Where To Find It – All Our Books on Supernatural and More!

Wondering where you can find There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, Family Don’t End With Blood and our other Supernatural books? Here’s all the information you need and links to order!

There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done: Actors and Fans Celebrate the Legacy of Supernatural is an emotional look back at the television show Supernatural as it wraps up its final season after fifteen unprecedented years on air.

Supernatural actors Hugo Ateo, Andrea Drepaul, Adam Fergus, Carrie Genzel, David Haydn-Jones, Chad Lindberg, Lee Majdoub, Julie McNiven, Tahmoh Penikett, Lee Rumohr, Richard Speight Jr., Todd Stashwick, Shoshannah Stern, Brendan Taylor, Gabe Tigerman, Lauren Tom, and Rick Worthy all shared their own experience with the show, the cast and their characters. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ chapters pull together some of the most heartfelt and emotional things they’ve had to say at public events over the past year about the show ending, plus new thoughts on Sam and Dean’s legacy.  Misha Collins contributed a special hopeful message that is short but heartfelt, and is the perfect ending for the book. Eric Kripke himself gave us a brief message about his “little show that could” for the back cover. And over twenty fans wrote about what Supernatural has meant to them and what its legacy will be in the world.

Every purchase benefits Random Acts (Misha’s global charity) and SPNSurvivors (a suicide prevention non-profit), whose work is more important now than ever!

There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done is the ultimate send-off for this iconic show that has touched and changed the lives of so many fans across all walks of life. The book gives us all something to hang onto as the show comes to an end, and to always remember just how special Supernatural is and will always be. Click here to order!

Family Don’t End With Blood is an inspiring, emotional book written by the Supernatural actors and fans about what the show has meant to them. Jared, Jensen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Ruth, Rachel, Mark, Matt, Rob, Osric, Jim and Gil and a dozen Supernatural fans all share their very personal stories of how being on Supernatural and part of the SPNFamily has changed their lives. We love hearing that reading this book has inspired others to keep fighting too – and every purchase benefits Random Acts and Attitudes in Reverse to help make a difference! Click Here to Order!

Supernatural Psychology – If you’ve ever tried to figure out why Supernatural is the best show ever, this book has some answers. Written by psychologists who are also fans of the show, with chapters exploring how the Winchesters, Castiel and company deal with the challenges thrown their way and always keep fighting. Click Here to Order!

Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls – The true life adventure story of two women who fell head over heels in love with Supernatural and never looked back. Or the misadventures of Lynn and Kathy – online, at conventions, and behind the scenes on the set of Supernatural. I swear this all really happened! (Yes, even those moments in Jared’s trailer…) Click Here to Order!

Fan Phenomena Supernatural – A 360 degree look at our favorite show, with chapters from fans, academics who teach about the show, the show’s brilliant cinematographer Serge Ladouceur, and actors Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr. Click Here to Order!

Fandom at the Crossroads – If you’re fascinated with fandom, this is the book for you. Our more academic look at what makes fandom so life changing, how fandom functions, and what makes it awesome. And what fandom is the focus of our study? Supernatural, of course! Click Here to Order!

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