The Winchesters “Always Keep Fighting”: Supernatural’s The Werther Project


I went into this week’s Supernatural episode already feeling very emotional, thanks to Jared and Jensen’s posted videos celebrating the last day of filming their tenth season of the Show. Seeing them so emotional about the ten years and about how they’ve only grown closer during that time – not to mention sharing some good whisky with their neckties as headbands – was the perfect way to mark that momentous occasion. That they shared what was originally intended as a video just for them with US only made it better.

Jensen: Just finished season 10!!!! 10 years. Same show and same ugly co-star. But damn is he lovable. Here is my post season interview with my boy Jared Padalecki. Cheers everyone!!!

There was a lot of cheering in response to both those videos, that’s for sure.

ten years celebration J2

The ending episodes of this season feel extra special because it’s such a ‘big year’ for the Show, and it seems like everyone is amping up their game in response. I usually have at least SOME things to pick apart, and there’s usually a whole contingent of fans who dislike any particular episode, but in the last few episodes? Not so much. Supernatural is always good – but recently? It’s off the charts good. It’s like everyone wants to close out the tenth season with a BANG.

Once again, we got insights into BOTH brothers, and it makes such a difference. It’s like going back to the early seasons, when we felt like we knew what both of them were thinking and feeling even when we wanted to smack one of them upside the head for it. Writer Robert Berens kept both brothers in character, with dialogue that rang true and comedic moments that let the actors use their considerable skills to keep the humor subtle. The entire story was coherent and played out nonstop instead of jumping around (other than the trips back in time, which were both awesome). Thank you, Robert Berens! No breaks in the story kept the tension rising without any dips, which had me screaming at the television by the time Dean is holding a shattered glass bottle and Sam is bleeding to death in the basement. AAAHHHH!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. There was so much to love in this episode. Starting with the seventies flashback, which was so perfectly done I wanted to hug Jerry Wanek and whoever did those costumes. Those pants! Vintage seventies. And Todd Rundgren??? I saw him perform at the Tower Theater in his hometown of Upper Darby PA about a million years ago, and that song threw me right back. Whoever chose that music cue, come here and let me love you!

I was momentarily confused when young Suzy suddenly took a sledgehammer to the basement wall – perhaps we needed to see her enraged face to get it – and I guess the rest of the family was too busy with whatever they were doing to hear the sound of the house being torn apart – but whatever, what happened next was Supernatural at its horror genre best when little Suzy came back upstairs. Terrifying and upsetting and OMG when Suzy walked into the kitchen to cling to her mother, I almost expected Toni Collette to turn around (which makes Suzy Haley Joel Osment, I guess). That entire scene was played so very Sixth Sense, with all the creepiness that entails. (This is a high compliment considering my fondness for that film – I’m actually in it. For about 2 seconds.) Great direction by Stefan Pleszczynski.

So, kickass beginning with awesome Philly roots over, we pick up with Sam and Rowena. Ruth Connell and Jared have fabulous chemistry, and I loved this little interaction:

Rowena: If you’re wondering what sort of mother wants to kill her own son…

Sam: (interrupting) No, I’m really not, I’ll do it.

I burst into laughter. Well played, Jared.

Rowena in this scene gives us a clear understanding of Sam’s desperation, which she calls him on. More understanding of Sam, what the hell, Show? I could get used to this!

Meanwhile, Dean is dispatching half a dozen vamps singlehandedly and looking like he’s enjoying every minute of it. The juxtaposition of his cursory washing the blood off his hands and knife and gleefully grabbing a beer from the vampires’ blood-soaked fridge was chilling.

When Sam belatedly arrives, the brothers have an actual conversation (I could get used to this too, Show…) and Dean points out that Sam is indeed looking at him like he’s a diseased killer puppy (love that line, Robert Berens!) What’s wondrous is that Dean actually SAYS that to Sam. He once again allows himself to be both honest and vulnerable. And Sam is still lying to him, which makes the whole thing heartbreaking.

Back at the bunker, Dean passes out with his bedroom door open so Sam can make sure he’s safely asleep before he goes into research mode.

Tweet welovespn
Tweet welovespn

Oh, how I love me some Sammy in research mode! This was a particularly delicious montage because the music was perfect – mysterious and full of foreboding and almost Harry Potter-esque. I loved it! Jay Gruska, do I have you to thank?

