She was so excited that as she saw Kim she yelled out “Kim! It’s Briana!” The crew all responded with “Shhhh, we’re filming!”


They also had a lot of inspiring words for everyone, just like they wrote in their chapters in Family Don’t End With Blood.

Briana: Be kind to yourself every fucking day. This is your only meatsuit and you have to make peace with it.

Kim: If there’s something I don’t like about myself, I have to remind me – an appearance is just for a second, an experience is for the rest of my life.

I was exhausted on Friday night, so after a lovely dinner with friends, I skipped karaoke and passed out instead. And then, it was Saturday.

The day kicked off with Tahmoh Penikett, who had a long break between cons for a while there. It’s been nice to have him back – he’s a thoughtful person who always has some interesting insights. Unfortunately, the lights on the stage absolutely hated him according to my phone and camera, so I got very few decent photos of him. To my friends who stan him – sorry!!

He had lovely things to say about the Supernatural set and actors.

Tahmoh: The set is a large functioning family. They’re always taking the piss out of each other, but when it’s time to work, they turn it right on.

What other scene would he like to be in?

Tahmoh: I’d like to be Crowley in that scene where he’s getting a massage. Mark Sheppard looks so happy in that scene…

What else would he like to do on Supernatural?

Tahmoh: I think it would be great to have Castiel, with his knowledge now of pop culture, take the piss out of Gadreel. I’d love to work with Misha more, and I’d love to work with Jared more,  he’s so sweet. I didn’t get to work that much with Jared, but I know him…. I’ve been inside him. And yes, I know how that sounds…

About working with Jensen, he said he was very impressed with how committed Jensen is to acting and to the show, with his energy and his focus.

Tahmoh: He always gives so much to each scene, and to his fellow actors.

He enjoyed both his characters on Doll House and Supernatural.

Tahmoh: It’s way more interesting to play a character who’s flawed and doubts themselves and makes mistakes, but is trying to do the right thing.

Next up was the ladies panel, which is always one of my favorites. There’s so much genuine respect and affection and support between these women, and it’s always inspiring to see. And often hilarious too!

They are unfailingly supportive to other women.

Samantha: One of the people I’m inspired by is [director] Nina Lopez-Corrado. She’s kind and she’s badass and she gets shit done!

Ruth: My mom inspires me. She’s a force! Sometimes I ask myself, what would Fiona do?

They also gave a shout out to the awesome Shoshannah Stern, who memorably played Eileen on Supernatural and is a part of their SPN ladies text thread of awesome.

Kim made me cry, as she often does during a panel, by acknowledging how people who make her aware of her own privilege inspire her.

Rachel: Be brave enough to be yourself.

Also Rachel: Where did this rumor come from that women can’t handle pain?

Favorite part of conventions?

Samantha: The candor everyone shares. This is such a safe place.

Ruth: I love that con photographers make me look like a rock star who can really sing.

Samantha: But you can really sing!

(Ruth writes about how the SPN Family gave her the courage to do something she really wanted to do – sing – in her chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood).

Briana: Well, last con Jensen and I were talking about wiping our kids’ butts…

On the current state of the show…

Ruth to Samantha: Maybe you could have a talking to with Chuck about being a parent…

Then they all made Samantha cry by thanking her for the gift of Mary and for how wonderful Samantha herself was to everyone on set.

It was an emotional moment, because we were all feeling very emotional too, knowing that we have only one more year with our favorite show.

Tissues all around!

Kim, of course, also made me cry, thanking the fandom for the “gifts of self” and for allowing her to witness fans’ personal growth at conventions over the years.


Next up was more crying – because Rich and Rob always make me laugh! We missed Matt Cohen at this con, so it was an R2 panel instead of an R2M panel, but it was still hilarious at times.

Rob (exasperated): If you google Rob Benedict, the first thing that you get is “hates Perth?”


Rich: Rob’s always hard. You’re very hard. All the time.

Rob: —

Rich: I think you are really hard on purpose…

Rob: —

Rich: I think you make yourself hard…

Rob: —

Rich: …. To track down for dinner…


Richard got some questions about directing too. He said his all time favorite scene was Jared (Sam’s) talk with Sully in ‘Just My Imagination’.

