A Dose of Reality on Supernatural ‘The Vessel’

11.14 end

From the first frame of “The Vessel”, with the gorgeous sets and haunting Edith Piaf soundtrack, this episode felt like a feature film. Not a rarity with Supernatural, but some episodes have that feeling more than others, and this was one. Every episode of Show is a collaboration, but on this one that collaboration was front and center. Robert Berens’ writing, John Badham’s directing, Jerry Wanek’s amazing sets, the VFX team’s magic, Nicole Baer’s tension-building editing, Serge Ladouceur’s evocative lighting, and of course the acting.

Show has been hitting it out of the park this season with guest stars, and Weronika Rosati was no exception. Her portrayal of Delphine made her courage and sacrifice believable; I bought her totally as a Woman of Letters, and that’s really saying something.

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