I also need to thank the VFX guys for the fade in and outs – I love watching present day Sam in the bunker transform into the same bunker back in the 1950s as the Men of Letters sanction Cuthbert Sinclair (and yay for having Kavan Smith back!)

Cap @julielinx
Cap @julielinx
Cap @julielinx
Cap @julielinx

There’s some lovely foreshadowing as they talk about finding the hapless MoL Martinez dead beside the box, his wrists cut – and when Sinclair says ominously that he was on the right track. Uh oh.

I’ve been intrigued by the episode title ever since I heard it, and now I see what a brilliant title it is. The “Werther Effect” is the sociological phenomenon that humans imitate behaviors. All kinds of behaviors – sometimes positive ones and sometimes self destructive – can be “contagious”, including ideas transmitted through books, music, film, etc. The phenomenon has been used to describe so-called copycat suicides, which makes it a fitting title for this episode. (The name comes from Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther,” which deals with depression and suicide, and was feared to have inspired imitation).

The same book also has a connection to fandom – we wrote about it in Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls, in fact. ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ also inspired some of the first instances of fannish passion. Fans dressed like Werther (the first cosplay?) and made Goethe a literary celebrity. The enthusiastic fans were said to have ‘Werther Fever,’ a precursor to similar accusations leveled at any fan who’s perceived as a little TOO passionate.

The Show’s use of that title also connects the episode to what’s been happening in ‘real life’ with Jared and Jensen’s represent campaign for depression, mental health and suicide awareness. Fear of imitation has contributed to the pressure to keep silent about these important topics, which makes it so much harder for people to get the help they need. So it seemed to me a perfect circle to reference the Werther Effect just as the SPNFamily comes together to break that silence and help each other. Writer Robert Berens followed fandom norms and tweeted a warning that the episode dealt with suicide so viewers were prepared and could decide whether or not to watch. That’s what we mean when we write about the ‘reciprocal relationship’ between fans and producers in Supernatural. It’s unique, and wonderful, and I feel lucky every time I see it in action.

At some point, Jared tweeted: Come on, Sam. Come on, Dean. Always Keep Fighting.

keep fighting winner call

Talk about blending real life and fiction…in the best possible way. So many of us have been inspired for real by the characters we love as though they were. And by the actors who play them.

Meanwhile, back on the Show, Rowena wakes up exactly like I do, and Sam unwisely takes off on his own to find the box. He’s easily thwarted by grown-up (and kickass) Suzy, who almost blows off his bits. (Am I the only one who yelled NOOOOO at the screen?)

Enter Surprise!Dean, who caught me as off guard as he did Sam when he climbed into the car with a “Heya Sammy, how’s the case?”

Heya Sammy... cap heartdoc112
Heya Sammy… cap heartdoc112

Jared once again gets kudos for his acting, showing us subtly but effectively Sam’s internal WTF moment and how he eventually covers. It hurts to see him lie to Dean, but I was fascinated by how well he did it. And Dean, bless him, is still in truthful sharing mode, owning up to his own selfishness and vowing to do better. He’s being heartbreakingly open, and Sam is still lying.

Dean: “I’m in. If you’ll have me.”

Oh, break my heart a bit more, why don’t you, Show?

Jensen gets a chance to show off his considerable comedic talents in the scenes with Suzy. From preemptively covering his own bits while he waits for Suzy and her gun to open the door, to his high pitched “If I can just have a minute of your (up two octaves) TIME!” as he squeezes past her. I laughed out loud. Only Supernatural can mix it up like that and have it work so well.

I felt so bad for Suzy (and all the kudos to actress Brenda Bakke) – all those years, so much loss, and she’s still trying to protect everyone from the curse, even Dean. She pays a steep price for Sam’s determination to get to the codex no matter what, and it’s hard to watch.

Extra points for Suzy noticing Sam’s pretty hair. Though its current style is far from its best – sort of an odd kind of bob that looks like it requires a lot more time and effort than a hunter would give to his hair. She thinks that’s pretty? Should have seen some other seasons!

From that point on, the episode is on the down slope of a roller coaster, relentlessly picking up speed and making me chew my fingernails off. Dean’s slow blend into Purgatory was gorgeously done (thanks once again VFX team). I swear if I ever get lost in the Vancouver woods, I’m gonna swear up and down that I’m stuck in Purgatory!

xxxxx 10.19 dean purg

Every moment of Dean’s time with Benny was delicious. Ty Olsson and Jensen have amazing chemistry and always have. It was wonderful to see him back, and congrats to Berens for finding a way to accomplish that so organically.