Richard: It was an honor to direct that scene. Because Jared was so good.  Jared’s nuances show his amazing talent. Anyone ever doubts it, those guys are fucking fantastic.

One of Rob’s all time favorite scenes of his career is singing Fare Thee Well with Curtis Armstrong as Metatron in Robbie Thompson’s brilliant episode.

Me too, Rob. Though recent canon events cast a weird shadow over everything in the past now.

At some point in the day, Louden Swain did their little jam session in the vendor room, which I always have to run over and join in. I even remembered to grab my kazoo for ‘Medicated’!

It’s the best time to get some half decent pics of Billy, Mike and Norton too.

Before Misha came out, Rob showed off the new Louden Swain vinyl LP, which looks beautiful.

Next up was Misha Collins, always one of my favorite panels since he’s one of my favorite people.

He said he gets prepared for trying not to laugh on set by thinking about how much he hates everyone (which of course he doesn’t).

Misha: Around Season 5, I just gave up on trying not to laugh, like when Jared and Jensen are fondling my balls or something under the table. I laugh every time.


Recently, as he was sitting there filming a serious scene, Jared was squeezing his inner thigh as hard as he could.

Misha: And I thought, wow this is so special, I’ll never have anything like this again… Also? Those bruises are hard to explain to your wife.

We also got this behind the scenes tidbit, that comes with a visual none of us are likely to ever forget.

Misha: We mess around a lot, and sometimes it gets filmed. That scene in Peace of Mind where Jared has me pinned was fifteen minutes of me slapping his face and him saying “Yeah you sexy bitch, you know you like it”

Gag reel please???

For conventions, he prepares by trying to think of new stories that would be relatable. In fact, he almost always has a few stories when he comes out onstage, often something adorable about his kids.

Also, there was this:

Misha: I’m wearing one of my favorite belt buckles right now. It’s a tiger. RAWR.

He adorably made tiger claws, but my camera and phone hated me so I didn’t get an even halfway decent picture. It was adorable though, take my word for it.

Misha said that maybe if Chuck came back, Cas and Chuck could have some father-son time. Maybe go to the fair. If Chuck came back. Hypothetically.

By that time, we all pretty much figured he was coming back – but it sure as hell wasn’t to have some father-son bonding time!

Misha also had lots of kind words for Danneel and working with her.

Misha: My time on set with Danneel? I’d love to share, but Jensen gets super jealous. No, I love her, she’s special, feisty. I love having her on set, she’s awesome and we gossip all the time. Our scenes came about because she went up to Andrew Dabb at the 300th party and said, write a scene for us. So he did!

Can’t you just picture Misha and Danneel gossiping and having a fabulous time together on set?

On a more serious note about his character, Misha said that being human was the most important thing that has happened to Cas – it changed who he is and let him understand what humans go through. He’s realized there are gray areas and that life is complicated, and he’s developed empathy. He always tries to do what’s good and is willing to sacrifice himself. (Also one of my very favorite Castiel storylines. I wish it had been longer).

He also talked about why he at one time wanted to be a politician, because he thought it was a good way to enact change in the world. He’s certainly found ways to do that, but if he does decide to go into politics, I am so behind him!

Thinking about all this coming to an end, Misha was reflective about Supernatural and how unique it has been.

Misha: The cast and crew, the fans, the Supernatural experience, it’s lightning in a bottle. We laugh so much, and we know we’ll never have this again.

And now I need tissues…

The Saturday Night Special had an extra kick of emotion (and it’s always emotional anyway) knowing we won’t have this forever too. The SNS is one of my favorite things in the entire world, and I sort of can’t imagine not being able to go to one ever again eventually. Maybe lots of the other actors will just keep coming to crash Louden Swain and Jason Manns shows??

Tahmoh did some intros.

Richard did a new song, the classic Mrs. Robinson, singing it with Rob.

And that meant guitar playing Richard, jamming with Billy.

Jason and Rob sang a haunting version of Hallelujah with some audience participation.

Kim, Briana and Ruth all killed it.

The band also did memorable renditions of Rock Song and Trigger Finger along with their usuals. She Waits has more emotion than ever now that we’re all emotional anyway, the ballroom lit up with lights because this fandom never lets Rob down.

