All Along The Watchtower – Supernatural’s Season 12 Finale

I was so exuberant over Supernatural’s penultimate episode of the season that I went into the finale episode already an emotional wreck – in the very best of ways. I honestly sort of wanted a while to just savor all those wonderful warm feelings, but of course Show just couldn’t let me do that. I barely had time to grab another glass of wine before the familiar notes of Carry On Wayward Son were making me even MORE emotional. There are so many things that happen that are special when a television show has been on this long and had this much impact – even the band Kansas, who recorded that classic, tweeted about the season finale, knowing that every single fan was going to go nuts when Supernatural’s unofficial theme song was played.

The recap took us through a season of ups and downs, through a lot of episodes that were painful to watch and a few story lines that didn’t work for me like I think the show intended, and ultimately ended up where the last episode left off – a Winchester family hug.

Then boom, we’re torn away from that and things get a lot more tense. We catch up to Castiel and Kelly, who ran off and left Sam and Dean behind, and yes, I’m still annoyed by that. But, as Dean says, we’ll get past it. We always do.

Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford)’s storyline was one that didn’t always work for me this season, but in this episode, I finally had empathy for the character. Trying desperately to put together a crib (and if you’ve ever attempted to put ANYTHING from Ikea together, you have to empathize with her on that…), Kelly is frantic to just be able to do something for her child. Even knowing that giving birth to him is going to kill her, she truly does love her baby, and I can relate to that. She paints him a mural, makes him a heartfelt video.

The last Cas-centric episode also left me completely unsure whether Cas was actually sincere about believing that the Nephilim would be born good and might save the world, or if he was being manipulated and fooled. This episode took away all those doubts, even if that’s not really what I was expecting. Cas does believe, and he is in control. (Which made me a little more cranky about him leaving Sam and Dean unconscious in a playground). In this episode, however, Misha Collins shows us Castiel’s softer side. I came to enjoy the bond between Cas and Kelly – there’s a sweetness to it, almost an innocence. They have clearly come to an understanding, and there’s genuine caring there. They are united in their faith that this child can create a different world, a better one. And that means Cas is there for her, holding her hand and trying to comfort her, and buying a crap ton of diapers for a child who will never need them.

The entire Kelly Kline story is invested with emotion for me in this episode because we know she’s about to die – and she knows it too. She accepts it even as she’s frightened, and I’m a bit in awe of her bravery and her faith and her complete love for her unborn child – even if it is the Devil’s.

Cas gives voice to the gravity of the situation with some nice Andrew Dabb dialogue.

Cas: I understand…that’s a lie. I have no idea how hard this is for you.

That rang so true, because I don’t think any of us can imagine. Kudos to Collins for delivering those lines perfectly, and to Ford for her portrayal of Kelly in this episode; I was surprised at how much I felt for the character. And those labor pains? Oh yes, I could empathize. It’s a big lie that you forget that pain!

My only tiny quibble about the Kelly and Cas story arc in this episode is that the fake pregnancy ball was so fake looking that it kept distracting me. Nobody carries a baby that way, Show!

Anyway, I felt for Kelly, and I felt for Cas too. He’s clearly sincere in his determination to raise the child and keep him safe, which means so much to Kelly.

Then something unanticipated happens, which always makes me happy. I love that Show can still surprise me after all these years! The about-to-be-born Nephilim’s energy opens a portal and Cas, fearless and curious being that he is, walks right through it. (If I were him, one thing I would have learned is NOT to expect an unknown portal to lead to anywhere remotely good…)

It turns out my doubts are well founded, because Cas ends up in a bleak and desolate post-apocalyptic world (amusingly, both the portal and the structures in it are full of sexual imagery which was not lost on much of the fandom – we’re a Freudian bunch, what can I say?)

Cas is immediately attacked and then saved by someone we don’t see, but who he clearly knows.

Castiel: You??