We get a welcome window into Dean’s headspace through the spell’s incarnation of Benny, motivated by the spell’s agenda but clearly constructed from Dean’s own guilt and fears. Benny was the perfect person to embody them, since Dean sacrificed his friend to save Sam – how fitting for this episode. His terror that he’ll lose control and kill Sam and Cas, and his fear that even if they put him down, they’ll never recover from it, come to the surface, and it’s heartbreaking.

“I know you’ve been thinking about it,” Benny says, and now we do too.

“You won’t ever hurt anyone ever again,” Benny says, and I find myself reaching for the tissues. All the people Dean has saved, all the good he’s done, and that’s his biggest fear.

Cap edit green-circles
Cap edit green-circles
Cap edit green-circles
Cap edit green-circles

We also get the same look into Sam’s headspace through the spell’s incarnation of Suzy – and at that point I may have been screaming “Wait, MORE Sam POV? Two episodes in a row? CPR!”

Suzy shows us all Sam’s guilt and doubts. He’s singlemindedly pursuing his quest to save Dean, but we realize now that he’s consumed with guilt about it.

Suzy: You’ll do anything to keep clinging to that doomed brother of yours…Anything’s worth it as long as you two make it out alive, right?

Sam: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

Suzy: The only one who can stop you is you.

Oh, Sammy.

xxxxx 10.19 sam2

He’s tempted to give in, to end himself, but he doesn’t do it. The Werther Box, however, has another idea.

I have to admit that even after knowing that Sam hallucinated Suzy, I didn’t get that Rowena wasn’t actually there until much later in the episode. (Also a twisty Sixth Sense moment. I forgot to ask Robert Berens if this was a Sixth Sense homage??) There are smarter fans than me who picked it up from the color palette (and didn’t Ruth Connell look bloody gorgeous in all that blue?) but I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t! I love when Show is anvil-free and able to surprise me. In retrospect, it makes so much sense. The box couldn’t get Sam to kill himself, but Sam’s psyche knows what he WILL sacrifice himself for – his brother.

Ruth Connell gives Rowena so much personality, and hallucination!Rowena was just as spunky.

Rowena on realizing Dean is a danger to himself: We’ll just have to tie up the bonny lad – could be fun!

Fandom: *nods*

And her little shimmy in front of him, and the boop to his nose. Apparently this was an ad lib from Connell, who also tweeted that one time she did that, Jensen surprised her by biting her finger. Is there a more fun set to work on? I think not.

Tweet @ruthieconnell
Tweet @ruthieconnell

Ackles did a great job of showing how out of it Dean was, making his gaze unseeing throughout. The way he looked tied in the chair was eerily reminiscent of a strung up Dean in WIAWSNB, which just added to the creepiness and sense of urgency.

Sam makes his way to the basement and finds the safe, and then we get sexy smart!Sam reading Latin, and we get Sam spilling his blood for his brother (which seems to be a thing for Berens….and is probably on a fanfic bingo square somewhere). Rowena was such a brilliant embodiment of Sam’s determination in that scene, literally squeezing the life blood out of him(self) to save his brother.

(Ruth Connell gets all the tough jobs, doesn’t she?)

I was so wound up by the tension that by the time Dean broke free of the chair and shattered the bottle, while Sam was bleeding to death in the basement, that I was screaming at my television. Trust Dean Winchester to surprise us though (and perhaps himself too). He sees through his own hallucination, and knifes his way out of it.

Dean: I’d do it, if I needed to. But the real Benny would never let me.

A fitting tribute to that character, and such a powerful moment. Yes, the mark helped give Dean that determination, but I felt like that was Dean too. Dean refusing to believe that was what he needed to do. Dean determined to “Always keep fighting.”

It was like Season 1 and 2 all over again as big brother Dean in full protective mode stormed down those steps and embraced his brother. He cradles his face, strokes his hair.

Cap fiercelynormal
Cap fiercelynormal

But poor Sam, still convinced that he had to keep going, that he had to die to save Dean, tries to push him away. Dean punches him to try to snap him out of it, and then he slices his own wrist – not to die, this time, but so both he and Sam can survive.