And some of the cast joined in for the last song, an emotional Hey Jude, with Tahmoh Penikett joining in to sing a little too.

And then it was Sunday. Jared and Jensen arrived at the morning Gold Panel in all their scruffy beardy goodness.

Jared: hiatus beards in full effect!

Jensen gave Jared lots of props for running in the Boston Marathon the next day.

Jensen: He has to leave early so it’s only me later today. But don’t worry, I brought stilts!

(As if he’s not already towering over almost all of us…)

Jared was particularly quick, which I’m always in awe of because I’m anything but quick in the morning.

Someone asked if Sam and Dean would ever get tattoos that weren’t Supernatural related?

Jensen: I could see Sam getting a tramp stamp.

Jared: Another one…

Fan: Jensen has been my crush since I was fourteen.

Jared: Mine too.

Jensen talked about being uncomfortable because his parents are binge watching Game of Thrones right now.

Jensen: I asked what they thought. My dad: Um, there’s a lot of pornography…


What would they tell their Season one selves?

Jensen: Buy a house in Vancouver, you’re gonna need it. Then settle in and enjoy the ride.

At this point, I’m nervous about Season 15, but Jensen and Jared did both try to reassure us at this convention.

Jared: He and I have a responsibility to be sure that Sam and Dean are Sam and Dean.

We’re counting on you, boys!

They’re also thinking a lot about this whole journey.

Jensen: Those early years, you didn’t want to go all in and then be devastated when the show was cancelled. We pressed ‘pause’ fourteen years ago and never un-paused it.

Someone asked the interesting question, what were their favorite moments with each other’s wives? After the requisite awkward pause, they answered seriously.

Jensen said that one night when they were all out, Danneel and Gen got a bit drunk so they had to take them home, but they ended up landing in the snow and started rolling around and just laughing. (Awww).

Jared talked about the time that all four of them had their own dance contest in the back of a bar.

SPNFamily, seriously.

Jensen also confirmed that he and Steve Carlson have been working on an album of original songs for the past eight months – so yay! And he’s going to direct in Season 15 one more time, so double yay!

I had to miss Rob’s solo panel, but I made it back in time to catch most of Ruth Connell’s, which I hate to ever miss. I have an unabashed love for Rowena, and even more love for Ruth – the chapter she wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood is one of my favorites.

Ruth: The key to Rowena is she’s having fun – even when she’s killing someone!

She loves playing Rowena, who started out being the mother of the King of Hell, but is now a fully realized, 360 degree character.

It’s not all an easy job, though.

Ruth: The hard part of the job is staring at Jensen Ackles and his perfect symmetrical freckles. He’s not even real, he’s 3D printed!

She’s not wrong. It’s like staring into the sun.

It’s also, as we all know, sometimes hard to get anything done when working with Jared and Jensen.

Ruth: When Alex and I were doing the Michael scenes, they literally had to write the boys out. They just make each other laugh too much!

One thing she’d like to see on the show? Misha possessed by Rowena. I am in total agreement with this, btw.

As often happens with a Ruth panel, we all had a dance party eventually – this time a routine to “You Sexy Thing”.  Ruth was sexy. I cannot say the same for myself, but hey, I tried! And somewhere out there on the internet it exists because she filmed it on her phone.

Ruth, like everyone who has ever been on this Show, ended her panel by putting into words what many of us were thinking the whole weekend, knowing we have a limited amount of time left.

Ruth: There are just no words for how lucky we are to have all this.

Jared and Jensen’s main panel was after Ruth. Perhaps taking a page from Misha, they also told some kid stories.

Jared said that recently Tom got into trouble at school for saying the “F” word in school (It has “uck” in it and it’s not “firetruck”, he laughed)

Jensen (smirking) I wonder where he learned that…

They both started laughing and then Jensen whispered, “Me…”

Jared said that he and Gen had to ask Tom what he said and then grab each other’s legs to keep from laughing when he related the story.

Someone gave JJ a gift recently and she looked at it and then deadpanned “There’s no pink in it.” Jensen had to give her a daddy lecture about how it doesn’t matter what you get, you still say thank you.

JJ: But what if there’s no pink in it?