Then we jump to a commercial and don’t return to find out WHO he’s referring to for a very long time, which made me keep yelling at my television, “Who was it, for godsakes??”

Meanwhile, the other major story line is the Crowley and Lucifer showdown. It’s been brewing for a long long time, and it feels like the right time to end it, but I have to say I was really hoping this wouldn’t be the way that happened. It’s no secret that I love Mark Sheppard and would be truly sad to see him gone. I have to hand it to Show for throwing me a curveball, thinking that the Crowley death that we were worried about had already happened a few episodes ago and Crowley had come back from it – that false sense of security made his eventual for-real death all the more devastating.

I’m not sure why we had to be shown the entire Crowley-smoked-into-the-rat-and-here’s-what-happened-next chain of events. Honestly, Show, we’re smarter than that. Everyone knew Crowley was in the rat, you made it very obvious. Sigh. Anyway, Crowley gets out of the rat and back into his buried body, and we get to see him thrust his hand up through the dirt with a nice call back to Dean doing the same in season four. I loved the way Bob Singer directed that scene. Crowley’s back! My relief, as we all know, was to be short lived.

While all three Winchesters try to figure out what to do next about Lucifer, they call Rowena, and here’s where I start to get very upset. Because her phone just rings and rings, and there’s blood everywhere, and WTF there’s Lucifer holding a strand of unmistakable red hair and stepping over a charred body. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is clearly meant to be Rowena and she is clearly supposed to be dead, but I’m having a hard time believing that the show would write off the longest-running female character ever with an OFF SCREEN death! That can’t be right, can it??? I really hope not, because a) I adore Ruth Connell to the moon and back and b) I love love love the character of Rowena. She’s immensely popular among the fandom – a nuanced, badass, unpredictable character who I wanted to know so much more about. Please tell me that she manages to escape this death like she’s escaped others?

Mark Pellegrino was right, by the way. He kept saying that if we hated Lucifer, we’d hate him a lot more after the finale. Pellegrino did a fabulous job with Lucifer, keeping him that unique mix of creepy and charming and silly and scary as hell that only he can pull off. But I really did hate him!

Crowley has decided to throw in with the Winchesters, showing up at the bunker. Dean, understandably pissed about Crowley diverting Lucifer from the Cage, tries to kill him, but Sam talks him out of it. Temporarily at least.

They tell Crowley that Rowena is dead, and I admit I was hoping to see a flash of hurt on his face at that news. That relationship was fascinating to me, and I always felt there could be so much more to it if we saw more of the love that was there, buried under all the hurt and anger and betrayal. If both characters are truly gone, I feel like there was wasted potential there, which makes me sad.

Crowley tells the Winchesters that he’s tired of being King of Hell. He hates his job, and besides, he just wanted to win. So now, when it comes to facing a world-ending scenario, he knows where his best chance is.

Crowley: I place my bets with you, you big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel.

Me: Aaaaah, who else will ever say lines like that???

Crowley offers to seal the gates of hell if they do win, and so the Winchesters settle in to figure out where Castiel took Kelly.

Crowley: Is this what you do when I’m not here? Type??

Dean: Yep.

We get a bit of smart Winchesters, and then they’re off to track down Cas and Kelly, leaving Crowley behind with his hand knifed to the table by Dean. Ouch. But also, badass Dean, mmm.

Cas isn’t exactly happy to see them.

Sam: That was a stupid move, Cas.

Me: Yay for Show having characters actually address the things that have happened!

Dean: We’ll work through our crap, we always do.

Me: That’s what I said…

Cas heals Dean’s injured leg, and then shows them the portal.

Castiel: It’s a doorway to another world.

Dean: Like Narnia?

Sam: Or a bizarro world?

They give a little French Mistake shout out, ending with Dean’s reminder “and you were Polish…”

A small moment of humor in a not-very-funny-at-all finale. Sam and Dean get the run down on this other world from a surprising character, the one who Cas recognized on his first trip through the rift. It’s Bobby!

