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Supernatural was new to Atlanta, and so was I – this was my first trip to a city that was warm and welcoming (and had some fabulous food). I’m in the thick of work obligations and pulling together the new book, so this will be a drive by con report, but I wanted to share some of the photos and some of my favorite moments. So here goes!

This is Part 1, Friday and Saturday. Sunday coming up soon!

Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes are always a great way to kick off a con, and this time was no exception. Briana talked seriously about how much she enjoyed playing Donna as a character who looks like her – “so I don’t have to hide”. She’s also not eager to have Donna get involved in another relationship if/when she’s back on the show, never mind how nice Brendan Taylor is. After all, Donna already found love – with Jody. It may not be a romantic love, but it’s definitely love.




Twitter crashed completely about this time, which meant I had a panic attack, thinking it was something wrong with my phone. I ran out of the ballroom, trying to be inconspicuous so Kim and Briana wouldn’t think it was something they said, hoping I’d get better reception outside. But nope. I then deleted the twitter app and downloaded it all over again. Still nothing. Finally I gave up and went back inside, and then suddenly, twitter was back! Phew!

Kim Rhodes had some inspiring things to say to a young man with autism, and about how her daughter inspires her. She also had some very relatable things to say about working with Jensen Ackles – as in, “I still black out when Jensen touches me.” A room full of photo op survivors nodded in agreement. The one time she tried to tell him she was finally immune to him, Jensen just gave her a sexy look and winked. And that was that.




Jason Manns began his panel joined by Rob and Richard for a beautiful rendition of ‘Wagon Wheel’ and its gorgeous harmonies. Then he answered some questions and played a few more songs.


A fan asked him to tell some stories about the early days of Jared and Jensen when they first met and were getting to know each other, and Jason laughed.

Jason: That somehow sounds like a sexually charged question.


He had a lovely answer though. He remembered Jensen talking about Jared right after they met, and the first thing Jensen said about Jared was: He’s kinda awesome.


Look for a new Covers With Friends coming up soon, and a new interview with Jason right here!

Julian Richings was up next. He was as energetic and irrepressible as ever, and shared his affection for the character he plays on Supernatural. He’s particularly glad he was able to invest Death with some humanity, so that he’s more like ‘a stern uncle’ with Dean.



Julian: I care about Death, so you care about him too.

Then we got Osric, who was excited to show off his new shoes to Richard. Apparently this has been a topic of conversation – Osric’s lack of such ‘grown up’ amenities as watches and shoes. I just got a kick out of how pleased Os was to show Richard.



Osric is really excited about his new show on BBC America, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. He says it’s a like a combination of Supernatural, Dr. Who and Sherlock – which pretty much makes it the epitome of #SuperWhoLock. Check it out!

Karaoke was even more costumed than usual in honor of Halloween, with many of the actors dressed as Batman characters. Osric even sang a rendition of Britney Spears ‘Oops I Did It Again’ in his Batman voice, which was …. Well, you can imagine.

Saturday kicked off with Sebastian Roche, whose panel was every bit as raucous and non-G-rated as everyone expects from him. He didn’t actually answer any questions, but he did do a damn funny imitation of Mark Sheppard’s airplane selfies and get the entire audience on their feet and dancing.



Watching the band crack up was half the fun.


Billy Moran cracking up
Billy Moran cracking up
Mike Borja cracking up
Mike Borja cracking up

Eventually Kim and Briana came out to say their goodbyes. My stomach literally hurt from laughing.

SPN Family hug
SPN Family hug

The foursome panel of Osric, Ruth, Briana and Kim was just as amazing as you’d expect it to be. We once again followed the rule of, someone gets asked a question, the others make out. Well, sorta. And there was a lot of flirting spicing things up.

Osric: I tend to say yes to doing things I’ve never done before.

Ruth: You haven’t kissed me.

Okay, make out...
Okay, make out…



And at one point everyone was admiring Kim’s boobs. Which are, in fact, quite admirable.

Everyone also encouraged Osric to do ‘Naked and Afraid’, which he has actually already put in for. I have no idea what that is but it sounds terrifying. And also something I’d watch if Osric was on it.

My favorite question? Someone asked Ruth what her favorite spell of Rowena’s was.

Ruth: I haven’t done it yet. I glamor Sam and Dean and tie them up together in my basement…

Kim and Briana: Ooooh do tell…



Things went downhill from there in a delightful fashion. Just saying.

I so enjoyed all four of them together – and I’m thrilled to say that Osric, Ruth, Kim and Briana have all written kickass chapters for our new book, Family Don’t End With Blood. I can’t wait for May so everyone can finally read it!





Mark Sheppard had some serious things to say about the SPN Family that were truly heartwarming.

Mark: This, the SPN Family, this is the opposite of all the hate and awfulness going on in the rest of the world. When I feel down, the SPN Family is the antidote.