Daddy Jensen

Their kids – Misha’s, Jared’s and Jensen’s – are all gonna save the world, I swear.

At one point Jared mentioned laundry for some reason I can’t remember, and people cheered (also for some reason I now can’t fathom).

Jared: Lots of laundry fans. Shout out to Gain!

Jensen: Are you a Gain man?

Jared: I’m a proud Gain man.

Jensen: You use SOFTENER?

Jared: No? What, do you like to wear cardboard? (touches Jensen’s sweater to see)

Jensen: I’m soft enough…

Me: You can’t make this up and also, why is everything innuendo??

Someone asked their earliest childhood memories.

Jared: I was swimming…I was in a race against millions (ie a conception joke lol)

Jensen (getting it far quicker than most of us) Congratulations, you won. How’s it feel to be a winner?

Jared blushed, then said his was of learning to ride a bike at age three or four.

Jensen: Nothing before that?

Jared: Nothing appropriate…

It was a panel full of innuendo and teasing and the two of them cracking each other up, and I enjoyed every moment.

Jensen told the story again of how as a little boy he would get out of bed every day and put on his sheriff’s outfit and go out and play. It’s like he was a mini Dean Winchester all along…

He also told a hilarious story about the time he and Misha and Danneel went out for tacos and everyone except Jensen ate these super hot peppers and they were crying and sweating and pouring milk all over their faces and Jensen was just laughing. One of them eventually exclaimed “OMG this is the hottest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!”

(Food, that is…)

Jared related the story of tormenting poor Misha by squeezing the hell out of his leg and then Misha’s retaliation on Jared’s arm, from his perspective – and then demonstrating on Jensen.


Jensen also told the rest of that story – that Jared was kicked off set by director Nina for making Misha laugh too much, but then Jensen looked over and saw Jared on the floor army crawling back in. Misha couldn’t see him, but Jensen directed the camera down to Jared – and then suddenly Misha yelled as Jared snuck up and grabbed him!

Jensen: After Jared pranked Misha squeezing his thigh (the tenderest part) and Misha pranked him back, they both looked like they’d been at a bondage party.

Jared: (smirk) We did that later…

A classic moment happened that could only happen to a show that’s been having conventions for over a decade. Someone asked what they would ask a super fan after being asked what question they wish someone would ask.

Jared: I’ve never been asked so many questions about what questions I want to be asked…

Jensen: OMG they’ve finally run out of things to ask us, don’t you see what’s happening here??

They also had some more serious things to say about the show and the characters they’ve played for so long.

Jared: I’ve learned to forgive myself just as Sam and Dean have learned to forgive. So thank you all for being a part of that.

Jensen: I get to dive into Dean, and his emotional journey has made its way into my real life for sure. I get to be Dean, not Jensen, and I get to use my real life bottled up emotions that I can’t release in real life, on set. It’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

And some advice. Someone asked about them doing theater, and Jared deferred to Jensen, saying he’d done more live theater. Jensen said he does what he does because it makes him feel alive. That nervousness that comes before a performance is scary, but it’s how you know you’re alive and it’s beautiful.

Jensen: You’re gonna be nervous. Use it.

Jared: Instead of worrying about trying not to mess up, know that there will be some kind of unexpected thing happen and embrace it. Things will go off plan. Be ready for that moment and embrace it.

They answered quite a few questions looking back on all their years on the show. Someone asked what has been the most fun on set.

Jared: I’ve had a lot of fun, falling in love with my wife, having friendships that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Jensen: Between filming, he and I have always filled that time with a lot of fun things.

He mentioned ping pong tournaments, and baseball games on the first day of autumn. Flying drones, football, riding motorbikes. You get the feeling that they’re going to miss those times a lot, not just being Sam and Dean.

Someone asked about the addition of Mary’s initials carved into the table in the bunker and if Castiel’s will be added. It’s a subject that I’d been discussing with them earlier (Mary’s initials being added), because I was unexpectedly emotional about what seemed like an alternation of an iconic image.

Jensen allowed that the addition of Mary’s initials did change that iconic image, but also that the brothers wanted a memory of their mother.