It was such a powerful moment, I found myself crying. These are the characters I fell in love with – the brothers whose tangled up, codependent, crazy intense bond has saved the world and each other, time after time. Sam and Dean, who are willing to shed blood for each other – literally. That desperate need for each other, that blind love and reckless devotion, that’s what makes the Winchesters so compelling for me.

Once they’re safely back in the Impala, Dean again apologizes, still being honest, still being vulnerable. His vulnerability has allowed him some important insight.

Dean: The universe is trying to tell us something we should already know – we’re stronger together than apart.


So much honesty in this episode, I could barely fathom it.

The ending scene reminded us of just how badass Sam Winchester is and just how determined he remains to save his brother. And how dangerous might a pissed off chained up Rowena be?? I can’t wait to find out!

Is it really only four more episodes to go??

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36 thoughts on “The Winchesters “Always Keep Fighting”: Supernatural’s The Werther Project

  • Spot on, Lynn! The episode so beautifully rendered. And, I must say that this episode with Todd Rundren and last week’s with the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”. would have been in our presentation at Albuquerque if only we’d seen it then!

  • Such a great episode! Love reading your breakdowns 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one who yells at the TV when watching Supernatural…my husband knows to stay on the opposite end of the couch to avoid having my nails in his arm hahaha. Also, I hate to criticize such a superficial thing but honestly I have to agree – what is with Sam’s hair this season…I just don’t get it. Is it an attempt to make him look more mature? But the guy’s early 30’s and a hunter, let him have his unruly, flowing locks if he wants. Minor detail but we notice, right? 😉

    • I never comment on Sam’s hair either for the same reason, but I’ve been wondering all season how exactly can Sam’s hair look so odd and Jared’s hair can look fine. Because he looks really good in those Facebook videos.

      And speaking of those videos, I’m not sure why they make me so happy, but they do. There’s something about the off-camera “idiots” that brings it together.

    • The funny thing is, as BL notes below, I would never ever criticize Jared’s hair – in fact, his hair is awesome! But they do such odd things with Sam’s. He’s a hunter, let it be!

  • “You won’t ever hurt anyone ever again,” Benny says, and I find myself reaching for the tissues. All the people Dean has saved, all the good he’s done, and that’s his biggest fear.

    How telling that Sam had the same concern when he made Death promise that no one else could get hurt because of him. (Dean, in particular, of course. ) Oh, boys, you break my heart sometimes.

    • I saw that parallel, too. It’s also interesting that “I Think I’m Going to Like it Here” is essentially the ‘I’m going to stop fighting’ episode, which within the context of the Show makes sense. I’ve pointed out the timeline issues before – in theory a lot of the horrors simply wouldn’t have happened had Sam not been brought back from the dead in Season 2. Is that how Death fixes everything back to the natural order at the very end… in Season 20? (Hey, if Jared’s going to offer another decade, I’m not going to turn it down.) 😉

  • Totally agree with you. I was in the same state of mind by watching this episode, We find the same values as in the first seasons. 😀 <3

  • Your review made me laugh out loud several times, beginning with “Rowena wakes up just like I do.”
    And you’re so right about Sam’s “pretty hair.” It’s been prettier…but when Dean strokes it at the end of this episode…that’s almost enough justification for the smoothness of it right now.

  • As usual, you’ve covered it up. I would only add that although the Mark could’ve had some play in saving him, Dean has always been able to tell when reality is not reality. Even back in WIAWSNB, he knew, and he tried to kill himself because back then that’s what was gonna save him, as opposite to this episode.
    When Dean says “if it wants more blood, it can have mine” that’s when I break. Just like you -and some other people too- I didnt pick up on Rowena not being real until later. And last, but not least, I’m gonna say something I never believed I would say, but… I’m worried about Crowley 🙁 I dont want Sam to kill him. I dont know how they are gonna untangle this whole mess in four episodes… or maybe they wont. And I dont wanna go back to Dean gets pissed because Sam lied to him. We’ve been down that road before and it should be clear by now they’d do anything to save each other, and that includes lying to each other. So, whomever turn it is to be lied to, get over it, boys. You heard the universe: you’re stronger together than you’re apart.

  • Was I the only one who went all Brad Pitt in “Seven” and yelled “What’s in the box?!”

    I like this one for the details. I unfortunately haven’t had a rewatch yet, so I’m doing this from memory. And some notes, because I’m a nerd, and I take notes.