He also took a fan’s phone to read her question, and had this to say to a young fan:

Mark: What’s most aggravating about Sam and Dean? This is how I feel talking to them.



For all his occasional bluster, Mark is always genuinely caring with fans. Also, his hair was apparently this same color when he was a teenager.


He also had kind words for his fellow actors, and said that going to work on the Supernatural set is like ‘coming home’.
Mark: Jensen and Jared are very kind generous men. They’re inclusive and they celebrate people and their talent.

Favorite moment? Fan: So as Crowley, you’re often canoodling with the Winchesters…

Mark: Canoodling with the Winchesters??!

Fan: Oops, I meant in cahoots.

Rob liked it better the first way.


Matt Cohen finally arrived on Saturday afternoon, dressed in black leather and carrying a baseball bat and doing a damn fine impression of JDM’s Negan. Matt is such a sweetheart, but put him in that outfit and suddenly he’s giving me the chills.



He's right behind me, isn't he?
He’s right behind me, isn’t he?

One of the best things about R2M panels is that they amuse each other almost as much as they amuse us.

Rob to Rich: You’re a great person, but you’re an effing rascal!




Classic question:

Fan: How do you get Dick from Richard?

Richard: Buy him a martini and ask.

We also got lots of pants-ripping stories, including one in which Matt managed to rip his dramatically right before an audition. When he was commando. And yes, he got the job.



Misha Collins livestreamed his entire panel (big thanks to his intrepid handler for that one…).

And a livestreamed kiss from Rob
And a livestreamed kiss from Rob

Matt Cohen donated his beautiful black jacket for Random Acts, which prompted Misha to say: Nobody will look as good in it as you do, ya big stud.


Misha is passionate about the upcoming election and urged everyone to vote. He also told some adorable stories about his kids, and shook his head at having “fallen into the most surreal subculture ever”.

Misha: And yes, I know the subtext when you call me Dad…

Fan: I’m sorry but I’m not ashamed.

Misha: That should be part of the fandom motto.

[Pretty sure that’s the plot of Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls actually…]

Like Mark, Misha also talked about what a wonderful place to work the set of Supernatural is.

Misha: It really is like a family.





My favorite story was about the questionable choice to have Castiel with the words “I am coming” burnt into his chest. Apparently nobody really thought about the (unbelievably obvious) implications until they had already done the prosthetics and then it was too late. But Misha figured he’d have some fun with it when they started shooting, and then couldn’t understand why no one was reacting. Little did he know that the bigwig network execs were on set watching as he made a lot of dirty jokes about it. Hahahahaha.





Also, I may never get the surreal image of Misha and that tiny hand out of my brain.

Misha: I wonder if this is what it feels like when Donald Trump puts his hand on your leg…







The Saturday Night Special was sure to be very special indeed, since we had word that Jensen was going to sing. Of course, you never know, but there was a bit of extra energy in the room with the possibility.

Misha came out to get things started, which ratcheted up the energy in the room even more.

Misha: Because you all have gone above and beyond, Louden Swain will perform naked!



That didn’t happen, alas. Unless you want to count naked emotion, because that’s always in evidence at the Saturday Night Special. But I don’t think that’s what Misha was promising.

Sebastian did an amazing rendition of Ziggy Stardust, one of my favorite songs in the history of ever, and Kim Rhodes was as fierce as Debbie Harry ever was. Ruth and Matt and Briana and Osric were rockstars, and even Richard took the mic, which was a treat!













Also a treat was Jensen Ackles singing Whipping Post, and although he was exhausted, he still took the time to make it special – waving to fans on either side and shaking his head in appreciation of his fellow musicians’ skills.















Rob sang an acoustic ‘Fare Thee Well’ which was beautiful.

Fans had passed out kazoos before the show, so ‘Medicated’ sounded incredible and blew Rob away.


And he, of course, made me cry with ‘She Waits’, the ballroom lit up with love as fans held up glowing hearts that were given out too. A fan gave Rob one at the end of that song, and he wrapped it around his wrist – a reminder of the love that flows back and forth so freely at the SNS.

Rob: I don’t know what I did to deserve you guys.


Matt Cohen came out to cheerlead ‘Mama’s Jam’, which is one of my favorite things in the world.


Then they closed with ‘Come Together’, which was a perfect song to describe the way everyone felt. I love watching the cast all get up there together and sing their hearts out, the warmth and affection between all of them as obvious as it is among the fans singing along in the audience.















Stay tuned for more! Plus exclusive new
interviews with Rich and Rob, the
Kings of Con!

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  • I saw Jensen sing Whipping Post at a previous con and he was amazing, but I think this was his performance of that song to date! I love Rob and Jensen’s friendship, you can see how much they care for each other and I love how Rob encourages Jensen’s singing. Yes, Rob, you were right, when you said in your intro to Jensen singing that he’s a great singer! Yes, Jensen is!

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