Jim Beaver Talks Jensen, Jared, and Subtext – And Pranks Back!

As promised, more from our trip to the Chicago Supernatural convention – in this case, some quality time with one of our favorite guys, Jim Beaver. Jim is one of the first actors we interviewed two years ago at the start of our Supernatural roadtrip, and damn, he really skewed our expectations. Not only did he invite us to come over and chat in his living room, but four hours later, we were still there! That conversation took place before Jim’s very first fan convention, so we spent some of the time trying to prepare him. (Yes, fans will line up for your autograph – little did he know!). Jim asked us as many questions about the fandom as we asked him, and we weren’t surprised that he ‘got it’ in so many ways. We also managed to get in a dare before we left, but honestly, we never expected Jim to be so creative in his tee shirt design. O—o

Jim Beaver in Chicago 2009 - photo by Elizabeth Sisson

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Catching Up With Richard Speight Jr. in Chicago

Capturing the essence of a fan convention is not easy. There are multiple conventions taking place at any given moment, and rarely will two people have the same experience. There’s the con the fans attend and the con the celebrities attend, and then there’s that strange crossover con where the two meet. Read more

Supernatural Convention Chicago

We’re back from Chicago and as usual, we’re bleary and content. Fan conventions are all about lack of sleep, lines, eating poorly, drinking too much, meeting old friends, making new ones, being occasionally slapped in the face with our ability to be surprised by anything at  this point, and constantly overwhelmed by how lovely and gracious people can be.

Cases in point.