I have to hand it to Jim Beaver, who I spent time with just a few weeks ago at the book release party for Family Don’t End With Blood (he wrote a kickass chapter). He kept insisting that he was miffed that the show did not have him on Season 12, the first season he hadn’t been on. He’s so damn good at being convincing, he had everyone fooled! (I know, I know, he’s a great actor, not really a surprise…)

Bobby explains that in this world, the earth is locked in eternal war between angels and demons, both of whom are dicks, with the humans who are left caught in between. It’s a bombed out, bleak, apocalyptic world where John Winchester died forty years ago and Mary Campbell grieved him for thirty and then was killed by Azazel. It’s a world where Sam and Dean Winchester were never born.

Cas: It’s a world you never saved.

And that, right there, makes this both important and brilliant. So often the Winchesters don’t realize the extent of what they’ve done, of how they have literally saved the world, again and again. They don’t always see themselves as the heroes they are, or realize the difference they’ve made. That’s what makes all their loss and suffering and sacrifice worth it, but they need to SEE it. This alternate universe allows that, and I love that. Kudos, Mr. Dabb.

The other reality is also a place where Bobby kills angels with a gun he calls Rufus, and with bullets he’s made out of angel blades. Smart, Bobby. Damn, it’s nice having Bobby back, even if he doesn’t know who the hell Sam and Dean are!

Sam, Dean and Cas return to their world, where Kelly is about to give birth and Mary is acting as doula (though it was sweet that Cas took an online doula course to be prepared).

Kelly gives us a bit of ominous foreshadowing.

Kelly to Mary: I’m dying. But that’s okay. Because wouldn’t you die for your sons?

Mary says that she would and I’m immediately going uh oh. I’ve been ambivalent about Mary being gone until now, but her death just when she’s finally connected with her boys would be so painful. Nail biting commence.

Sam and Dean arm up, anticipating the arrival of Lucifer.

Dean: Cas has faith in this kid. But me? I have faith in us. You, me, mom, Cas. And Crowley, sometimes.

When Lucifer gets there, Cas makes a run at him and is tossed aside. In another bit that surprised me, Sam and Dean exchange a look – and then run away! I actually laughed, and so did Lucifer, before he went after them. But don’t underestimate Team Free Will, because the Cas diversion and the running away was just to get Lucifer over to the rift. They go through, and as they assumed, Lucifer follows. I guess angels can’t avoid being too curious about these things.

Dean is ready for him, armed with Rufus and the angel killing bullets.

Dean: Say hello to my little friend.

Dean sprays Lucifer with bullets, buying Sam and Crowley time to work a spell. Dean runs out of bullets and Lucifer starts to pummel him (poor Dean has really taken a beating these last two episodes!) as Sam frantically tries to finish the spell and save his brother.

Sam: That’s the last ingredient.

Crowley: Not quite. We need one more minor ingredient. A life.

Me: Huh???

And then I knew. Crowley appears before Lucifer, stopping him from killing Dean.

Crowley: Surprise.

Sam slides in to grab his brother (which must have been the time that Jared accidentally punched Jensen that we heard them talk about), and Lucifer is delighted to have the option to kill Crowley twice.

Crowley: You’re right, it is personal.

Lucifer: You know that whatever you try, you’ll lose.

Crowley: You’re right.


Crowley looks over his shoulder, one last time, at Sam and Dean.

Crowley: Bye, boys.

I for real burst into tears at that moment. It was a perfect mirror of his “Hello, boys” that has become his trademark, and as Crowley plunged the angel blade into his own heart and flamed out, I couldn’t help but feel like it was the end of an era.

There was no time to even process that loss, though, before Castiel came through and stalked right up to Lucifer, giving Sam and Dean time to get back through the portal.

At the same time, Kelly says a final “I love you” and explodes in a flash of light as she gives birth, knocking Mary backwards. And holy crap, the hits just kept on coming.

