Squee Con! A Celebration of Fandom!


Five or six years ago, I was standing in line at Wizard World Philly (as you do), wearing my Supernatural tee shirt (as you do), and another fangirl also waiting in line commented on it. We struck up a conversation, bonded as Supernatural fans, and soon realized we had a lot in common, including a fascination with fandom and the sociology and psychology of being a fangirl. Fast forward several years later, and Hansi Oppenheimer shared with me an exciting idea for her next film project – a documentary about fangirls. Would I want to collaborate with her?

You bet I would! That film became Squee! The Fangirl Documentary. We filmed segments all over the country, including at San Diego Comic Con. It was my first foray into being a producer as well as a co-writer, and I will never not be in awe of all that producers have to juggle again! We’re so proud to say that the documentary garnered all sorts of awards from film fests all over the world and, equally important, the reception from fans was overwhelmingly positive. We wanted to celebrate fandom and combat shame, and fans told us that the film did just that, with the help of some celebrity contributors too.

Hillywood Show film a segment for Squee

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Jensen, Jared and Misha at Vancon!

jp cam great smile2

ja cam great smile3

misha cam smirk good

Vancon always feels a bit like coming home. Which is odd, since I’ve never lived in Vancouver. But several of the most pivotal and emotional chapters of our story in Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls took place in Vancouver. I met my first other SPN Family members in Vancouver – and, miraculously, six of us from that first group of a few dozen fans were back in Vancouver again last weekend! It was wonderful to reconnect, and amazing to know that so many of us are still fans, almost a decade later. Of course, Vancouver also feels like “home” because it’s home to the Show we were all there to celebrate. It’s a bit more laid back, since the boys don’t have to fly in and out. They’re more relaxed, and that means more time to chat with fans and be creative in photo ops (and oh yes, can fans ever be creative in photo ops!) It also gives the other actors, who aren’t there on Sunday and sometimes don’t get a chance to say hi to Jared and Jensen, the opportunity to reconnect too. I chatted with Gil McKinney recently and he said he hoped he would run into Jared and Jensen soon, since he kept having to fly out before they got to the con on Sunday. Watching Gil and Jensen singing together at the Saturday Night Special, I kept thinking how nice it was that they indeed got a chance to hang out again. And to harmonize!

sns cam gil

sns cam gil2

sns cam good

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