Jensen: It’s an iconic image that was messed with, and that’s conflicting. I always loved what that initially stood for and now it’s been added to, and maybe that changes the meaning. We’ll walk into the bunker one day and the table will be like a guest book, everyone’s initials in it!

That’s what I’m concerned about, with everything that’s iconic about this Show!

Both Jared and Jensen were clearly starting to face – and feel — the reality of their time playing Sam and Dean coming to an end a year from now.

Jensen: Life was quite different than it is today when we started the show. This has been the journey of a lifetime, being able to play this character alongside friends who will be friends for a lifetime, like Jared and Misha.

Me: There’s something in my eye…

They also had warm things to say about the fandom.

Jensen: We’re constantly inspired and humbled by the fandom.

They both write about the incredible impact the fans have had on them in their chapters in Family Don’t End With Blood, and their gratitude.

All too soon, it was time for the last question song, with a little Robsen, and then the last question itself.

Jensen and Jared exchanged their traditional fist bump, signed the banners on each side of the stage, and then reunited in center stage to say their goodbye and thank you to the fans.

The con wrapped up with a Richard Speight Jr. panel, in which “Director Dick” got a lot of questions about directing, something he loves talking about and something that’s fascinating to hear. He said that when he’s directing Supernatural, he knows that Jared and Jensen and Misha are the ones who know their characters best, and it’s a collaboration with them.

Richard: If I’m directing Supernatural and I say ‘Dean comes in an pulls his gun from its holster’ and Jensen says ‘no, Dean would already have his gun out’, I say ‘okay, you ARE Dean!’

And that’s why he’s such a great director!

He said that he thinks that Jared would also be a spectacular director.

Richard: He’s an emotional guy who has spent his adult life on sets and would be fantastic at guiding actors to “go there” with their characters.

He also said that his dad was his role model.

Richard: He’s a class act and a true gentleman. He has a way of expressing himself that is a lost art.

Having had the pleasure of meeting his dad and having dinner with him back in the day? He’s right. I can also see where Richard gets his own wonderful way of expressing himself.

Richard said he would love to take the cons on a USO tour, and took a moment to say that there isn’t anybody who’s fit to tell anyone else that they are not fit to serve.

What was one of his favorite scenes to film?

Richard: I loved the scene where it’s revealed that I’m really Gabriel, with Jared and Jensen. It was old school acting, and they were so prepared, and I really enjoyed it.

So did we, Richard.

Of his two characters recently, Richard says he had more empathy for Loki – Gabriel wasn’t as honorable a character, and killed Loki’s kids, which is the worst thing ever.

And he had some warm and validating words for fandom, which is always nice.

Richard on fanfic: If my character inspires creativity, that’s awesome. It doesn’t matter what I see, it’s what YOU do.

He had his own commentary on how far the past fourteen years have taken all of us.

Richard: I didn’t know when I got this role that I’d be answering questions about it for the next thirteen years. I thought I was a janitor!

And on that note, that’s a wrap for Chicago con 2019, as the guys sang the traditional “It’s The End Of The Con As We Know It” with all of us singing along. I suddenly had the thought that one day, that song will come true – it really will be the end — and then I won’t be singing quite so happily.

But for now, I’m enjoying all the beautiful photos from the CW Upfronts and looking forward to seeing more coverage of the Jus in Bello con in Rome!


You can find Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls and

Family Don’t End With Blood at the links on the

home page right here! A great way to remember

Supernatural and how special it’s been






















2 thoughts on “Back to Chicago, Where It All Began! Supernatural 2019

  • Thank you Lynn for an uplifting summary of events. They whole team always put together an incredible show filled with energy and sense of fun. They are spectacular rays of sunshine that touch lives.

  • Great post as usual Lynn! And yup, I wasn’t feeling emotional today (ever since the announcement my “the show is ending” grief pops up completely randomly), reading along happily, and then I saw where Misha said, “..we know we’ll never have this again.” I just lost it and burst into tears.
    I know the cons will continue, that there will always be old episodes to rewatch, and I will always have my SPN family, but there will be no more looking forward to Thursday evenings glued to the set, no more texts and messages flying back and forth picking apart the new episodes, no waiting to see if we’ll get renewed this season.
    I will never love a show and a fandom like this ever again. This one is once in a lifetime.

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