Cas makes it back through the portal, Sam smiling a greeting with a relieved “Cas!”, only to see Castiel be stabbed through the chest with an angel blade by Lucifer behind him.


I was so in shock that I had to rewatch to get straight what happened next, because I honestly didn’t think they were going there. As Lucifer advances on the shocked Winchester brothers, announcing menacingly that play time is over, their mother appears and steps in front of them.

Mary: Get away from them.

She pummels him with the enspelled brass knuckles, knocking him backwards again and again, and then turns and looks at her sons.

Mary: I love you.


Lucifer disappears through the portal, dragging Mary with him like Adam and Sam falling into the cage in another devastating season finale. The rift closes behind them.

Dean: (heartbroken) No. Nonononononono.

Sam looks down aghast at Castiel’s body, then back at the house behind them, which is lit up with energy from the birth, and runs inside, leaving Dean standing there in shock, Cas dead and his mother locked in another world. He drops to his knees, grieving, then looks up at the sky, perhaps in a silent plea to a missing Chuck.

Inside the house, Sam finds Kelly dead and closes her eyes, and then follows a trail of bloody footsteps through the darkened house. He gasps as he sees the glowing yellow eyes of the Nephilim sitting hunched in a corner.

And that was it for Season 12.

It took me quite a while to work through that boom-boom-boom ending and be able to make sense of it. This episode was oddly paced in that it was almost leisurely for the first ¾ and then the last fifteen minutes were nonstop, full of twists and turns and shocks.

The fandom was understandably devastated – as Jensen joked on the weekend at the Rome con, so many people died it was like The Red Wedding! There are many fans for whom Castiel is tremendously important on a personal level, so the possibility that he might indeed be dead caused some serious anxiety in the fandom. Misha had posted an emotional video celebrating Castiel’s 100th episode earlier in the day, which just stirred up the possibility even more.

It’s a testament to how fearless this show can be that I wasn’t absolutely certain that Misha would be back in Season 13. However, I was about 90% sure. Maybe 95%. So I wasn’t as devastated as some, but I certainly felt the anxiety and sadness swirling around me online. It’s usually a great idea to have a fandom on the edge of their seats for a hellatus, not knowing whether a beloved character will return. But in this case, I think that unique reciprocal relationship that the actors have with the fans made it hard for them to let people suffer like that. Misha and Jared both hinted that Cas wasn’t gone for good, though neither would say it outright and both tried to make a joke of it. But I think we all felt that they wanted to make people feel better, so that at least there’s hope for the four months we have to wait. What other show do the actors feel so much for the fans that they can’t quite keep the big hiatus cliffhanger hanging?

For Crowley and Rowena, however, I just don’t know. And that is making me very very sad. I love both those characters, and I feel like there was still a lot to explore, both between them and with them and the Winchesters. Also I love Ruth and Mark, so wahhhhh!

On the other hand, I’m excited about the idea of an Alternate Universe, which is such a fannish trope that it makes me extra happy. That provides a lot of potential, including AU Cas and AU Bobby and maybe even AU Crowley and Rowena, though I’m not sure exactly how that would work. And who knows what will happen with Mary and Lucifer over there? I know for some fans the idea of AU Cas is almost as sad as losing him outright. He won’t have the bond that he has with the Winchesters; neither will Bobby, if he comes back that way. And that is sad, but it may also be an interesting opportunity to watch those bonds develop again. I guess we’ll see, with fingers crossed.

So now we wait. I should be good at this by now, having endured eleven hellatus marathons. But it never gets easy. I love my Show, and already I want it back!

That does give the fandom time for a lot of Supernatural reading though. If you need some positive Supernatural feelings, read all the inspiring stories that the actors and the fans wrote for Family Don’t End With Blood. That might do the trick!

Caps by @kayb625

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20 thoughts on “All Along The Watchtower – Supernatural’s Season 12 Finale

  • I’m hoping Rowena is in the voodoo doll.
    I am SERIOUSLY thinking this is the END for Crowley — and I want the boys to mourn him, dammit. I f*cking love Crowley.

