Ready for Tonight’s Big Sky? Our Recap of All Things Beau Arlen in Episode 3

The third episode of Season 3 of Big Sky saw Sheriff Beau Arlen go undercover, which meant a chance for Jensen Ackles to be amusing and also badass, which is not a bad combination at all. And of course we got alot of creepy and scary in addition to Sheriff Beau’s antics, and a surprising amount of painful emotions all tied to  parent-child relationships, a running theme in this season.

There was an almost shoot-out with a grieving brother to start off, Beau showing off a Dean Winchester level courage and bravado by standing up to the guy and talking him into putting his gun down with some psychology. I love that he’s consistently smart as well as badass.

He’s also a gentleman, reaching up for Jenny’s hand as they climb over the fence to trespass. Get you a man who can tick all the boxes!

I felt for the grief-stricken guy who trained his shotgun on Beau and Jenny not once but twice in the episode, and so did Beau, I think. He eventually talks the guy down from violence (wanting revenge for the murder of his brother) by reminding him that it’s not what his brother would want. That was very Supernatural reminiscent for me because it doesn’t take much to remind me of Supernatural, which I’m sure is a surprise to exactly no one.

There was plenty of opportunity for Jensen Ackles to flex his comedic muscles in this episode too. Pretending to be married to Jenny (after she pronounced him “not that cute” earlier in the episode and the entire fandom wondered if she needed glasses very badly) is the amusing part, because it didn’t go all that smoothly.

Ackles and Katheryn Winnick were both a mix of adorable and hilarious as they fumbled their way through trying to be a convincing couple.

gif abordelimpala

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Salt, Sandwiches and Supernatural Shout Outs for Jensen Ackles’ Beau Arlen in Big Sky 3.02

Episode 2 of Season 3 of Big Sky aired last Wednesday, and we got some more insights into one Sheriff Beau Arlen. (Yes, lots of other cool things happened too with the other amazing characters, but this is my just-for-fun focus on Mr. Beau Legs and what we learn each week about his character, so read with that framework in mind).

Jensen Ackles got to show off his comic chops a few times in this episode – first with Deputy Poppernak, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. He and Beau share a love of good food (or maybe just food in general), and in this episode Beau is heartily enjoying the sandwich the Deputy bought at Tonya’s new place. That doesn’t go over all that well with Jenny considering her history with Tonya – and her determination to finally bring her to justice. Beau just wants to enjoy his damn sandwich, though. Shades of Dean Winchester! Besides, Tonya needs help removing a squatter from one of her properties.

Beau knows how much Jenny detests her, so of course he goes off to help Cassie and leaves Jenny to investigate Tonya’s situation. He clearly enjoys all that a little too much also.  I really like the dynamic he has with both Jenny and Cassie, and kinda hope it doesn’t skew to the romantic – I enjoy them all as partners and friends and three people trying to do a little ‘saving people, hunting things’.

I also very much enjoy all the Supernatural shout outs that Big Sky seems happy to include in Season 3 – poor Jensen is setting himself up to play a character once again who does a lot of eating on screen. You would think he would have learned his lesson with Dean Winchester!

gif sensitiveham

Then again, uhh, maybe he shouldn’t stop any time soon…

The other priceless comedic moment is when Beau catches up to Cassie on a steep trail, out of breath and adorably pissy about it. Cassie’s eyeroll is understandable in the face of his ‘tantrum’ but it’s also fond, because who can be truly annoyed at THIS?

He wishes he’d worn his “marathon boots,” which btw are what Dean Winchester’s iconic boots were for 15 seasons of Supernatural.

gif beaujensen

How can you stay annoyed when he looks so adorably flustered?

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Season 3 of Big Sky Kicks Off – With New Sexy Sheriff Beau Arlen

There is so much great television coming up this fall that there’s no way I can do the kind of deep dive reviews I relish doing for all of them – but there’s also no way I can not post at least a little squee about Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles’ new role as Sexy Sheriff Beau Arlen. There’s also no way I can not post some of the gorgeous screencaps from the episodes that CappingQueen created. So each week I’ll trace the evolution of Beau here just for fun as we discover who this new character is – which does not mean the show doesn’t have other great characters and an intriguing mystery going on. I mean, Reba is on this season! And her oh-so-creepy (spoiler alert!) son who hangs out in the woods being menacing is already living up to Big Sky’s tradition of creating characters that make you go eeeeek!  So yes, all that’s happening and I appreciate it when I watch.

But this little review? It’s all about Soldier Beau… I mean Sheriff Beau…

He’s handsome, that goes without saying. And we’ve seen from the season 2 finale that he’s charming as hell. Season 3 kicks off with reminders of both those attributes. And then we get the show’s slightly meta acknowledgement that Big Sky was maybe a little caught off guard by the passion of Ackles’ fans at first, but they catch on fast and they sure know now! The show’s social media been courting what they’ve picked up on as the ‘Ackles Army'(though that has some interesting connotations in the fandom that they are likely unaware of…). They’ve also been parrying back and forth with The Boys social media (the show Ackles was on last season), as both shows have clearly realized they have a PR goldmine on their hands.

The Boys is a whiz at social media, so it’s been fun watching the two networks go back and forth. Talk about meta!

In this episode, Big Sky brings the acknowledgement of (a small part of) Ackles’ appeal right into the show, as Beau returns a casserole dish to Denise with a good-natured complaint that if he keeps eating like that, none of his clothes will fit. Seems like Beau has a little bit of Dean Winchester’s hedonism when it comes to food.

Denise unselfishly offers to take him shopping, assuring him she’ll make sure his pants fit just right, especially in the back – leading to lots of peach emoji use by the fandom. Deservedly so.

Sheriff Arlen is anything but put off by Denise’s generous offer – or her sincere appreciation of his assets. His cheekiness is charming…and oh wow, that was totally a Freudian slip on my part…

We get some nice conversation between Beau and Jenny in this episode, some of it just for fun and some of it more serious.

We also start to learn more of his backstory, as he advises Jenny to do what he’s done to handle the reservoir of anger he’s carrying around – make a ‘punch list’.

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