    Lynn, I couldn’t agree more about the nonchalant, “No, I’ll kill him.” I loved that. Sam’s wanted to kill Crowley for years. He doesn’t need to hear Rowena’s story, he’s happy for a means to an end. Unfortunately, I think Rowena + a power vacuum in Hell might mean Lucifer comes back.

    This episode raised one big question for me: Is Dean’s honesty demonic? Hear me out. Yes, I know “demons lie” but not the Big League Bad Guys. Lucifer (ok, admittedly an angel) had the “I’ll never lie to you Sam” conversation in Season 5. Crowley had that amazing monologue at the end of Season 9 with the perfectly delivered “I never lied to you Dean.” Yes, they are demons and they are manipulative, they omit information, there are half-truths, but they don’t out and out lie. (I justify Crowley’s admission of lying by chalking it up to the human blood flowing through him. My own personal retcon.) Demons, are manipulative enough to have no reason to lie. They can make you hear the truth the way they want you to hear it. Dean is uncharacteristically open right now. Even his oddly specific post-vamp-slaughter plans felt open and honest. (They were menial details, but honest ones – sort of reminiscent of “get drunk and watch Asian cartoon porn” in Season 5.) As much as a like Dean being open with Sam, this is the kind of show that would twist that into something horrible.

    All that honesty means that Dean got to be honest with himself in blue-tinged fake Purgatory. Poor Dean, he’s tripping balls and talking himself into and out of suicide. But he got to have a revelation that Sam and Cas won’t be able to kill him, or at least won’t be able to come out that unscathed. The audience gets a none-too-shocking revelation, too: Dean’s subconscious is still the sad, sad place it was Sam, Interrupted.

    Dean’s disturbingly slack and loose sedated quality (anyone else’s stomach drop on that?) when Sam found him standing in that other room was similar to WIAWSNB, but it also reminded me of when Cuthbert had him under in Blade Runners. This makes sense as it was another Cuthbert spell. (Also, Cuthbert! More fodder for the spin-off I actually want: Men of Letters featuring Henry, Josie, and Cuthbert.) Although I am bit fuzzy on whether or not that was how Dean actually looked, or if that was what Sam perceived in his own hallucination, or possibly all of the above.

    Like myfanattic said, I don’t want to repeat the “you lied, I’m mad” story again. I’m hoping that as long as Sam doesn’t do something to Dean without his knowledge they can get beyond Sam lying about his efforts to find a cure.

    On the plus side, after finding Sam bleeding out, Dean really shouldn’t have any reason to ever doubt Sam’s utter devotion. Luckily for them, and us, Sam is incredibly resilient when it comes to blood loss. His blood loss recovery is only rivaled by his unsloshable brain and ability to withstand strangulation.

    Dean flat out saying “we’re stronger together” is a little more in your face than we’re used to, but that could be part of that openness and honesty that occurred throughout the episode. Although it worries me that we are being set up for something horrifying.

    • Ahhhhh that didn’t occur to me – I definitely noticed Dean’s honesty because it was striking, but it never occurred to me to doubt where it came from. Have we just become so used to anything good on SPN turning out to be bad??? *bites nails*

      lol to Sam’s magical powers of recuperation 🙂

      • “Have we just become so used to anything good on SPN turning out to be bad???”

        Yes. Yes we have. Nothing good ever happens. And that’s why we love them and we self-medicate with H/C. H/C is our demon blood.

    • Love the “Seven” reference one of my most favorite lines of all 10 seasons is when Dean does his Brad Pitt imitation in Magnificent Seven S3. Nice honesty/demons theory. I am hoping that Dean will be a bit more understanding when all is said and done since he was in the same predicament at the beginning of S9.

    • Crowley did some pretty serious weaseling w/ regard to Bobby’s soul, though. Repeatedly. I call him liar and deal-breaker for that. I think he sees and values the reputation and increased effectiveness that comes from keeping his word, but when the chips are down (or if he thinks no one will know) all bets are off.

      • I certainly don’t mean to imply that Crowley is an honest person… um, well, former person. He’s not – but he doesn’t outright lie. You’re dead on with the weaseling. (Excellent word for that, by the way!) He operates through omissions and manipulation. So yes, total scumbag, but not a liar.