    My big concern is Castiel. I’m 100% certain Misha will be back, but will OUR Castiel? There’s so much history with the boys. You might be able to replace Bobby (after 5 years of mourning), but not OUR Cas.

    And honestly, that’s not likely to fly with a lot of fandom. It would upset me a great deal and I don’t “Destiel” — nothing WRONG with Destiel, mind you, it’s just not something I ship. OTOH, I don’t want OUR Cas gone. That’s too much for me. So… I’ll remain in a state of anxiety until I find out — and then I’ll be either heartbroken or relieved.

    • Show made it a point that we see Rowena’s hair and the voodoo doll so yeah, I think Rowena will return. Cas yes but in what form? AU Cas who doesn’t even know the Winchesters? Some are speculating it was AU Cas who got the angel blade in the back but why would AU Cas be wearing a trench coat. Or for that matter be in Castiels vessel Jimmy? Alt Cas might be interesting but they would definitely have to explain the whole Jimmy Novak thing.

      I still think Crowley will return – I would hate to think that was the sendoff for him.

      After the bloodbath of wiping out characters Show is either going to have to bring some back or replace them with new cause there is no way the J’s will go back to working those killer hours.

  • Quite the episode and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. But I’ve got a long, long time to reflect on it.
    Rowena and Eileen are two characters that I really enjoyed ( although I admit not feeling that for Rowena at first). I didn’t like their deaths-like Charlie’s it was too soon and too harsh.
    As always I’ve enjoyed your reviews and will miss those during this long, sad hellatus.
    On a totally different tact, I want to thank you and all the other people who read and contribute to this site. Where I live, I haven’t found one fan of Supernatural that watches it as it airs. Everyone watches on Netflix or DVDs so there’s no one to talk about current shows with. I miss that. Thanks again and enjoy your break.

    • I feel ya! All my co-workers are watching on Netflix – slowly I might add… None of them are watching it live so there is no one to talk to for fear of spoilers. Idjits.

  • I , to, think Crowley is gone for good. With that dialogue in the bunker-that’s it. Rowena, now that’s a question mark. She looked pretty d*%n dead. But, she seemed dead last time to. So, who knows. Poor Kelly. You would think, that since Nephilums are powerful; that they would bring back their Mothers after they are born. But that’s just me. Cas, I’m almost positive he’ll be back. But he is stil just a supporting character. So if he is not, I’ll miss him. The show has always killed people off. Nobody at shame of Thrones is worried about how much anybody likes a character! It reminded me of a line I heard on Jane the Virgin. “And they lived happily ever after. NOO! It’s a telanovella!” I think people forget this is a drama, AND a horror show.
    Crowleys sacrifice surprised me as well. Perfect ending though. Nobody got to end Crowley, but Crowley

  • When Cas has healed in the past does the “healing” glow orange normally? So is this just a cool power he got from when the Neph surged through him to kill Dagon? Maybe Cas will be able to heal himself? Nah…

  • Spot on as always Lynn. One thing you didn’t touch on is the speculation for Season 13 and what the existence of the nephilim will bring to it. He is obviously not going to appreciate the diapers or the crib and his footprints were also burning the floor which makes me think he’s not very safe to be around. And our Sammy is standing right there with him. Could the nephilim’s powerful mojo heal Cas? Possibly. Could Rowena have given herself another backdoor escape from Lucifer’s wrath? Maybe. Could Crowley come back from stabbing himself? Who knows?! It’s Supernatural so anything can happen. I agree with AlyCat22 that the J’s are not going to want to shoulder the entire shooting schedule again so it stands to reason that some of our beloved cast will return. The possiblities for Season 13 are big and exciting and while many are saying this is the last season, I for one will cherish it and hope for more. 🙂 What can i say, I’m sorta greedy when it comes to my Winchester fix. Stay sane during the hellatus and we’ll see you on the other side!!

