Ready for Tonight’s Big Sky? Our Recap of All Things Beau Arlen in Episode 3

The third episode of Season 3 of Big Sky saw Sheriff Beau Arlen go undercover, which meant a chance for Jensen Ackles to be amusing and also badass, which is not a bad combination at all. And of course we got alot of creepy and scary in addition to Sheriff Beau’s antics, and a surprising amount of painful emotions all tied to  parent-child relationships, a running theme in this season.

There was an almost shoot-out with a grieving brother to start off, Beau showing off a Dean Winchester level courage and bravado by standing up to the guy and talking him into putting his gun down with some psychology. I love that he’s consistently smart as well as badass.

He’s also a gentleman, reaching up for Jenny’s hand as they climb over the fence to trespass. Get you a man who can tick all the boxes!

I felt for the grief-stricken guy who trained his shotgun on Beau and Jenny not once but twice in the episode, and so did Beau, I think. He eventually talks the guy down from violence (wanting revenge for the murder of his brother) by reminding him that it’s not what his brother would want. That was very Supernatural reminiscent for me because it doesn’t take much to remind me of Supernatural, which I’m sure is a surprise to exactly no one.

There was plenty of opportunity for Jensen Ackles to flex his comedic muscles in this episode too. Pretending to be married to Jenny (after she pronounced him “not that cute” earlier in the episode and the entire fandom wondered if she needed glasses very badly) is the amusing part, because it didn’t go all that smoothly.

Ackles and Katheryn Winnick were both a mix of adorable and hilarious as they fumbled their way through trying to be a convincing couple.

gif abordelimpala

Luckily, both covered well enough to fool the bad guy – and mostly fool his big bodyguard.

We got badass Beau again when they had to give up the ruse, as he tosses the big bodyguard through a window.

gif abordelimpala

Dayum, boy!

He also gets to be a smartass with a Texas accent reminding the hapless guy, “I said I’d git ya…”

Too bad that while Beau and Jenny are catching those bad guys, another “bad guy” (Jenny’s mostly estranged mother) sneaks in and steals the cash they were using to bluff their way into the scam. Oops.

This is not directly Beau-related, but the story line with Jenny and her mother really got to me. I like her mother, who immediately flirts with Beau when she meets him. I mean, relatable. Hearing Beau respond with a “ma’am” was a nice bonus.

Cannot blame her for that flirting one bit!

She also comes over to bake a traditional dessert for her daughter, seeming to want to repair things with her. You get the feeling that she really does love Jenny, but she’s also a confirmed grifter and up to her ears in something that probably isn’t easy to back out of, considering Tonya and Donno are involved too. But I also can imagine Jenny’s hurt and rage at constantly wanting her mother to be there for her and being disappointed. Her mother set her up, betraying her and stealing the $30,000 Jenny and Beau were supposed to return. Ouch.

You can see Beau’s genuine empathy for her pain as they realize what has happened.

Meanwhile, Denise continues cooking for Beau (“For a grown man,” as Cassie complains) and he continues to appreciate it. I kinda love Denise and Beau almost as much as I love Poppernak and Beau. Basically, Ackles has chemistry with everyone and everything.

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There’s of course plenty of scary and creepy in the episode too, though most doesn’t involve Beau directly. Cassie and Denise go looking for the (long dead by now) hiker guy and run into the oh so very scary Walter when his car breaks down on the way to bury the poor (likely decomposing) hiker.  Cassie comes way too close to figuring out something might be under the obvious tarp in his truck, but  Denise inadvertently saves her and they leave.

(Mummy is not happy about the fact that they saw Walter, slapping her son across the face rather brutally and then soothing him with a song that is creepy as hell. The dynamic between Sunny and both her sons is so disturbing, it gives me chills.)

We also find out in this episode that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – Beau’s daughter Emily finds a bloody Luke washing off in the woods (with no wife in sight). She suspects foul play and runs, but is intercepted by Sunny’s son (the less weird one).  Luke plays it off as though Emily was the one who saved him – insisting his wife got bored and went home. Sunny confirms her things are gone – but later we see her burying them because of course she is. CREEPY.

Emily has very good instincts – and sleeps with a knife her dad gave her under her pillow ala Dean Winchester, a call back that made me a little emotional.

Nobody will listen to her, but then again, it seems like most people around her are shady as hell so that makes sense. The question is, how much danger is she in as she keeps poking around?? And will Beau come to the rescue or keep trying to do the right thing by not being overprotective?

Maybe we’ll find out tonight – when Beau’s ex-wife finally comes to town to shake things up ever more. Tune in at 10 pm EST on ABC!

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– Lynn

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7 thoughts on “Ready for Tonight’s Big Sky? Our Recap of All Things Beau Arlen in Episode 3

  • Whats with the passive aggressive ball busting the Ex is doing to Beau on front of Jenn? An the Ex was certainly getting her sneak peeks at Jenny. Jealous much?

    Mrs. Ex seems like a bitch.

  • Love Pedro. Not a car person but id love to know wjat it is? Brand, make, year, model.

    Its so Beau. And I love that he has Texas plates.

  • His comments on the dude’s brother not wanting him to go to jail forever over this makes me wonder. As fondly as Beau talks about his brother what if his brother is in jail? Or dead? In the finale he was waiting for Cassie outside of the grief support group (the weekly hanky meeting) and tells her he’s unable to go in. And I agree that the sneak peek with the Ex was actually disturbing. I’m interested to find out how you break that interaction down and if what I’m seeing is what you’re seeing.

    I think our sexy sheriff is hiding a boatload of pain.

    • Yeah. The thought is either something Beau did caused (or he feels it did) his brothers incarceration or death. Or incarceration which led to his death? I cant see Beau having done any time himself as I believe the law looks down upon hiring felons. Beau seems to be burying something thats for sure. Love how he wouldnt even say his name just made the pffft noise. Im thinking thats an Ackles ad lib.

    • I think you’re right – and I can’t wait for Ackles to get a chance to show us some of it because we know how damn good he is at it!

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