        I am fascinated by the way the angels, historically considered good guys, flat out lie (telling Adam he was the vessel to lure the boys in and then telling him he was only bait, Castiel, Gadreel, etc.) but Crowley technically told the truth – just not all of it. He would give Bobby his soul back, he just neglected to mention that paragraph 14, clause 8 means you had to survive for ten years to get it back. That’s one of the reasons I absolutely love the scene with Dick Roman and Crowley hashing out the contract line by line, getting it signed and notarized, and copying it in triplicate. (Admittedly, I’m married to contracts negotiator, so we probably found this more hilarious than most people.)

        I’m also not claiming his motivations are pure – I completely agree that he sees the value in being able to say that he didn’t lie. (“This is Hell! We have a little something called integrity!”) There’s less to keep track of if everything is based on truth – no matter how it’s spun. The truths/half-truths are simpler. And as Dean loses his humanity bit by bit, he could be losing the ability or willingness to lie. It’s just not worth the effort and doesn’t want to bother. And on this show, twisted souls tend to be all about the id.

        Basically, I’m saying that the demons don’t lie because they don’t have to.

  • Great episode and great review. There was just so much to love in this ep. So much love, so much devotion. I hate that Sam is still lying to Dean, but I understand why he feels he has to–there’s just so much at stake, and he can’t trust that Dean won’t try and stop him (I admit I don’t understand that part of the story–there’s no compelling reason for Dean to try and stop Sam this time, unlike S3). And Sam just can’t take that chance. I’m so in love with Sam and Dean’s story this season, I could almost forgive Carver for S8-9–almost. I’m truly excited for what’s to come in the eps 10.21-10.23–I have a feeling we’re going to love it even as it breaks our hearts.

    • I think you’re right – on both counts. I think Sam knows that Dean would at least try to stop him from risking anyone else’s life (and his own) to save Dean, and that’s why Sam is determined to do this behind Dean’s back and thus be able to do it in his own way, however ill advised that might be. Oh, boys…. *bites nails more*

    • I think Dean’s compelling reason for me is his whole “I don’t want to be what this thing is making me into” Dean’s soul and wounded mind having to know he did try to Kill Sam. He’s trying to “always keep fighting” but at the same time terrified of when the jig is up so to speak. He knows all the way around that if there is no cure soon, he’s going to go bad. And as he said (Benny!Dean) you know they can’t put you down, and even if they could, they won’t survive that. It’s just killer.
      Misha says that we are gonna have an intense finale, and we will have a moment of thank God type of relief, and then a catastrophe. Sounds about right huh guys? lol. Only thing is, there is so much buzz that this is going to be kicking our feels like in the Swan Song way. My heart literally clenches on that thought.

    • That is so true- there is no compelling reason, and we certainly know how Dean would react if the shoe was on the other foot. Dean wouldn’t even pretend to burn the book LOL!

  • I love that the show has made us complicit in Sam’s deceit. How can we not want Sam to do everything he can to save Dean? We’re all following Sam right down that path of good intentions, and it’s AWESOME! Not that lying is a good thing, as I tell my kids every day 😉

    • That is EXACTLY what it has done! I hadn’t thought of it quite that way – thank you for that insight. (And yes, I tell my kids the same thing. lol)

  • Nice review as always Lynn. These last few episodes have been great. They are lean and mean! Looking forward to last four episodes and how they set up S11. Nice to have some great music back in the episodes too. I think Sam should set up Rowena against the Stynes and let them take each other out. Of course that would be too easy and we know things are never easy for the Winchesters. Till next time!

    • I like the idea of the Stynes vs. Rowena! Although I’d be concerned that they’d team up after realizing that they had complementary skill sets and goals. Hopefully the Stynes stay in the picture long enough to do something horrifying, but aren’t overplayed and forced into more episodes than make sense.

      • Theres always that “My enemy of my enemy…..” and it never seems to end well. Heres another thought that’s been rattling around my head, what if Sam picked up the amulet out of the trash in S5 and has been waiting for the right moment to give it back to Dean, and it is part of the cure for the MOC!?!?

      • Hmmm. Hadn’t thought of that. Interesting idea! I was assuming that the amulet reference in Fan Fiction was to put that question to bed once and for all, but it could’ve just been a way to get it back on the radar.

  • I’m also enjoying Sam’s POV and agree that it’s been long overdue. Love how the boys realize that they’re stronger together than apart. I’m both scared and excited to see what the next four episodes have in store for us!

  • Yes, yes, yes to pretty much everything you said here!

    It wasn’t until Rowena’s final quip and fade-out using the same FX as we saw come out of the box in Suzie’s flashback that I went ‘Holy crap . . . this whole time!’

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