  • They were running out of ideas for both Cas and Crowley. Both characters have grown pretty bland. Their apparent deaths could open the door to fresh and exciting storylines for the characters. An AU world is intriguing. Hope they run with it for a few episodes next season. Thank goodness the lame BMOL plot is over. They could have done much more with Mick and Ketch. The writing has been so limited and covering the same old safe ground. Hope season 13 takes some chances and the show becomes scary and sexy again.

  • All Along The Watchtower – Supernatural’s Season 12 Finale

    Yeeesh! I agree with Jensen. This really was Red Wedding levels of carnage.

    -”Kelly Kline…we know she’s about to die – and she knows it too”: Actress was really good.
    – “the fake pregnancy ball was so fake … it kept distracting me”: agreed!
    – I love that Show can still surprise me…Nephilim’s energy opens a portal”: interesting…
    – ”Castiel: You??”: I thought it was John!
    – ”I’m not sure why we had to be shown the entire Crowley-smoked-into-the-rat:” Agreed!
    – ”Rowena …is clearly supposed to be dead”: She’s too wily for that 🙂
    – “Mark Pellegrino…unique mix of creepy and charming and silly and scary as hell”: Good when he stuck to scary. Rest is way too much meta, nudge, nudge, wink, wink pantomime for me.
    – “Crowley: I place my bets with you, you big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel.”: Perfect line.
    – ”Crowley offers to seal the gates of hell if they do win”: hmmm.
    – ”It’s Bobby!”: Totally unexpected and very cool!
    – “in this world, the earth is locked in eternal war between angels and demons…Sam and Dean Winchester were never born…It’s a world you never saved.”: “who we are?We kick ass”.
    – “Bobby kills angels with a gun call(ed) Rufus…with bullets …made out of angel blades”: Awesome.
    – I LOL’d when they turned round and Crowley was there and Dean was like, ‘Oh, come on!”
    – “…ominous foreshadowing. Kelly to Mary: I’m dying. But that’s okay. Because wouldn’t you die for your sons?”: I was like, ‘Oh Lord! Mary’s dead.’
    – “When Lucifer gets there…Sam and Dean exchange a look – and then run away!”- very funny!
    – “They go through, and as they assumed, Lucifer follows.” why did he tho?
    – “Crowley: Bye, boys.”: Clever.
    – “Crowley: …one more minor ingredient. A life.”: But as a demon was Crowley actually alive? Did he have a ‘life’ to give?
    – “Castiel came through and stalked right up to Lucifer, giving Sam and Dean time to get back through the portal.:” Hmmm. I thought it was simply Cas being reckless.
    – “their mother appears and steps in front of them… turns and looks at her sons. Mary: I love you.”: Validating, but a bit on the nose, for me.
    – “Lucifer disappears …dragging Mary with him like Adam and Sam falling into the cage”: totally missed that!
    – “Dean …looks up at the sky”: Think he was looking at Heaven.
    -”Sam finds Kelly dead …follows a trail …sees…yellow eyes of the Nephilim sitting hunched in a corner.”: Didn’t see fully-formed adult thing coming, but I think it works. Very creepy – plus, whoever it was online that pointed out the horrible echo of Sam and a creature with yellow eyes in a nursery was brilliant!

    For me, this finale was a case of Be Careful What You Wish For, as I recently wrote that Crowley and Lucifer definitely needed to go, and was on the fence about Cas. Whoops!

    So, final tally: Cas, Crowley, Kelly, Rowena, Dr Hess, a couple of Red Shirt hunters and several Red Shirt BMOLs died and Lucifer and Mary disappeared into Bizarro World (BW). Predictions: Only the Red Shirts, Kelly and Dr Hess are actually dead. Crowley is alive as he ‘died’ in BW. Bobby will rescue Mary and they will hide from Lucifer, Rowena is alive through a spell and Cas will be resurrected.

    And Sam and Dean Winchester were left standing to fight another day 🙂

    “Two riders were approaching
    And the wind began to howl. “

  • Did anyone see the scorched black wings that usually appear when an angel has been killed? I think Show’s been a little inconsistent about using it, but admittedly, since I didn’t see them with Cas (never, never Cass), I’m hoping that means he’s not dead (or he’s AU-version Cas)?

    • Yes. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you. The pic of him lying on the ground and Dean staring up at the sky on this blog is too dark to see them, but if you rewatch the episode (or google around) you can clearly see them spreading across the dirt. 🙁 He’s gone…

  • I really love this because I feel the way. My daughter and I was shocked and in tears. This finale had me going everywhere. Ups and downs. Roller coaster of emotions. I’m saddened by the loss of characters. I’m am hoping they will look all return.
    Jensen and Jared just keep getting better.
    Thank You !!!!!! Can’t wait for season 13.

  • This isn’t even Cas’s first death, so I’m not particularly concerned about him. Same with Rowena, they showed the voodoo doll, she had the spell that keeps her from dying previously, so I imagine she could be back. As much as I love Mark Sheppard, that was a good way to send off the character if he’s truly out. Plus he probably has nine more shows lined up, Mark Sheppard is the ultimate “that guy” in TV.

    I agree that the pacing was off, but in the end that did enhance the ending.

    Also, if Cas can heal a busted knee, you think he could help with labor pains. Doula fail, Cas.

    If everyone was serious about hitting at least 300 episodes, then that gets us halfway through season 14. (Granted, even Jared and Jensen started backing off the “end number” after a few interviews, so maybe we’d get a full season 14 out of it. Or maybe 15? It was supposed to end at 5, so demon deal gets you ten more years, right? 😉 Supernatural is the kind of show that will get an announced farewell season or half season. We’re (probably) not going to be surprised by a cancellation. Not that I ever want it to end, but my fantasy final episode still works… that vast majority of my head canon has been obliterated over the last few seasons, it’s nice that I still have one. But I digress…

    I’m interested in how Lucifer Jr. manifests powers throughout next season.Can Amara’s powers of destruction be harnessed? There’s a lot of options, but then again, I thought the BMoL would pan out better, too. (Although it was very satisfying to see that they did have a deal in place with Crowley.) And Mary was an interesting addition for the beginning of the season, but it was pretty clear they didn’t know where to go with that over all. It was nice for Dean to get a little closure, though.

  • Thanks for this work.
    But I’m very, very sad for Castiel’s and Crowley death !! I want them back !!
    Supernatural and DEAN can’t go ahead without CASTIEL !!
    CASTIEL is our BEST ANGEL !!

  • My confusion lies in the bullets and blade. Rufus was filled with melted down Angel blades, and Cas point blank stabbed Lucifer in the chest with his, now you could say the alternative Angel blades don’t work on a different verses angels, bit Cas took his own through. Surely I’m mission something cause they did bigger all to Lucifer

  • Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with this entire season. I think having the BMoL as bad guys that somehow wiped out a bunch of hunters that had lived through, the apocalypse, the leviathans, Mother coming to town, angels falling, etc. etc. was completely ridiculous, and Mary joining up with them after they had tortured her son? Sorry, but no. Lucifer’s storyline started out strong and completely went off into candy-land. The president of the united states…really? I know they were making jabs at the current political situation, but I wish they hadn’t. Oh, and here the BMoL wipes everyone out again…really? Almost all the deaths in this season were pointless and simply for shock value–which, in my opinion, is poor writing. Kelly was the only death that actually had a point, and simply put, I’m not sold on this whole Nephilium storyline.

    On a personal note, I think losing Mark, Ruth (well, maybe) and a few other actors that could have been beloved regulars is a serious blow to the show. I feel as if I am witnessing the beginning of the end.

    I loved this show, I love the actors, and I love the fandom. I really hope they don’t completely destroy it in these last few seasons…

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